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Feb 2017 Rock 50 Summary

Posted on Feb.25, 2017, under Rock 50

If you have Spotify, you can check out the playlist for last Saturday’s Rock 50 episode here: ♫

Three songs are not on the Spotify playlist, as they do not have the songs available.  They are: Wall of Death by Bill Ward Band, Move by Cyanotic, and It is Achieved by Day of Errors.

The full playlist file is also available on our website here.

Finally, there is a video tribute to Geoff Nicholls from the show available below:


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Geoff Nicholls

Posted on Jan.28, 2017, under Bill Ward

Geoff Nicholls

My family and I are very sad to learn of Geoff’s passing. He was a caring, kind and loving man; a great musician, always supportive and generous with musical input. Our condolences to his family, his friends and fellow band mates. RIP Geoff.  Thanks for all you gave us.

– Bill

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Jan 2017 Rock 50 Episode

Posted on Jan.21, 2017, under Rock 50

If you were unable to catch today’s Rock 50 episode, you can check out this playlist via Spotify if you use that service.

There were two songs played on the episode that were not available on Spotify.  They were:

  • Straws – Bill Ward Band
  • Borderlands – Necromandus

You can also download the full playlist here (Microsoft Word doc).

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Christmas Rock 50 Preview

Posted on Dec.08, 2016, under Rock 50

H! Everyone,

Our Rock 50 Christmas show will air on 12/10/16, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM Pacific Time.  The Christmas show at Rock 50 respectfully highlights songs that are heartfelt, and we recognize that the holidays can be stressful and depressing for many.   It’s not a “ho ho ho” show. We’ll play mostly softer rock songs with a Metal segue.  Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters, Joni Mitchell, David Bowie, Type O Negative, Yes, U2 and more great bands.  For this show, it’s melancholy, sad, uplifting, and I hope you’ll hear something you like.

We start back in January 2017 with our Metal shows.

Stay safe stay strong. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Rock forever and ever,

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November Rock 50 Show

Posted on Nov.14, 2016, under Rock 50

If you missed Saturday’s Rock 50 episode, we have some materials for you to check out.  First is a video showing some highlights from the episode.

Second is the full playlist, which you can click here to download.  You can also visit the Rock 50 page for a full archive of show playlists.

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Rock 50 Preview

Posted on Nov.08, 2016, under Rock 50

H! Everyone,

Our Armistice/Remembrance show will air on November 12th, 2016 at Rock 50.  We’ll be honoring all those who have suffered in war.   The loss, carnage and devastation war brings to us all will be remembered.  We try to make the show uplifting even though it’s a solemn time.  We’ll also have a dedication for the November 13th Paris attack of 2015.  We’ll also play songs for the loss incurred in the terrorist attacks of 2016.   Please join us if you can.

Stay safe.  Stay strong forever and ever.


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October Rock 50 Preview

Posted on Oct.26, 2016, under Rock 50

H! Everyone,

Our Halloween show airs on Saturday, October 29, 2016 at 11 AM Pacific time. Metal all the way, with our Halloween favorites Type O Negative, Rob Zombie, Metallica, new favorites, heavy hitters.  The show will rock.

Have a happy Halloween and remember to dress the kids with something white attached if you are out walking trick or treat.

Rock forever and ever.

Stay safe,


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September Rock 50 Preview

Posted on Sep.03, 2016, under Rock 50

H! Everyone,

Our next radio show airs on Saturday, September 17, 2016 starting at 11:00 AM and ending at 1:00 PM Pacific Time. The show will be our 9/11 show dedicated to those whose lives were lost, families who still grieve; to the survivors, and the incredible police and fire services who dedicated themselves to saving others.  We’ll be playing some Metal, Hard Rock and a little bit of everything. “Lift you up music” wall-to-wall.  Never to be forgotten, 9/11 will always be honored here at Rock 50.

Stay safe and rock forever and ever.


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Response to Ozzy Sad About Bill Ward’s Absence

Posted on Sep.01, 2016, under Black Sabbath

Ozzy has never reached out since January 26/27 2012 when he called to see when I would be arriving in the UK to join rehearsals for the 13 CD.  Since that last phone call, he has never reached out to me, and I have not reached out to him.

Ozzy I’m sad that Bill never came through.  Ozzy needs to look to those who stopped me from coming through.  The contract was impossible to sign; the group rhetoric of 2012, 2013 and throughout, was fault-finding, condemning and full of dishonest evaluations of me as a person, including my so-called health issues.  Had I signed the contract, I suspect I wouldn’t have been labeled as having poor health or having all the other judgmental character references.

As a reminder, in September 2015, we asked a Sabbath representative if there could be an opening to play with the band again.  Their representative answered “no.”   It’s hard to come through when you receive a “no.”

I love all our Sabbath fans throughout the world, and to toss around ideas that I might play the Birmingham shows is both emotionally heartbreaking for me and spiteful.  I think the Sabbath fans who have loved the original band have gone through enough in terms of disappointment and sadness.  For me to play Birmingham only, would, I feel, be discriminating and elitist towards our other fans all over the world.  I could never be discriminating or elitist to our fans.   It’s been heartbreaking enough not to record and tour and it’ll be heartbreaking not to play to the Birmingham fans.  Please know the prevailing circumstances are not by my design.  This is not what I would have wanted or what I have chosen.  Had any of you had to choose to sign a contract which undermined and devalued you, I think most of you with some dignity and self-respect would have walked away too.  My absence at the current shows and the future Birmingham shows reflects an undeniable and unseen misadventure that my accusers won’t bear.  It’s called selfishness and self-centeredness; dishonesty and disloyalty.  These are the culprits of Sabbath’s original line-up’s demise.


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August Rock 50 Highlights

Posted on Aug.14, 2016, under Rock 50

Here is a video with some highlights from the August 2016 Rock 50 Episode.   The full playlist is available on the Rock 50 page.

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