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Bill Ward – Vocals


See a picture of the layout of Bill Ward’s 2005 drum kit
See a picture of the layout of Bill Ward’s 1998 drum kit

Birthdate: May 5th, 1948, in Aston, Birmingham, England.
Height: 5ft 10 in
Weight: 190 lbs.
Resident Of: USA

Kids: 3, one girl, 2 boys / men

Married: 4 Times

Talents: Hard rock drummer, percussionist, Songwriter, Vocalist, Producer, Arranger, Owner of his albums and record company.

Most Successful Band: Black Sabbath 1968 to 1980, 1983 to 1984, Winter of 1997-?

Other Bands:

* 1963 to 68, The Rest, Method 5, various, Mythology, Polka Tulk Blues Band, Earth.
* 1981 Max Havoc / various
* 1985 England’s Glory / various
* 1986 to current Bill Ward Band

Started Playing:

* Age 3 on boxes
* Age 7 on drums
* Age 11 Got more serious playing drums
* Age 15 Started to play gigs

Special Dates:

* 1964 – Met Tony Iommi before 16th birthday. Was awestruck by Tony’s playing. Bill rates Tony as, “the best hard rock guitar player in the world.”
* 1967 – Met Geezer on an all nighter gig. “Geezer was brilliant on stage.” Became intrigued by him when I watched him try to climb a dressing room wall.
* 1968 – Bill met Ozzy. Took to Ozzy pretty much instantly. “I’ve never met any other person / singer who can digest an idea and spit it out with such passion, honesty, and pure balls as Oz.”

First Hits: 1970 “Black Sabbath” the album, & 1970 “Paranoid”.

Bill’s Discography:

* 1970 Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath)
* 1970 Paranoid (Black Sabbath)
* 1971 Master Of Reality (Black Sabbath)
* 1972 Volume 4 (Black Sabbath)
* 1973 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Black Sabbath)
* 1975 Sabotage (Black Sabbath)
* 1976 Technical Ecstasy (Black Sabbath)
* 1978 Never Say Die (Black Sabbath)
* 1980 Heaven And Hell (Black Sabbath w/Ronnie James Dio)
* 1983 Born Again (Black Sabbath w/Ian Gillan)
* 1989 Ward One: Along The Way (Bill Ward Band)
* 1997 When The Bough Breaks (Preview Release) (Bill Ward Band)
* 1998 Reunion (Black Sabbath)
* 1999 When The Bough Breaks (National Release) (Bill Ward Band)

Musical Influences: Big band jazz, all early rock ‘n’ roll, rythym and blues, blues, British blues.

Favourite Artists: There are thousands of them!

Most Influential Drummers:

* (Childhood) Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Louie Bellson
* (Childhood to early years) Larrie London, Bernard Purdie, Joe Morello, Keif Hartley, Hughie Flint, John Bonham, Ringo Starr, Jim Capaldi, Clive Bunker
* (From teens, onward) Many, many drummers, some rock, but mainly older jazz players, swing players.


* To remain sober, 24 hrs a day
* To continue to make records and write and produce them.
* To continue to tour, but on a worldwide basis, with Bill Ward Band
* To be a good dad
* To continue educational / clinic seminars on a worldwide basis
* To try to get up to date with the e-mail
* To be a good mate to my mate, mates
* To play in Sao Paulo, charity, to find money for the kids
* To continue to play and be useful and supporting towards a less destructive world
* To keep my relationships honest, peaceful, with my fellow humans, animals, and all things, including God
* To see the day when Black Sabbath gets into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame
* To participate in any ventures Tony, Geezer, and Oz might do as Black Sabbath
* To plant flowers, and to listen to kick ass rock, and music, period.

Greatest Love: Music

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