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The Swallow

Posted on Apr.13, 2020, under Bill Ward

#covid19 #coronavirus

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Unimagined Thoughts

Posted on Apr.09, 2020, under Bill Ward

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Arrival Points

Posted on Apr.06, 2020, under Bill Ward

Thankful to be placed back into day
Out of a night, containing uncertainty about most things,
Drinking water, my thirst diminishes from its anxious posturing,
And thinking if anything physically got lost with the night,
I’m all here, I declare loudly,
Praising life, there is no resistance to break my fast
It’s damp outside, my favorite, and grey, a lover
that fascinates me, caresses all that my sight looks upon.
And crow now arrives, on this drab morn,
Its raucous screech, diminishes all in my mind
Drawn in, I am a spirit free
Unladen, I can reach my heart my soul,
emptied out, I breath in the morning,
I visit the sea shore in my mind,
not much to drop upon squawks crow,
I admire his wing span as he rises up and flies away
Unlike crow, I think there is much to think upon, hopefully my legs will carry me today,
hopefully to see smiles and hear laughter, hopeful to see greenery overcoming trudgery, hopeful to breath air, over and over again,

Bill Ward

COVID-19 2020
Written on 3/19/2020 / coronavirus closed everything down

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Your Prayer

Posted on Apr.05, 2020, under Bill Ward


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Powder on the Moon

Posted on Feb.01, 2020, under Bill Ward

B.W.B Thank all their fans.


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RIP Neil Peart

Posted on Jan.12, 2020, under Other Music

Red Barchetta has become even more potent today after the news of your passing. Red Barchetta is sad today, and fondly reminding my wife and I of times and places long gone, but still sweet in our hearts.

What is left is a life’s work to praise, converse about, to be in awe of, knowing the world is a better place for your triumphs. What you did in the moments you had, what you created, lends itself to the richness of life, and for those who embraced your passion and love, I believe we are better for it. My wife and I respectfully thank you.

Our condolences to family members, friends, fellow musicians, and the fans. RIP Neil.

Bill Ward

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RIP Ginger Baker

Posted on Oct.10, 2019, under Other Music

The bass drums are not in time with each other, I search for a 1, listen to the hats, no 1 on the hats, listen for 4 beats on a crash ride, I can’t find them, they’re in his head.  I fall back and listen to the entirety of the rhythm, I hear it all, it’s quiet, brilliant, unique, a leap forward, and alluring, what is this, multiple rhythms, endorsing progress, showing what can be brought out of a drum kit, when I thought I understood, he changed everything around, and what I was holding onto, pushed me away and almost demanded I start all over and listen closer this time.

This man I’d never met, this traveler, rule breaker, this man, who showed the very many that change is possible, will live forever, his final punctuation marks leave me listening to the drums of Africa, and I am brought to a place to sit and rest and look at the swollen dark clouds, now opening slightly allowing sun rays to shoot to the ground, something great has happened. Something beautiful has passed.

Thank you, Ginger.

Rest in peace.

Bill Ward

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Aretha Franklin R.I.P.

Posted on Aug.16, 2018, under Other Music

Sad today that you had to leave us, but you’ll always be with us, forever and ever.
Thank you,
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ward

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June Rock 50 Recap

Posted on Jun.06, 2018, under Rock 50

Last weekend was the third of the three birthday episodes of Rock 50.  They celebrated Bill’s 70th birthday.  If you missed it, you missed an excellent episode.   Before we get to the recap, a short announcement about Rock 50.  There will be no July episode.  The next episode is TBA.  Keep your eyes peeled here, we will announce the next date when we have it.

First is the playlist – direct from the studio and Bill’s staff.  You can download the entire playlist here.  It has an amazing coverage of all kinds of music.  Check it out, you’ll enjoy all of this!

Second is this video – which shows some highlights from the show.

Finally, you can check out the playlist on Spotify if you use it.  We have the playlist available as a playlist from Bill’s Spotify account.  There were two songs that were played that were not on Spotify, and couldn’t be included.  Those two songs are “Jack’s Land” from the first Bill Ward Band album, “Ward One”.   The other song is “The Wall of Death” from Bill’s most recent Bill Ward Band album, “Accountable Beasts”.

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May 2018 Rock 50 Preview

Posted on May.30, 2018, under Rock 50

Hi Everyone!

Our final birthday show airs on Saturday, June 2, 2018, starting at 11:00 AM Pacific Time. It’ll be a variety of music spanning five decades, maybe more. Songs that I’ve loved all my life, and we’re packing in as much as possible for the third and final 70th Birthday Show. If you like Metal, Blues and all things in between, check us out.

Rock forever and ever and ever.

P.S. You can listen with links at

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