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Statement on Upcoming Black Sabbath Shows

Posted on May.15, 2012 under Black Sabbath

Dear Sabbath Fans and Fellow Musicians,

I sincerely regret to inform you that after a final effort to participate in the upcoming Sabbath shows a failure to agree has continued. At this time I have to inform you that I won’t be playing with Black Sabbath at the Birmingham gig dated May 19th, 2012, nor will I be playing at Download on June 10th, 2012. Further, I will not be playing at Lollapalooza on August 3, 2012.

It is with a very sad heart that I bring you this news. I am sincerely passionate in my desire to play with the band, and I’m very, very sorry that it’s fallen to this. This statement is even more painstaking to write, as I was particularly excited to play alongside Tony Iommi after the recent treatments he underwent. I wanted that to become a reality.

To express my thoughts about you, the Sabbath fans, I’m going to speak to you all through an experience my brother James had recently. My brother Jimmy lives in the U.K. When speaking with him a couple of days ago, he told me that an acquaintance had stopped him on the street and confronted him, “is your brother playing Birmingham? What’s going on? I waited in line with my son and paid x amount for the concert tickets.”

The man’s son is a young drummer. He’s going to see Sabbath, and he wants to see Bill Ward play drums. Upon hearing this news, I felt horrible. I couldn’t help feeling some resentment towards the failure to reach an agreement, the failure to remember where we came from, the failure to be as brothers, as we once were. To be clear, I’m not blaming the other guys or finding any faults with them. I would think it can’t be easy for them either, but this situation is just really sad. It’s sad that it’s come to this. “This” will surely leave a mark and be unwelcome to the memory. Hopefully “this” will heal and pass in time.

My heart sank when Jimmy told me about this young boy. I know this boy is going to be disappointed, and I don’t know how to amend it, other than to put my arms around the boy and tell him I love him. Sabbath fans have a voice and a face, to me you’re human, you have families and despair. You have ferocity and emotions and graciousness, and at this moment as far as I’m concerned you are also that young boy in England. I don’t know how to amend my part in these failings other than to put my arms around you and say I love you and let you know I’m very, very sorry.

Throughout this process, which began over a year ago, I have had to stand up for myself time and time again. I have had to stand up for myself and in doing so realize my actions indirectly, although unintentionally, are upsetting and hurting a lot of you. I know in my heart I couldn’t have done these concerts by agreeing the terms suggested. I made a solemn vow after the last European and Ozzfest concerts that I would never again enter into what was, in my opinion, a totally unsatisfactory contract. I have to stand for something, and as painful as it is, I’m doing it.

Earlier in April 2012, I’d been asked to participate “minimally” in the Download festival. I believe I’d been offered no more than three songs to play while another drummer presumably played the rest of the show with Black Sabbath. I was not willing to participate in that offer. I was not prepared to watch another drummer play a Sabbath set, while I was to play only three songs.

I found out about the Birmingham gig on Monday, April 30 through the Internet ad. I was taken aback somewhat by the date, and the fact it was Birmingham. Knowing the “signable” contract negotiations were at best in shreds, I was upset by the idea that the band was going to play Birmingham and play it assumedly without me. I had no prior knowledge of the date and location, and I felt totally excluded. We contacted the representative for Black Sabbath to see if something could be worked out. In the meantime my drum crew and I, along with our US endorsers, finished all the necessary planning for a swift departure to the UK. There wasn’t a whole lot to complete; we’d all been on standby more or less since mid-January 2012. The remaining work in the UK was confirmed done by our European and UK endorsers and we were good to go by Friday, May 4 2012. There were two stress points: firstly, getting an agreement in place, and secondly, getting to England in a timely manner. Jetlag time was taken into account as well as drum practice, a drum practice room in the heart of Birmingham, accommodation, and travel arrangements were all in place to meet with any band rehearsals that may have transpired before the Birmingham show. So far everything that had been arranged was on my dime, but we didn’t move ahead without a realistic confirmation.

Communications between the representative and my lawyer continued through the weekend of May 5 finalizing on Wednesday, May 9. The offer we received on May 9 was, “come to the UK, play for free and see how the first show goes.” I was tempted. Playing for free would not have been a problem for me, but “seeing how the first show goes” left an element of risk which could have affected Download. My ideal thought was to play in full the Birmingham show, in full Download, and in full Lollapalooza.

I had notified the representative that May 10 was my cutoff day in order to have good lead-in time for England. On the night of May 9 I asked for a brief letter to be sent to the representative asking to find out if we were at an end. On the morning of Thursday, May 10, I received a reply in the affirmative. After consulting with my advisors and crew a decision was made to let go and stop.

I can’t prioritize the Sabbath fans making one show more important than the other. I can’t do that. All of you are important. It’s all the gigs or none at all. I can’t come to Birmingham and “see what happens” knowing there is a risk of not being able to play Download or Lollapalooza. Again, for me, it’s all or nothing. I had to say “no” to Birmingham on the principle of wanting to play all the shows. Saying no to Birmingham is very difficult for me. My family grew up in Birmingham. Black Sabbath grew up in Birmingham. It’s still my hometown and I resent having to arrive at such a difficult choice.

Although the statement was made that, “the door is always open” for me, as explained above, walking through that door is not always as easy as it sounds. There are many complicated issues and unseen and unspoken agendas on hand. I can assure you, my criteria for a “signable” contract is based in mindful principles, respectability, and acknowledgement of my history within the band.

I hold no malice or resentment towards the other band members. I love them; I’m tolerant of them; I’m frustrated with them, as they may be with me. My fight has never been with them. I’ll love them forever. In my opinion, nobody wins this time; the band doesn’t win; the fans for an original lineup don’t win. Nobody wins, nobody. Even the ones who thought they did.

I didn’t want to make this decision, but I have to be honest and transparent. This is the statement I didn’t want to write; it’s the last thing I wanted to do. But, I have written it, and now it can go into the universe.

Since Spring of 2011, I’ve waited patiently and hopefully for a signable contract, you know the rest. I stand for the boy in the U.K., for the coming drum student, for all the drummers, who write their parts out and get stiffed on the publishing, I stand with the Sabbath fans chanting “Bill Ward” and asking “why?” and I stand with Tony and Geezer and Ozzy.

On a final note, even though I’m at an end with the upcoming announced concerts, I will remain with an open mind and a position of willingness to negotiate “signable” terms with Sabbath’s representatives in the future.

Stay strong.
Stay safe.

With all my heart and strength, I love you,
Bill Ward

Following on a separate page is a thank you message to some very extraordinary people.

381 comments for this entry:
  1. Brian

    You do what you have to Bill. Stand up for yourself, we’re with you.

  2. Pete Gravell

    I agree Bill, this Fan Supports Bill Ward.

  3. Adam

    We’re all very saddened to hear this news Bill! I find it disgusting how the management think they can treat you. To us YOU will always be Sabbath and NOBODY can replace you.

  4. Gonzalo

    Stay strong Bill. We got your back.

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  6. Björn Frick

    I hear You Bill – and for what it’s worth – I think You did the right thing. I’ll always treasure the first eight and still after all this time listen to them daily. In my mind You are all irreplaceable parts of the phenomena called Black Sabbath. I was unimaginably happy to get news that there would be a number nine! Now, I guess that’s not so certain at all but nevertheless – I commend that You take Your stance. Not even all the fans or a number nine is worth surrendering Yourself. And, in the end, family, friends and health are most important. So, now You may walk the street with head held high and know that You stood up for Yourself and that we the fans praise and love You. Forever.
    All the best!

  7. Rufus Randolf

    It’s too bad things can’t be ideal; but that’s all you can do sometimes. You obviously tried.


    Dear Bill,
    As a lifelong admirer of you, your music and musical innovations, as a sometime member of the Bill Ward band, and foremost as a friend, I stand by you. The lessons you teach us in these, what must be, excruciating circumstances, are many and crucially invaluable — self-sacrifice, self-preservation and self-care. In my opinion, you harm no one through your actions and decisions. You are not responsible for this schism; the powers that cause this sad fracture that is not only musically damaging but CULTURALLY damaging have little grasp of things ephemeral that are, are those things history proves time and time again, are far more valuable than money, property and prestige. Your apology to the fans is noble, gracious and not required; I feel you require no contrition nor is there restitution for you to make. You are redeemed and history will remember you as not only a brilliant songwriter but as the most important Heavy Metal drummer ever. Period. Your band can’t seem to find a way to play with you? THEIR LOSS.If anyone would ask them their reasons for this, their own truth would most surely embarrass them. I stand by you as a friend, acolyte and humble collaborator. Now is your time, Bill. Get your music out there. I am here for you in any and every capacity your require. Onward and Upward.

  9. Sheila Greenspan

    Dear Bill,
    I feel your pain and disappointment. Somehow, things will always work for the best. Excelsior–ever upward.

    We’re all here for you and in your corner.


  10. A.G

    Ok seriously what is this “un-singable” contract i don’t get what the deal is….

  11. Peter Leveillee

    You are a man of great integrity, I applaud your stance. Shame on the rest of them! I still love to watch the early days in Paris, absolutely amazing band and of course drumming. Rock on Bill!

    Victory Pete

  12. Ken Besold

    I have to give credit where credit is due. Bill, you are a standup guy and I agree with you 100%. Thank you for telling it like it is. Hope that the RECORD COMPANY PRICKS, as the Late Frank Zappa once said, gives you what you deserve. ROCK ON BILL.

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  14. Sara Dallmayr

    All of the members of Black Sabbath, and their music, will remain in my heart eternally. With Iommi’s recent diagnosis, and other musicians I’ve loved falling left and right as 2012 claims them, I can’t pretend in any aspect that I am glad to hear that Sabbath won’t be reuniting to do contractual disagreements.

    Selfishly, I want them to forge ahead. But I would never, ever ask ANYone, especially someone I care about, to compromise their integrity just for one more chance to play together. Three songs out of a show? Shameful.

    And since Ward’s testimony is the only one on record, and he still is willing to compromise, I have to imagine that what he says is accurate.

    Mr. Ward, we understand. Lawyers, publicists, and anyone else who made this fall through, I say this:

    Go. F*ck. Yourselves.

    That is all.

  15. Simon Dickens

    You’re a fine man, Bill!

  16. Matt White

    This is just terrible news. I have seen the full Sabbath line up many times, and even had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Ward at Ozzfest 2004. A super nice guy! It is a tragedy that it would come to band members not getting their equal share. But this has been an argument in the music industry since long ago. I won’t be attending any of the Sabbath shows until Mr. Ward is back in the line up. But if it is any consolation? Mr. Ward you are the best, and they can’t(and won’t) find anyone to replace you properly. On behalf of all Sabbath fans in Indiana (and a kid who couldn’t even speak when he met you Mr. Ward), you are the greatest!

  17. Paulie

    Thank you, Bill, for the comprehensive update on this untenable situation. I am truly heartsick for you, but I’m also GRATEFUL for your tenacity to stand up for what is just.

    God Bless Bill Ward.

    All the best,

  18. Randy

    I will continue to listen to Master of Reality, Volume 4, Sabotage as I do everyday. Would Led Zeppelin kick John Bonham to the curb? NO. Sabbath has done that to Bill Ward.

  19. Martin 'Slim' Richardson

    Your love, respect, and honesty is a rare and beautiful thing . My love to you my friend. You deserve so much more .

  20. Brian S.

    I am sickened about how the greed of others prevents something from happening that should have been all about the FANS, who have supported Black Sabbath through concert tickets, buying albums, paraphernalia etc over the last almost 40 years for myself. This to me should have been a no BS split of 25% each and all 4 members would have made a nice chunk of change, but alas as Pink Floyd said, “Money, is the root of all evil today”.
    What does impress me the most out of this entire situation is that you Bill Ward stuck to your guns and for that you must be commended, it shows us real fans where the real problem lies and IMO it is probably stemming most from Ozzy & Yoko Osbourne.
    Thanks for all of the great years in music that you did give to us Bill over the years and for that we shall all be eternally grateful…Cheers!!

  21. MichaelCMTX

    Despite any sensation you may have that you are disappointing anyone, this Sabbath fan respects you more for sticking to your guns rather than see you get shafted in the name of unity and nostalgia. God bless!

  22. memphismike

    Bill Ward has my vote and I prove it by not buying a ticket to any Bill Ward-less version of one of my all time favorite bands.

  23. Mike

    So sorry to hear this Bill. I will not be supporting Black Sabbath on any tour without you, nor will I buy any new music by them that does not feature you on drums. There is no Sabbath without all 4 original members. Such a sad turn of events. I wish we all knew exactly who is responsible for this, and why the other band members are going along with it. I just don’t get it.

  24. Naiipe

    I will still travel from Chile in southamerica to see Black Sabbath, almost 17 days remains to the show. 17 days for hope to my to see you on the drums.

    We love u Bill.

  25. Marlon


    It’s huge of you to take this stand. It’s about doing the right thing and being treated as an equal. In my mind and the minds of many, you are just as important a member of Sabbath as the others. To take less or be forced to split time is insulting not only to you but to the fans.

    I want to see the classic Sabbath lineup; not Tony, Geezer, Ozzy and some schmuck on the drums.

    Good luck, I hope it all works out for you and the guys.


  26. Marcelo Machado

    Bill, I hope good sense comes to the mind of those thinking they are winning with this loss.

  27. Rick


    Sorry to hear this news. I support you in your decision. I will not be attending any Black Sabbath concerts unless the original line up is on stage. Hopefully, you can assemble your own band and get out on the road!

    Take care of yourself and be strong.


  28. Ryan

    do whats right for you man (sure millions of fans would love it too happen again), but you get even more respect sticking to your guns. Keep er lit son!

  29. Ian Hall

    Bill, I desperately wanted to see you and the rest back playing together. Been a fan since the Black Sabbath album blew my head off in the dawn of time but never saw the proper Sabbath play :-(. Respect man, you’re a true gentleman. All the best!

  30. Eduardo Mackenzie

    Sad News… “nobody wins this time; the band doesn’t win; the fans for an original lineup don’t win. Nobody wins, nobody. Even the ones who thought they did.”

  31. sloover

    I’m glad I never made it. What a load of bullshit the music business is to the core. Can’t a guy work and get paid what he’s worth anywhere?

  32. Jimmy

    Don’t sign a bullshit contract again Bill!! Equality contract or NO contract!

  33. Antonis,Cyprus

    He or She that does not understand the importance of Bill Ward in Black Sabbath’s music does not understand Black Sabbath’s music…
    I’ll be at Download hoping for a miracle…

  34. Mike Steinmiller

    As sad as I am to hear that we won’t be seeing you this summer, I am equally as glad that you have stood up for yourself in a business where too many people are taken advantage of. As a musician, you have been a great inspiration to me and countless others and I believe this is another instance in your life that will inspire people to do what’s right in this business.

  35. paul woodcock

    fuck sabbath,i,ve no time or respect for them anymore after what they,ve done here with bill,long live mr ward n bollocks to sabbath without him.

  36. mike

    I realize most things are about money these days–lots of hands, departments, and teams to pay. There’s no disputing anyone’s involvement as an original member in a band. But, man, it’s just rock’n’roll…fight ego, sign, and just go play them drums! Because, the reality is, they’re just going to get another drummer to fill in who will play drums amazingly i’m sure (Bordin is bad*ss, afterall) and the songs will STILL sound like the songs did (well, as best as they can)

  37. Alex

    That will not be a Black Sabbath reunion without you Bill… every sabbath fan is with you

  38. Carlos

    To me it’s quite simple: if the men in suits fail to respect Bill Ward and offer a contract he deserves, then I stand by him. And if Bill is not playing in any of the shows, I am not going to the shows. Sorry.

    A reunion without Bill Ward is not a reunion.

    Cheers, Bill. I thank you immensely for so many years of inspiration. Your music helped to shape me who I am.

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  40. alex vigil

    Play 3 songs then leave the stage?? Play for free?? See were it goes from there??? Fuck that don’t agree to that bullshit bill , keep your pride, screw that bullshit offer , we the black sabbath fans have your music you made , that can never be tarnished or taken away , it lives forever in our heart and souls, with a middle finger in the air to the bullshit pop industry. And sharron osbourne cannot remove you from the original master recordings we the fans own , she can’t pull that shit anymore, diary of a madman and blizzard of ozz were restored to there original form, the way fans wanted them, well all the best to you bill, horns up, alex vigil

  41. MIKE MC


  42. steve

    sabbath would have been nice, now I’ll be waiting for your next album!

  43. Aegon


  44. Pete Munday

    After checking everyday for news of what’s happening with Sabbath, I never expected this to be the outcome, the music business really DOES suck, this is probably rock history’s worst stab in the back.
    The only positive is the admiration and respect felt for Bill Ward sticking up for Himself.

  45. Bo Venhammar

    All respect for you Bill. You are “The Iron Man”.

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  48. Mark Reed

    Play three songs, for free, and hope you ‘pass the test’?

    What utter nonsense. They forget. It’s not them that put you where you are today : all four of you put all four of you where the band are today. Would Sabbath have been as big without you, or Geezer, or Tony, or Ozzy? Probably not. You weren’t the chancer at the back who lucked out – but the engine room that powered the music forward.

    A fair days work, for a fair days pay. There is undoubtedly big coin in these shows, and to insult you with such a derisory offer is greed without dignity for no other reason. This will taint the Sabbath story and to refuse to be part of this, on those terms, is a stance that everyone should respect.

    It’s not about ego : it’s about self-worth and self-respect. You are worth more than the way they have treated you.

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  50. Mario Gutierrez

    Estimado Bill soy un fans de la agrupacion original de Black Sabbath. tengo la edad de 25 años y mi sueño desde pequeño es verlos a ustedes frente mis ojos hablo de Tony, Terry, Ozzy y usted Bill…. asi como yo somos muchas las personas que queremos ver a Black Sabbath 100% original….

    cumpla el sueño de todos los Chilenos….

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  52. Angel-eyes-Toronto

    What, they’re asking him to intern? Heck with that.

  53. Sisson

    This is sad, sad new indeed. “Play for free?” Really? “See how it goes?” Deplorable. Mr. Ward, your self respect is worth WAY more than a “free” gig to “see how it goes.” I think the thing that saddens me even more than your treatment, is the fact that there are 3 others members of the band, who I have yet to hear as much as a peep from. I wonder if the blood-lust for one final huge pay day has rotted any integrity they might have had left? I would have hoped that at some point, someone might have said “you know, it really isn’t a “reunion” if all the participants aren’t there.” Again, it’s the fans who suffer. And shame on the remaining members who choose to go on with out THE drummer for Sabbath. And shame on you Ozzy. How much more money do you fucking need? Really? I applaud you Mr. Ward for standing up for something you believe in and not buckling in to the pressure, which must be unbelievable. Cheers sir! I tip my proverbial hat to you!

  54. Marius

    Stay strong,Bill! To me you are absolutely right! Oviously the management doesn’t respect you as much as you should be respected! Quite sad, though.

    All the best for the future!

  55. SwissChris

    To you Bill, the most influential source of drumming inspiration. There is no Black Sabbath without you. Ever. I hope that this will be understood by the people who make it impossible for others to perform with dignity and adequate compensation.
    Keep your head high. I can ‘t wait to hear more Bill Ward solo stuff, hopefully with you on drums as this is magic when you perform!
    Thank you.

  56. Dave

    Dear Bill – It’s not Sabbath without you. More power to you for sticking to your guns, despite the pressure. You’re doing the right thing man!

  57. KEVIN


  58. Bill Weir

    Well it’s a great relief to see that there are still people in this industry that conduct themselves with dignity in a way worthy of respect. That’s what I’m going to take away from this… Honestly it is depressing… I mean- if the people who penned “War Pigs” can’t keep it together then what hope is there for the human race in general? You guys aren’t just musicians, you guys are a cultural bellwether. To not be able to reach an agreement is disgusting- and as someone who has been disheartened by the music industry this fan completely understands your need to be dealt with respectfully by your peers. I’m sorry for you having to go through this, as much as I’m with you Bill! I only hope the fans have as much integrity as you Bill. No Bill Ward= No Black Sabbath. The End.

  59. David Cooper

    I just flushed my Ticket for the Birmingham Gig down my toilet! And i will leave the Download festival bevore “”Black Sabbath”” comes on stage ! NOBODY can replace BILL!

  60. Barrie Smith

    Dear Bill,

    As a life long Sabbath fan I am saddened that an agreement has not been agreed with yourself & the powers that be.
    The statement you have put out shows the pain & hurt you have gone through in attempting to reach an agreement in resolving the issue. As far as I’m concerned you can hold your head up high and be commended on what you belive in.

    All I can say Bill is that we love you & still cherish what is the original Black Sabbath as we know it, Tony, Ozzy, Geezer & Bill.

    Take care Bill

    Kind regards

    Barrie Smith

  61. Eggat

    it’s unbelievable that it’s come to this. yet your integrity and openness is inspiring! you are the one who can rightfully keep his head up high in this very moment. i wish you all the best bill.

  62. Ben

    I am fortunate to hold my Sabbath tickets for both Birmingham and for Download festival, and at the age of 20, to be able to see Sabbath, as a fellow Brummie, would have been an overwhelming experience. Yes it’s still Ozzy, Geezer and Tony, but that is simply NOT Sabbath. At least with the Zeppelin reunion they had the decency to bring in Bonham’s son! The Birmingham gig will be echoed with chants for Bill Ward, and i dare say the same will go for Download. I do have to comment on the fact that Bill says that he loves the fellow ‘band members’…i wonder who is the blade in the back making all the financial decisions…hmm…

    Bill, if you happen to read this, the failure to have you in the Sabbath reunion shows is saddening. What ever happened to playing shows for the sake of playing shows, this would have been a legendary experience, and that is how it should have been treated, not just a battle over petty financial issues, but obviously this is not in Bill’s hands. Let’s hope something can be resolved, but chanting Sabbath songs will not be the same without the crushing drums of Ward.

  63. Rheon

    You have my support, Bill, as always. And like you, I love Sabbath and all the guys too. It is a sorry state of affairs, and I am at a loss that certain people do not realize that Black Sabbath has always been an equal four way split. Each member equally important. What part of Butler/Iommi/Osbourne/Ward – EQUAL credits – do these people not understand? And at the 1997 reunion gigs in Birmingham, who did we chant for? “Bil Ward! Bill Ward! Bill Ward!” I dunno…. Anyway, God bless you, Bill. All the best.

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  65. Liz

    I feel so sad, Bill Ward I love you so much.

  66. Nathan

    I just don’t understand why this isn’t a 4 way deal. Looks like an open and shut case to me. Anything less than a 4 way split in my opinion is just wrong.

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  68. David Cooper

    i can’t believe it!! i’m 22 years old and was waiting all my life to see you all in Birmingham !! and now after all its not even worth going to the gig.

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  71. Baz

    Mr. Ward,

    Thank you for taking the time to pen this statement.

    Respect to you for standing by your principles.


  72. Paul Surette

    Mr. Ward, I too am saddened by this turn of events. I am a life long fan of Black Sabbath, and I stand with you and believe you are entitled to a fair and “signable” contract as well as the respect you are due from old friends. It pains me that you, and the fans, are being denied the joy of the live show experience. Hopefully you and all the parties involved can come to agreeable terms in the near future and give the fans what they deserve and demand, a fully reunited Black Sabbath.
    Until that bright future comes to pass, with much respect Sir, I wish you good health and long days.

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  75. Stu K

    Have nothing different to add really – just want to say I’m very sad but agree you’ve done the right thing. For me the reunion was about the 4 of you getting back together, I have no interest in seeing the other 3 after the way they’ve treated their “brother”.

  76. Sal Alexander

    Well, unfortunately for “Sabbath” (notice that I put that in quotes) their curse is that they will have to settle for a drummer who would enable this travesty of history and dare try to fill the boots of the best heavy drummer ever to walk the earth. A great drummer would have good enough ears to realize that it is impossible. I’m sorry Bill – I know you love your brothers and I’m not cursing them – but they are bringing this curse on themselves. I say a prayer for them and let them wander off into the universe, away from me. I’m actually excited to see you channel this energy into something creative and positive and will be looking for whatever you produce. Find more brothers! There’s a world of honesty people with principles and integrity and your loyalty is admirable but I think is a detriment at this point. I love you!

  77. Luca

    I’m 42, live in Italy, and into Sabbath since I was 13.
    I was lucky enough to saw you at the Astoria, in London, in December 1999, the year my son Jacopo was born.
    Jacopo is now a little drummer that thinks Bill Ward is the best drummer ever.
    When this year tour was announced we immediately bought tickets for your date at Gods Of Metal in Milan; when cancelled bought tickets for Download. That would be the last chance lo let Jacopo see you.
    On the 10th of June we’ll drive 200 Km, catch a plane to East Midlands, will be at Donington Park, then will take a train from Derby to Manchester Airport to be back in Italy on the 11th of june afternoon.

    Tomorrow I don’t really know how to tell Jacopo what I’ve just read.

    Please Bill, “come to Birmingham and see how the first gig goes”. You know you’ll play Download. You know.
    Thank you.


  78. Cesar De Cesaro

    We believe you tried your best Bill.

    You will always be the great Black Sabbath drummer/percutionist Bill Ward!

    Always in our hearts!

  79. Mark

    Well, I for one will not be attending, any shows, or buying any new “Black Sabbath” album without Bill…
    Sounds to me that the contract is basically shortchanging Bill instead of having an equal split amongst the members. As a musician myself I know how I’d feel if I was shortchanged in a situation like this.
    Black Sabbath was a very special band, and without ALL four members, the band would of probably never happened. Great way to throw away one of the best drummers of all time, AND piss off the REAL fans.
    This situation is really no different than if there was a Zep reunion, and Bonham was still alive.
    Glad I got to see the real Black Sabbath in 1999… too bad they only played about 13 songs that night (gee I wonder why)… I really don’t think that it was Bills fault.

    Bill your one of the best of all time! My favorite ever is your UNBELIEVABLE drumming on The Wizard. Love watching you breaking down the parts on the Paranoid Classic albums DVD, your appearance on That Metal Show really showed what kind of guy you are.
    Also your appearance on the 30 Years After The Blizzard dvd, the way you talked about Ozzy’s voice, and how much he loved playing with Randy…. and the way you mentioned how good the lyrics were…
    Those lyrics sure were amazing on those first two Ozzy albums weren’t they 😉
    I’m sure if you dared to mention the names Bob Daisley, or Lee Kerslake it would of been cut right out of the segment, just like their photos were cut right out of the photo book of the box set.
    So very childish, and unprofessional that was, whoever thought of that… and to have them back on the albums, but STILL have Tommy, and Rudy’s photos on The Diary album, and STILL NO MENTION of Johnny Cook is absolutely disgusting!

    I think the moral of the story here is don’t F over very important people involved with a band, because the real fans will have their backs!
    Keep rockin Bill, we want to see you playing in the States with a new kick ass band soon!!!!!

    Boycott this “Black Sabbath” “reunion” people!!
    The magic will not be on the album, or on the stage.

  80. Bill Ward Makes Statement on Upcoming Black Sabbath Shows | Dawn of the Deaf

    […] Bill Ward has today made the following statement regarding the upcoming ‘reunion’ shows. This is the full statement from […]

  81. Evan Ezra

    Bill, you are a true gentleman. As a Sabbath fan for over 40 years, I have an empty feeling right now that yuor “brothers” can t agree to support you and have the original band play together like it was proposed 11.11.11. Some hollow words from the others in reading what they write in their books etc. Peace, Love and keep it true mate.

  82. Scott

    Right on Mr. Ward. We feel ya. Interesting comment about writing out drum parts and getting stiffed on the publishing. Listen and learn kiddos.

  83. Bill Ward Officially Out Of Black Sabbath Reunion

    […] to any possibility of joining the band for any of the current dates.  The announcement was made on Ward’s official site, some of which I’ll bring you after the […]

  84. mac

    thank you for this long and articulate explanation of your problems. to me it is surprising that you should be asked to play just three songs. that should make fans mad. every body is saying sabbath without bill is not what we want. i understand your point of view. it sure does make sense to me that if the guys want you to participate you should be able to participate in full. and its great that you say you would even do it free.

  85. Toni

    We are with you, Bill!

  86. Carette

    You did the right thing Bill.
    We cannot blame you.
    A lot of respect to you and a lot of support.
    You rock !

  87. E OFICIAL: Bateristul Bill Ward nu va cânta cu Black Sabbath

    […] său a venit pe site-ul oficial într-o scrisoare deschisă pentru fani. Toboșarul își exprimă regretul profund față de […]

  88. Black Sabbath Drummer Bill Ward Won’t Play Reunion Shows

    […] a new letter published today (May 15) on his official website, Ward says he, regrettably, will not participate in Black Sabbath’s upcoming shows. This […]

  89. Jim

    Bill, you have to stand up for what you see as right. If management is unable to offer you a contract commensurate with your place actually and historically with Black Sabbath, then so be it.

  90. Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward Officially Pulls Out of Reunion Gigs | Soundabble

    […] drums during any of a group’s 3 gigs scheduled this year. In a prolonged summary posted on his website, Ward explained that he was simply not means to come to terms with his bandmates. The steel […]

  91. Bill Ward will not take part in any forthcoming Black Sabbath gigs |

    […] sticksman has released a statement on his website,, saying that he will not be playing with the band at their Birmingham show on May 19, nor with them […]

  92. Bob Zelenka

    Dear Bill,GOOD FOR YOU..I along with so many others are sorry to hear that you wont be joining your mates In Black Sabbath..But It is necesary to stanhd up for yourself in this world,or else you become a doormat,and thats not something you,I or anyone else should allow to happen.We all know who is the real problem here and Im so happy to see someone telling her NO!

  93. Brian Lynch

    As you in the UK say: “I am gutted”. I bought tix to Lollapalooza with the sole purpose of bringing my sons (Bass and Guitar) to see BLACK SABBATH. We will still fly to Chicago and go to the show but I am crushed. No Bill = No Black Sabbath. Man this hurts. But I think you did the right thing Bill. Stay true to yourself brother. Whoever is the profiteer that is making the reunion impossible should rot in hell.

  94. Bill Ward no participará en shows con Black Sabbath | Nacion Rock

    […] un comunicado oficial en su propio sitio web, el baterista Bill Ward anunció que no estará en ninguno de los tres shows que Black Sabbath […]

  95. Dave Allen

    Bill, the mere fact that you’re even in this position is ridiculous and flat out wrong. I feel for you and I feel for the fans. To say that you’re more than 25% of Black Sabbath would not be a stretch. I wish you all the best in the future and appreciate all your musical contributions over the years. Cheers!


  96. Mark Vance

    I understand Bill but this sucks ~ Sabbath are the first band I ever really got into but I just missed out on seeing the original line up . I grew up on the same streets you guys did, I emptied my savings to buy the grossly inflated tickets from touts who are making more than double on the face value of the tickets all to fullfill my dream to see you guys play once more to a brummie crowd in a seedy dive where you stick to the floor . The money men rip us all off mate . Im still gonna go but its gonna be a bit hollow without you

  97. Jeff

    Bill, You are the reason I started playing Drums..I was 12 when I learned how to play every song on Master Of Reality..I wish many times I would have stood up for myself..I might have had a better career at it..I am now 51..and still play in a band called Black Zappath..Sabbath/Zep tribute band..I cant say anything that has not already been said..Except..We are with you and WE love you too!!!Do what you gotta do..and I hope to see you at a concert hall in my area soon..

  98. mr. moon

    No Bill Ward = No *true* Sabbath Reunion.

    Personally, I’m not into it at all without Bill.

    Bill, good luck, stay true to yourself, and rock on!

  99. Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward Officially Pulls Out of Reunion Gigs « Ready For Pleasure Radio

    […] not be playing drums at any of the group’s three gigs scheduled this year. In a long message posted on his website, Ward explained that he was simply not able to come to terms with his bandmates. The metal pioneers […]

  100. Dieter

    Bill, as a fan and supporter of both, you and the band, I am deeply saddened to hear this. And I’m not just saying that, having the opportunity to see the four of you one more time together on stage would have meant the world to me. I love the four of you as individuals, but to me – and that might be rather selfish – I always looked at you as unit consisting of four irreplaceable elements.

    I still don’t understand all whole contract thing, but based on what you just described, especially the utterly atrocious and disrespectful ‘offer’ to graciously allow you to play on three track and sit put the rest for the show, I totally understand your decision.

    Hope dies last, being naively and notoriously positive, I still hope for that one phone call that will straighten everything out so that you can join the other three guys on tour and on the album.

    With love and respect,


  101. Black Sabbath Drummer Bill Ward Won’t Play Reunion Shows « 100.7 WZLX

    […] a new letter published today (May 15) on his official website, Ward says he, regrettably, will not participate in Black Sabbath’s upcoming shows. This […]

  102. mike

    while I see it as disappointing that you will not play at this point with “black sabbath” I applaud you for standing up for yourself and saying sot the lot.

    You and Geezer are what made Sabbath the powerhouse it is, behind the booming power chords, behind the shrieking and singing of Ozzy, sits the best fucking rhythm section in ALL of metaldom, for ALL TIME. If they cant see past the dollar signs, their loss. Keep the faith Bill, and stand your ground. Your contribution is far too large to be treated this way.

    Ave Metal!

  103. Jojo

    Bill, I’m glad you don’t harbor any resentments against your bandmates, so please allow me. They should be ashamed for their lack of humanity and respect, and I will never give any of them a dime of mine in any projects they are involved in, When they receive their just desserts, and they will, I will not shed a tear.

  104. SJT

    This not shocking news in any way,promoters,lawyers,management always find a way to destroy original lineups for their own greed,the music business is going down the toilet,SCREW THAT STINKING TOUR AND JUST BE CONTENT WITH A NEW STUDIO ALBUM WITH THE ORIGINAL LINE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Rich

    Hang in there Bill, this is bullshit. You are in the right brother.

  106. Monte

    “It’s all the gigs or none at all.” Why can’t they see it’s what we want !, WTF do these people think that you cant play drums ? well if thats the case (Ozzy era Sabbath is always my #1 choice) dont get me wrong here, Ive heard WAY better guitarist, I’ve heard better Bassist, I’ve heard much better singing, I’ve heard better drumming yeah ! but nobody plays Sabbath Music like the four original members and without any one of them ITS NOT SABBATH, when Ozzy left (got fired) they should have changed the name, I grew up listening to these guys and it’s these guys I want to SEE and HEAR again if any. I truly believe someone has to much hold over this contract to think they can cut our beloved Bill out of it and Calling their next shows a “SABBATH REUNION” it would be closed to Tony Iommi Fused or IOMMI “Who’s Fooling Who ?” I know Bill loves these guys but I’m ashamed of Tony, Geezer and Ozzy for not putting more effort in getting this to work, If they cared about the TRUE FANS they would stand up against whomever is doing this and MAKE IT HAPPEN. although it maybe to late for some of the shows they could possibly add more later. We Love you Bill, if they wont do this then stay strong and get your solo stuff on track again because I’ll buy that before I buy something they claim is a SABS LP for sure !

  107. steve chambers

    Bill, saw you back in the 70’s,,, birmingham odeon,, never say die tour,, for me a life changing experience.
    obviously, being in sabbath was more than a life changer for you, it was a way of life. sometimes, we all need a little respect, and if its not there, there is something wrong. would have loved to have seen you all together again, but for the right reasons its obviously not possible. i suspect this is more of a management issue than a band issue, and we all, just like you, hope for it to come together at some point in the near future. i wont tell you to stay strong, because although you are probably gutted on the inside, you have had the strength to stand your ground,, i respect that,, but hey, be happy at least, we all knew you wanted it to happen just as much as we did.
    we all love you very much bill, you are in our hearts forever and allways will be.

    steve / birmingham / uk / home.

  108. Rich

    You’re an inspiration to us all, Bill. Full respect for sticking to your guns. Saddened though many may be by this situation, I am certain that nobody thinks any less of you for leaving the contract unsigned and the shows unplayed; you did the right thing. I would rather not see a Sabbath show at all than one overshadowed by compromise and resentment. Here’s hoping matters may be resolved in future, but whatever happens you still leave us with 8 of the greatest albums ever made, and no amount of bad contracts or money obsessed maggots can ever take that away. You’re the man Bill. Love and hugs straight back at you.

  109. Bill Ward Issues Statement On Upcoming Black Sabbath Shows |

    […] not going into all the details, but I encourage you to read Bill’s official statement. One thing that stood out to me: apparently, Bill was ‘graciously’ offered to fly over to the […]

  110. Luiz

    for me, i agree with bill’s opinion.

    WE WANT ALL BLACK SABBATH ORIGINAL MEMBERS TOGHETER, but by the way I think the dream is over !

  111. don m

    That broke my heart Bill, I was almost in tears reading your statement. You are a true, warm-hearted genuine person who cares for his fans and wants nothing more but to play drums and enjoy music, that’s what it’s all about Bill and our hearts go out to you. We’re with you and we love you. Stay strong!


  112. T.K.

    Bill, without you there will be no Sabbath reunion. This all goes to show what greed has really done to people in this day & age. I have decided to not attend any of the shows, as this has really sickened me. Not a lot more to say.

  113. Robert

    I totally understand your point of view and your decision. Good call, Bill.

  114. Mike G in Charlottesville, VA

    Bill- Today’s update was heartbreaking post from a class act. Sabbath touring without you is just as wrong as Van Halen touring without Michael Anthony. Your drumming made the great Sabbath songs the best they could be. Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s. I was priveleged to be able to turn on the radio and hear some of the best bands to ever play. You are in the same class as Keith Moon, Ginger Baker and John Bonham. You and your fans deserve to be treated with the honor and respect that you have earned.

    Best wishes


  115. Seth Bulkin

    This is a shame Bill. I grew up listening to your Black Sabbath. Your drumming is very unique and crucial in the Sabbath sound. As a professional musician I understand the troubles with publishing and contracts but a successful “band” needs to be on equal ground. You’re the man and always will be. Glad you’re doing what’s right.

  116. Blackest

    Thanks for writing this Bill, good to see that you’ve spent time trying to prepare and good to see a lengthy well thoughtout statement. I’ll be at the Birmingham show and you will be extremely missed. Why can’t “the people involved” remember that almost all your original Black Sabbath recordings were credited to all of you as you all played a part in creating the song and the band.

    Don’t let ’em get you down.
    Peace, brother Bill!

  117. Felipe Iturrieta

    Hey there. Just another young drummer adding my voice to the choir. As far as I remember, Black Sabbath has Bill Ward on the drums, so it wouldn’t make sense for me to watch a concert without you.
    Thanks for standing with us.

  118. Joseph Merino

    Do what you need to do. Be free. However, it is not a Black Sabbath show with out Bill Ward

  119. Tdragon

    Man, that stinks. Even though I have no chance of seeing any of these shows, its still would have been great knowing the original band was out there still playing.

    The rest of the guys should step down in support.

  120. Chris Kontos

    You are doing the right thing by me as a fan of the band Bill. I got to stand by your side and watch you play the drums in Mt.View Ca. with my drum buddy Jason Bitner. It was a life changer for me. Love you and keep the open heart!

  121. HDvorak

    I know you had to do it, but this was such a sad read. First time I saw you was when I flew to England to see the second Reunion gig on the 5th. It’s funny to think, but your mug was removed from all the adverts littering town and many concert goers still weren’t sure that you were gonna make it. You did and the show was amazing and recorded for posterity to boot. The following year you did a Reunion signing and I presented my ticket stub to you and you shook my hand.

    I saw you on four other reunion gigs and all were great. I’ll save those memories, as a Scab Sabbath, despite playing a gig a Chicago gig on my softball field a half mile from work, doesn’t hold any interest to me.

    Glad that you stood up for yourself. You did the right thing! Vinny Appice was recently interviewed and complained about being money shafted on some of the release and also having to copy drum machine patterns for TDYK.

    Thanks for all the music Bill!

    “It’s against my uniform
    To be a civil judge
    All the songs are history now
    `Bout rock stars and their grudge
    Let us cast our minds back
    To thirty years or more
    You took up all the vandals
    Will Hitler beat `em all?

    And we’re sad and sorry
    Really sorry that it happened that way
    Yes we’re sad and sorry
    But why’d you have to treat us that way?”

  122. DTKP

    Bill, we respect your honorable position and your diplomatic approach. Whoever is pulling the strings on the side offering you unsignable contracts should be ASHAMED of him/herself (themselves). Why the band can’t just make it a 4-way even split is beyond us. For me, I’m a 25 year Sabbath fan who has turned countless others onto this magical band, but I won’t buy a ticket to a show billed as Sabbath without the four of you. I know the lawyers know what can be done legally, but MORALLY, the others should be ashamed to call the minus-BWard lineup “Black Sabbath.” MORALLY, if they insist on touring without giving their 4th brother his due, they ought to call it “Iomi, Osbourne, & Butler.” To call it Black Sabbath is an insult to real fans and to the very principle of ethics itself.

    We love & respect you, Bill. 



  123. Freddie

    Always supporting you Bill. As you say, stay strong.

  124. Joe Johnson

    This is sad, sad news. THank you BIll for writing this letter, it shows how much you care about all us Black Sabbath fans in the world, the fans of the whole FOUR members of the band, which, without one can not make the true Black Sabbath.
    I hope that things ca be repaired and to see all four standing strong in concert down here in Australia.
    Peace , love & harmony be with you Bill

  125. Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward Says He’s Out of Reunion Gigs - Your best source for best selling videos - Best Selling Albums

    […] Bill Ward will not be joining Black Sabbath for this year’s performances, the drummer confirmed in a letter to fans on his website. […]

  126. Andy

    Bill I’m sorry you couldn’t agree to terms. You have to stand on principle. I am 100% behind ya. I was looking foward to seeing you guys in Chicago at Lollapalooza in August Oh well Good Luck Bill No Ward No Sabbath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. Black Sabbath: Bill Ward oficjalnie NIE zagra na żadnym z koncertów | Death Magnetic

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  128. Flavio

    Bill, is money your problem?

  129. California Kid


  130. Lee

    I sure wouldn’t want to be the drummer that replaces you.

  131. Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward Says He’s Out of Reunion Gigs | |

    […] Bill Ward will not be joining Black Sabbath for this year’s performances, the drummer confirmed in a letter to fans on his website. […]

  132. HippieThrasher

    Doing the right thing is rarely the easy thing. Glad you’re not caving in to unreasonable demands and a total lack of respect for you and your history with the band. Stay strong, those of us with integrity, who “get it” are solidly in your corner.

  133. Dion

    It has often been said that Sabbath had a ‘fifth’ member, that magical intangible ingredient that contributed to the unique Sabbath sound.

    The thing is, without four members, there cannot be a fifth. This means there cannot be a Black Sabbath. The magic is gone.

    I support you and love you Bill, but from a purely common sense point of view, the four of you were at the press release. I bought tickets in good faith as it was made clear this was a reunion. That faith has now been dissolved, along with $12,000 to get to England for the gig from Australia.

    I have conflicting emotions as I love Sabbath and respect your right to make your decisions. After all, you are a human being before you are a member of Sabbath. Life is short. Money is incidental. Genuine magic is rare. You still have the chance to give this starving world another piece of magic. I applaud your nobility, but surely to have the power to make such a magic thing happen is the noblest gift anyone can possess?

    I live in hope.

  134. Joe B.

    I’m proud of you, Bill, for sticking to your guns and putting integrity first. In a world where principles barely exist, not many will understand your stance, but your true fans do, and are behind you. Perhaps Ozzy, Geezer and Tony will feel abashed and make sure that you are there on the album — where you belong — and on the upcoming world tour. But either way, I look forward to “Beyond Aston” and am thrilled to know that there are still men of integrity and honor in the world!

  135. Mutant Dog

    “treating people just like pawns in chess”

    The industry people are the war pigs here. I think we all know where this has come from. Full respect to you on this decision. I’m not a drummer myself but I can see the blatant disrespect given to drummers all over. The drums are the backbone of the band and your beats were fundamental to the sound of Sabbath and you deserve equal respect as a member of the band.

    You are as much Sabbath as Tony, Geezer and Ozzy. So sad that the name Black Sabbath has become a joke yet again.

  136. Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward Says He’s Out of Reunion Gigs | ShowTube

    […] Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward Says He’s Out of Reunion Gigs May 16, 2012   Chris Roubis   No comments var addthis_product = 'wpp-264'; var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true,"data_track_addressbar":false};if (typeof(addthis_share) == "undefined"){ addthis_share = [];}Bill Ward will not be joining Black Sabbath for this year’s performances, the drummer confirmed in a letter to fans on his website. […]

  137. Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward Says He’s Out of Reunion Gigs | Best Mp3 Download

    […] Bill Ward will not be union Black Sabbath for this year’s performances, the drummer confirmed in a letter to fans on his website. […]

  138. Asti

    Hi Bill !
    My first heavy LP’s are Sabbath. Since ’81 i know what is my music genre. I cant say or write how much that means to me.. Over 30 years all ready. My deepest respects to all you guys, who are still working with music. That really means a lot to us, fans!

    I hope you still find something new to make for you and for fans.

    Have nice summer \m/


  139. bluedevi

    Bless you, Bill, for standing up for yourself and your needs. The right thing to do is rarely the easy thing to do, and you have done it with class and character. Much love, respect and support to you.

  140. Martin J. (Netherlands)

    Sad news for all of us Bill. Not in the least yourself and your crew.
    As you mentioned in your statement;

    “Nobody wins… nobody”

  141. Robert Woning

    Full respect for your choice. And very well explained and motivated.
    ‘This’ is just another perfect example of how f*cked up and ‘not about the music’ the whole business has become.
    Any fan who took the time to read this will fully support your choice.

    Robert, The Netherlands

  142. Bill Ward nie zagra z Black Sabbath | TopDrummer

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  143. P.Carlberg

    No Black Sabbath show with out Bill Ward. Stay strong..

  144. Gerry

    Bill,it is very dissapointing to hear you are not in the reunion shows and final Black Sabbath album. You can release Beyond Aston anytime Bill. I have been waiting for this album for years. Wouldn’t it be funny if it rocked more than Sabbaths??

  145. BLACK SABBATH sans Bill Ward - »

    […] déjà comme un évènement à ne pas rater. Un communiqué relativement long est disponible à cette adresse. […]

  146. RichardPool

    I hope all the drummers hired for this tour refuse to play, out of respect for you. And I hope things work out cool for you and the band. Good luck and respect

  147. Carwyn Marshall

    Much respect to you Bill. I completely understand why you can’t agree to certain things.

    As far as the band goes however, they should not be playing under the name ‘Black Sabbath’ for one simple reason. When they reunited as ‘Heaven and Hell’ with Dio and Appice, Ozzy’s camp made a statement saying that Black Sabbath will always be Ozzy, Tony, Geezer AND Bill. 5 or so years down the line, that seems to have been thrown out of the window.

    Very disappointed in the representatives and managers involved and saddened that Ozzy, Tony and Geezer didn’t also stand up and say ‘No Bill, No Sabbath’. It’s ‘The Writ’ all over again.

  148. Mr boney

    I deeply saddened to hear that you have not been offered the UK gigs, Has far as i am concerned this is not a Black Sabbath reunion without Bill Ward, i will not be going to Download, as i only wanted to see the original line up, neither will i be purchasing the new CD,
    from what i heard from the true Black Sabbath fans that are going to download, a lot of people will turning their backs to the band while they are on stage as a tribute to you Bill

  149. Matei

    I perfectly understand Bill Ward and his frustration, but I think both sides are fundamentally wrong…

    Maybe the whole Sabbath crew should just call it quits. What’s all this circus with lawyers, representatives, signable contracts, 3 songs in a set, and crap??? What happened to rock’n roll and 4 guys getting together and just making music??

  150. Marcos de Souza Rogério

    Bill Ward. The best 4ever in Brazil. Eternal idol.

  151. John Ramsay

    Dear Mr. Ward

    On behalf of your many fans worldwide I want to thank you for truthfully clarifying the struggles you have had to face in trying to obtain the respect you are most rightfully due from this latest reunion attempt. As a lifelong fan, I can only FULLY agree that the complete disrespect you have been shown in this matter is quite frankly beyond the pale!

    As much as you may feel that you are letting your fans down, we can assure you that you are NOT! Whilst it would be amazing to see you perform these shows, as a fan I would feel totally ripped off if you didn’t play the whole show. The logic of you performing 3 songs during the show, only to hand your throne over to some other non-descript tribute musician is completely & utterly absurd, and I FULLY support your “All or Nothing” principles in this scenario.

    I have voted with my feet and money & will NOT be in attendance at any of these ‘alleged’ Ozzy & Friends reunion shows. I only hope that those who have been financially raped into attending the illusion, will show their support of the ORIGINAL band line-up, by loudly chanting your name in between each & every song played, to let the powers that be know EXACTLY where you belong.

    Your real & true army of fans have your back & we’ve got you well covered…

    Much Love & Respect to you, Squire!

    John (Glasgow , Scotland)

  152. Cristiano

    Thank you, Bill! For being true and clear with us! We are by your side forever!

  153. Qball Co-exist

    Without you Bill I would not have found the joy of playing drums as a 14 year old kid. I’m now 40, Still playing, and as far as i’m concerned your playing has inspired me and given me joy and always will. So I just want to say…


  154. Israel Della Noce

    Hi Bill, I’m a drummer. Since this hole thing started I have to say, that now you’re not only is a great inspiration for me as a drummer, but as a man. Your’re great. And, as you may say, stay strong! Love you Bill!

  155. Mike U

    Thanx for being real and expressing yourself and not being a mindless sellout! u da man Bill!

    Theres nothing worse the feeling curb kicked by brothers, industry or whatever.. Your doing the right thing and they will get the message… Eventually.. haha dumbasses….

  156. Paul Register

    Good for you, Bill. I think you’ve done the right thing.

    I also think you are being very generous towards Ozzy and his Harpy Mistress. I know where MY finger of blame is firmly pointed.

    All the best to you.

  157. michael

    You did what you had to do. I hope someday the real story comes to the fold to end all rumours. You will be sorely missed onstage and a massive shame that someone, somewhere f**ked this one up for you. The real Fans are always behind you regardless of those who attend or do not attend these shows

    Peace, Rock & Roll


  158. Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward Officially Pulls Out of Reunion Gigs | SNS Post

    […] not be playing drums at any of the group’s three gigs scheduled this year. In a long message posted on his website, Ward explained that he was simply not able to come to terms with his bandmates. The metal pioneers […]

  159. steve farley

    bill ward- the most musical drummer of them all; always
    pushing the percussive envelope in the H M world. Thank you bill for being my main influence in drumming. dont forget God smiles on the righteous!

  160. Bill Ward no estará con Black Sabbath « Metal De Transición

    […] leer el comunicado original aquí: Comunicado de Bill Ward Share this:TwitterFacebookMe gusta:Me gustaSé el primero en decir que te gusta esta […]

  161. David

    All the best to you Bill. As sad a day for the institution of Black Sabbath as this is, you have done EXACTLY the right thing. In a world where integrity is an undervalued and under-practised virtue, it is heartening and humbling to see you take the stand that you have. More power to you, Mate.

    A devoted Sabbath fan,


  162. Black Sabbath Drummer Bill Ward Won’t Play Reunion Shows « 98.5 WNCX

    […] a target=”_blank”>new letter published today (May 15) on his official website, Ward says he, regrettably, will not participate in Black Sabbath’s upcoming shows. This […]


    […] Uma nova declaração, colocando um fim definitivo ao seu retorno à banda, foi divulgada através do site oficial de Bill Ward. Nela, o baterista se diz muito triste por não estar ao lado de Tony Iommi, que está se tratando contra um câncer, porém a tentativa de acordo foi em vão. A longa nota sobre o ocorrido pode ser conferida na íntegra clicando aqui. […]

  164. Barry Kennedy


    As sad as it is that you will not play, I think your heart felt message above more than answers all questions.
    You seem like a gent and would love to have a few pints with you, so anytime you are in Dublin we’ll pain the town red ( or green ).

    Stay safe and in good health.

  165. Laura Lee

    Hi Bill…just wanted to say that I LOVE YOU & YOUR WICKED PLAYING & I LOVE BLACK SABBATH!! SABBATH was my favourite band growing up and STILL IS!! I perform (sing) some of your material with my band Laura Lee’s Tequila Rockingbirds!! We are all die hard Sabbath/Ozzy Fans!! I know that I would love the opportunity to see a reunion show more than anything but, I too am on your side 100%!! BLACK SABBATH without Bill Ward isn’t BLACK SABBATH!! I hope that these people realize what a very BIG MISTAKE they are making!! I know if BILL WARD isn’t there…I WON’T BE THERE!! YOU ARE THE BEST & IRREPLACEABLE!!!

    Stay Strong & Safe too Sweetheart!!
    Love & Hugs, Laura Lee

  166. Christine Guerrero

    So VERY SORRY to read this news ! A SAD DAY INDEED !

  167. Michael R


    I have loved the band for forty years; my friends and i used to sit on our neighbour’s fence and listen for hours, the years have not diminished my joy at hearing your music.

    I was so looking forward to seeing you guys, it would have been one of the highlights of my life

    Having said that I agree with and support your decision to take the stand you have. It seems to me that you have often been bullied and taken advantage of by the mangement and at times other band members, and its great to see you looking after yourself.

    Stay true to yourself and your principles: there is only one sabbath and they have only one drummer, anything else is a sham!

  168. Black Sabbath Drummer Bill Ward Won’t Play Reunion Shows

    […] a new letter published today (May 15) on his official website, Ward says he, regrettably, will not participate in Black Sabbath’s upcoming shows. This […]

  169. Arizona Darkblade

    How can they bill these shows “Black Sabbath” when the four founding members are not there. Wow. I just spent a HUGE HUGE HUGE amount to fly to Download Festival to live a dream of 33 years, to see the original four where it all began. Bill, without you the sounds are NOT BLACK SABBATH, any more then without Tony’s leads and rhythm, or Geezers bass, or Ozzy’s voice are. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM!!! I can’t believe this is happening, particularly not given how horrible things were in 1978-1979 for this very same type of thing for Ozzy. WOW!! I am going to be EXTREMELY disappointed in seeing what is really not the band for this kind of money. THEY NEED TO CHANGE THE NAME OF THE BAND – THERE IS NO BLACK SABBATH WITHOUT THE ORIGINAL FOUR MEMBERS.


    Bill Ward = Black Sabbath !!

  171. Black Sabbath: Reunion im Origianllineup rückt in weite Ferne » Festivalisten Newsmagazin

    […] unterschwellige Konflikt mit Drummer Bill Ward erreicht seinen vorläufigen Höhepunkt. Auf seiner Homepage kündigt er an bei keiner der verbliebenen Stationen am 19.Mai in Birmingham, i… mitmischen zu wollen. Man habe schlicht keine “Übereinkunft” erreichen können. Er […]

  172. Robyn McCracken

    Personally, I view this as an insult like no other! And can’t imagine how it affects you. You are as much a valuable member of Sabbath, as any of them. After all, without the “beat”, rock wouldn’t roll. I love Ozzy, but feel he’s “sold out”. And with Toni’s health issues, this could have been the “tour of a lifetime”. Discussions of money and contracts are messy, but a necessary evil. I hope they realize their oversights, and DO WHAT’S RIGHT! Without you, I won’t “waste” one dime on a ticket! So here’s hoping and praying they pull their heads out of their bums, and give “us” the Sabbath we deserve…the one with you in it. Cheers Bill, Rockyn Robyn, USA

  173. Moby

    The world is full of kings and queens
    Who blind your eyes and steal your dreams
    And want all the money for themselves
    It’s heaven and hell,
    Let no one forget
    Heavy metal is a brotherhood
    Through thick and thin
    And if you can’t live up to the expectations
    You are posers that people are really starting
    to get disgusted with
    Treat our friend Bill with the repect a family member deserves
    We are sick of the lies and will not forget this treatment brought onto our brother

  174. Volodymyr

    Dear Bill,
    Right you are! Good luck!

  175. Formação original com um membro diferente Música – Tudo sobre Bandas, Cantores e Cantoras | Blog de Música

    […] carta na íntegra, sem tradução, pode ser vista no site de Ward. É, infelizmente não vai ser dessa vez que o baterista se reunirá à banda. Quem sabe o contrato […]

  176. Dave Hunter

    I have seen many versions of Sabbath over the years in Birmingham & have enjoyed all of the gigs immensely. My 13 year old daughter is a budding drummer & was so excited to think she was going to see the “original 4” at Download so I bought us both a ticket. She wanted to see the man who “invented” heavy metal drumming. Alas, it’s not to be & today she is very disappointed. If it was all about the music, these “issues” would be set aside for the love of the genre these 4 guys created. We’ve been to the Home of Metal exhibition & we’ve longed to see the original line-up, which in 30 years of gigging, I’ve never managed to see. I wouldn’t buy a ticket in the future for another “reunion” that then gets called off again. People are struggling for money these days to pay for these gigs that lift the gloom, with Metal often being a source of comfort. Millionaire band members don’t have the worry.

  177. Wes Leon

    There is so much smoke and mirrors involved in this ‘Reunion’ that I can’t tell what’s going on anymore. When will someone blow the lid on what is REALLY happening here? I’d like to know the figures, what’s everyone getting paid? What sum was offered to Bill to make feel like he couldn’t do something loves, one last time. A final ‘Reunion’ like this is supposed to be something for the history books, which no doubt it will be, but now for all the wrong reasons. Black Sabbath owe this to their fans. Loyal fans who throughout the last 40 years have funded the individual members lifestyles by purchasing the music, getting others interested in the band etc. I bought my Download festival ticket hoping That this would somehow be resolved in time and I could see the original line-up for the first time in my life. Something I’ve waited a long time for. Fuck money. Fuck the music industry. And fuck whoever planned the contracts. I bet they’re not even a fan. Good luck Bill. Black Sabbaths management need a fucking wake up call.

  178. Black Sabbath Drummer Bill Ward Won’t Play Reunion Shows « 98.7 KLUV

    […] a target=”_blank”>new letter published today (May 15) on his official website, Ward says he, regrettably, will not participate in Black Sabbath’s upcoming shows. This […]

  179. Ron Santos

    Good for you Bill no you no Real reunion and now i could care less for the tour and so called album that simple a pathetic shame

  180. Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward Says He’s Out of Reunion Gigs | Soundabble

    […] Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward Says He’s Out of Reunion Gigs May 16, 2012By adminBuffervar fbShare = {url: '',size: 'large',}Bill Ward will not be fasten Black Sabbath for this year’s performances, a drummer reliable in a minute to fans on his website. […]

  181. Juliet

    I kind of see your point, Bill. I wouldn’t want to be told ‘play for free and we’ll see how it goes’! Isn’t there a way to sidestep the management like you used to do in the early days?

  182. Bill Ward officially out of upcoming Black Sabbath reunion | AUX New Music

    […] four months of money disputes and he said/she said’s, Bill Ward announced in a statement yesterday that he’s officially out of Black Sabbath’s upcoming […]

  183. Roberto

    Hi Bill. I’m only 20 but I love Black Sabbath. It’s my favourite band, and since music is the greatest thing I have in my world, we can say that Black Sabbath is the gratest “thing” I have. Every single time I would listen to a Sabbath song, I would think “too bad I will never see this guys playing together live”. So, when the first announcement was made, you can imagine I was kind of the happiest man on hearth. I am from Italy, and let’s say I don’t swim in gold, but hell, first thing I did after the announcement was buying those damn download tickets.
    Now, I understand everything, and I tell you that I would’ve done exactely the same thing you did in this situation. Nonetheless, arrogantly, I still beg you to change your mind. I know I will be attacked for this, but I don’t care. There are lots of people that think the same as me. Why don’t you just show up there and play. I mean fuck the world just jam with your lifetime friends and receive all the love from your fans. Fuck everything else. Fuck music industry and its fucking stupid rules. At Download it would be just you, toni, geezer and ozzy, and like 100.000 people loving you guys. Don’t blame me for this arrogant post. I just love Black Sabbath so much.
    Sincerely, a fan.


    BILL IS RIGHT !!!!

  185. jaimeg

    Fuckin nobs… are they playing for free in Birmingham and waitng to see what happens? F’n Bullshit!!! All or nothing Bill! It’s crazy what money does to peoples minds…

  186. Black Sabbath Officially Reject Bill Ward - Learn to Playing Guitar

    […] drummer Bill Ward, four months after he rejected their offer to perform in their reunion.In a lengthy post on his website, Bill explains that his last-ditch attempts to come to a deal fell flat when the […]

  187. Black Sabbath perde um soldado para a tour | NOIZE

    […] “Eu sinceramente lamento informá-los que, após um esforço final para participar dos próximos shows, continuamos sem entrar em um acordo”, escreveu Bill aos fãs através de um comunicado oficial – que você lê na íntegra aqui. […]

  188. Siv

    Love you, Bill x

  189. Nikolay Gordienko

    It is a pity, but you made ​​the right decision.
    Best regards, Nikolay.

  190. KickSave1980

    I, as so many others here, are on your side, Bill. There is no Black Sabbath without Bill Ward.

    However, you say in your letter that you love the other guys and it isn’t personal. I’m glad you feel that way, but it IS their fault. YOU four men are Black Sabbath. Not the executives, not the accountants, not Sharon. The guys should stand up and say ‘We’re not doing this thing without Bill, period’. At this stage in the band’s life, everyone involved has made a few bucks. It’s a shame to see them keep you out in the cold over a contract dispute.

    Keep going, Bill. We’re all on your side.

  191. Frank

    I’ve heard that music can handle the truth, yet I feel not all music is true. This is what usually distinguishes Popular from World Class. Popular can be trite and banal while World Class embodies sincerity and deep involvement. Mister Ward is a true backbone standing above the self-serving snakes. May work like his continue to be a beacon of true prosperity.

  192. paul cain

    ive loved black sabbath for over 40yrs and would love to see you all stand together arm in arm after a grest gig but i totally support your decision cant understsnd why you are being treat like a second class citizen you are all founder members of the greatest rock band ever to grace a stage and should be treat with equal respect ,and we all RESPECT and LOVE you Bill
    you are THE MAN

  193. Frau Funk

    Nobody wins, nobody… without you.

  194. shane

    well bill its not a reunion if the original line ups not there just as sabbath was never the same without ozzy it wont be the same without you so there for it wouldnt be worth seeing any of the concerts best of luck bill
    hope something works out in the future

  195. Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward Says He’s Out of Reunion Gigs | The Celeb-Ezine

    […] Bill Ward will not be joining Black Sabbath for this year's performances, the drummer confirmed in a letter to fans on his website. […]

  196. Bill Ward se retira oficialmente de la reunión de Black Sabbath |

    […] “Con un corazón muy triste les informo esto. Estaba muy apasionado con mi deseo de poder tocar junto a la banda y lamento mucho que esto haya ocurrido. Y es mucho más doloroso puesto que estaba muy emocionado de tocar junto a Tony Iommi (guitarrista), luego de los tratamientos por las cuales atravesó. Quería que fuera una realidad”, es parte del mensaje que el baterista de 64 años publicó en su web oficial. […]

  197. bucks burnett

    Bill – Right on! You are doing the right thing in a very gracious way. I am a lifelong fan in Dallas, have never seen the band, and was hoping to. Without all 4 members being treated as equals, it is not Black Sabbath to me. Blessings and best wishes to ye! – Bucks.

  198. Bryan


  199. Black Sabbath Officially Reject Bill Ward [News] | The SuperSlinger Site

    […] a lengthy post on his website, Bill explains that his last-ditch attempts to come to a deal fell flat when the […]

  200. Alex Hobby

    We understand Bill, thank you for the explanation to us and I hope everything goes well. Take care…and I love you and Sabbath!! \m/

  201. Kosmonot

    I’m more than dissapointed in the other 3… it’s your feel at the core, that made Sabbath what it was… they are greedy clueless dildos and will suck more (as usual) without you… you are the heart and soul (not to mention the most intelligent and well spoken) of Sabbath… I love you Bill, especially for sticking to what is right. Bring your band to SF!!!

  202. Monte

    I started a new Facebook page to mirror the 1,000,000 fans say yes to Bill Ward, here

  203. Ben Rosenthal

    I hope Ozzy like the taste of warm festival urine.

    Bill you are a bloody legend and deserve a lot more respect than your old mates are showing you right now, they should be absoluetly ashamed.

  204. Formação original com um membro diferente - Mais de 100 links publicados por hora

    […] carta na íntegra, sem tradução, pode ser vista no site de Ward. É, infelizmente não vai ser dessa vez que o baterista se reunirá à banda. Quem sabe o contrato […]

  205. John Ipsen

    Dear Bill!

    From a musical, and indeed cultural, point of view, this is the saddest news to be heard for a long time.
    I am a huge fan of the band and your music has all but saved my life, or at least my sanity, on a number of occasions, and I will be forever a Black Sabbath fan. I even might be tempted to buy their new album.
    But I would much rather listen to a new Bill Ward album and go to a Bill Ward concert. Simply because I know this will mean something and will stand for something.
    Your musical legacy will stand and it will not be tarnished in any way. Thank you!

    With love and respect
    John Ipsen

  206. Simon

    Dearest Bill, you are the reason for our plane tickets and Sunday Download tickets. You can’t imagine the frustration I am going through right now!!! I wish I could complain to someone, I think we all want to complain to somebody. I have tried to see BS with the four of you so many times and always had a problem (i actually half wrote a book about the amazing misfortune I had when trying to see you). This time was going to be it!
    What can I do, Bill?

  207. Black Sabbath Reunion Not Happening. -

    […] you want to read the full statement you can do so here.  Go nuts. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1333055123010-1'); […]

  208. Marc Chandler

    “Play for free” and “See how it goes”
    The whole world is with you, Bill, and I know that legions of your fans, supporters and admirers are standing shoulder to shoulder with you.
    It’s not a reunion tour without you any more than it’s a reunion album without you – it’s just Ozzy and Friends featuring Tony Iommi. I’ve no interest in coming to the UK from the UAE for Download – as I had previously planned to and I won’t be buying the album – I doubt any of us will. You have been treated appallingly but have endured this with strenth, self-respect and dignity – everything you stand for and we love you.

  209. Steve Liversage


    I can’t pretend understand the unseen agendas that have forced you to make the decisions you have made. As a fan, I am disappointed for myself, my peers, for you , and the rest of the band, that you wont be performing.
    That said, I fully understand and support your decision. I hope the pain and anguish you must be feeling is short lived and whoever are responsible, come to their senses, for the sake of everyone who wants this to happen.

  210. Patrick

    Then it really isn’t a Black Sabbath reunion is it no matter what the spin.Your integrity is intact and you can hold your head high.Screw the assholes that fucked this up.

  211. Marrc

    The Ward is mightier than the sword.

  212. Dave

    I’ve been a Sabbath fan all of my life, for years I’ve dreamed of a final reunion in our home town but to leave you out of the line up is sad and disgraceful Bill

    My tickets arrived today for O2, I’ve just torn them up in disgust – No Bill Ward – No Black Sabbath!!

  213. Ed Gallagher

    The reallty is WE..our culture has created this ….there are consequences for everything…Billy is standing on “principle”’s really about GOLD isn’t it? know what Tony, Geezer & Oz..even you Billy…Sorry your “love” of the other mates isn’t enough..and your “love” of the fans isn’t enough..I hope that you get the GOLD love you the mean time..I’ll settle for my vynil, and mp3 tracks and enjoy all that “love” you laid down 35 years ago when nothing else mattered but ..umm..what was it called..OH YEAH MUSIC!

  214. Bob Peach

    Well done Bill, I won’t be going to the gigs, or buying the album, and i’ve been a fan for 40 years, but i’m glad you’ve stuck to your guns for a signable contract, too often us drummers get a shite deal having written drum parts that sometimes make the songs what they are…
    With all the money this band will make from this tour and album, was it just too much to ask for 4 members to get 25% each…ain’t none of us getting any younger….but it seems the Osbourne family are getting richer..!!

  215. lee roberts

    just want to say bill,you are the one and only drummer of black sabbath and as like many others was excitted to see you there as it would be my first time to see the mighty sabbath in all their glory.there is not another drummer to take your place and you have givenn me years of rocking and love for the band, take care still love you loads .lee

  216. Doug Breslin

    Right on Mr.Ward. You must stand up for yourself. I am a long time fan, saw the band for the first time in ’77. I will always remain faithful to the band in its original entirety. God bless and rock on sir !

  217. jezz woodroffe

    Bill ,you are a lovely man, cheers Jezz xx

  218. Rob Clarke

    Hi Bill, I saw Sabbath on the Mob Rules Tour and seen Ozzy several times. My real hearts desire would be to see Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill doing what they do best. The events that have led you to your decision leaves me with great sadness knowing that I may never get to see the band that made me start playing guitar and making music perform. Having said that I would be left feeling even more saddened and disappointed having found out that you had only played 3 songs and only due to a contractual obligation. From all of your disclosures on this matter it shows you feel some responsibility over this but please put things in order, the songs are your beats, your feel and expressions on each of those songs. You have given years of your life to the band and the fans, don’t be sad that it hasn’t happened, be glad that it actually happened in the first place, I am, and I always will be. To paraphrase a certain song It’s Alright….

    Peace and Love Rob

  219. Paul C

    Bill – Like so many fans, I am ‘gutted’ at your decision BUT you are absolutely right in what you have done. I grew up with the four of you and proudly continue to promote the past by banging out Sabbath’s legacy. As far as I’m concerned, YOU are as much a part of that legacy as Tony, Geezer and Oz. It follows therefore, no Bill Ward, no Sabbath! And that’s the bottom line!
    I asked myself – everything else aside, if Bonzo were alive and Zeppelin were to reunite; would the guys treat him like you have been treated? I think not!!

  220. Dustin

    It’s disappointing news for sure…I bought a ticket for Lolla to see the original 4 and now that is not happening! But I understand Bill and I hope to hear new music from you and hopefully a US tour someday! I’d love to see you live. Thanks for reading!

  221. Mauricio Santos

    Bill, I totally agree with you!!
    You are also the soul of Sabbath, forever!!

    Mauricio – from Brazil

  222. christopher

    without bil


  223. Craig

    I’ve been one of Sabbath’s biggest supporter since I first heard them in 1972. I’ve been to see every incarnation of the band over the years, even the one in ’97 that excluded Bill. But no more. I’m at the end. I love the band, always will. But if the lawyers and the ones pulling the strings can’t see this version of the band – especially in light of Dio’s passing – the original version, is the only one that matters now, then their efforts to proceed without Bill will also proceed with one less fan.

  224. No Bill Ward... - My Les Paul Forums

    […] Bill Ward… …no Black Sabbath. Statement on Upcoming Black Sabbath Shows – The Official Bill Ward Site __________________ Ich bin ein […]

  225. Fulvio

    It’s a sad, sad day. I’m almost 30 from Italy and I never had the opportunity to see the strating lineup.

  226. Toon

    Dear Bill,
    Sympathies for your legal greivances and your plight,
    but please,try and turn the page over.
    There are now very few bands from your era that could have a complete reunion!
    Go to Birmingham, Demand your Drum Seat!
    it’s only money!

  227. Jason

    Stand tall Bill…what a bummer.

  228. Brian

    I am very sad that a reunion is no longer happening…

  229. Tim Stocker


    It is with a VERY heavy heart I write this. As a life long Sabbath fan I nearly lept from my desk at work when The news of a Sabbath reunion album and tour came out. Like many Sabb fans I was a bit of a loner growing up in Midamerica. When I put my Sabb records on I felt a part of something the socalled “cool” kids missed out on. As an adult my heart still breaks when I see a young person not “fitting in” so to speak. I want you to know my heart broke reading your apology to fans. Bill you need not apologize to us. We are the people feeling your pain with you. I and all true Sabb fans stand strong with YOU! I hope you can feel the love I send back to you as it is sent to you by true Sabbath fans accross the world. I WILL NOT ATTEND ANY SABBATH CONCERT THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE YOU! I will not buy or listen to the new Sabb album if you are not the only drummer on the album. To Tony : Godspeed with your health but you Ozzy and Geezer should be ashamed of yourselves! I love you guys I truely do but asking Bill to in essance “try out” is deplorable and an abomination to us true Sabbath fans. I truely hope you guys do whats right. Bill all my love to you brother! Thanks for being there for me when I was young and lost Please know we are here for you now.

    Your fan and friend,

    Tim Stocker
    Memphis Tn.

  230. Rick

    I was so excited when I heard that Sabbath was putting out a new album,and planned to tour. But I refuse to pay one dime to see “Sabbath” without the original line up. Sabbath IS…Ozzy, Tony, Geezer,and Bill. With one piece missing I’m not Going,and if this is about money….it should be a 4 way even split anything else is bullshit. Have some God Damn respect for one of the founding fathers of Metal! Bless you Bill.

  231. Metaladdiction4life

    Bill, I support you 100%!
    I’m sure whatever it is you are seeking in the contract, is nothing less than what the other 3 members have in theirs.

    It is a real shame that the Founders of Heavy Metal are not going out on what is most likely the final run.
    Instead of a blaze of glory full of integrity & dignity, it is reduced to this.
    I know you love Ozzy, Geezer & Tony, but as a fan I find it shameful that they are not standing up for you & with you!
    Thus I am boycotting the band until this is handled correctly!

    All The Best to you Bill!

  232. TMMV

    Bill, all I have to say is that you are the best drummer ever. If you won’t play for Sabbath is your desition and I’m behind you.
    We fans have to do something for you, just like you have been doing for us all these years, that stupid management doesn’t have the right to tell you what to do.
    WE WANT BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  233. Michael Cornaglia

    Although it is heart breaking, it is also awesome that you are able to truthfully put your side of things out there for your fans. Thank you for that and thank you for you for your music.

  234. Isabella

    Dearest Bill,

    Just want to say, I LOVE you too Bill. You will always be my favorite drummer of all time despite this situation.

    Stay strong and keep faith and hopefully this situation will turn around.

    Meanwhile, I’ll just listen to the old albums really loud (including Born Again) and as always will cherish your amazing drumming. I LOVE you!! I have all your albums. -Isabella

  235. Tim R.

    3 songs? Free show? Are they going to ask this “substitute” drummer to work for free? Or play 3 songs and then get off the stage? Then why,oh why ,would they ask an ORIGINAL,FOUNDING MEMBER to do this? Absolutely criminal,and makes me hate Sharon all the more. You’ve done the right thing Bill,everybody,it seems, knows it except for Tony,Geezer and Ozzy & Sharon Inc. They really have a lot of nerve even calling this Black Sabbath,as if we’re just supposed to take their word for it.I can assure you Bill that this fan of 35 years,and probably everybody posting here, finds this UNACCEPTABLE. They can call it whatever the hell they want but without you,it ain’t Sabbath, and as such will receive exactly $0.00 from me.

  236. Matang Gonzales

    Bill, I agree with you. A very well written statement. Your playing and energy gave so much to the Sabbath songs. I don’t know the details, but I can guess that it involves too many self interested parties and greed. It’s everywhere. Artists all too often take the back seat. I admire you for maintaining the right mind and principles. I will not be attending any of the shows, and I do not regret it at all. Thank you for your work and inspiration. I wish you and your family happiness and good health.

  237. Alvie666

    Saddened as I am to hear you will not be making this a true reunion, I understand and support you. Thank you for all the music that has come before, and hopefully will come again in the future.

  238. Cheko Amaya

    Bill Ward,
    Without You There Isn’t Black Sabbath Anymore!
    Regards From A Truly Mexican Sabbath Fan Living @ Gringoland Texas!!!

  239. Francesco


    I already sold my ticket.

    All respect for you, Bill!

    Francesco Resta (Rome, Italy)

  240. Musicômio - | » Sabbath sem Bill Ward

    […] do primeiro show da reunião do Black Sabbath com sua formação original em 15 anos, o baterista Bill Ward postou em seu site que tomava a decisão (final?) de não tomar parte das apresentações anunciadas em Birminghan […]

  241. John

    This reminds me of the time when steven gerrard was thinking of signing for chelsea, he was in negotiation with liverpool about his future and they offered him I think 50K a week and he could have got more playing for chelsea, and he was thinking about it, so his mates old mates from liverpool that he grew up with phoned up and said to him what the F do you think your doing, you are being offered 50K a week to play for the best team in the world the team that you grew up supporting and you are thinking about it.

  242. Waddy

    To all black sabbath fans i say this .Encourage Bill to play in the concerts and after he has played his last song of the 3 song set everybody walk out as one!

  243. Tim R.

    2 things in particular bother me about this. 1.”Play for free and see how it goes”.See how it goes?Listen to any of the first 8 records to see how it fucking goes!! 2.On the band’s “official” website the 3 musketeers statement is to the effect that”there are 2 sides to every story” and “we don’t wish to comment at this time”. Well I should think not-how would they explain to us the logic behind “allowing” Bill to play 3 FUCKING WHOLE SONGS,or to “play for free”. Indefensible positions,I would think- hence,no comment. Since the problem seems to lie with a certain “representative”, perhaps this “representative” could explain her-oops-I mean their logic on this.As for her-I mean “them”-personally,I will make “no comment”,as it is self-evident what(or who) the problem is. Fuckin witch-I mean asshole

  244. S.D

    What you should have done is got all parties to agree on the contract by giving 100% of your fee to a Disabled Musician’s charity fund. Would make a statement, prove a point, do a worthy deed as well as make who ever’s being a stick in the mud..look even sillier. All support to you Bill!

  245. BLACK SABBATH Issues Statement Regarding Plans to Play Upcoming Shows Without Bill Ward | News | APESHIT

    […] the whole statement here. This entry was posted in News and tagged bill-ward, black-sabbath, download festival, […]

  246. scott carey

    We all stand with you Bill, stay strong stay healthy and we will be there for you as you have been there for all of us. Without conviction and principles we are nothing. Thank you for your honesty and your ability to forgive and move on. May the handlers wake up and realize that Black Sabbath in order to BE Black Sabbath means BILL WARD on drums.

    Until we meet again..

    Scott Carey California USA

  247. Ryan day

    Dear Bill ward im sad to hear that you are not performing for black Sabbath anymore as i know it saddens you and many fans. its just why? why can’t Sabbath come on the stage after 33 years and play for the love and compassion for music. Black Sabbath is what left of what once was a mighty era of music where music was not played for money or for some huge company it was played for the devotion for tranquil music that touches your soul. music today again triumphs over real and talented men. i wanted to go to download and see my idols play Sabbath bloody Sabbath with my farther by my side who hasn’t seen you since my age of 15 in the concert where the power blew out and sing heart in heart with thousands of other die hard original fans and new fans who haven’t the chance to see you together due to not being alive. I felt like crying when i read your message because it seems as always nothing can ever go right. Im tired of seeing crap on tv about talentless people who call themselves musicians, i want to see skilled and talented men playing their hearts out for the love of music and the devotion to that cause. in years to come you will regret this decision to play with your fellow band mates and make a comeback in music and history and that heavy metal and classic rock has not died.

    yours truly Ryan Day

  248. Chris from Durham

    Stick to your guns Bill. You have the support of all the Sabbath fans.

  249. Dominic DeLost

    You’re taking life for granted Bill… You should be living every moment like its your last. Let go of your ego and “see how it goes.” Stay confident and Im sure you’ll be glad you did.

  250. What’s wrong in the picture? Bill Ward’s missing! | På Uppstuds

    […] är att allt bottnar i en oenighet om kontrakt. Ward anser inte att han fått ett erbjudande som är rimligt och han tackar därför nej till återföreningen. Han skriver inte en rad i sitt öppenhjärtliga […]

  251. Sergio Martorelli

    You’re nothing but a greedy motherfucker and now even your face was ERASED from Sabbath’s history. Serves you well.

  252. Chris Lees

    Well done for sticking by your principles, Bill. We can only make guesses as to what has really happened here. Such a shame, I and many others were looking forward to a bone-fide Sabbath reunion. Respect to you.

  253. Jeff Taylor

    There are 3 sides to every story and I applaud Bill for taking the road he sees fit to take. It’s certainly unfortunate that all of this has nothing to do with the music.

    I can simply put on a Sabbath record and forget all the EGO driven energy that attorney’s and managers reek of in these typical situations.

    Listen to the records and remember there can only be ONE lineup that made (or could make) it all happen.
    Anything else is repugnant.

  254. Thomas Marlow

    The vast majority of us understand Bill and like most people say this ‘reunion’ wont be a reunion without you. It pained me not to by a ticket for the Birmingham show but I am showing you my support by not attending and I’ll probably never see the original Sabbath live. So thank you for the music and good luck for the future.

    Tom Marlow

  255. Hannu


  256. Derek Snider

    This is some really crazy stuff, and quite sad to say the least. It would be nice to know who is pulling the strings here so that we know who is deserving of our anger and dismay. Let the truth be told.

    If the tour comes my way without you, I cannot in good conscience attend.

    That said, all the best to you Bill for having the courage to stand up for your right not to be walked on.

    Derek, Toronto, Canada

  257. guto

    Bill, I’m from Brazil a

  258. stephan

    Sorry, I don’t buy this “drama” – I love Sabbath and I love Bil, but WHY for god’s sake does Bill leave a “Thank you” for Ozzy, “Terry” (Geezer) and Tony on the “thank you page”?? Sorry, this is ridiculous .. does anyone really think that it’s the manager’s or the lawyers’ fault?? OF COURSE: If Geezer, Ozzy and Tony would have wanted Bill there, it would have happended – it’s been THEIR decision not to include Bill or not to give him a bigger share of the cake. ONLY their decisions. Not anybody else’s. I respect Geezer and Tony a lot, so there must be a reason on their side … so why, Bill, that “thank you” ???? This is completely irrational. But maybe this irrationality is the answer to it all …

  259. guto

    Bill, I’m from Brazil and i grow up listen to first Sabbath’s albums. I Want to tell you that without you, this isn’t a real reunion. But I support your decision. You don’t deserve this treatment. You are Bill Ward and we love you!

  260. Rand

    I cannot add much to what has already been said in support of you Bill. I will not attend any concert nor purchase the alleged new album without you involved. I’ve been a Black Sabbath fan since I was 8 years old (’76) but I just cannot accept this situation. God bless you.

  261. Ian Courts

    Good luck Bill it will not be the same without you there a little disappointed after paying £200 for a ticket and may never get to see the greatest heavy rock band in the world together in our home town again
    All the best Ian

  262. Gerry

    Bill don’t give up your musical endeavors, I truly believe you should put a band together and get Beyond Aston finally out. Do a tour in small clubs across the country.

  263. Matti Lahti

    Been Black Sabbath fan since January -72. I can’t believe this shit. I will never understand the reasons behind this.


  264. Jim Azevedo

    Bill, you just taught all young drummers the greatest lesson of all. Integrity.

  265. Stoney

    You are my favorite drummer of all time. Your play has a jazzy feel that made many Sabbath songs much more interesting and multi-dimensional than most heavy music. It was cool for me to see Heaven and Hell with Appice though, that felt OK. I am glad to say I had a chance to see Black Sabbath with you once (and it was a hell of a gig!). I will NEVER go to see Black Sabbath perform with another drummer though. It makes absolutely no sense. For outsiders, it is of course impossible to see all sides of such a conflict, and I never read the contracts. But erasing you from the classic band photos was such a rampant display of having no class that it is clear to me now who is acting foolishly. No matter what comes, you will always remain one of the best and most influential drummers of all times and you took part in creating my favorite 6 albums of all time, nobody can erase you from that. I’ll go listen to Black Sabbath now…the real Black Sabbath, the real, compelte Black Sabbath. Much love and respect, Stoney

  266. Crash

    Keep your head up Bill, and way to stick to your guns. It takes a lot to do that and I respect you more for doing so then had you simply thrown in and “seen what happened.”

    You’re still wise beyond your years. As a huge fan of you and your career, I stand by you Bill.

  267. Boyd Knight

    It is a real shame Bill, and I believe we all understand where your coming from.

    Black Sabbath isn’t the same without its original members, especially the drumming section.

    I was really looking forward to seeing Sabbath in its entirety, considering I’ve never had the chance before, and as a musician fully understand the feel that you’ve contributed to the band.

    I believe you’ve contributed just as much into the music as the other guys, so you deserve an equal contract in the shows.

    Stand strong Bill Ward. Keep it metal.

    The bureaucrats have wrecked another brilliant thing in music and life.

  268. Tony Mellor

    Hi Bill,

    I guess you will get many messages of alarm and disgust from your removal from the Black Sabbath website, but I had to email you to add my support for you.

    One of the reasons that I was so exited of the news that you were all getting back together one more (last) time to play, was to see you behind the drums again. I remember the feeling, the first time on the first night of the NEC reunion, that it was one of special meaning. Especially the way, after the last song, you went straight to Ozzy and giving him the biggest hug! It may have been special to you, but it was very moving to me too. And to think now, what is happening, is not only tragic, but essentially History breaking. You are the drummer and founder member of one of rock’s most pivotal bands!!! And to try to erase you from their history is monstrous!

    The Birmingham show will be a very shallow affair without you.

    My thoughts, love and support go with you Bill.

    Thank you for the music!

    Love, Peace and Respect.



  269. Jim McCormick

    We love you back Bill. I can’t add much more to what’s already been said except, love the music, fuck the business. Your playing has been an inspiration to me as a drummer. I’ll be there in full support in whatever you do my friend.

  270. Henrique

    Hey Bill,

    There’s no Sabbath without you. Be strong!
    We are waiting you on drums soon!

    Please come to Brazil! You will have the bests shows ever!

    Best Regards!

  271. jason l.

    Fans we have to support Bill Ward! We have to make the less informed know by visiting Ozzy’s and any site to make our outrage and disgust known to any that think that Black Sabbath is whole without Bill Ward! There are only four members of Black Sabbath anyone else is a distinguished place holder that had honor to support the overall work of Black Sabbath, If you do not understand this, the pedigree is without question, one of the top ten music bodies of work with no change in line up. This is a simple problem made ridiculous. Would Ozzy take credit away from Randy because he no longer has a voice? If you ever want the respect and dollars of this 20+ live,breath,bleed defender and lover of Sabbath then I want to never hear anything but unified respect between the four. Writing this now makes me wonder if you(the band) realize how special you where to us! How many out there had huge fights with family and authority figures over the right to listen to Sabbath, back when a kid could loose opportunities over the open support of Sabbath. Mr. Ward this treatment you have shared with us has brought tears to my eyes by this point, you are an ARTIST SIR!! And I beg you to not except anything less than full recognition! The people involved with the ” you don’t understand the business” excuses need to summon the courage to be ashamed of yourselves long enough to publicly penalize yourselves with the “Unrealistic” contract of 25% to each under recognized Mr. Butler and Mr. Ward…..or sadly do you need to “learn how to love”…..because this is what I got from listening to Black Sabbath…….how can I appeal to whoever more, be creative, be fair….fair as a fan’s heart and ears are. Are you there Ozzy?

  272. Simon Clark

    I find it an absolute disgrace that certain people are trying to promote a Black Sabbath reunion without Bill being involved or making ihs position untenable even before he signs up. It didn’t seem so long ago that Ozzy/Sharon wanted Black Sabbath to change its name when Ozzy wasn’t involved and Tony et al duly obliged and called it Heaven & Hell. So why should it be any diferent this time? It seems that some people are more equal than others in the Sabbath heriarchy and that’s just hypocritically sanctimonious.

  273. moli

    3am…just read your statement Bill…im going to take a plane in 3 hours to go to the birmingham gig from barcelona …im really dissapointed…if i had know this before i wasnt go…and had save more of 600€…but well,you did the right thing.. the concert will not be the same without you…its a shame…God damn the managements and bless us all!!!

  274. Ricky Von Retshunaur

    I cannot believe the utter lack of respect shown to one of the founding members of the band that created heavy metal. I truly love Black Sabbath and they have been a part of me for as long as I can remember. I agree with you Bill 100% and I wouldn’t go to one of these “reunion” shows even for free. I’m so glad I went to the shows in ’99 and ’01. I will cherish those shows and the memories. All the best and it has been inspiring to see that someone in this day and age has some integrity and self respect.

  275. Toney

    Bill, It’s a sad day when “they” want to hire your persona to pump up the illusion of Black Sabbath. Ozzy, Bill, Tony, Geezer…without you, it’s just John, Frank, Terence and some other dude now isn’t it? In 23 years I have managed to be cancelled on by Sabbath twice and I have seen Oz twice. I sure as hell won’t pay to see someone pretending to be you. I wish you the best, and don’t allow yourself to be beaten up by all the opinions which will continue to fly. Stick with the right thing man. Love ya man.

  276. Brian Pulignano

    Dear Bill,
    You are a true gentleman and an inspiration to us all. Your talent is undeniable, and for the other 3 to expect you to play partial sets and have you stand by and watch is absurd. You’ve done the right thing, it’s sad that Iommi and Butler have resorted to Ozzy and Sharon’s greedy tactics,only to make more money for themselves. You are the father of all metal drummers, your music will forever endure.
    Kind Regards,
    Brian Pulignano

  277. Canada

    disappointed… sounds like ego and money squabbles

  278. Tim R.

    A Reply to Sergio Martorelli
    I am not here to get into a pissing contest,but feel I can’t give you a pass on this,Sergio. 1.How you come to the conclusion that Bill’s asking for 25% of the money,and respect,is beyond me,and beyond logic.This is,after all,the guy who played the drums on War Pigs and is as important as anyone else in the band,IMO. 2.Just because some 5-year old has decided to crop Bill out of all the photos on the band’s website,as if having a tantrum, most certainly does NOT crop him out of the history of Black Sabbath.What it does,in spades,is reflect the fact that whoever came up with that brilliant idea needs to GROW THE FUCK UP,and stop insulting us,for it is WE who pay the bills,and WE who have pretty much had enough of this bullshit. This is a better illustration of just where the problem lies than any other I can think of. FYI.

  279. Dave and Sherry

    We love and support you Bill!!

  280. Tim R.

    A Reply to Sergio Martorelli
    I am not here to get into a pissing contest,but feel I can’t give you a pass on this,Sergio. 1.How you come to the conclusion that Bill’s asking for 25% of the money,and respect,is somehow greedy,is beyond me,and beyond logic.This is,after all,the guy who played the drums on War Pigs and is as important as anyone else in the band,IMO. 2.Just because some 5-year old has decided to crop Bill out of all the photos on the band’s website,as if having a tantrum, most certainly does NOT crop him out of the history of Black Sabbath.What it does,in spades,is reflect the fact that whoever came up with that brilliant idea needs to GROW THE FUCK UP,and stop insulting us,for it is WE who pay the bills,and WE who have pretty much had enough of this bullshit. This is a better illustration of just where the problem lies than any other I can think of. FYI.

  281. Melissa

    Dear Bill,
    I’ve been a Sabbath fan since childhood. I was instantly hooked and I still see it as the most influential band in rock history. I am so saddened to hear that you will not be on tour but after reading your open letter, I REALLY understand why. You were always an incredible asset and integral part of the band and you deserve to be treated with sooooo much more respect than you are currently getting. Thank you so much for your honesty and your willingness to explain this to the fans that love you so much. I really hope that eventually, this issue can be worked out. I am so turned off by the fact that your image was removed from the official black sabbath website. Its terrible, how immature and short-sighted they have become. Please be comforted by the fact that the fans still remember and acknowlege your amazing contribution to Black Sabbath. I am pleased that you are demanding the respect that you deserve. With great affection,
    Melissa, NYC

  282. Steven

    They can only try to erase your history but your history is already written (unlike the Beatles, who never allowed Pete Best to write his history.)

  283. Randy Michaud

    Bill, I appreciate you and your candor more than you could know. As a lifelong Sabbath fan, I feel very strongly about the decision you have made to stick up for yourself in this whole debacle. Ever since your first solo album, that brilliantly honest and heartfelt expression of musical passion, I have felt a kinship with you that I cannot explain. Please know that this fan is behind you 100%, even if it means I no longer believe in or support any future actions of Black Sabbath without without you behind the kit. Thank you for being the only one willing to be completely honest and forthcoming with your side of this whole thing…a courtesy the other three members have NOT extended to us. I love you, man! Stay strong and safe! – Randy

  284. Jamie Archer

    Very saddened to hear of this news Bill, but admire your truth, honesty & sincerity in trying to reach some kind of amicable accord with your Sabbath brothers. Maybe after these shows, they’ll realise what a mistake it was to do these gigs without you?

    If ‘it’ ever does get resolved, then I’d love to see you guys do a gig in New Zealand! Naively optimistic about this happening, but life can work in mysterious ways sometimes…

    All the best


  285. Paul Christian Owens

    Drummers are passionate, and also honest. Bill is right in everything he has said, and his openness and truthfulness should be commended. No matter what the issues are, he has a right to be respected, and treated equally within his band.

    There is nothing like faith, throwing caution to the wind and just going forward as a band, and as brothers as Bill has said. United we stand, united we fall, cannot fail. Divisions, lack of trust, old negative memories, bitterness, etc all designed to stop a band in their tracks.

    Whatever the issues are sometimes its not easy. But putting faith in your fellow band member Bill is something that should be a priority. Taking time to understand him, his needs, what will make him happy. Its how we treat others that counts in this life.

    Regarding the young drummer kid who Bill felt bad about not being able to drum for. Im sure Bill youve inspired thousands of young drummer kids, I know cause I was one of them, but yes its painful when you know your letting the kids down, but hey I say every kid would understand if they could talk to you personally why your doing it, and yes every young drummer kid I bet would support you too.

    Maybe the next time your brother bumps into the kids father, send him a set of sticks or drum head or something signed.

    Yes, Bill Ward is definately a unique, and talented drummer, but hes also more, a caring, honest, intelligent, sensative man, who deserves more from his friends in the band. After all somethings are more important than even than bands….Best of luck Bill your letter was well written and from the heart, I applaud you….fellow drummer..

  286. Bill

    Sabbath has always been about 4 guys from brum, Oz,Tony,Geezer and Bill…… always F@*k things up……….We (the fans) have always been there for you! take heart Bill…..Remember Fields Farm, remember The Dolphen, remember Malvern, you past is engained on us…….till 4 guys from brum play together again, we will be waiting!

  287. Dean Mason

    Hope you can work this out soon! That Black Sabbath website…what an insult to people’s intelligence! Photo-shop madness man!

    Black Sabbath is: Bill Ward Geezer Butler Tony Iommi and Ozzy Osbourne. THAT’S historical fact. End of story!

  288. Steve Anderson

    I thank you for your candor, and I along with the rest of Sabbath fans am very sad to hear this news, yet I realize after reading your letter that this is what you needed to say and do. I only hope there is a way to resolve the hurdles and make this work for you and everybody. Fair is fair and you deserve to be there as much as anyone does. I have been a musician for some 40 years, and I can tell you unequivocally, that Black Sabbath was one of the biggest influences on me to make the decision that music was to be my life’s path. Thank you for all the work you put in, and Bravo for sticking to your guns.

    All the best.

  289. Sasha Gallant

    I don’t think anyone can blame you for not signing a contract that is just plain insulting to you. You deserve better and I’m glad to see that you won’t let yourself get walked on. It’s a shame but it’s for the best, you made the right decision.

  290. Jimmy Johnson

    Maybe this is about greed and egos and all the bullshit that comes along with Rock n Roll

  291. michael m

    When all these current acts are raking in $$$$$$$ for frolicking around spewing pure mediocrity what would be a fair price for Bill Ward, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Ozzy to do it again with renewed vigor? My answer, anything they by God ask for.
    I don’t know what was offered, don’t care. Why should legends who have accomplished so much get up and leave home for anything? I wouldn’t work and sweat, run the risk of having to perform with pineads and suffer the media for less than say Madonna or U2 would net.
    As a fan I want another album and tour. Also as a fan I wouldn’t want anything that came at any members expense.

  292. Brendan

    Thanks Bill, here’s hoping some suits either pull their heads out of their asses and get out of the way of the music.

  293. Kris Nauman

    I think you did the right thing Bill..They had no right to present you with such bad deal..Three songs and the rest of set being played by another drummer??..What drummer would that be..and why?..Unless Ozzy wanted to play some solo material?
    In any case it sounds like a bad situation.I have more respect for you for not taking the deal.
    Hope to see you again on tour sometime in the future.
    Take care.

  294. Steve Power

    I’m sorry about the current state of affairs Bill, but I wouldn’t side with you any more than I would Geezer, it’s embarrasing that you’re all acting like this in the press. I’ll put the same comment here as I did at geezer’s dot com place –

    “It’s incredibly churlish cropping Bill out of every photo on the Sabs site and it does reek of Sharon. You put this forum here to solicit feedback so read it and take note. In putting across the band’s position in your commentary above, you sound just as foolish and defensive as Bill does. You’re all way too old to be behaving in this childish manner and frankly it’s boring. You (Sabbath) exist because of the fans. Without the fans there is no “business” and the fans have spoken. This sucks so sort it.”

    Hoping for better times Bill, You’re not a
    troubadour, you’re the Sabs’ drummer.

  295. Dean

    Those three other guys should be ashamed of themselves. They forgot that they all came from the same place and made it together. Thanks other three, because you’ve saved me money from whatever you do now in the future.

    I applaud you Bill Ward for be a man about this and doing the right thing.


  296. pissed and hurt

    Really Bil!!! We had to go through this primadonna crap once this year already with KK and the Judas Priest tour. Most of your fans have to comb the couch for beer money and to scrape together money for a ticket to these shows and you guys pull this shit. Suck it up for the fans for cryin out loud. Isn’t the thought of getting together with your mates, makin some new music, and making millions of fans happy enough???

  297. pissed and hurt

    dont give me this bleedin heart im so sad bullshit. You know how to fix that feeling?? PLAY THE FUCKIN GIGS!!!

  298. Mike Hircsh

    No one go to these concerts or support Black Sabbath unless Bill Ward is playing full time in this band. Or your a asshole and a trader. Those guys after 40 years should feel ashamed of themselves. They can take any amount of money and cancer and shove it

  299. Marcus

    Stay strong, Bill!

  300. David Anderson

    I was one who misunderstood and disrespected Sabbath for years. In recent years, I’ve come to understand and appreciate your role in rock and roll history. Even though I have been a fan for only a couple of years, this is distressing news. How is it that the original lineup of Black Sabbath can’t come to an agreement for a few shows? I think you have presented your side of the story eloquently and with respect for us and your (do i have to say former) bandmates. All we’ve gotten from the other side is “there are two sides to every story.” Duh!!! What is your side, Geezer? Tony? Ozzy?
    Sorry, Bill. You deserve better.

  301. Mike Robertson

    Once again,for me,a proven inspiration and worthy Hero.
    That’s the second time mate.

  302. Louise

    Dear Bill,

    This is too much details. The fans doesn’t have to know all this. I respect your decision, you have your reasons to do business as you want. You don’t want to play for free, it’s honorable, you want to be treated as a professionnal but putting this on the web is very UNprofessional. The fact of putting WAY TOO MUCH details just killed in 50% of the fans all the magic brought by you, by BS. It is so disapointing after all those years of experience you have.

    Band’s members doesn’t agree all the times, sometimes they may fight hard BUT NEVER IN PUBLIC. This public fight will destroy many memories, leaving a bitter taste, finally,having consultants and lawyer will never bring the best of you THEY NEED A GOOD FIGHT TO MAKE GOOD MONEY….FIRE YOUR LAWYER cause obviously he doesn’t give you good advice. You won’t play for free, but you’ll pay thousands in lawyer’s fees ??? Just sayin…it’s very sad.

  303. andy

    hope to sign a signable contract with sabbath reps??? what the fuck? , you are sabbath amongst yourselfs. this is the last time round boys. you all know it.. DONT FUCK IT UP

  304. NHM

    How could they… Bill, just a thought… go and play in Birmingham. Show those dudes what Sabb is all about! The concert after will be shit compared to the history I know you are able to write. Accept that contract. And.. you should make that one show… THA SHOW. Record a DVD. Sell it. make some money. and make the Sabb fans happy. We aren’t in this world for ever you know… JUST PLAY IT. This could be the last Birmingham concert ever with the original lineup. PLEASE RECONSIDER. PLAY FOR US! PLEASE!!!

  305. Alex

    Ok, let’s imagine that all of this is Ward’s fault and caused by his avidity as Geezer have suggested in his statement.

    Since the legal fight over the Black Sabbath name, we were taught that “there’s only one Black Sabbath – Tony, Geezer, Bill and Ozzy”. Why then they’re still presenting the three of them as Black Sabbath? They’re not, simply as that.

    Moreover, you can like it or not, but under the name Black Sabbath we have had great musicians as Dio and Gillan and amazing albums as Heaven and Hell and The seventh star. Why are those band members and albums deleted from the Black Sabbath discography in their official website? This has nothing to do with Bill, and the fact that messages supporting Bill are systematically deleted from the Sabs fb page puts some doubt over this story.

    Faithfully yours,
    a disappointed Black Sabbath’s fan.

  306. Seven Singing Scorpions

    There can be no other configuration. Black Sabbath was, will, and must always be Osbourne/Iommi/Ward/Butler. No other admixture will suffice. The chemistry will otherwise never be entirely correct. To accept otherwise would be a denial of the original concept and motivation behind the music and the message. The Black Sabbath totality founded and originated the Metal convention. Listen to this day to any drummer, guitar player, bass player, vocalist. Any style, genre, riff, or sentiment in Metal today. Listen closely and honestly. Black Sabbath did it first.

  307. matt

    QUIT CRYING! I suported you at first bill becaus I thought you were being bullied, but I think now your just being a cry baby! I love you and know that youve been kinda pushed into a “ringo star” position with sabbath, but if you really, really, really! gave a shit about your name, your legacy, and the magic that is Sabbath you would suck it up and play every day untill you hands bled FOR FREE your no better then metalica with this petty cry for cash just give in and sign that shit you owe it to no one more then TONY IOMMI!

  308. SoberInMN

    Dear Black Sabbath Member (this includes Bill, of course!),

    From the back and forth we’ve all been witnessing going between the Ward & Sabbath camps, it seems to me like you guys just need to get together face to face in some kind of a private location to try to hash this thing out man-to-man without all the lawyers and such acting as middlemen; a “retreat” as such…

    I would like to offer up my humble abode as a location for such a retreat. Between my wife and myself, we have over 45+ years of continued sobriety/clean time (for Ozzy & Bill), we have a family member who has undergone chemotherapy treatments (for Tony), and one of my good friends has an extensive collection of exotic & home-brewed ale’s and brews (Geezer still drinks, right?). I also have a fully-stocked home studio with plenty of basses, a drumkit, and amps (Marshall & Laney) the boys could use to work out some jams …sorry, no “lefty” guitars, but I’m sure I could find something for Tony if necessary. We have plenty of room for you all to crash out here, and as I’m a long-haired freak (& many of my friends are to), the addition of a few more musician types would not arouse suspicion in our quiet Minnesota neighborhood. Not that I condone violence in any form, but we do have quite a good stock of big fluffy pillows that the boys could use to work out any resentments using physical aggression. To top it off, I have a JayDee Iommi Custom guitar that’s being finished now which they could deliver to me, so it’s a win-win-win-win-win for everyone!

    Sound good?

    Please guys, just hash this thing out between one another for the sake of your friendship…


  309. Greg Beyaert

    Bill, I’m sorry things didn’t work out. I don’t know the details but if you did all you could to make it happen then that’s all you can do. It’s not a true Sabbath reunion without you and the fans know that. It sucks the business side of music stopped this reunion from happening. Geezer just issued a statement saying he loves you but felt you were greedy. Just be prepared for the backlashes. If I had a million bucks I’d give it to you to pay for everything and make this a true reunion. I’m a drummer too. The music is more important than the money but we have to do what we have to do to make a living. Don’t give up on the hope of getting in on this reunion yet. Tony is in failing health and as we get older we need to focus on what’s important and not about what we are getting paid. God will take care of you and bless you if you are selfless. He will bless you so much as He sees your expression of love. I know. I’m a recovering drunk and have lived on the streets. Now clean almost 3 years I have a great life yet am always willing to lend a hand or help others however I can. Maybe this is a time when you need to take that approach. All my best to you Bill.

  310. Tim R.

    In Reply to “Pissed and Hurt”:

    Everybody is entitled to their opinion.Here’s mine:
    As a Sabbath freak of 35 years,this is the 1st time I’ve ever heard “primadonna” and Bill Ward used in the same sentence. Utter NONSENSE. I glean from Bill’s statements over these months that what he really wants,more than anything,is R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Is that too much to ask after 40+ years of service? Everybody here should check out Black Sabbath Online,go to “news” and then to “Geezer’s Heavy Heart”. If you scroll down to near the bottom,you’ll find a post from “Paulie” (it’s easy to find,it’s the longest one there). An absolutely brilliant piece of work,the best I’ve seen among the many hundreds of comments over the last week. It deconstructs,point by point and with laser-like precision,Geezer’s “Heavy Heart” statement. I’ll paraphrase the last 2 lines: “Pay Bill the SAME as you.If that’s unacceptable to him,then that’s his problem,not yours.If that’s unacceptable to you,then he was right all along.” The whole statement uses the same impeccable logic.Fantastic!
    Now,on to another extremely sore point.For those who don’t know(although I’m sure most do) Sabbath’s “official” website has chopped Bill out of ALL the band pictures.Now,can ANYONE imagine that Tony,Geezer or Ozzy are directly responsible for this? Are these not the classic symptoms of A WOMAN SCORNED?It is so blatantly transparent who is behind this decision as this is not the first time she has pulled this stunt(refer to “remixes” of Ozzy’s 1st 2 solo albums).But,for me,what this does is make me wonder: If these guys can’t control their own website,that has THEIR name on it and which is THEIR “official” window to us,the fans,then who the hell IS in control? And why is it not them? THEY are Black Sabbath,are they not? Sharon may expect us to jump when she says jump,but she can’t use the power of $$$$ to manipulate us(which she surely does to get her own way with everything else) because WE PAY HER HUSBAND’S FUCKING SALARY,and therefore WE fund HER lavish lifestyle. And to have her so blatantly and directly insult our intelligence like this reflects,more than anything anyone else could EVER say or do, her CHILDISHNESS,her Black Heart,and her disregard for we who foot the bills. And until this little bit of nonsense on their website,at the very least,is rectified,I won’t be able to take seriously any statements that come from the “other side”.FIX THIS,DAMMIT!

  311. sav

    I see sabbath have removed all the pictures of bill from their website and are saying this was at bills request.

    I respect and support Bills dignified stance but whats this rubbish about?

  312. At Least There’s Motörhead

    There are three bands I would do anything to see live, Motörhead, Dio, and the Original Black Sabbath. I’m seeing Motörhead twice this year, Dio died before I could see him…and the band I wanted to see the most; my entire life, the band who was never together my entire life, finally announces they’re getting back together for a brand new album and a tour…and then they take that away. Mr. Iommi has fucking cancer, something that has taken a lot of important people away lately…Not to mention they’re all a bunch of fat old men who could die at any second anyway even without cancer and they can’t put their stupid fucking drama aside and do what they told their fans they would do before it’s too late…This was our only chance and they blew it. It sounds like the members of Sabbath didn’t even try to work it out, they just sent lawyer like messages via “representatives” and posted about it in public like a bunch of fucking teen couples fighting…I have lost all respect for you as a person Bill…You will always be one of my favorite drummers, but fuck you as a man. Die in obscurity piece of shit…Fuck the rest of Sabbath while we’re at it. Thanks for flaunting my life long dream in front of my face and then killing it…Cunts…I’m going to take a break from Sabbath for a few years (I’ve listened to Sabbath almost every day of my 23 years on earth) I’ll listen to the old albums someday, but for now, the original Black Sabbath is dead to me and I will ignore everything every member does from now until they are actually dead, unless they pick their panties out of their cracks, strap their boots on and do what they said they would…Again, Fuck you Bill Ward, you proud cunt, and the rest of Sabbath…Don’t let me down Lemmy…

  313. Leeping Gnome

    I will not partake in any ‘reunion’ shows until Bill Ward is included. No Bill = No Reunion.

  314. Mr. and Mrs. Brewer

    Dear Bill,

    My husband is a huge Ozzy-era Sabbath fan. He bought the first Sabbath album when it first came out, that’s how far back a fan he is.

    We both agree that you made the right decision in not playing in the reunion shows. When it’s all said and done, you have to do what is best for you and stand up for yourself. The way you have addressed this issue with your fans is nothing less than honorable.

    Considering your long history with Sabbath and the fact that you are one of the original members, the way you have been treated in the negotiations process by the representatives of Sabbath has been disgraceful, and they should be ashamed of themselves for how they have treated you.

    Thank you for the love and appreciation you have shown to your fans, especially during a difficult time such as this.

    May God bless you in your future projects.


    Mr. and Mrs. Brewer

  315. eric therrien

    Oh Bill….i really want to see Black Sabbath live….with you in it. I’ve watched many video of the ozzfest gig and always look for at you on the drum…i don’t know all the story as only you and the rest of the management know it all but if something can be done on both side so that hundred of thousands of peoples can see you live with your bandmate for at least once in their lifetime….please make something happen.

    Eric T.

  316. Rock Reports 21 mei 2012 : CityFM Classic Rock

    […] en de laatste in Chicago, USA), echter zonder drummer Bill Ward. Die gaf afgelopen week in een lijvige brief te kennen dat hij die drie concerten niet zou meedoen. Volgens bassist Geezer Butler ging het weer […]

  317. david gissell

    Dear Mr. Ward,
    I’m sorry to hear that the music buisness has once again forgotten the music.
    I believe your words are true. I believe you just want to play for all of us fans who love you and want to see you pound your drums.
    As a fan of 38 years I know this hurts but I wouldnt have done it either.

    Peace and God Bless,


  318. Jeremy Tinnin

    I’m thankful I was able to see you and the guys together Ozzfest ’99 Camdin, NJ and later again in Hershey, PA… BRUTAL!!!!
    Sorry to hear things were not able to come together this time. You do/did what you felt was right and what you believe. Stay strong!!! And as a fan, thank you for your love and may it be returned in full back to you. Love ya Bill!!!! Peace!!!

  319. Tim R.

    Well….to find out that it was you,Bill,that is responsible for your image being removed from the Sabbath website,is a real kick to the gonads. Surely you must have read,over the last couple of days,the reaction to this maneuver-much,if not most of the vitriol was directed at a certain Mrs. Osbourne (including by me). And yet you were hardly forthcoming in acknowledging that it was YOU who was responsible for this.In fact,not forthcoming AT ALL.WTF? Are they full of shit,or are you? Why did it take a statement on the Sabbath website to reveal this fact,rather than you? Now,I must admit,during this fracas I have been squarely in your corner.In fact,I thought you were 100% right and they were 100% wrong.And I’m FAR from being a fan of Mrs. O. But,aside from the deed itself,which was rather childish, your silence in acknowledging responsibility is DEAFENING. I know this has devolved into a he said/she said, but it has now become impossible for me to even guess who’s telling the truth-nor should I have to. As a die-hard,35 year fan, this final”straw that broke the camel’s back” is the end for me.You guys do what you want- good,bad or ugly.I no longer care.And I hope Rob Reiner has been paying attention to all these goings-on. There’s probably enough material here for AT LEAST 2 more Spinal Tap movies….

  320. ROCKTAMBULOS » Es Oficial: Bill Ward no formará parte de la reunión de BLACK SABBATH

    […] Ward, miembro fundador de la legendaria banda BLACK SABBATH ha publicado en su web oficial que lamentablemente no se ha llegado a ningun acuerdo con los responsables de manejar a la banda y […]

  321. Joe

    You are a fine and dignified gentleman, Bill. I agree with your perspective of it all. I can hold no interest in any upcoming tour without you as a part of the band.

  322. Birmingham, punto de partida | I'm just a breed of society…

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  323. I’m Just A Bill: The Dissapointment of Bill Ward | THE GREAT SOUTHERN BRAINFART

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  324. Patrick Gallagher

    Black Sabbath is not Black Sabbath without Bill ward. You deserve to be playing all shows with your mates and I have no desire to see ‘Black Sabbath’ without you. Thank you for inspiring me to play drums.


  325. Liquidman

    Why would you have to play for free? This is totally ridiculous. So someone is making a little more money off of what they would save by not paying you? Man I hate lawyers and greedy pukes! You should get your fair share and that’s all there is to it. i think whoever is responsible for not wanting you to be paid should publicly exposed and humiliated!

  326. Fred

    Bill with all this talk of the concerts what is to become of the new Sabbath recording? As a lif long fan Ive waited my entire adult life for brand new Black Sabbath album/CD

    I hope you can bridge the gap and play the drums on the new Sabbath. Without you it just wont be Sabbath

  327. Scott Kearney

    I have to admit I am a bit disappointed with this news. I do commend you for standing up for what you believe in though. I was so looking forward to a full “original lineup” reunion !! It seems this will not happen :( this is even more disappointing in the fact that your last reunion tour through my area, the concert date that was originally set for my birthday then postponed and cancelled ultimately, I was unable to see you perform. I may never get that chance now !!

    I am saddened that you are unable to reach a good deal in this matter. You and all of the rest of the band along with the fans deserve to have all of you together for this monumental reunion. The management and attorneys need to pull their heads out and get this done for the fans, and the band, not for their greedy little palms !!!

    Thanks for all you have done Bill I hope in the future some deal will be reached and we canall rejoice in the new music of Black Sabbath !!

  328. Yonoton

    The last remaining core tenet that keeps rock propped up in its dying days is the inherent integrity and honesty of the music and the people who originally created it. Sure, everyone, even a rock star, needs to pay the bills and must get what they can while they can. But a band can only pimp themselves so much until what is virtuous in the music becomes permanently polluted by those seeking to wring every last dollar out of it. Look at bands like Van Halen and Guns ‘n’ Roses. Once rock titans are now spoiled by their own greed and selfishness. I don’t purport to assume knowledge of your business in any fashion Mr. Ward, and I understand the necessity for income, but if there is a way, I think you will be doing yourself and Sabbath fans a service to bite the bullet and take their deal. As you have said, “the people who think they won haven’t.” This isn’t about them. It’s about your carrying on the integrity of the music. Don’t let it be railroaded by other people’s greed. Good luck Bill. You’re one of the greats. Thank you for the years of awesome beats.

  329. dragstar650

    Just finished reading, bill we understand and i feel that without you a black sabbath reunion will just not be the same, to cut you out of all but three songs is appalling and against all i stand for as a black sabbath fan i don’t blame ozzy, geezer or tony but i do feel more could of been done to come to an agreement that would have you play the download set as well as all the others. the drummer that replaces you will only be replacing you in body however in spirit, in mind and in legacy there is only one BILL WARD and can never be replaced.

  330. Bill Ward will not take part in any forthcoming Black Sabbath gigs

    […] sticksman has released a statement on his website,, saying that he will not be playing with the band at their Birmingham show on May 19, nor with them […]

  331. Mr. D

    Bill, I understand if you feel you’re being treated unfairly, but surely you could actually cut the lawyer crap and sit down amongst your bandmates and work something out. Pride is a silly thing, and this is probably the last big step of your history, why give it up for some extra cash? Also it’s probably going to be your last opportunity to play alongside Tony because though he may be doing well at times, there is a decent chance this will be his last go around. I just hope you can all come to your senses, not give a shit about the money and just respect each other and your fans and get this thing going. You know all of us including the band want you there.

  332. matthew


    i feel like i think most of us do- you are one quarter of black sabbath and you deserve an absolute equal share. period.

    stay strong.

  333. Laurence Kitsch

    I don’t get this. How many times have I heard Ozzy say you two are “like brothers”? Have you play rhree songs, then have another drummer step in and take your place? If that’s not the worst insult I’ve ever heard, it’s close. You did the right thing Bill. It’s there loss. And ours!!! Stick to your guns. We all love you. Blessed be always.

  334. Donovan Aston

    Dear Bill,

    I had the pleasure of Discovering Sabbath in my teens and saw you in ’78 & ’80.

    I saw The Sabs with Dio on the Heaven & Hell tour, and just like without Ozzy, a Sabbath gig without you is not Sabbath.

    I saw the 1st Reunion tour in Brum NEC and was touched beyond belief.

    I really hope “This” comes to a happy conclusion. A team of brothers is more important than Money-men, Ego’s and red tape.

    Where would the music world be without the True Kings of Heavy Rock?

    good health to you and best wishes
    Donovan Great Barr, Brum

  335. Michael Hester

    Dear Bill,

    I have been a Black Sabbath fan since the 70s. I agree with you and I think you are doing the right thing. Stay strong we the fans are with you. Looking forward to hearing your next Solo Album.

    Michael Hester

  336. unleasha

    I’m sure there have been good shows but I have actually not seen Black Sabbath since you guys started playing together again because I was afraid I would be let down and that it would be forced.
    If I do see that you are able to come to an agreement and actually play with Sabbath again, I’m going to finally go because you have just proven that the band can still have a heart after all these years.
    Don’t let anyone downplay the importance of your integrity and how important that is to your state of mind and health.
    Most importantly, never let anyone try to trivialize your role in Sabbath because its greater than the sum of all its parts and all its parts must be in place for it to be worth half a shit.

  337. Dennis Kemp

    Dear Bill: I see you as a humble man who is willing to stand up for what you believe to be right, not just to be different or difficult. Listening to your 2 solo albums has brought me greater insight into the main behind the drumkit (and sometimes microphone). In short, just some of the things that seem to matter to you have had a great effect on me. Worthwhile causes & such. Especially when I heard about your single “Straws” & who you made those available to (World Leaders). Topics that your peers maybe even find to difficult to write about. I can only imgine how much the whole Sabbath reunion (and fall-out) probably meant to you personally but in true Bill Ward fashion, you’re thinking about the young drummer and us, your fans. You are a true Gentleman and in my opinion a class act!! I wish only the best for your long term health & future musical prosperity, be it with lads from Sabbath or The Bill Ward Band. God Bless & Take Care of yourself first and foremost. We as fans want to know that you are doing well & most of all, are just happy. I hope to meet you one day if only to share in a moment of your enlightened sensibilities.
    -Dennis Kemp, San Diego, CA.

  338. Black Sabbath Drummer Bill Ward Won’t Play Reunion Shows « WXRT

    […] a new letter published today (May 15) on his official website, Ward says he, regrettably, will not participate in Black Sabbath’s upcoming shows. This […]

  339. MGP

    Bill; Wow, I’m sorry for everyone concerned in this major fiasco. Black Sabbath was my first concert experience when Masters Of Reality came out and it seems a shame that someone who was around my age or younger wanting to see his hero play drums. I too was a budding guitarist of 14 when I saw Sabbath.I hope things get resolved soon so Sabbath can preform and/or record again.

  340. Richard Burns

    Bill Stick by your guns! They have back doored you! Friends don’t do this. Its not Black Sabbath without ALL FOUR of you! I have been a loyal fan of yours since the early 70’s and say hold fast, You are right. They are wrong. In my opinion they should be sued for breach of promise to you, and to the fans by saying it was a Black Sabbath reunion tour without having all negotiations and contracts signed before announcing the tour to the world. Now its just the three of them and they are not the Original Black Sabbath without you!

    Your Loyal Supporter
    Richard Burns
    Torrance, CA

    Long Live Rock50

  341. Michael Dulong

    Dear Mr. Ward,
    Thank you for your heartfelt message to us fans!

    Sounds like Sharon is as usual-her father’s “son”/er daughter.

    The music business is disgusting and Sharon Osbourne’s ruthless, cut throat tactics actually denegrate the body of work. It wasn’t enough that everyone got screwed the first time around…

    Ozzy-has always gotten a free ride in terms of the band holding him accountable for his wife’s disgusting, behavior over the years-just ask Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake what lengths she will go to to screw people out of that which is due.

    Maybe Sharon should manage Kuntry bands, the puts the “UNT” back in country:)

    Ozzy should not only stand up for you, he should stand up and fire her for what she has done.

    At this point-isn’t it about getting back to the studio/creativity?

    Is Sharon so disrespectful of the Sabbath legacy to orchestrate a “live audition” at Birmingham (for free much less??).

    You passed the audition Bill! In 1970-Ozzy Zig! Needs to grow a spine. Sharon’s meglomania is almost inspiration for Meglomania 2-Geezer can write reams about political tyrants and war mongers-Sharon makes them all look like Girl Scouts! She is out for blood-only because she likes the taste.

    If the band members are forcing this BS-shame on them for not respecting what you contribute!

    Now-to be fair-I have one condition for the reunion-NO TRIGGERS!

    With love respect and understanding,

    Michael Dulong
    Lifelong Fan!

  342. Mr Eddy

    We, the fans, can be very naïve sometimes. I thought it would be much easier if you, Tony, Geezer and Oz make the decisions instead of having all this other people involved… The lawyers, agents, producers, endorsers, whatever, should just get the paperwork done based on what you, the original founding members of Black Sabbath, had previously decided. We all know Ozzy is a very wealthy man and I suppose you, Tony and Geezer have no financial difficulties whatsoever. So, why, all this had to happen when you guys are all over 60? This is what bothers the fans and in the end we have to acknowledge how naïve we can be thinking the four of you can decide what’s best without any interference. But you know what? I’m 110% sure you chose the right path. You’re as much a part of Sab as Oz, Tony and Geezer and I couldn’t care less about seeing them with a different drummer. It’s just pointless. Last but not least, I think your 2 solo albums blow off Ozzy’s entire discography! And I meant it! Stay safe and keep rockin.

  343. Anthony

    Bill your the best.we’ll stand by u..rock on

  344. Gabriel

    I was aware of the problems between you and the band, but I didn’t know too much about it. I visited Black Sabbath’s website and saw that awful thing they did to you. Croping you out of the pictures? What are they, 14 year old kids croping out their girlfriends face from the pictures? what an assholes
    Stay strong, I completely understand you

  345. Steve Djalog

    I first heard Paranoid back in 1971, and instantly became a Sabbath fan. Despite various incarnations, despite Ronnie’s sublime input, there is only one true Sabbath, and there’s only one Bill Ward.

    Some have said that Bill is simply being greedy, with reference to the “signable contract” quote.

    The fact is that, like sport, music is a business, and key musicians of the calibre of Bill Ward have every right to demand appropriate remuneration and conditions for the irreplaceable contribution they make to the world of music and the loyal fans they have ammassed as a result of pure talent!

    I say – good on you Bill, bugger the knockers!

    I’m sure that common sense will prevail, and we Sabbath fans will get to see the real McCoy in Australia sooner rather than later! Only the REAL lineup will do!!!

    Steve Djalog, Batemans Bay/Australia

  346. Spacehog

    Sabbath was such a good band. It sure would be nice if Bill was back in though so we could modify ‘was’ back to ‘is’ again.
    I tried hard but I just can’t bring myself to buy a ticket to see the ‘band’ now w/o Bill knowing they would be lacking the elemental dynamic that can exist only with his presence. The vibe of it all just isn’t there for me. I’m trying to feel it but it ain’t happenin’. What a let-down. What a huge disappointment. I’m sad. What a black-hole-ending this is among all things music that ever existed.

  347. Craig Mercer

    I hope it gets sorted with you playing back in the band by the time the Australian gigs are due. The last time you played here, I believe on the back of the Sabotage album in ’74, I was a 16 yo lad. Still remember it well as it was part of the “British Invasion” month in November and Sabbath were easily the standout gig of the four bands that toured.

  348. Brodie

    Hi Bill,

    I just spent 2 months worth of my full time salary on tickets, accommodation and flights for Tony, Geezer and Ozzy’s concert in Brisbane on April 25. I now can’t afford my daily green, herbal ‘music enhancer’ until after then!

    I really hope that you can work things out with the band. I love you and your music, it has changed my life.

    My dream is to see Sabbath play live and as much as I love the other 3 original members, they are NOT Black Sabbath.

    Hope to see you there mate.


  349. Kever

    Black Sabbath without Bill Ward IS NOT Black Bloody Sabbath. It’s like Bacon and eggs without the yolk. You’re an integral part in that machine. These management types that market bands with only the person which has the naming rights are frauds and should be arrested. It’s clearly a cash grab only a founding member gets none of it? Ridiculous! Beach Boys, VanHalen, etc. etc. and now Sabbath? You are a true gentleman Bill, for being able to temper your comments for what is an outrage for any true fan. Ihave all the albums and looked forward to going anywhere in the world to see you play the kit and now I can’t. We love you too.

  350. alex

    Estoy de acuerdo contigo Bill, de ninguna manera puedes aceptar lo que te han propuesto … le tengo un gran cariño a la banda tanto como cuando estuvieron con Dio , pero tu estando no puedes ser reemplazado por nadie.. Black Sabbath no es Black Sabbath sin ti my friend ….. y estamos contigo siempre ….

  351. Lars

    Bill,.. i must say i have nothing but respect for your decisions for not participating in sabbath nomore, specially after reading some of the things they wanted you to do, or go along with.. like playing more modern sounding metal to get more air/radioplay, featuring comercial metal bands that Sharon manages and so on… they did not even include a vegan meal for you on the tour riders.. this is respectless imo.. I think all sabbath plans should be shelved until you are properly in the band with equal rights as the rest.. no one is more important than the other in sabbath in my opinion, this band have four equally important persons,.. lose one.. you lose it all..

  352. Daniel

    As it saddens me to hear that you won’t be in Black sabbath for the tours I understand your stance. What I don’t understand is this B.S with contracts. All 4 members are founders and original players that gave us this magical music. As we all heard the different re-incarnations of Sabbath throughout the years nothing is even comparable to the music you guys made together. To hear that you are not getting the same contract is absurd. It should be 1/4 for each mebmber regardless of what the amount is. The lawyers and agents should of been kept out of it-you know all they care about is $$$.
    It’s shamefull that they call this a Black Sabbath reuinion becuase it’s not. I saw a video of Sabbath with the fill-in drummer at their UK concert-it was sad. This drummer was drumming exaggerating his arm movements,puttin gfills in here and there and guess what it didnt sound like Black Sabbath. Bill your drumming was just as part as any other instrument that took Black sabbath to all the heights it reached.
    I’m with you all the way

  353. Classic Rock Magazine Titel nieuw album Black Sabbath bekend, release in juni - Classic Rock Magazine

    […] jaar, na mislukte onderhandelingen over een contract, weten dat hij niet meer met Black Sabbath zou optreden. De band onthulde dat jaar ook dat er vijftien nieuwe songs zijn opgenomen voor het al in 2011 […]

  354. Andre C.

    Black Sabbath, I grew up with you. I grew up with Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill. I grew up with wonder, awe, even a little fright at times at this leviathan called Black Sabbath. But it was part of the landscape, the whole of an entity that shaped and colored my existence. In my world, if you didn’t like Black Sabbath you were somehow less of a listener.

    As years went by I found myself fronting a band, and our band counted Black Sabbath as our primary influence. We spoke of all the members as if we knew you personally. We covered a number of your songs and played them with reverence and respect.

    This issue that clouds the release of ’13’ is heartbreaking and even incites anger. While I cannot know the hair splitting details it is enough to know there are people at play who count the fan base as less than a priority. After all these years I want the whole of Black Sabbath’s return or nothing at all. You rule Bill Ward. Thank you for being there my friend. Carry on sir.

  355. malcolm

    i was disappointed to learn that you are not going to be on the upcoming album. i knew there were problems about you palying the live shows but thought you were still going to be participating on the new album. i never listened to rage against the machine i dont know what makes that drummer so special to be able to play on the new album and well im not too excited about getting a copy of it when it comes out. its cool ozzy will be singing but without you bill i think it will seem like just another tony iommi project. i was really impressed with the song psycho man and (cant remember the other) that was included in the reunion album and instantly thought it had the same great magic as the old days. i was really looking forward to a new album with the four of you but its not going to be. will this new album be a flop now that everyone knows you arent on it? time will tell but i think it will not sell as well as it would have if you were. stay healthy bill. all of us who grew up with the four of you playing as a unit will always love the band as it was. it was a great experience for me being able to see the four of you play at ozzfest 1999 in vancouver canada my one and only chance to see the four of you play together

  356. japi


    Hope Sharon gets sane again and you’re invited with apologies to Sabbath Reunion


  357. Rick Sheets

    I applaud your integrity for standing for what is right. I am 54 years old a grew up and learned much of my own guitar and music from Black Sabbath. Without you, it is not TRULY Black Sabbath! I will always hate the business side of music evn though it is a necessary evil we all live with. Stay Strong my friend, it’s not over till the fat lady sings and I don’t see her around the project.

  358. Black Sabbath to Premiere New Single on ‘CSI’ Season Finale | Soundabble

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  359. Black Sabbath to premiere new song on ‘CSI’ |

    […] the situation. “I am sincerely passionate in my desire to play with the band,” he wrote. “I’m very, very sorry that it’s fallen to this. This statement is even more […]

  360. Alberto Duarte

    Dear Bill, we want you to play in Chile in October 2013. Sabbath is not Sabbath without you.

  361. paul Wilson

    I heard the new Black Sabbath track today. A straight 4 is sadly inappropriate. Not the Black Sabbath I know and love.

  362. Jeff Au'Court

    Dear Mr.Ward,
    I am upset at the fact that you will not be a part of the reunion. There were “contract” issue(s)… (Lawyers). The simple fact of the matter (for ME) is that “if” this is the case then the other three “brothers” should have collectively had enough testosterone to put their feet down and say “No Bill Ward?, no reunion”. The fact is, had Ozzy or Tony even “hinted” towards this, it WOULD be happening. The other issue is, to have a “try out” “freebie” offer limply dangled at you would have been enough to have shut me down. Mr.Ward, you e always been pretty quiet, hearing this heartfelt note from you made me, 1.) feel bad and 2.) pissed me off! Screw them Bill!!! I for one am on your side, Tony screwed Ozzy (now their both moguls and its about the money and they apparently don’t care), Ozzy screwed Jake E. Lee and ultimately Zakk Wylde, Sharon is apparently going for Ozzy’s throat (you are apparently not getting paid so your share can go to Sharon!!! … And Geezer has always gone along for the ride at any cut rate fee. Fuck them Bill! This is one fan that WILL NOT be contributing to their financial orgy. Take care and remember, ten seconds is in the past… Just keep moving forward.

  363. Black Sabbath’s New Album, ‘13’ | New-York NewsNew-York News

    […] since 1978: the singer Ozzy Osbourne, the guitarist Tony Iommi and the bassist Geezer Butler. (The drummer Bill Ward was not involved in the album or the group’s forthcoming tour, because of co….) So here is three-quarters, at least, of the band formed in Birmingham, England, in 1968, which […]

  364. Black Sabbath’s New Album, ‘13’ | Sunnylicious

    […] since 1978: the singer Ozzy Osbourne, the guitarist Tony Iommi and the bassist Geezer Butler. (The drummer Bill Ward was not involved in the album or the group’s forthcoming tour, because of co….) So here is three-quarters, at least, of the band formed in Birmingham, England, in 1968, which […]

  365. Dawn Scott

    Love & Support to you Bill thank you for yours!
    You gain in virtue
    Thank you for reminding us all what strength and intelligence it takes to do the right thing

  366. Kat DeCicco

    Dear Bill,
    Most of us never do have an opportunity to know what our idols and icons are really like behind the scenes. In standing by your truth with such strength and integrity, you show us what a stellar and fair-minded person you are, as well as the quality of the character within. My husband and I- as well as so many of our friends- grew up listening to Sabbath back in the 70s, catching shows when we could (Madison Square Garden, Convention Hall, Asbury Park NJ). The intensity and craft of your music has always been with us as we all moved forward through the phases of our lives. (Can’t thank you enough for that, by the way).
    As for seeing Sabbath without you? The first thought that comes to mind is: Why even bother? Your playing and presence were such integral parts of the band experience that there would be no point seeing any Sabbath line-up without you as part of the equation. Also concur with your sentiments on drummers not always getting their fair due, esp. on the business end. But from the listener-fan perspective…the drummer is the one who actually gets us all moving and keeps us out there dancing!
    We tip our hats respectfully to you and will be interested in any future music endeavors you may have to offer us all. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and taking such an important personal stand. Wish you the very best!

  367. George

    Like so many others I am disappointed that the heart of the beast that is Black Sabbath has been cast aside. Your musicianship created a sound that changed music forever, no price or condition is any excuse for not securing your talents.

    And like a few others, I have cancelled my order for the album. It will have no effect on the future conduct of the lawyers, but it is the least I can do to stand by you and your decision in gratitude for the music you have given us.

    It is a shame that Mr. Osbourne cannot show the same commitment to you now, as a core member of the group, as you showed for him in the past.

    Rock on Thunder God! Rock on!

  368. Sheilah

    Okay I understand about contracts. What I understand is after signatures have been affixed to a contract. All parties signed must abide by the contractually clauses, subclauses, paragraph, subsection…

    Yadda-Yadda-Yadda I think you know where it goes.

    Contracts are notoriously way to long.

    My solution.

    A simple 1 page, that’s legal size page. contract. If you cannot get it all in on the one page plus sign names. Toss It! Cut the unnecessary until all parties agree to the one page.

    Gee wait! That was way to simple. Yeah knock your lights out until nobodies home. That’s always a better and bigger headache.

    Though I support all Black Sabbath original lineup in this or what was a ‘contractually dispute’. I don’t understand when simple is better. Simple is best.


    Sheilah Say

  369. Steve

    it is too bad not to have the original sabbath family together for what might be a last opportunity to make a lasting and final impact. That being said, a hypothetical reunion of the Beatles without Ringo seems to be the equivalent here and this situation truely dilutes any idea of a true “reunion”. Hope this might work out in the future but to be a realist… time marches on and one can only wait and see. Bill Ward’s contributions to Sabbath were no less important than the remaining 3 parts to the equation!

  370. Rob Scatchard

    I don’t drum, but I do sing in a band with moderate success. You are my favourite drummer, along with Mitch Mitchell, Ginger Baker, Trym and Horgh. I bet its that two faced, money grabbing Sharon Osbourne that is pulling the strings behind the scenes. I met her once, that was enough. Good luck, no one can take away those fills you laid in History during early Sabbath.

  371. Rob Scatchard

    I bought the album, it didnt sound right, my bass player informed me you didnt play on it, then it all made sense.

  372. Interview with Bill Ward – Absence of Corners | Made in Camden

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  373. Buddy

    SAD all 4 can’t play together — that’s the magic. All info for upcoming concerts

    Odd how on all band & upcoming concert sites: there is a LACK the usual details:
    Opening Band?, List of the playing members of each band….
    especially the performing members of Black Sabbath !!

    Terrible how it’s come back for bands …to ‘pay to play’ Everybody else is getting huge piece of the ca$h flow, leaving nothing for the artists & their crews.
    This WRONG.

    What can we do as fans do? It killed me to not go to concert last nite..that’s what i did… Why pay $200 to see part of the group.

    Wising you the best, and hoping the 4 of you can get together excluding promotors , managers, lawyers, & who ever else is screwing up what I know the 4 of you want to do….play, blow our faces off!

  374. Sound Of Rock

    Still sad. Hope to see them soon in Europe! Can’t wait to see the madness!!!


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