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Statement on Black Sabbath Album & Tour

Posted on Feb.02, 2012 under Bill Ward, Black Sabbath

Los Angeles, CA – February 2, 2012

Dear Sabbath Fans, Fellow Musicians and Interested Parties,

At this time, I would love nothing more than to be able to proceed with the Black Sabbath album and tour. However, I am unable to continue unless a “signable” contract is drawn up; a contract that reflects some dignity and respect toward me as an original member of the band. Last year, I worked diligently in good faith with Tony, Ozzy and Geezer. And on 11/11/11, again in good faith, I participated in the L.A. press conference. Several days ago, after nearly a year of trying to negotiate, another “unsignable” contract was handed to me.

Let me say that although this has put me in some kind of holding pattern, I am packed and ready to leave the U.S. for England. More importantly, I definitely want to play on the album, and I definitely want to tour with Black Sabbath.

Since the news of Tony’s illness, and the understanding that the band would move production to the U.K., I’ve spent everyday getting to or living in a place of readiness to leave. That involves something of a task, and as I’ve tried to find out what’s going on with the U.K. sessions, I’ve realized that I’ve been getting “the cold shoulder” (and, I might add, not for the first time). Feeling somewhat ostracized, my guess is as of today, I will know nothing of what’shappening unless I sign “the unsignable contract.”

The place I’m in feels lousy and lonely because as much as I want to play and participate, I also have to stand for something and not sign on. If I sign as-is, I stand to lose my rights, dignity and respectability as a rock musician. I believe in freedom and freedom of speech. I grew up in a hard rock/metal band. We stood for something then, and we played from the heart with honesty and sincerity. I am in the spirit of integrity, far from the corporate malady, I am real and honest, fair and compassionate.

If I’m replaced, I have to face you, the beloved Sabbath fans. I hope you will not hold me responsible for the failure of an original Black Sabbath lineup as promoted. Without fault finding, I want to assure everyone that my loyalty to Sabbath is intact.

So here I am. I lay my truth down before you. I’m good to go IF I get a “signable” contract. I don’t want to let anyone down, especially Black Sabbath and all the Sabbath fans. You know I love you. It would be a sad day in Rock if this current situation fell to the desires of a few.

My position is not greed-driven. I’m not holding out for a “big piece” of the action (money) like some kind of blackmail deal. I’d like something that recognizes and is reflective of my contributions to the band, including the reunions that started fourteen years ago. After the last tour I vowed to never again sign on to an unreasonable contract. I want a contract that shows some respect to me and my family, a contract that will honor all that I’ve brought to Black Sabbath since its beginning.

That’s the story so far.

Stay safe and stay strong.

I love every single one of you.

–Bill Ward

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  1. Jannick Nielsen

    Dear Bill Ward,

    I have posted my 2 cents on this matter on Facebook and I’ll post it here:

    I simply don’t understand this.
    I know Black Sabbath is business, however, Black Sabbath Mark I is NOT Black Sabbath without Butler, Iommi, Osbourne & Ward on equal terms.
    I don’t understand how any of the other can even think the thought of taking advantage of any other band member.
    You, Bill Ward, have my full support on this matter.


  2. pgzf

    Hi Bill,

    That’s simply outrageous, hope Tony, Geezer and Ozzy will reconsider that and will treat you as you deserve.

    Can’t wait for see you playing War Pigs and many more on June in Azkena, Spain!



  3. Alex

    I hope they hand you a contract you can work with soon. Sabbath simply isn’t Sabbath without you. Keep us updated and all the best to you, Bill.


  4. Len Day

    Wow, what a bombshell!! Reading it again, I don’t believe that Bill would have taken such a drastic step without feeling a great deal of frustration & anger – we all have our limits after all. Let’s hope that the situation can be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction & that the album & tour can go ahead with the mighty Bill in his natural place – behind the sticks.

  5. Antti

    Yes, don’t settle for anything less than a full contract. You are as integral part of the band as any of the other three.

    Who is responsible for the contracts? Why would they even offer you something less???

  6. Hårdrock & metal

    Dont blame you at all. But I really hope you (the band) will solve this.

  7. Almir Figueiredo

    Bill Ward, I understand what you wrote.
    I am 100% sympathetic to you, in my opinion there is a Black Sabbath star musician. You are unique, but together.

    The sound of the music of Black Sabbath is the result of his drums, the bass of Geezer, Tony’s guitar and the voice of Ozzy. if you miss one the band loses the essence and no longer the BS.

    The Sabbath is a result of the union of soul and you four, in my view the end result had to be equal to four.

    Thank you for remaining true to his fans

    Almir Fanzmosis

  8. Fannn

    Greedy old man; you should better remember back day when you just played for fun not for money. Just the pleasure…


  9. Christian Palmé

    I really hope that you will get a signable contract.
    I think everyone support you in this matter.

    Keep on rocking \,,/


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  11. David

    Stick to your guns Bill! I hope things work out but integrity wins over greed very time. My very best wishes to you and your unique and most excellent drummage!

  12. Metal Guru

    You are 25% of Black Sabbath.
    End of discussion.

    You have my full support in this matter,
    and I truly hope this will be solved as soon as possible.

    best regards/Joe

  13. Pat M

    Your a 1/4 of Black Sabbath and should be treated as such. I hope whoever started this mess will be talked out of it by the 3 other members. If not you must have your own values and do what you have to do in your best interest. It’s a shame that it just can’t be easy as 1/4 each.

  14. Doug Nikco

    Yes praying for Bills position to be restored proper.Management would be nuts not to have originall 4 Sabs on this project,the true fans will not support this .Simple Math

  15. Metal_Veteran

    It finally seems like sticking up for your friend Ozzy isn’t paying any dividends. If that man is involved in a re-union, his harlot of a wife will see Sabbath as a cash cow and will try screwing everyone out of the deal. She can’t do that to Geezer – convincing him to do the reunion must have taken a lot of effort because he looks the least interested, and understandably so. She obviously cannot do that to Tony because, well, he’s TONY FRIGGIN’ IOMMI. Seems like you’re the fall guy here. Tough luck, old man! Stick to your guns, and for once, get hold of Ozzy and flip him the bird. Hope his wife stays out of this, but we all know $haron!

  16. Benjamin

    desde chile… Simplemente di la verdad es por dinero que contratos decentes preocupate de hacer musica para la gente que le gusta …

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  18. Arthur

    Forgive my english, it’s not my native language.
    I hope that they (although, I don’t know who THEY are) give what you deserve. And you are as much important as any other original member. And would be great if songs like ‘It’s Alright’ and ‘Swinging The Chain’ would be on the setlist for the next tour.

  19. Chad Brannan

    Behind you 100% Bill, Stick to your guns, it’s worth fighting for. Win or Lose.
    Best of Luck

  20. Vahap

    I saw it coming. Sharon Osbourne is the most evil woman in the world, period. It was clear that no matter how honest you guys’ intentions for the reunion were, she was going to send everything straight to hell. For starters, this woman has nothing to do with this music, HAD nothing to do with this music at all since the beginning. She was in it because it was her father Don Arson’s business. She’s in it only for the money. It’s her way of commerce. And her commerce strategies are not nice. A bully. Too bad that Ozzy became her cash cow husband. I’d love to see you guys recording a new album and touring together but Sharon must be kept out of the band’s land while you are doing it. I’m with you on this matter, Bill. You are a legend, you are golden.

  21. Kevin

    Bill, I am shocked. This has Sharon’s stink all over it! You are 1/4 this band, period. If you don’t go, I don’t go!

  22. Chris from Durham

    Bill, if “they” (whoever they may be) will not pay you what you are worth then don’t do it. As a Sabbath fan I’ve been gipped more times than enough by dodgy line-ups and “final tours” that turned out not to be final tours (a 3 day trip to B/ham NEC to see the “last ever” Black Sabbath gigs a few days before Xmas 1999 springs to mind)so I applaud you for taking a stand. Nobody can blame you and I wouldn’t want to pay my money if I thought you weren’t getting your fair share.

    Evil woman don’t play your games with me

    Take care.

  23. jimi

    Stay Strong Mr. Ward !!!
    We love you and SUPPORT you in this matter!
    See ya on the road (i hope)

  24. A Fan

    I can’t believe this is even up for discussion.
    And shame on the people that are forcing this issue.

    Bill’s the reason Ozzy was even in the band in the first place, and none of them had the guts to sack Oz when they wanted him gone, leaving it to Bill.

    A Wardless Sabbath would still surely rake it in, but its not the same, and the other 3 guys know it.
    It’d just be another tour, instead of something special.

    Hold steady Bill, the fans are behind you.

  25. dennis

    as a fan of more than 35 yrs & a musician ,i can understand were you are coming from. the ? is who is making up the contracts, i dont beleve its oz,tony or geezer. why would some fool want to ruin a band, friendships with band mates, rock & roll & the hopes of countless sabbth fans for the sake of a stupid contract. BILL YOU ARE 1/4 OF THE BAND & without you there is no sabbth just a snipplet of the band.

  26. Lyle

    Bill Ward gets 1/4th. Take it or leave it!

  27. rob

    Its disgusting and appalling that this even has to come to this. Bill is much of sabbath as anyone why is this even an issue?

  28. Lee Staples

    Bill, thank you so much for updating us the fans on this situation. I myself understand what you are saying and agree completely with you. Human greed will never cease to amaze me. Millions of dollars to be made off of 4 equal members of the original lineup, yet they don’t want those 4 to share the money equally. Absurd!!!!

    Bill, stand your ground and don’t settle for less than what you deserve!!!! I’m behind you 100%, and I think most of the fans are also!!!!

  29. Darenzo

    Hi Bill
    I’m Sorry to hear that the “Business” is getting in the way of you making music and the tour/album that sabbath fans really want….But stick to your guns Aar kid
    you deserve the respect and dignity owed to you for the
    years you put in and the sacrifices you made for black sabbath .. The magic the four of you make is what the fans want to see & hear .I so hope it works out for you because i REALY want to see you play..
    Big love bro…… :)

  30. Rene

    The original line-up of Black Sabbath is: Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne & Bill Ward. That’s it. Why do most reuniting bands have this kind of arguing?

  31. MatteN

    Hi Bill!!
    Stay strong and don’t let Sharon bully you around.
    Black Sabbath reunion is not a reunion if you’re not there, period.
    Black Sabbath with Ozzy (read Sharon) is just another big business. Remember folks: the one with most money when they finally rest (read: dead) is the winner…

  32. Gerry

    Bill you are a big reason I would pay damn good $ to watch sabbath..stick to your guns I am confident this will be resolved and WE WILL see you 4 guys on stage again You guys have sounded so enthusiastic about your new album and tour This needs to be taken care of immediately. Bill I hope you do us all a favor and go to England to talk to the rest of the guys about this..Don’t give up they love you.You guys have gone through worst things before.

  33. Ben Irving

    Dear Bill,

    I hope the reunion works out. I really do. I’ve been waiting since the Reunion album FFS!!

    But, as the great Winston Churchill once said, “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, some time in your life”

    True fans will never hold this against you if it doesn’t work out. You’re the most sound and down to earth rock musician around. We all understand your position. Your are an equal 1/4 of the original phenomenon. Without you, this is effectively meaningless.

    I can only hope Ozzy, Tony and Geezer see sense and offer you something more reasonable.

    Take care brother,
    Ben Irving

  34. Geert

    Dear Bill, I just watched some old Sabb-vids….well… if there is one person not replaceable in Sabbath, than it is their drummer on the first couple of records…that massive, innovative and groundbreaking sound is SO Black Sabbath, …. as Ozzy’s voice, Geezers’ basstrics and Tommy’s riffs…that together and only these 4 things make the original Sabbath-sound!….this was CLASSIC Sabbath! I bought a ticket for the dutch concert, but I would be really really dissappointed if some money-greedy monster will not let YOU do the job…you and only you Bill are THE original Sabbath drummer….gddmn…if this news is true i will sell my ticket…..i want to see THE ORIGINAL LINE-UP! so that means…i want to see Bill, that’s “unpayable” (don’t know if that correct English, but you know what I mean!) Hope that everything is gonna work out right…i’ll keep my fingers crossed! Hope to see you Bill! Hold on, you have my support!! Big hugs from Holland!

  35. Rich

    Without you bill there ain’t no sabbath! Surely they must understand that?

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  37. Anders Månsson

    Wow… so sad to hear this, and a shame these things have to happen. But stay strong Bill, you should have the same respect as the other members!

    I really hope this is solved, it would be fantastic to see you together live again, in my case in Stockholm, Sweden.

    All the best
    Anders Månsson

  38. Mike from Sweden

    I really hope this isue will be solved in a god maner! There are only two bands i will offer my right arm to see with original band members: Black Sabbath and an other great Brittish band starting with “P” (unfortunatley one member is not there any more).
    You played in Scandinavium in 1971 and in 1974 (i think…) and now 2012 i hope to see you ALL again in MALMÖ 2’nd of june! You have noooooo idea how i’v been looking forward to see all four of you playing again!! Your music/records was and still is something that bring forward some great memmories!
    Hope to sse you in Malmö Stadium again this summer!!!!
    Take care…… :)

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  40. Nick

    Fight for a good contract, Fight for your Respect
    Remember Compromise. To lose this Chance, this historic Chance would be a Crime.

    I wish you all the luck to solve the problems at hand.

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  42. Israel D. Noce

    Hi Bill…you’re 100% right, there’s no Black Sabbath without you. Keep fighting for your rights. Hope see you kicking the skins in Brazil.

  43. Dion

    Dear Bill,
    This is among the saddest rock news I have ever read, for many reasons.

    Firstly, the band that means more to me than any other on the planet, is treating one of its own so poorly.

    Second, that you are put into such an awkward and compromising position,

    Third, that the album sessions are proceeding without you (this means it is NOT a Black Sabbath record) and

    Fourth, selfishly, I may not get the chance to have my dream fullfiled of seeing Black Sabbath live. I have purchased tickets for as many Euro shows as I can and coming from Australia, this has been a challenge.

    Above all that, I love music from the heart, and I support your decision not to compromise on the magic that made us all love Sabbath in the first place. I hope more than anyone can imagine that you are behind the kit, as without you, it may as well be a coverband.

    I love you exactly for your response to this situation. I hope I can love Black Sabbath again for the way they resolve this.

    Peace, love and rock,

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  45. sven kalmar

    i too support you. black sabbath without bill ward dont work. Im a drummer myself and paranoid was my first record. back in the early 70s.

  46. derek joe brockett

    I strongly support you Bill and would never hold this against you. I can’t believe this is being discussed, I really can’t, but it is. Yet, I for one wouldn’t be interested in a so-called “reunion” album without Bill on board. I don’t think I am alone.

  47. Pim

    I’m a Sabbath fan since 1971. For me, BS is Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and you. I’m looking forward to enjoy the four of you together in Ahoy Rotterdam, June 12. Unbelievable, after 41 years it will be my first live concert of BS. I support you in your fair quest, Bill, and hope – for the sake of all true BS fans – this issue will be solved with equal shares for the four of you! Keep rocking!

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  49. jason

    Bill, use all of these fans to your advantage, a petition? A figurehead to antagonize (Sharon may be undeserving, or fully deserving of the criticism unanimously expressed). It may not be Kantian, but there exists a legion at your call. Let the clarion resound so that the sabbath may darken to the 4/4 black.

    You’ve paid your dues, and deserve to play amongst friends, not business associates!

  50. david andrew dukes

    don’t do it bill,at this stage of your career you don’t have to compromise anything for anyone.
    the business is all about big bucks these days,they’ll soon realize what a mistake they’ve made no matter who they get to play the drums.

  51. Tim Morrison

    Stay the course and stick to your guns.

  52. Nakiel

    Show us the contract; -or sign it!

  53. Dave

    Sabbath without Bill is like the Beatles without Ringo…IMPOSSIBLE! Stick to your guns Bill, we’re all behind you 1000%!!!

  54. Moose Mattson

    Bill, support you ONE HUNDRED percent; should be equal, all four ways, no “if, ands or buts!” You DO deserve the respect, this shouldn’t even be an issue? These guys are supposed to be your “brothers?” I for one would NEVER want you to do something (i.e. album & tour) if it went against your morales, especially for me (a fan-that’d be disrespecting us, by not being true to YOU. So God bless you Bill, rest easy knowing you are doing the right thing. We ALL love you, no matter what! Rock on! PS, bring back the NIB! LOL.

  55. rasta

    a fight for dignity in the workplace is a fight for dignity in the life! for every worker! don’t stop, bill!

    all the bests from italy

  56. Doug Lewis

    I love everything you did.
    We love you too and support you.
    We’ve got your back man.
    Thank you for setting the record straight.

    Toronto Canada
    Doug Lewis

  57. Earle Connelly

    Ok this whole thing is so messed up being that Bill has always backed Ozzy but we should not blame anyone yet. I have another thought that is way out in leftfield which may be worse than contract infighting.Bill has gotton the shaft over the years but Bill has always been the bearer of news throughout the bands history. my theroy is Tony may be sicker than we all know and the band is using this as a deflection to call off the tour and the recording process. I pray to all the gods and goddesses that this is all worked out be it greed or something even worse. just my thought don’t always assume it is ozzy’s fault because you may look like an ass in the end. So I think we all as fans need to support Bill,Tony,Geezer and Ozzy and hope something happens in a positive vein so we can all can

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  59. Marcelo

    Dear Bill,

    I always had the impression of you being a kind, nice guy. What Ozzy tells in his autobiography confirmed my feelings.

    People like you – good at heart – usually get caught in this kind of situation. If the Heavy Rock Fab Four do not reunite we know who’s NOT to blame.

    I saw you, Tony, Geezer and Ozzy when you played the 2005 Fields of Rock festival – THE greatest show of my life!

    I wish you and your family the best!

    Marcelo (from Brazil)

  60. Aki

    All the strength to you in sticking to your artistic integrity Bill. Us fans only wish to see you guys back in health playing that iron pristine and pure of heart music we have grown to enjoy in these many years. Black Sabbath!

  61. Granat

    You deserve better, I hope things come together.

  62. Tom Gabriel Warrior

    As a life-long admirer of early Black Sabbath, I will not listen to the new album if it features a replacement for Bill. We have been waiting for this to happen since 1978.

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  64. Steven Miscandlon

    Classic Sabbath isn’t classic Sabbath without Bill Ward. Through the years you’ve shown nothing but honesty and integrity, so you can be assured that your fans will be 100% behind you in whatever you decide.

  65. Monte

    I really hope they offer you what you wish for as it don’t take much I’m sure to give you your status and respect. It would not be the same without you and I know they know this too, just look at the response to the 11-11-11 announcement, all the fans want all 4 of you up there, as you tell us I tell you Stay Strong and Stay Healthy, We Love you and want to see you get this.
    Take Care,

  66. JD Davis

    Word, Bill. Hope it works out the way we all know it should.

  67. Adam

    This absolutely reaks of Sharon Osbourne.

  68. Shaun

    I wish you well Bill! I hope this matter is solved promptly. I personally have no interest in seeing 75% of Black Sabbath. It’s 100% Original or nothing. You’re an amazing talent and just as essential as the other 3 members are. Simply put, Sabbath wouldn’t be Sabbath without you!

    All The Best!


  69. Joe

    I am with you Bill! I will not go to see Black Sabbath unless ALL members are present. It would be pointless to do otherwise.

  70. Troy

    Well if you work in the business you know where the problem starts. yoko oops Sharon!
    Its amazing how fans all over the world have to suffer because of someones greed.
    Stick to your guns,Fans will love you even more when the truth floats to the surface!

  71. Adam Jacobs

    Black Sabbath is Ozzy Osborne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and BILL WARD. We are with you! Whatever GREED is in the way, here’s hoping if fails miserably…

  72. Anthony lee

    Disgusting! no other word for this greediness.
    Makes me sad that your fellow band mates let this happen
    Hope all works out in the end and see the 4 of you in Israel. To see sabbath again after 40 years.

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  74. Rick Hodgson

    Bill,you are one of my mentors and I am still blown away by the music you helped create and have been listening to Black Sabbath since 78 (I was 10) and have been playing in Black Sabbath tribute bands for over 20 years now.I saw the reunion a couple of times a few years back and honestly cried when your face appeared on the screen as I had seen all the other members many times but never had seen you live, let alone to see the original Sabbath together was a dream come true.I can`t believe the injustice that there is even a question of replacing you instead of just being fair and equal and acknoledging the fact that Black Sabbath would not have been what it was had you not been behind the kit.I have been waiting for this tour for a long time and I hope the greed can be put aside (Sharon) and we the fans get to see the original Black Sabbath together again!!!Love you Bill

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  77. Benno

    Hi Bill,

    You’re absolutely right, you’re started BS together so you’re 25 % and should be recognized as equal as the rest.
    It’s absulutely ridiculous that you don’t get a respectable contract, you have deserve it man.
    Thanks for all the work you’ve done and I hope things work out for you.

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  79. Wolverine

    Sabbath without U will work out just as poorly as it did without Ozzy and will be just another failed try. I am after the 35th year of listening to U guys still getting surprised over the twists and turns Ure music takes and I am convinced that this complexety whithin the simplicity will be studied in the far future with the same interest as the classic composers are studied today. The rythm section U and Geezer had there was truly magical and of course U cannot go for anyting else than Ure rightfull piece of both the place in history as well as the dollars. I live in Norway and i have high hopes, faith and believe that the gratest band ever will sort these things out and give U the cred U deserve…..if not Ill find consolation in this link and will not blame U.
    Rock on

  80. Jouni Kuokkanen

    You can not say the original Sabbath without Bill… It´s all or nothing… Hang in there Bill!

  81. Anne Grice

    I don’t really understand the problem only you know what the problem is with the contract but I think maybe you are taking it abit too much to heart, life is short and there is always a solution if you try and sort it out. Pride before a fall and all that, just enjoy life sort it out and do it, you only live once. x

  82. Neosab's tribute

    Classic Sabbath isn’t without Bill Ward.
    I will not go to see Black Sabbath unless classics members are present.

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  84. Mike Goode

    We’re all guessing that the contract Bill has been handed is less favourable than the contracts handed to Ozzy, Tony and Geezer. And whereas I think this is wrong ~ especially if the tour/album is being advertising as ‘the original line-up’ (in which case the spilt should be 25% to all parties on ethical grounds) surely this comes as no surprise. Never forget that as much as we hate it, this is a business… it is a money-making machine. The days when people made music for the love of it are long gone (if indeed that ever was the case!).

    However, to screw Bill, is crass ~ shame on Ozzy, Tony and Geezer if this is the case. There’s always two sides to every story of course, and (guessing again and playing devil’s advocate) perhaps the other three feel that they’ve done more to keep the Sabbath legacy alive than Bill has? Perhaps they have done more to organise the reunion tour and album? Perhaps they feel that as writers of the material, they should get a bigger cut? Perhaps there is bad blood over some significant (or insignificant!) detail from the past? The reasons could be legion… and until we know, perhaps it is best not to make a judgement.

    All I can say to all Sabbath fans, is if this situation irks you… don’t go to the gigs and don’t buy the album. That’s the only way these people will ever listen. Hit them where it hurts… in the wallet. But we all know that won’t happen, people will go to the gigs in droves and we’ll all be dying to hear the album. With or without Bill.

    Bill ~ I admire you greatly for sticking to your guns on this matter. If indeed it is the case that you’re getting a bum deal. Drummers don’t get the credit they deserve. You were an intrinsic part of the original Sabbath sound and therefore you deserve to be rewarded.

  85. Ian Sharkey

    I remember seeing you on some TV programme in the UK talking about how Sabbath isn’t Sabbath without all 4 original members and you had tears in your eyes. I haven’t seen that kind of emotion from any of the other 3. Plus, they left it up to you to ‘sack’ Ozzy so you must have been considered a bona fide member then. Stick to your guns Bill, you have my full support.

  86. Gerry

    One of my favorite quotes, from one of my favorite books:

    “Stop this stupid sh*t you’re intent on doing to one another. When people get to the age you are, anybody that shares even a few of your memories is a treasure beyond price. Love them and forgive their foolishness and hope they’ll forgive yours.”

    –Thirteen Moons, by Charles Frazier

  87. Martin

    Sabbath would not be Sabbath without your contribution. You have my deepest respect. Hopefully they’ll come to their senses soon.

  88. Sonny Engler

    Bill go with your heart and everything you said is correct. Ive always been a fan and that wont change should you not be able to get what you need. I too walked away from something like this and i have no regrets because i have my dignity and respect for my self still in me. In my business we have a saying…rock and roll isn’t so pretty after all and ive heard it said its just for fun, but underneath it Bill there’s nothing so fun about it. Its tough work in so many ways and its SERIOUS BUSINESS and anybody that has been in these circles knows that is the truth and once your locked in then there is no turning back without penalties perhaps.

  89. Ron from Den Haag

    Dear Bill,

    I can understand how you must feel. To be treated like that, unbelievable ! It’s a good thing that the fans know how important you are to the sound of Black Sabbath. As a matter of fact, I will ask for a refund on my ticket if you will not participate. It sickens me that after all those years being fucked over by the record industry, you still have to fight this bullshit in 2012.

    Love, Ronald

  90. Kaj From Sweden

    Here is the deal, what most people dont know is that its more about the business these days than the music which it should be in the first place. Back then, it was mostly about some friends having fun playing in a band and then fame came along and some got very rich in the band. Add some evil lawyers into this mess and there is no wonder Bill is treated like a cockroach. Look at VH when Eddie kicked Anthony out of the band, there will be never be the original line up of VH again because Anthony had to sign some contracts where he was layed off any rights to VH from now on. Do you want Bill Ward to go the same way? Stay up for your rights Bill.

  91. Kaj From Sweden

    Here is the deal, what most people dont know is that its more about the business these days than the music which it should be in the first place. Back then, it was mostly about some friends having fun playing in a band and then fame came along and some got very rich in the band. Add some evil lawyers into this mess and there is no wonder Bill is treated like a cockroach. Look at VH when Eddie kicked Anthony out of the band, there will be never be the original line up of VH again because Anthony had to sign some contracts where he was layed off any rights to VH from now on. Do you want Bill Ward to go the same way? Stand up for your rights Bill.

  92. Wardieman

    I wish nothing more, then to see you guys together having a good time on stage. It is truly a loss for all of us, if you and other members cannot work together. I too understant that you have not gained enough respect, still, im hoping to see you guys soon. I never got to buy tickets for the gig, but I waiting for the new album. Im waiting for to share the album (not illegaly, by hearing it with my dear friends) and I hope to get that amazing feel what I always get while listening your music. Yours truly: dear fan from finland, Wardieman.

  93. Joel Peterson

    I have read your letter and I don’t understand what the others are up to.
    You, Bill Ward, have my full support on this matter.


  94. Nicolas

    Thank You Sharon !
    Well done.
    In these conditions I give you all my support Mr Bill Ward.
    A big “No” to Black Sabbath if managed by Ozzy Osbourne and his greedy wife.


  95. John Ipsen

    Dear Bill!

    I have been following the band for almost it´s entire career and the music of Black Sabbath means more to me than I could ever put into words.
    I furthermore have the utmost respect for the way you have been handling yourself during the time since you left the band some thirty years ago.
    I love and respect you and I have complete confidence that whatever decision you will eventually arrive at, it will be the right one.
    Please stay well, and I sincereely hope to see you behind the drum kit again at some point in the future.

    With love and respcet
    John Ipsen

  96. Bill (Not Ward)

    Best of luck Bill. Everyone knows who’ll be causing this sort of trouble for you and the reunion. Its not your fault and no one will blame you for maintaining your integrity.

    Black Sabbath is about the 4 of you, and no one else.

  97. ROB

    bill. i’m from brum, BIRMINGHAM ENGLAND. i never got to see the original line up till 1999 at the nec arena. you were all f*****g brilliant and this really saddens me as well as fans the world over who grew up listening to you. YOU i mean bill made me want to play the drums which i did. you changed many lives as well as my own, you have my total support on this bill. god bless you and hope to see you and the boys back home in birmingham #BRUMMIES RULE FOREVER#

  98. Matti

    what a bummer!
    Bill, in my opinion, you are one of the greatest drummers ever and there is no Sabbath without you!
    I hope this gets sorted out nicely but you got my support 100% on this matter. If the contract is sub par just call the whole reunion off. Any real Sabbath fan will understand this!

    Seen you guys two times before (1999 + 2005) and hoping for a third time this May in Helsinki!

  99. Gjermund

    Speaking of dignity!
    Any REAL Sabbath-fan understands your contribution to the MAGIC of the 70’s Sabbath-sound.
    In my opinion, “Ward One: Along the Way” is far more Sabbath than any post-Ozzy Sabbath recordings.
    Looking forward to seeing you all in Malmø 2 June.

  100. Bernie Woods

    As a life long fan, Drummer and a guy who drank like you and is Sober over 28 years, I see no choice. Your doing the right thing. Feeling like a door mat is not a good way to stay sober. Stand up to the greed, you will win one way or another. Your one of a kind, Thanks for everything!

  101. Marshall

    Dear Bill,
    This must be a very tough time, but know you are respected you no matter what the decision is that you make. You lift the spirits of many through the music you create and your kind words.You are an amazing drummer, but more importantly, you are an genuine and amazing person Bill. You do so much for us fans, but you must do what’s best for you now. We would nothing more then to see a true Sabbath reunion, but only if you are happy doing it.

    Stay Strong Bill,

  102. Mike

    No Bill Ward = no original Black Sabbath =

    I will boycott anything Sabbath-Ward-less from today on.

    If Bill is out, Tony should cancel everything and get healthy.

  103. ricksrockquest

    Sabbath ain’t the Sabbath without Ward. They should know that by now! Hope to see you behind the drums coming tour Bill.

  104. El regreso de Black Sabbath no está asegurado | | Bigotes y CejasBigotes y Cejas

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  105. Paulie

    Hi Bill! I posted this on Siegler’s site yesterday, but I’m copying it here as well for any interested eyes. —————————————-

    Ozzy’s public statement regarding his legal claim to the name “Black Sabbath,” *before* the settlement, said that he wanted a fair share and touted the importance of ALL FOUR original members. Details of the settlement, as published by Shozzy’s legal team but NEVER publicly stated by Shozzy, states that Ozzy got a 50% share in the name Black Sabbath out of Tony’s former 100%. Does that sound equitable to you?

    Bill probably wants something as fair and simple as a one-fourth split from post-receipt tour proceeds (tickets, merch, etc) which would be completely fair. Knowing Shozzy’s decades-long practice of not paying shares to musicians (they’re not “band members” but independent contract players), I think it’s a safe assumption that the four members of Black Sabbath are not getting equal pay according to the contracts as they currently stand.

    I, for one, stand in solidarity with Bill on this. Unfair is unfair. Inequitable is inequitable.

    To others, “money is money.”

    God bless Bill Ward and others who stand for their own integrity rather than give in to false masters.

    All the best,

  106. The Insister


    The music is bigger than the money.

    How difficult is it to split it all 4 ways?

  107. Black Sabbath Drummer Says He Objects to ‘Unsignable Contract’ Rhonn Mitchell Rhonn Laighton Mitchell

    […] Thursday Mr. Ward wrote on his Web site that since Mr. Iommi disclosed his illness, “I’ve spent everyday getting to or living in a […]

  108. Dez

    Stick to your guns Bill, You’re as much a part of the Sabbs sound as Ozzy, Tony, or Geezer. Don’t let the buggers grind you down.

    Sabbath fans are known for their to the death loyalty to the band (all members, not just some) and for sticking together. For what it’s worth this old rocker won’t be buying any album or tickets if you’re not included in the line up and getting your fair whack, and I hope all true Sabbath fans will join me in sticking the proverbial two fingers up to the sods that are trying to rip you off!

    Love and Respect


  109. J Smith

    Thats it. I soon as I read thiis from Bill I knew it aint gonna happen now. Sad, really.

  110. Terry

    I support Bill Ward.

  111. Simon Dickens

    Good for you, Bill. Stand your ground and stay strong. I’m sure the vast majority of Sabbath fans are right behind you. If the reunion doesn’t happen, we know who’s to blame. Take care, Simon

  112. anco

    Tienes toda la razon Bill, espero que los que estan detras de este negocio reconsideren y te den el lugar que mereces como miembro fundador de Sabbath!

  113. John M

    Bill, I was playing guitar yesterday to some Sabbath songs & had to stop & listen to your drumming again, mainly because it was so awesome, odd that this then appears today.
    Sabbath to me has always been you 4 & isn’t Sabbath if one is missing, you should absolutely be recognised as an equal partner for the massive input that you have contributed to the band, good luck, hope to see you on the road … John

  114. Lee D

    In a situation like this, it’s not only Bill that is being conned but it’s also the fans. Black Sabbath without Bill Ward is not the original Black Sabbath.

    Although these potential’stand-ins’ may be younger than Bill, they have no spiritual right to sit on the stool behind Geezer, Tony and Ozzy. None of these potential other drummers have the all important feel of Bill and it’s doubtful whether they’re even true Sabbath fans, let alone original members. If they were true Sabbath fans they wouldn’t be so quick to jump on his grave.

    No one really knows the full story apart from those involved but Ozzy should be ashamed of himself if this is Sharon’s doing and he hasn’t got the backbone to stand up for an old mate.

    They should call the whole thing off if Bill’s not involved, simple as that. I hope you mange to work something out.

  115. Renzo

    No Bill Ward = No Black Sabbath
    No Bill Ward = don’t buy the ticket
    No Bill Ward = No party!

    Please show us the “unsignable contract”, so that we can know how they’re treating you.

    Don’t go back on step Bill, we’re all supporting you in this battle!

  116. Dean

    You’re doing the right thing, Bill. Now the other three guys you grew up with need to grow up.

    No Bill.
    No Sabbath.
    No money spent from me.

    Bless you, Bill.


  117. craigrattlehead

    BIll Ward has to be there attacking the kit, or its not going to be an awesome gig. Bill has to be there simple as that \m/

  118. David

    Would love to hear the original line up again, love your drumming, but stick to your guns!

    Best of luck,


  119. Mark

    Good luck Bill,hope you get the deal you want…..don’t stress out over it though,your health is more important.

  120. Mark

    Dear Bill,

    You have no idea how excited I was when I heard Sabbath were getting back together and writing a new album. Even though Ozzy was fired from the band around the time I was born I was lucky enough to discover the music of Black Sabbath around 1996 and was even luckier to see you play together at Ozzfest Milton Keynes Bowl 2001. It was without doubt the best live show I have ever seen. You all sounded unbelievable and I will bend over backwards to make sure I get to see you live again and I really hope the rest of the band bend over backwards to make this right. I was saddened to hear the news today and this dispute needs to be resolved at any cost. It is too good of an opportunity to miss. The fans are behind you Bill, so please don’t give up as it is not Black Sabbath without you and I for one will boycott anything different.

  121. Thiago Salay

    So they announced that they are continuing to record without you….well, i guess if they are CONTINUING to record and you are still not there, this was not being a reunion after all.
    Thanks for sharing this info and let the fans know the reality!
    I cannot help but feeling very sad today, my heart is broken. I cannot believe the band is destroying its image after 40 years with such a comment on facebook like they did today. We are supporting you Bill, you can be sure.
    I’ve waited all my life to see the original Sab, I was about to realize my dream, I had bought tickets and booked international flights. But you can be sure i aint going to no fraud reunion without you there. Long life to rock,
    Thiago, from Fanzmosis Brazil

    ps: i hope you have seen my old letter trough Liese :-)

  122. Bill Ward Threatens to Delay New Black Sabbath Album and Tour | THE ROCK OF EAST TEXAS

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  124. samuel cunha

    Bill! I would like to see the original Sabbath again, but your dignity is more important. The others members have to be more respect with a friend and the Great Original Sabbath’s Drummer!!!

    Thank you for you exist!

  125. Paul Eccles

    I realize you don’t want to give details of the contract you were offered but could you provide some general descriptions of the issues with the contract?

  126. karloffb


  127. Luiz

    Dear Bill,
    you have the respect and love of all Sabbath´s fan.
    If they are going to run all of this without you, it would be better another moniker, as SHARON AND THE THREE BUTT-HEADS.
    Without any of the four, it´s not BLACK SABBATH. But you are right in your demands, and you deserve the respect you´re asking from these s-holes.

    We love you.

  128. PatrickS77

    Well, not knowing the full details behind this, all I can say is, that I’m disappointed. Disappointed that the four of you were not able to work something out everyone can agree with. At this point in your life I would think that would be possible.

    I also regret having already bought a ticket. I hope the four of you will come to your senses in time.

  129. Stimpy

    A reunion with out Bill isn’t. An album with out Bill isn’t one I want to buy.
    No offense to the other members.
    You have my love & respect Bill in what ever you decide is best for you.
    Your fans would not hold anything against you.
    P.S. When is the third LP coming out!!!! Patience, patience wearing thin… :>)

    “It’s easy to want a big mistake” –Bill Ward

  130. Neil S.

    Hi Bill
    100% behind you – you are a band member, not an employee. I think it should be noted that Bill has never ever tried to live off his Sabbath past – he could have lived like king doing guest album spots etc.

  131. joe

    Lot’s of support here for you Bill. I don’t share in the sentiment. Principle not Greed? so that said you would take the current dollars they are offering with a simple statement that 25% of Sabbath is and always has been Bill Ward….BullShit.

    Start drinking again, I liked you better off the wagon….

  132. William Haltom

    This is just breaking my heart. I have a trip to Amsterdam planned for June 12th concert with my oldest son and will probably not go if all 4 members are not there. This will just ruin my summer. I have been a Sabbath fan since I was introduced at the age of 14 and Sabbath is not Sabbath without all 4 origional members. You have my support Bill

  133. canada spaceman

    You have my support,and am joining the boycott of any “Black Sabbath” tour and/or album without all 4 original members.

    As soon as this news hit, many of us suspected Sharon is behind the bad contract.
    If that’s the case, it is sad that Geezer and Tony went along with it.

    Fans like me, would rather you three get Ian Gillan back and continue again, or start a new project/band with even a singer from one of the underground doom metal bands inspired by Black Sabbath like Zeeb Parkes (of WITCHFINDER GENERAL.


  134. chrous


    Don’t feel guilty, you have the right to stand by your beliefs and morals.

    Respect from me.

  135. Syph

    Been a fan of the band for as long as their has been a band to be a fan of. However, especially after today’s drabble from the other members, it is hard to remain a fan any more. Being a fan of a rock band is one thing. It comes from the music and the special people making it. Today’s announcement from the incomplete band says “we don’t care about the fans or the music… just ourselves, the business and the money” If I wasn’t a huge fan of Bill Ward before yesterday… he just grew 10 feet in my eyes for his stand-up-for-yourself stance that he has been forced to take. God Bless Bill Ward. $haron Ozzhole and her 3 dogs can go to Hell.

  136. Syph

    (typo in email of previous post, apologies)
    Been a fan of the band for as long as their has been a band to be a fan of. However, especially after today’s drabble from the other members, it is hard to remain a fan any more. Being a fan of a rock band is one thing. It comes from the music and the special people making it. Today’s announcement from the incomplete band says “we don’t care about the fans or the music… just ourselves, the business and the money” If I wasn’t a huge fan of Bill Ward before yesterday… he just grew 10 feet in my eyes for his stand-up-for-yourself stance that he has been forced to take. God Bless Bill Ward. $haron Ozzhole and her 3 dogs can go to Hell.

  137. Pedro

    You are my favorite Sabbath member Bill! Without you, there’s no Black Sabbath. You have my support, a true sabbath fan from Brazil!

  138. Mike

    How many times have I flailed my arms playing “air drums” with Bill while listening to original Black Sabbath songs? He is perhaps the best rock drummer of all time!

    This latest tour and album is an all or nothing proposition. If Bill is not included, then I want no part of it.

    I don’t know how the contract is written, so I will refrain from finger-pointing and accusations. But as a fan for over 35 years, I hope the FOUR ORIGINAL members of BLACK SABBATH can work this out.

    The obvious solution is an equal 1/4 split on the album and tour. If that is not part of the offer to Bill, then I fully support his position.

    I’m all for everyone making all the money they can, so no comments about greed from me, but please consider us fans. Sentiment sells for us aging Rock and Rollers. Time is running out on all of us who have somehow survived this long. I cannot tell you how great it would be to see the four of you together again in concert.

    Please, do the right thing.

  139. Paul

    Dear Bill,

    You are the most important rock/metal icon and a wonderful human being I am sure.

    I totally support you and we want the original Sabbath in Singapore!

    It is time Bill Ward drums the Singapore Indoor Stadium!Long Live The Original Sabbath!

  140. rodrigo

    Bill, deja de wevear, un baterista siempre es reemplazable (salvo John Bonham), así que no te creas más de lo que eres. Para ti es un orgullo formar parte de Black Sabbath, y no de Black Sabbath contar contigo. Así que por unos dólares más o menos no te margines de este evento.

  141. Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward Threatens To Quit - Easy Songs to Play on Guitar

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  143. eggat

    you’re doing the right thing, showing true integrity here. but it’s a shame that it had to go this way….why wasn’t this discussed before 11/11/11 ?

  144. Stu

    It is their loss!

  145. Evandro Benetti

    Let’s go to the original Black Sabbath..
    To back of the strong band of everything times

    Thank u

  146. Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward Threatens To Quit

    […] statement on Bill’s website says he took part in the official reunion announcement in good faith, but says the most every […]

  147. Rob Clarke

    Hi Bill,
    it is sad that the prospect of losing one of the bands influencial cornerstones. Black Sabbath is a rare thing where all four parts when come together make more than the sum. I will go to Download with the hope that one of the bands that made me start to make music will be there in its’ purist form, if not with a tinge of sadness. By taking the stand that you have you have shown that there is still integrity and honesty in the music industry, your words and actions are and always have been an example, once aa Sabbath fan and always a Sabbath fan.

  148. Michael

    I understand You Bill. Please, at least play only on the new studio album. This album without You, it`s not true Black Sabbath.
    Best regards!!!

  149. fordjam

    Only last night on BBC4 repeated the Sabbath episode of the Classic Albums series. They interviewed the producer, engineer, band members and notable other contributers who ALL made a point of talking about how important the rhythm section of Sabbath were, highlighting examples of Bill’s drumming. I hope Bill sticks to his guns – it’s absolutely right to get the same deal as everyone else. Don’t get used or abused!

  150. Dean

    Sharon Osbourne doesn’t like any BILL that she has to pay.

  151. Andrea Blasio

    I am with you, Bill. No William Ward, no Black Sabbath reunion for me.

  152. Brett

    When I first heard the news of the Sabbath reunion I was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait to hear the original lineup. Without Bill they can keep it I won’t be going. I hope other Sabbath fans will do the same. The only way to teach that old hag Sharon a lesson is to hit her in the pocketbook. It’s all she understands. Every time I see her on TV I could vomit.

  153. ROB

    to all my fellow sabbath fans worldwide.maybe it would be a good idea if we all put our feelings on this bullshit on sharon osbournes official facebook page and tell sharon (SHE-DEVIL) osbourne directly how we all feel regarding the original line up and that TEAM is not spelled with an I… maybe we should start a worldwide petition with regards to bill’s predicament

  154. status quo

    i respect your decision not to sign this crap contract,and what ever terms it contained.
    sad ,that you wont be involved in this sabbath album/tour,bill,hope things could possibly change,and you get offered,what you deserve.
    best of luck and good health in 2012!!!!

  155. Matti

    Go to offivial Sabbath facebook page and where ever and let them know how you feel about this. Let them know that you will return your ticket if it’s not all 4 members etc.

    Use the power in numbers to make things right!

  156. Michael

    The fans want the original Black Sabbath. Bill is a founding member of that band and should be treated with the same respect as Tony, Ozzy and Geezer. This may be the last chance for a reunion, as the band ages and health issues become a concern I would hate for them to let this chance slip away. Work it out, before it is to late. So many people want to see the original Black Sabbath again. Work it out.

  157. Patrick McKeon

    Stay true to your principles, for the good of your family and the rest of us Rockers who are sick to death of no-talent, greedy and soulless shysters poisoning the vibe.  If the new magic were to be recorded by men who have forsaken their integrity, the soul of the music would be  compromised, and consequently, terminal to the cause.
    Stay strong, for If you don’t Stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.
    Your friend and ally,
    Patrick McKeon

  158. n.i.b

    Get together with tony and gezeer and find a singer who can sing instead of that clown oz with wife he should had quit after no more tears dont let it get to you i think all true sabbath fans is on your side you and paice are the best drummers of all time.

  159. Pistol Pete

    This is a joke. It should have all been sorted out before the press conference. If you feel like you are not getting the respect that you deserve, then, is right to you for the stance.
    But as a fan i feel that youz should have got it all sorted during the time you were getting together on the sly.
    I hope youz can sort this out FAIRLY. You all deserve this reunion. Ill be gutted if you dont get involved Bill, because it will be shite without you.

  160. alt

    you guys are fucking stupid it has nothing to do with ozzy ozzy and bill are good friends if you guys are true sabbath fans you wouldnt be putting the blam on just ozzy and talking the shit some of you do about him

  161. Mark

    Hi Bill,
    I have posted a message on Geezers site, please find time to read it. It is heart felt and honest. Don’t pull the rug away after people like me(51) have got revved up about the reunion. I may never get this chance again and maybe nor shall you. OK money may not be the reason,respectability I understand but, if it was me surely it must be an amazing experience to be able to do this again realising it may never happen again. if its not money,ther must be a malicous eliment,which is out of order. Go back to the old days boys and do it for the love of it.Put things aside and get on with it.But whatever you do don’t bring out a sh!t album.
    Your music will well out live you all and deservedly so. History has been made. God bless you all, you shaped my world.

  162. John Wright

    Hi Bill. I missed the Reunion Tour in 1999 cause of my job. I have waited and hoped for many years that I would have another chance. I planned on taking vacation the week you would be in Cleveland, OH, to make SURE I didn’t miss this again. But I want you to know, that I would rather never see my 2nd favorite band, than see you be disrespected. Sabbath wouldn’t be Sabbath without YOU. I am content with watching my Last Supper DVD. Hope to see you, but completely understand. Your true Fans will never hold you responsible.

  163. John Ramsay

    I totally support your stance and reasoning behind your decisions Squire. We all know exactly who is to blame for this prohibitive injustice towards your integral part of Black Sabbath both past / present. Like many fans I’m hoping for a positive outcome with this situation which brings you the respect you duly deserve. If it doesn’t come to pass, it says far more about the alleged integrity and combined ill-respect of the others for the legacy of Black Sabbath than it ever will about yourself.

    Best Wishes from Glasgow, Scotland \m/O\m/

  164. Shane Hathaway

    Others have summed this situation up well. Money seems like it is being divided up by bussiness people thinking that some band members deserve more than others. We all seem to think that is the case. Sharon leading this? Ozzy unable to control his own affairs? Tony and Geezer thinking they deserve more as well? Unfair contracts?
    Well it is simple to fans. Each member gets 25%. That is what each deserve. No more. The songs are not Black Sabbath without all 4 origional members. Without one it is not Black Sabbath. We have waited years for a new album, but it has a bad taste without Bill, or any other of the 3. You need Bill’s drumming to make it Sabbath.
    You may still sell out the gigs without Bill, but I won’t go, and it won’t be a reunion.
    Principles are worth standing up for. If the others are going for more than 25% then f£$k ’em and their managements.

  165. Joe


    This is absolutely unconscionable. Black Sabbath Mark I is a part of rock history. There will be little opportunity for future tours. Tony’s situation only adds to the difficulty. The powers that be should realize that this is no time to play games and appreciate the sum of all four parts. I was so looking forward to finally attending a Sabbath concert featuring all four true members. Sadly, my enthusiasm has been dampened by the unfortunate attitude directed toward you. You Bill, have always been a rare class act in an ego driven industry. I hope and pray for a reasonable outcome.

  166. Timothy C. Maddocks

    I will not attend a Black Sabbath re-union concert, or buy a Black Sabbath re-union album, if it does not feature Bill Ward.

  167. Tim Pinter

    Bill I hate to hear that the band would even think of giving you an un signable contract.I mean with out the sound that you gave us thought the years,on every album,I dont think Sabbath would have been as great as they were.I mean you gave Ozzy and the rest The back bone that was Sabbath.Dont get me wrong each and every one of you are The best in what was Matel(Real Matel) I really hope that the band can find a way though this money shit and start a tore.It sounds like thats what you really wont.Your Great Bill. Love ya for giving me the what you already have.Thanks Brother.

  168. mac

    gee man what is the hang up? in my mind you could never lose what you have had ever since being a famous drummer in a famous rock band. your drumming is legendary and will always be!! no one can ever take that from you!! i dont know what is making you feel that your freedoms and rights are being infringed upon. i do of course feel that you should be allowed to be the way you are. i dont know who is saying you cant and why. but your credibility as a musician in my mind can never be surmounted. i feel keith moons credibility can never be surmounted either and hes been dead for many years RIP keith. i dont know what makes the contract “unsignable” but if it means having the four of you have fun making the music we all love i would say go ahead and sign it. which i guess begs the question what is fun? the four of you should be allowed to create music in your own unique ways that always gelled together perfectly i dont know how you could feel “cold shouldered” or who could ever legitimately be that way towards you. as i say and im sure all us fans feel your status is hard hard granite. and i pity the people who dont respect that fact! i would like to give my email addy for you or anyone to give me feedback.

  169. mac

    whoops i pushed the leave comment button before i gave my email addy ha ha it is another word or two, i like that you have fond memories of your lifestyle being in black sabbath. i was about 6 years old (im 43 now) when i first heard sabbath. my brother was quite a partier and would have beer bashes with his friends when mom and dad were away. id sneak beer and his friends would give me tokes lol :) and there would be black sabbath and ac/dc music playing :) and other rockin bands black sabbath gave us a lifestyle. sabbath created a lifestyle? heavy metal gave us a lifestyle. :)

  170. David Camalieri

    Just came to this after watching Lee Kerslake on YouTube on a recent gig he was doing.I remember how Ozzy ripped him off from his contributions on the albums he had done for Ozzy.

    Don’t get played like he had. The drummer is the backbone and rhythm section of any band. Just as important as the melody.

    Sometimes in life.We have to say.Enough is Enough!
    All for one and one for all or forget it!

    Just like that British TV show that was on sometime back. Weakest Link. Any other Drummer besides Bill Ward is and will be the Weakest Link.

    So don’t fret. You have the right to reject the cards they have dealt you. Cheers and best wishes.

  171. Jim Burkhart

    Bill, the band is just not Black Sabbath without you, or any one missing band member. You would think in this day and age there would be enough maturity with the band members and your managers and promoters that something like this would be unthinkable! I do hope that all come to their senses and make this happen right!

    God bless, Bill, and good luck. Hope to see all of you guys out there tearing it up. Sabbath has been a big influence on my life for approx. 40 years! I still remember the very first time I heard you guys, hanging out with my older sister, thinking WOW, who is THAT!

    Thanks for being there!

  172. John K.

    Respect you for taking a stand for the music Bill(Which you are undineably 25%)praying that the spirit of the music will prevail over the darkness of lawyers and carneys.god bless you.

  173. edward balowski

    bill ward is just as an important part of sabbath as the rest of the members,without any of them in the reunion tour or album…. i would see no reason to go any further!

  174. Jibz Photoshop Actions

    Good luck.. I as a fan believe you deserve the respect of your fellow band mates… Good Luck!

  175. Marty

    Sabbath is Geezer,Tony, Ozzy and Bill, if gentleman Bill Ward isnt on the drums then it isnt Sabbath, simple as that!!

  176. Anthony

    Stupid contracts! Seems simple…the 4 of you ARE Black Sabbath…so, split 4 ways! I guess everyone else involved wants their piece, but the 4 of you should split evenly.
    I hope your given a signable contract soon! Cheers to you for sticking up for yourself and shame on those trying to give you the short end of the deal!

  177. Roberto

    It’s sad that you are all in you sixties (or almost there) and still arguing with stuff like this, like little bitches, I don’t know the real deal, but you (group) can’t disappoint the fans in this way, we’ve been waiting this for years, expecially a new album.

    Bill, my support goes to you, because you gave a great explanation of the problem, while in the official sabbath page there was a poor and unexplained post.

    I’m seriously thinking to sell my ticket, or just burn it….Fuck it!

  178. Craig

    Black Sabbath cannot be Black Sabbath without Bill Ward… I for one will not even be the slightest bit interested in the new recordings if it isn’t Bill, Tony, Geezer and Ozzy…

    Bills thanks very much for your hard work and great drumming over the years, the original Sabbath is one of my favorite bands, so many great tunes, I sure hope this can get resolved, was really looking forward to hearing some new stuff from all of you…

  179. Reunião do Black Sabbath “original”: dinheiro AINDA é o principal? « Minuto HM

    […] tendo conhecimento disso, ele resolveu ir em frente. Até para efeito histórico, fica abaixo a carta aberta dele em seu site oficial sobre o caso: Los Angeles, CA – February 2, […]

  180. Beth

    No one member of a band is more important than any other. It takes all members to make a band complete. You should not be treated any differently than any other member.

  181. Angel de Adámastos

    Como lo siento Bill. Igual que sentí que Dowing hiciera lo mismo con Judas Priest. Siempre hay intereses enfrentados. Ojala y ambos grupos recapaciten, porque rectificar es de sabios y propongan un contrato que todos queden contentos, porque lo principal es estar unidos, por el bien de los grupos, de los fans y del Heavy Metal. Nos os rindais, sois los mejores y da mucho gusto ver a los clásicos unidos y contentos en un concierto porque anima al resto a seguir sus pasos.Loos managers son los primeros responsables de estos desacuerdos y no os benefician. Acuérdense cuando empezaron!!! y viva la música, viva el metal!!!!

  182. Mayor Marvin Megee

    Bill, I have been a fan for 41 years. I can’t expect anymore from you than you have already given. I know of no respectable metalhead within the city limits of Greenwood who would hold it against you if you stood your ground. “To thine own self be true…” Marvin Megee, Mayor

  183. Adam Purdy

    Hi Bill been a fan for many many many years would have been great to see you all back at it again and hope that good sense will prevail cant believe that the rest of the band would want it any other way come on guys get it sorted out its not rocket science.

    Best regards A

  184. Mez

    A fucks sake. Bill ive loved sabbath all my life and this reunion is the holy grail to us fans. I understand your point but please i hope this is sorted.sabbath owe it to the fans to get this on .

  185. Mez

    Ive been a sabbath fan since i was 8 years old, im 45 now. My uncles turned me onto you and the music has been with me always. I really dont think i could put into words what you guys mean to me. Ive been suffering depression for a few years, no drink or drugs have helped. Then when i heard of the re union, i can honestly say that the gloom in my life started to lift. Little green shoots of hope. Then i got a ticket to cu in rotterdam and cant rememberfeeling this exited for years. I felt inspired to pick up my axe again and was possitivly beaming at the thought of seeing the orig sabbath. Then there was the horrible news about tony. And now this. I honestly feel sick about this as im sure thousands of fans are. Please Bill,we need you there. This is yours and our last chance, please be careful you do what isright by the fans,we love you bill.

  186. ArtsBeat: Black Sabbath Drummer Says He Objects to ‘Unsignable Contract’ | Mobile News Plus

    […] Thursday Mr. Ward wrote on his Web site that given Mr. Iommi disclosed his illness, “I’ve spent bland removing to or vital in a place […]

  187. paul cain

    when i first went to see black sabbath in 1972 there were four musicians on stage ozzy gezzer bill and tony so in my mind 4 equal band members each bringing there own styles and infuences to create a brand/type/syle of music which changed the world of music, and i thank each and everyone of them for being a part of my life for over 40yrs .so Bill stick to your guns mate you are a founding member of the greatest band in the world .

  188. Jon Munroe

    Bill, why don’t you pull an Ozzy and get some lawyers to make sure that Black Sabbath can not tour with the name BLACK SABBATH like Ozzy did with DIO in Heaven and Hell.

  189. Tuomo

    Moi Bill

    I might know that feeling… Like in the band but not inside there. Peole like some ghosts.

    All good. Hopefully match and they realizes the idea.

    T:Tuomo fan from Finland

  190. FILTHY


  191. John

    Dear Bill,
    First of all I wish to say that although I have been a fan of yours for 33 years (Black Sabbath is my all-time favorite band and will be played at my funeral), I have never sent fan mail to tell you so. This seems the perfect opportunity, since I side with your decision to withhold your talents in favour of fairness and equality.
    Obviously you can’t release the particulars of your situation, but it would seem to be only a short list of possibilities. Money; artistic input; egos… we fans may never know (and there’s nothing wrong with that; in a band things are best settled internally), but please know that the real Black Sabbath fans are with you. We love you.
    I didn’t find your music until the year Ozzy was fired, but I fell instantly and hard for your music. I have not seen a reunion show yet, but when I heard that you would be touring-and in support of a new album!- I nearly lost my mind. I say this not to make you feel bad, but to make you feel good that you have fans everywhere who care. I hope those Sabbrothers of yours get their shit together, and realize, as Trooper said “we’re here for a good time, not a long time”.
    Thanks for the time Bill, and I very much hope to see you (or hear from you!) sometime soon.
    P.S. I front a Black Sabbath tribute band in London Ontario Canada, and our drummer is currently in rehab (yes, I said it, rehab), so… if you’re not gonna be busy, and you want to keep sharp on the old stuff, gimme a call!
    Take care, Bill!!

  192. Ian

    If there is nothing you would rather do than reform then do it. If there are in fact other things you’d rather do then do that. And if that’s money making then be honest and say its more important than the excitement for you and your paying fans tore usage sabbath.

  193. Nicklas

    I already have my ticket for the summer tour and was really excited about seeing you all play again. Now I’m not. You’re easily as important as the other members. I mean what would BS reunion be without you swinging the sticks. BS as in Bull Shit reunion perhaps. I hope the others approach you with a better offer. You have the support of all true sabbath fans.

  194. giors.che

    Hi…Black Sabbath is..Osboune Ward Butler Iommi…..e fanculo tutto il resto……..we love bill

  195. Jason B (ProgDog)

    Hi Bill:
    Black Sabbath is not just a band with interchangeable parts. It is the flare that ignited the entire heavy music movement, a movement that will not relent, ever.

    I own the first albums of Sabbath only. IMHO that is the band.

    Now, to read that you are not being treated with a modicum of respect for your contribution… Well, it’s shocking.

    How much does it take to figure out that the contributions of everyone in a 4-piece band are vital? Where are the remaining 3 supposed to “fill-in” when they already have their jobs, jobs that they 3 do exceptionally well, but that sound hollow or twisted out of shape without you?

    Stand firm. Continue to have honour and integrity.

    In support and love,

  196. Black Sabbath Reunion Continues Without Bill Ward

    […] recently issued a statement to fans on his official website saying that he planned to withdraw himself from the band’s reunion, which includes a new […]

  197. Tortheguide

    Dear Bill. I have two tickets for the Oslo gig. My 17-year old son should finally experience the ultimate heavy rock founding fathers. My fab four. If the show goes on the road without you we will be there, loath them and leave when they start playing. There is no Sabbath without Bill Ward. Shame on those who made that contract. The magic is gone. You have our full support. To the rest of the band members(and “management”); reWard Bill. Without him, tour as Back Stabbath.

  198. alessandro

    We’re a bunch of middle age hardcore original Sabbath fans and we’re organizing a 50 seats bus to see the show in Milan.But without YOU,Billy,none of us thinks that it will be the same thing.You deserve respect for your talent and honesty and we support your decision.But please,try to put the things togheter….

  199. Eric D

    Hi Bill,

    Black Sabbath was, is, and will always be, Bill, Tony, Geezer and Ozzy. That’s not to say I didn’t like Heaven and Hell… RJD was awesome, may he rest in peace. Stay strong Bill, stick to your principles. To all Sabbath fans: Get online and let it be known if Bill isn’t there it isn’t Sabbath and we want our money back! Lets all support Bill! Your millions of true fans are behind you, Bill! Thanks for all the great music you have given us! God Bless.

  200. Gerry

    Bill please finish Beyond Aston!!

  201. Black Sabbath to continue reunion without Bill Ward | Totally Endor

    […] he simply has issues with the contract. “My position is not greed-driven,” Ward wrote onThursday. “I’m not holding out for a ‘big piece’ of the action (money) like some […]

  202. billy broderick

    this is very sad news ,,,, been a sabbath fan all my life , and the one good hope was to see you 4 on a stage i still hope for this bill , also im with you 100 %,,, on your grievence it sad that this has appeared , i hope its sorted and you get the chance to hammer them skins to death ,,, the one true metal drummer BILL WARD ,,,, everyone else just follow your tail ….. oh for WAR PIGS , FAIRIES WEAR BOOTS ,,,

  203. Brian Lynch

    Bill, You deserve what you are requesting. Stick to your beliefs. They are the ones who look foolish. You provide the THUNDER. Best wishes!!

  204. Mike in Niagara Falls

    11-11-11’s announcement of a reunion of all 4 original members sounded a little too good to be true. so what what is the new album and tour going to be called, “3 out of 4 ain’t bad”? not cool. so which of the other 3 asshats thinks he’s the boss? who’s the one drawing up the unsignable contracts? they can’t call it a true reunion unless Mr. Bill Ward is beating the skins. I can assure you if and when BS (and I do mean BS with the B being Bull) does play here in Canada, I won’t be in the audience unless the attitudes change. I’ve been a fan for years. every version of BS had 1 or 2 songs I liked, but the the original version of the band will always be the REAL Black Sabbath. anything less than all 4 members is nothing but BS..
    good luck Mr. Ward, I hope to be in the audience when you AND the rest of the band come to Canada..
    Mike in Niagara Falls

  205. Jassa Singh

    Keep it up, dear bill. Those guys doesn’t deserve you and haven’t treated you fairly. Not then, not now. If you can work it out, fine but don’t give in unless you feel completely happy with the agreement. Give us your third soloalbum instead, Been waiting many years now. :-)

  206. dust79

    Do you know when the music beats you, and you realy feel what it is talking about? For me Black Sabbath is it!

    You four guys means ONE!

    Let your music last forever!

  207. Ron


    Totally understandable. So who responsible for getting your contract right? All of us fans must flood them with emails and our voice so they give him what he needs. Those blood sucking vampires would not have a job if it wasn’t for bands like Sabbath. So what is the email, name ,publisher, record company, that is responsible for trying to get over on Bill. We must protest to them so Bill gets what he deserves and we all get to see Sabbath. If Bill is not there, then im not paying my hard earned money to give to some bull shit record company or who ever. No Bill, No support from my money to them. Fucking 1% er!

  208. Ron


    PS. You rock man!


  209. Craig Mansfield

    Hi Bill.
    2 things, well 3;
    1. I love you, you’re an incredible drummer, and Sabbath isn’t Sabbath without you.
    2. You have always thought too deeply on subjects, I do too so be wary of over thinking things, and coming to incorrect assumptions (as I do) like “I’m getting the cold shoulder” – maybe you’re not – you can’t rely on technology to communicate.
    3. You are very sensible to insist on a contract, this is your right as a human being, contracts make the terms known on all sides when when all sides agree, then you sign: contracts are essential for people knowing what they do want and what they don’t want.

    Stand up for your rights, but please think about the trouble you court for yourself when you discuss these things in public, you’re too open for your own good.

    You would have been better off saying, “I’m very excited about the project with my old friends, I can’t wait to begin, and the work will commence once the legalities and contracts have all been signed” – which says the same thing without painting yourself to look like someone who is too emotional and complaining, which I know you’re not.

    A contract is written proof of intent, that way no one gets fucked, let down, misunderstood etc so you go for it, and you state what you need for the project to go ahead.

    In my opinion, Sabbath is 4 people, so the money needs to be split 4 ways, now and in the future – and verbal agreements don’t stand for anything.

    Get it written down and get it signed, this is not you turning on your friends, if they are your friends they wont argue with you about it.

    Best wishes – lots of love – try to think a little bit less, to have some peace of mind –

    I look forward to what only you four can make – and I send Tony my greatest energies for a speedy recovery.

    I have a feeling this is all going to work out really well, and I’m excited about it!


    Newcastle, UK.

  210. niall

    I’m typing this watching the Classic Albums documentary, which shows what an integral part of Sabbath you are.
    I was genuinely excited about the reunion, but seems its not to be.
    I’m with you Bill – stick to your guns

  211. Paulie

    Bill, I can’t begin to express my admiration, appreciation and gratitude for the stance you’re taking on this. What’s right is right, and you’re currently being wronged for standing up for your own integrity as an artist.

    I still have every hope that things will come to an amicable agreement. And if not, I too will *refuse* to participate in the farce of a non-original “original” reunion.


    God bless Bill Ward,

  212. spyder

    Dear mr ward,only you & those responsible for the unsignable contract know what has actually happened but people can guess or make their own conclusions,i for one dont know what/who/why, but would say to you have stuck to your guns & not signed yet another unagreeable document,good for you sir,unfortunately for some of us a black sabbath re-union without you, is no re-union at all, wishing you all the best for the future, spyder.

  213. Black Sabbath Drummer Bill Ward Threatens To Halt Band’s Reunion - THE Q ROCKS

    […] posted the following statement his official website: Dear Sabbath Fans, Fellow Musicians and Interested […]

  214. Ringo the second

    I and my friends will not go see Sabbath without Bill.

    Not sure why but I think I will blame Sharon if this does not go through…

  215. Bill Ward and shady record contracts | The Metalluminati

    […] over an “unsignable contract.” Although he didn’t delve into specifics, an open letter from Ward stated the following about the new Sabbath album + tour deal: I am unable to continue […]

  216. steve gibson

    Bill, this is just wrong. Sabbath is my favorite band and I met the 4 of you during the Reunion tour. I was so psyched the 4 of you we’re getting back together. I truly can’t give my full support to anything less.

  217. Gerry

    Bill this will work out,if not please get Beyond Aston out!!

  218. Jorge Barrera Jr.

    Bill, I’m 47 yrs of age and I’ve appreciated the music that you have given my generation and my kids generation. I see how much of a true friend and musician you are and I completely understand your side. I would do the same with no second thought, Without you “IT’S NOT BLACK SABBATH”. I do hope something comes your way to make things right with your contract GOD BLESS and I’m always an ORIGINAL BLACK SABBATH FAN.. thank you Bill…

  219. Sal

    Bill – we all support you. Any drummer who thinks he is good enough to fill your giant boots on the Sabbath throne CAN’T be good enough, because he can’t hear why you are untouchable. If he can’t hear it, he ain’t gonna be able to play it. And if he can’t play it, it ain’t Sabbath. If, once again, the world must learn the hard way that a band isn’t a band without the drummer, so be it. But please stick to your guns: You represent the integrity of all of us drummers. If the rest of the band doesn’t do whatever it takes to make you a full and equal member, their hearts aren’t in the right place and the project is doomed, for they will be forced to play with a drummer who can’t hear the truth, who is willing to screw with history for his own glory and greed, dog paddling in ignorance, drowning in the wake of the master. I hope the other three are wise enough to see through the smoke, and I do believe in my heart that this temporary hangup will be solved, that managers will be fired if need be, and history will be made.

  220. Rob Naylor


    I am as pissed off about this as I was about the Van Halen “non-re-union” without Michael Anthony. IT IS NOT A VALID RE-UNION WITHOUT YOU!!!!! You are doing the right thing, man.

    Stay cool

  221. Diane

    It is good to know that someone is standing up for integrity sake !!!! I am definitely behind you on this…..

    ~ Diane

  222. Micke B

    Black Sabbath is nothing without the original lineup, the band knows it, the fans knows it. Hopefully this problem will be solved soon and we, the fans all around the globe will hear and see you in the near future. Much love to you and the other guys. Rock on

  223. Hector from Puerto Rico

    If it does not happen, I can live with that. If it happens without all 4 original members then I take it as a personal insult to my person. It would mean that they are doing it JUST to try to get take my money. And my money you will not get.
    It would be a dream if it happens but all the drama gets tiredsome. I know every story have two sides.
    If things are how you say they are….you have my full support.

  224. gareth (ireland)

    well said Bill…stand your ground.youve contributed as much to Sabbath as the rest of the guys in the band.not a proper Sabbath line up/reunion without you.hopefully the band will come to its senses and recognizes your commitment to the group and give a fair contract that reflects this…stay strong

  225. randy

    I understand the contract part, It should be split evenly about the band and crew etc. BUT— You owe all that you have in life financially to Black Sabbath. I would be on the phone everyday talking to who ever I need to be talking to to make sure that a Contract or any kind was signed with Sabbath. You owe it to Tony! Plus you could cement your Rock n Roll Godness by making some Kick Ass music in the studio and then playing to Zillions of people. It is the air you Breath, but Sabbath is the platform that gives you LIFE.
    Please go back to England and demand that your oldest friends you probably know get there shit together and do it for the right reasons, which shouldnt be the Money, its about the MUSIC. You will be remembered for Musical Gifts not how many homes you owned.

  226. Leonard Haze ( drmmer & fan)

    Mr. Ward, I do not find inequities in contractual terms being unfavourable to the drummer unusual. As a matter of fact I have seen it first hand. I don’t know who suggested those inequities or what in your case the specifics are. But I do know the drummer is always why it sucks & never has anything to do with it being good. It’s your fault if the song is too fast even if you didn’t start it or count it down. Lastly, it was your fault that the bass player missed the middle 8 chord change even though you played it spot on. It’s a lot more to being in a band than playing with other musicians,songwriting,or touring. “For fu&%%$# k sakes your just a drummer.” Yea, & a great one I feel. Anyone else is playing your parts without your unique feel & great style. Black Sabbath is 4 equal parts becoming one. It should be four equal parts in everything. Go for nothing less than as an equal. In 1969 you were all equal. You all were equally broke & criticized. So why not equals now ? Leonard Haze P. S. I feel like your making a statement for anyone who values loyalty & didn’t receivie any in return. Cheers

  227. wayne batchelor

    hi Bill i hope all is good just wanted to say i’m very sorry to hear that Tony’s got cancer i hope all goes well for him and the other band mates cheers

  228. Paul Ribich

    Total Support Bill!!! You deserve a fair contract, and I dont blame you for sitting it out!!! Hopefully they can hear our voices, and realize the ONLY thing to do is treat you fairly, and get on!!!! Without you they might as well pack it in!!!! Vinny Appice is great with the “Heaven and Hell” lineup, but this is something completely different and special going back to the original days. And it only has one opportunity to really happen again. Hoping for the best and thanks for all the heavy music youve been bringing for 40 years…….

  229. Laszlo Szell

    in all respect: why don´t you reveal draft details that bite your eyes? if you have not signed an NDA (non-disclusore agreement) beforehand, just put a scan of that draft online with marks on passages you are not able to agree to. this move would probably not promote reaching an agreement with the band, but at least let the world see what exactly your are referring to.
    otherwise as it seems not to be about money, but dignity, just hold your head up and let it go.
    you have your place on the olymp of best rock drummers also without this ill fated reunion album.
    still i wish management / lawyers / band whoever behind this will come to reason and there will be a real reunion on fair terms also “signable” by certain bill ward.

  230. Ben

    Bill, I can’t agree more, I would! want to be recognized if I were part of a team, it only goes to say, I can’t even believe that these issues were aroused, in this friendship with each other. Or is it record labels, I guess people can be nasty and somewhat irate, anyway it would be sad, for fans not to hear you on this new album. I know the majority of fans, will most likely be disappointed. well, good luck in however it works out. Peace and Love……………Ben.

  231. Jonny B

    Bill, get over there, get down the pub and talk to your friends. Stuff the ‘management’, ‘lawyers’ & ‘accountants’…we’re all getting on a bit, life is too short – what’s important…?

  232. SPL

    Without knowing the details or living the life, a fan cannot make a true judgement as to the equitability of this matter. However, please consider my uninformed simple math: 4 original artists = 1/4 each

    no more, no less

    A historic moment is being wasted, and whomever is to blame, shame on you. For my part, without the original intact, my money will not be spent on any CD or concert, regardless of my origianl fan status that dates back to the very beginning of your band’s existence.

    Regardless, good health to all, and good wealth to those who deserve and earn it.

  233. Andrew Jacobs

    I did an email interview with Henry Rollins this past week and he wasn’t aware of what had happened with Bill last week, so I sent him the link to Bill’s statement about it and this was Henry’s response to it.

    “Well, it is pathetic that it’s down to that. If it were health related, that’s one thing but to have some contractual disagreement after all this time, I don’t understand it. Not knowing anything more than what I learned from Bill’s site, I don’t know what is going on. Black Sabbath is those four guys. If you don’t have Bill, you don’t have it. That’s a damn shame, I hope they work things out. A lot of people were looking forward to this. I know I was.”

  234. bah humbug

    You deserve respect. There would have been no Black Sabbath without Black Sabbath in it’s original format. If they are being that way then they have become like every other money hungry person in the biz. Money is why there is limited good music around today. You deserve what you deserve Bill. Rock on.

  235. jose luis chacon

    Well! What can I say?

    Let’s not talk about Ozzy and Tony, but I guess Bill deserves as much as Gezzer. Or at least very close to Gezzer.

    But honestly, as long as you don’t show some figures or something, you’re not gonna get us! The four of you will remain a 25% greedy bastards! Unable to understand the fans!

    I love Black Sabbath, and this is what I get!

    Good luck with your finances!


  236. Jimmy G

    At first light, my anger, ignorance and frustration resulted in my posting a negative email to Bill and I must apologize for that. I likely angered other fans also due to my initial rant and less that thought thru comments. I must apologize to you also.
    I have come round to side with Bill and hope that cooler minds prevail and all can get together for this much anticipated reunion.
    As a founding member Bill certainly does deserve full credit, continuing respect and admiration. An equal share on the contract side of things is only fitting.
    I don’t know if Sharon is to blame or some other messed-up sod, but the Black Sabbath world is saddened by your actions. A very unfortunate situation when all could have been so fantastic….
    Back on side with you Bill. \,,/

  237. Flávia

    I totally understand that you have your pride nd that you deserve respect, as much as the other 3 guys. I also understand that you want to stick with your decision, and I’m not here to make you change your mind (actually, you may not even read this) but seriously, do it, man. Do it for your fans. We’ll support you anyway, but we also want to see you live, at least one last time. I mean, me (and many other fans) never had the opportunity to see you playing and it would be awesome if it happened. Keep your pride, but remember of your fans. Don’t matter what, we’ll support you, even if we end up missing you, as we are, already.
    Best regards :)

  238. Matt

    im sorry Bill i hope you can play with the greatest band and im looking forward to seeing you all live

  239. Zero

    damn i hope see u all in the stage cheers bill!!! if u wont come back to sabbath i wont assist to the gig promise they cant do tht!

  240. Alex

    Bill, If this isnt for the fact that you´ll get less pay; what is it? Of course it´s business. I´d sign the contract if I were you. Your solo career aint going to well.


  241. matt colon

    We need you bill the music wont sound right without the original, you guys are 4 of the greatest musicians to ever assemble and play in a group i have been waiting my whole life to see all of you live just once and im sincerely let down.

  242. Ethan Gaston

    Dear Bill Ward,
    Thank you for taking the time to explain the situation. As I’m sure you know, you are the only one involved who has provided any worthy information to the Black Sabbath fans. The real fans are very angry right now and the vast majority of us are behind you 100%. We understand and respect your decision. You are 1/4 of Sabbath.
    Of course we are all hoping for resolve but I, for one, would hate to see you make any compromise in order to make it happen. I have made my voice heard along with thousands of other fans who support you. We are signing petitions and posting all over the social networks. From what I’ve seen, nobody is blaming you for any of this. We love you Bill!

  243. Michael

    Its not a Black Sabbath reunion if Bill Ward isn’t there. Hope things work out. Remember there are loads of us Black Sabbath fans who are behind you 100% no matter what happens.

    If nothing else it should bring a wry smile to the makers of Spinal Tap!

  244. Ed Ehrgott

    You SHOULD command respect from everybody involved and the way you are being treated is bullshit. With Toni being in his situation with his health every minute counts and there isn’t time for the drama. I don’t know all the details but I would guess it has something to do with Sharon. Whoever it may be they need to suck it up and get you on board immediately! We are all behind you Bill! Hopefully everything gets straitened out and you get back where you need to be with your boys in Sabbath! I’ve seen you guys play many times here in California and hopefully there will be many times more in the future. Sharons only talent is keeping Ozzys balls in her purse don’t let her fuck this up.

  245. Dave

    Hang in there Bill– we all know Sabbath is not Sabbath without you on the skins. Anyone with ears can hear that. I have to believe this is a ‘management’ deal, after reading Tony’s book and knowing his situation..I can’t believe it is coming from there.

    I have faith it will work out, if it doesn’t it will be crimnal, but I can’t see anyone holding yur accountable. I lke many others prepared to spend for the concert and memorabilia– and many of us will not unless the reunion is complete. I grew up with Sabbath – I would like to grw old with you guys also…take care..

  246. Harry

    Equal rights and proportion for each Black Sabbath member! No question, no discussion!

    Only in original line-up will i go to concert!

    Harry, (54 Years old)

  247. Ziad

    i was born and raised on the sound of black sabbath. their music and words has become my history, and sabbath means: tony, geezer, bill and ozzy.. i love dio and his music with sabbath, but the original stays original.. without the bill’s drum beat sabbath won’t sound sabbath enough, a body lost a memebr, picture without a frame..
    i support u Mr Bill, damn it u’re the only sabbath member who never wanted anything more than music and fun..
    may the lord bless u and keep u in good health..

  248. John

    This situation seems, unfortunately, like so many nowadays between people. Bill Ward, you have my sincerest blessing, you`re a fantastic person and musician. Stay with what you believe is right, for you deserve a fair and equal shake in your participation. I truly hope everyone involved comes to their senses, if not I`m sure most will understand your feelings. I know many things in the world have changed over the last 40+ years, things are way different now. Good luck and be blessed Bill:)

  249. Jeff

    Black Sabbath got me thru my Southern California High School Years(70-74). Cal Jam…wow. Black Sabbath always has been and always will be you, Tony, Geezer, and Ozzy.
    Accept no substitutions. I sure don’t.

    Hoping that the light bulb comes on for whomever and you are treated as an equal…and righfully so.

  250. Bob Edwards

    Hi Bill.

    First off, I want to thank you for sharing your musical gift with all of us. I also want to express my hope that all parties involved in the contract issue will work hard to find a workable common ground. I hope everyone can put their concerns on the table, hear each other, respect each other, and find something that honours everyone’s interests as much as is humanly possible. I also hope everyone’s willing to give a little. I think that’s the way ahead. Also, Tony is in my thoughts and prayers (as are all his friends and family) in light of his recent diagnosis. May God bless you all.

    Bob E.

  251. Aitch


    Black Sabbath is NOT Black Sabbath without you. Period.

    I have total respect on your position.

    I hope that the rest of the group will come around.


  252. Rockstar Murray

    Fuckin bullshit!!!! I have no intention of paying any money to see Black Sabbath without ALL iys original members!!Ozzy always says its about the music, bullshit! Black Sabbath is not a band but a company. The greatest metal band in the world who can’t do anything right! Piss on Sabbath and the so called reunion tour if Bill isn’t in the lineup

  253. GIANNI

    ps. – maybe we’ll get to eventually see them on VH1 BANDS REUNITED…

  254. Black Sabbath Reunion in Jeopardy – Readers Poll | Art Soul | The Latest News about Art, Music, Design and World!

    […] with one too many unsuitable contracts, original Sabbath drummer Bill Ward posted a detailed statement on his personal website that he may drop out of the […]

  255. El Acople – Problemas de contrato

    […] el problema llega desde la batería, ya que Bill Ward publicó una carta explicando que sueña con ser parte del retorno pero una cuestión de dignidad se lo impide, […]

  256. Kali

    This sound like politics for me. Parties fighting over the power and giving shit about the people who voted them. The only part who will loose here are the fans. It’s such a shame to see that at this age you guys are still arguing like a bunch of kids.

    Bill, if you feel that something is not right, step up and solve the issue like a man. Punch some faces, kick some asses, do what you feel is right.. but don’t hit in the fans. If your just gonna sit in a chair and blog your problems it ain’t gonna solve nothing.

  257. Matt

    Im not sure that what bill is talking about is up to ozzy tony and geezer.

    if this was some other crap classic rock band it wouldnt be an issue….Srry bill…but sabbath has had a rough road since day 1 as far as im concerned…

  258. Paul KZman

    Latest News just in :

    Animal from The Muppets will be Drummer on the Uk Black Sabbath Gigs, He won’t need Paying and everyone can beat him up n he’ll still be ok for the other Gigs. Will just get Stuffed (like Bill) . . .

  259. Maria

    Hey Bill you know man, I think it’s real mean that you are chosing $ over love…’unsignable contract’? so it’s all about the $ right? Come on man what are you waiting for? I know I was waiting to see you and the whole band play. Think about the message you are sending out by writing you are ‘unable to continue unless a “signable” contract is drawn up’…really ‘being far in in the spirit of integrity, far from the corporate malady’?
    ‘My position is not greed-driven. I’m not holding out for a “big piece” of the action (money) like some kind of blackmail deal. I’d like something that recognizes and is reflective of my contributions to the band, including the reunions that started fourteen years ago.’ What is that something? Love or money?
    You know you can’t put a price on love man. And though I don’t really know you and I doubt you will even read this, I hope to see you play at Download.

  260. Bill Ward’s legacy with Black Sabbath gets erased – literally « Me(n)tal-Meltdown

    […] fully on their shows (amoung other severe limitations) has been explained through a number of open letters […]

  261. Alex

    Unless all four of you are involved, it’s not a reunion. It will be a cover band with the name ‘Black Sabbath’

  262. Richard Graham

    Dear Bill, your drumming is inspirational and unlike that of any other drummer, and I don’t think many people realise how different the music would sound without your unique touch. The jazz and swing influences are shot through some of Sabbath’s best known tunes (e.g. Black Sabbath, War Pigs) and mark you out as a vital part of Sabbath’s signature recorded sound. Live, you put so much energy into each hit, it’s fucking scary. Watching you on the Never Say Die tour video was a vital part of my musical education. This is how to play the drums.

    Given your contribution, I think it’s disgusting that you would be offered a deal which includes watching another guy playing your part for all but three songs at Download. It’s like spitting in the face of every single musician who doesnt have celebrity status, it’s an attack on those of us who play rather than writing material, it’s plainly saying “you are less than us”, and it’s not what mates do.

    Stick to your guns. Unfortunately, as much as I love Black Sabbath (and I have loved you guys for 30 years now, and spent the last ten playing some of your music) your bandmates have gone right down in my estimation. Stick to your guns Bill. It’s about something even bigger than music, but which is vital to music, it’s about being a band, it is about togetherness, love and respect, it is about friendship and valuing your friends more than money.

    I won’t be buying the album if youre not on it.


  263. Richard Graham

    To those few twerps who are “oh so respectfully” calling Bill Ward selfish and money-motivated and telling you you should swallow your pride and “do it for the fans”, please do us all a favour and STFU. It’s not your pride, your reputation, your self-respect that is on the line. You selfish bunch of muppets.


    […] bubnjar Black Sabbatha Bill Ward poslao je izjavu o prijetnjama ponovnom okupljanju Black Sabbathu zbog ”ugovora koje može […]

  265. iain mlilo

    i’ve been s devoted sabbath fan since i first heard that cough at the start of sweet leaf, back in 1973.its like i know the band personally,but i dont,but musically i do.i hope that makes are hearin this from a true sabs fan,you can succesfully replace ozzy,but not any of the other three members.each one of them plays their instrument like no other, and thats a fact,folks.lets stop wastin time and get Bill back,so we can enjoy sabatha(like we used to call them back home)while we can,tomorrow is not promised or guaranteed.

  266. iain mlilo

    lets stop wastin time and get bill back.tomorrow is not promised.

  267. LukusDimitrius

    Fair play Bill. Respect to you for putting your cards on the table. It makes it easier for us as fans to understand. Let’s hope that Black Sabbath will happen once more some day, like it was.

  268. Kevin

    I sure hope things work out For Bill Ward.Man that would be awesome to see the four original band mates together,for new material and tour.But I guess we have to make a stand sometimes,that isn’t always easy to do.Hang in there Bill Ward.

  269. NattyJ

    I thought I WAS seeing the original four when I went to see them in Sydney, Systeslua tonight! It was advertised as such!

  270. Alberto Flores

    Bill la ultima gira sin uno de sus miembros originales es como presentar a un ser mutilado que en vez de dar alegria a sus fans da lastima, todo por el cochino dinero que deberia de ser una parte secundaria de sus actos, yo siempre seguire a mis idolos por su talento y su entrega a sus fans, pero a veces se vuelve mas importante lo material que lo que se vive en el escenario con la gente, nos hicimos viejos juntos ( idolos y fans )y aun asi aprendimos poco de la vida, saludos desde Chihuahua Mexico y que mejore la salud de todos los miembros de la banda,

  271. John blade 10993

    Hi Mr. Ward glade to making your acquaintance i am a true Black Sabbath fan I refuse to go to the show in New Jersey just because you were not on the stage and I will always been a hard black sabbath fan since the 70s I will refuse to go see Black Sabbath without all four members God bless you take care. Black Sabbath needs you to be the original.

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