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I want to thank those who have been in a constant state of not knowing and a constant state of preparation, stand down, preparation, stand down again. I want to thank all the men and women who have held fast with determination and loving care to try to make the Sabbath thing happen.

  • To Bird, you are a triumph and no one can rob you.
  • To Aeron, my brave son. Thank you.
  • To Nigel, Sheana, and Ezra, you have been courageous, patient and caring, thank you.
  • To Emily, a Phoenix will rise from this and birds will sing again.
  • To my brother, James, we tried.
  • To my mother-in-law, from the land of enchantment, your love shines brightly.
  • To my U.K. loved ones, your love and support has been most welcome. I know we’re all hurt and disappointed, I love you all.
  • To Mike, maybe it’s time to walk in the sun. Thank you.
  • To Liese, a grateful heart, my companion, our ambassador. Thank you.
  • To Walter, brilliance, motion, the very best. Thank you.
  • To Jones, nothing new, we’ll survive it as we always have again and again.
  • To Gary, if only these dealings had been matters of the heart-to-heart.
  • To Joe, unconditional love and support for all things Sabbath. Thank you.
  • To Chris, my companion, who wanted nothing more than the band to play.
  • To Heather, for caring and becoming.
  • To Jean, thank you for all of your love and assistance, behold the LaMoot.
  • To Kevin S., thank you, perhaps when we have some quiet time we can talk more of this New York.
  • To Kevin K., an embrace to success.
  • To Terry, “Billy Silly Sticks”
  • To Ozzy, “make us a cup of tea, Oz”
  • To Tony, “that sounds fucking great”

My appreciation and respect go my endorsers.

  • Marco Soccolli – Pro mark / Evans: we tried, your constant love and energy helped pull me through
  • Chris Stankee – Sabian Cymbals: thanks for being on point and feeding the beast
  • Shirlene Lau – Sabian Cymbals: blessings multiple
  • Aaron Vishria – Tama Drums: a brilliant show of support, thank you for being ready
  • Mike Nieland – L.P. / Gibraltar: multiple thanks, you bring safety to the fear of fragility
  • Tim O’neil – Premier: your presence helped us to come through, thank you.

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