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A Thank You From Bill

Posted on Feb.04, 2012 under Bill Ward, Black Sabbath

Dear Sabbath Fans,

This is Bill. I just wanted to humbly thank you all. Your support from across the world has given me further strength and hope for a positive resolve. I have been moved and overwhelmed by the thousands of messages. I love you all.

Rock forever,

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  1. B. Smith

    I love you, Bill! Black Sabbath without Bill Ward is like Queen without Freddie Mercury.

  2. Daniel Palmer

    I wish you all the best, Bill. Hopefully this issue is sorted out soon. It’s been too long since the last Sabbath album from the original lineup.

    – Daniel Palmer

  3. Ken Wojo

    You deserve credit in the Black Sabbath legacy. Please keep the faith and keep the communication lines open with the band. The reunion is not complete without you, it will not work.

    Biggest Black Sabbath Fan ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tohmmy

    I think we all hope it works out about just as much as you. No matter what happens we will always love and support you, you are such an inspiration!

  5. Steve

    Bill, you and Sabbath are Gods to me,I will always love your music and take it to the grave. Respect to you always.

  6. Carlos

    Sabbath is Sabbath as long as Tony, Geezer, Ozzy and Bill stay together. Each one of them play an amazing role in the band, and create that powerful sound that has inspired thousands of people around the world . Bill, your thundering drumming set an standard for me when it comes to drums, ’cause no one, and I mean this, no one comes closer to that thunder you put on those sticks.

    You sir, deserve to be well recognised now, and through the generations to come.

    All my respect, and admiration, from Guayaquil, Ecuador.

    Carlos Murgueitio, guitarist in Vindictive Silence.

  7. Williard

    Hello Bill!!!

    Stay free and honest!!! You have my admiration and support. This ‘reunion’ will be a complete failure without you talent!
    Love your heart, man!!!
    Thank YOU!!!

  8. Monte

    We Love you too Bill, Praying this all comes together for you !!.

  9. Glenn Prosser

    Brother Bill, you are the fuckin’ greatest!!
    Your selflessness, openness, and love all serve as a lesson to us all.
    Thank you for your inspiration.

    Love as always,

    Glenn Prosser (N.Z)

  10. shane smith

    dude, your bill fuckin ward man…we are behind you 100% and i would follow you to hell and back, without bill ward it ain’t sabbath….

  11. Mats (Sweden)

    You are the best! I have some clips from some early show in France when you are wearing some kind of jump-suit with stars and smash the shit out of those drums, I hope I will see you in Sweden in May.

    Rock on!

  12. Jannick Nielsen

    Likewise, Bill.

  13. Luiz

    Money is a powerful force. And so is love.
    We need you four, once more.

  14. Marcos

    Brazil suport’s Bill.

  15. Ludvig

    I hope everything comes to a positive solution. Kindest regards

  16. Tweed

    Please make it happen…

  17. Patrick Squeri

    Would not be a Sabbath album without you playing. So far have never heard a drummer who played your stuff do it justice.

  18. Jeffmetal

    No Bill, no Sabbath. I’m totally out about this reunion circus.

    Cheers, Bill.

  19. Kev the Drummer

    I’m so glad to read that you’re keeping a positive attitude. I think it will all work out in the end. Thank YOU, Bill, for keeping your fans informed.
    Drums Forever,

  20. John Rizzotti

    Bill, their is no true reunion without you behind the kit!! I hate the actual music business but understand it is a business if that makes Sense.
    You are just as much Black Sabbath as is Ozzy’s voice.
    We the fans are behind you 100% and you receiving anything less than the other members is BS! I don’t understand how any of the band could not feel the same!
    Black Sabbath is the band, not the management, not the record execs, not the publicist etc… It’s is Bill, Ozzy, geezer and Tony. We love you and will support you no matter what your decision is but we hope it is to be apart of Sabbath!

  21. Dallas

    Bill your drumming is monumental! A huge inspiration to me and many others I’m sure. Best to you in the future.
    Dallas Kruszelnicki

  22. julie

    hoping this all gets resolved soon. hopefully the next update wil be good news. we are all looking foward to tour dates.texas is waiting for you all. best of luck to the four of you.

  23. KELLY


  24. Rob Kinson

    Dear Bill

    You are a great man and a fantastic drummer. Please don’t back down on this one, you are as important as anyone else in the band and deserve your dues. Thanks for the music and keep on rocking man.

  25. Joe Dooley

    Thank you for being you. I’ve loved all your music from the beginning. I hope the Sabbath reunion treats you the way you deserve

    Best Wishes, Rock Forever,


  26. Pedro

    Metal Heads from Brazil are all supporting you Bill! You are the best drummer in the world!

  27. Randy Young (Las Vegas)

    Bill not sure if you remember me, We were all in Criteria studios together while you were recording Technical Ecstasy. So many people love you & your drumming. No one can be Bill Ward, No one. You inspired the drumming on the entire Shockwave Heavy Impact CD. We worked very hard to get the drum sound & style correct. The World is with you. I listen to your drumming every day. Blessings. Randy Young.

  28. Jon W. in USA

    I have to say Bill, I have nothing but the utmost respect for you as a drummer, musician, and person. A Sabbath reunion needs to be a happy one to work for for the band and the fans alike. I appreciate your integrity in what has to be a very trying time for you, your family, and the band. Certainly hoping for a quick and resolution to your contract negotiations. Wishing you all the very best and looking forward to seeing the original 4 kicking ass across the world!!

  29. Victor H.

    Hey Bill, i hope all go great for you!!!

  30. Rob Smith

    Dear Mr Ward

    I am beyond angry to read the secret messages between the lines of your statement. How could you question the dignity and respect that your playing, and your name holds, in the creation of the heaviest, darkest, and greatest bands of all time?

    You question the intentions of respect of the band? How many times in your history as Black Sabbath’s drummer did you abandon the band, just walked away and out on them, your brothers? 1980 – at the start of the heaven and hell tour, 1983 – the start of the Born again tour? how can someone cry for respect as much as you do, when you couldnt even carry out your commitment to the band? And each time you fucked the band that made you,and disrespected them, and you have the balls to demand their show of respect towards you?

    You have the balls to say “i participated in the reunion, I participated in the 11/11/11 press conference” as if you were doing the band a favour? Tell me Mr Ward before sabbath once again pulled you out of obscurity to rejoin them once again, what were you doing? what music were you creating? that you found the time out of your busy schedule to “participate”?

    This Statement you released smells to me like total bullshit and blackmail. The same 3 men who have shown you the loyalty, dignity and respect the last 42 years, youre holding a threat of “im ready to sign IF, i get a signable contract” Who’s being disloyal now? How much respect can you expect, if you hang this type of threat over the heads of your 3 brothers? Especially at a time, when one of your brothers, Tony, is fighting for his life?

    But youre not the first drummer in history, who was a founding member of what would become legendary band, and then starts crying like a bitch “no one loves me, nobody listens to me…i dont get respected” Peter Criss of KISS, Ringo Starr of the Beatles and you Mr Ward, – 3 drummers who played in legendary bands, co created them, but contributed very little in terms of songs and material. Peter Criss had “Beth”, Ringo had “yellow submarine” and a few others, and you Mr Ward had “its alright”, but in all 3 cases none of you wrote the few contributions you even offered, but then expect to have the status and ranking of the other members who were the ones who truly carried the load

    “I stand to lose my rights, dignity and respect. I’d like something that recognizes me and my contributions to the band, that is Black Sabbath”
    pretty ballsy statement to make….lets look at the facts …lets see how much you havent gotten your due, how much you have been overlooked…
    1) your name is forever a cornerstone to the legend that is Black Sabbath
    2) you have been inducted into the US Rock and Roll hall of fame
    3) you have been inducted into the UK Rock and Roll hall of fame
    4) you have gold albums hanging on your wall, documents of your playing, for over 10 albums
    5) after multiple times of abandoning your brothers, you were always welcomed back in..time after time

    yeah it really seems to me, that you have just been shit on, for your whole musical career…and now i guess its time to get some recognition, even if it means fuckin your bandmates, and disappointing millions of fans around the world over your insecurity, and need to be patted on the bullocks like a 5 yr old who didnt get enough presents at his birthday party.
    but then again, why do you even need Sabbath, with killer albums like “when the bough breaks” and chart topping singles like “children killing children”, Tony and Geezer, and Ozzy have nothing on you…. you should be ashamed!! How much more validation do you need? Perhaps you need some intense personal psycho therapy, rather then a “signable contract”

    “I lay down my truth, I am honest, fair and compassionate” fucking bullocks!!!
    You are not honest – your so called statement is nothing more then a blackmailing ransom note against your brothers

    You are not fair – to pull this amateur move at this time and place

    You are not compassionate – Knowing what Tony is going thru, fighting for his very life…you voluntarily, and selfishly decide to make things harder on him. If you loved Sabbath and your brothers as much as you say, you’d rally to the cause, you would be by Tony’s side to encourage him in the fight of , and fight for his life, instead of taking sides against him.

    You are an ungrateful son of a bitch!! If this reunion doesnt happen, i wouldnt hold you responsible, because you are a non – factor. You, Ozzy, Geezer, even Ronnie have continually walked in and out of the revolving door that has always been part of Sabbath’s history.

    but the bottom line is loud, clear and simple. The legend, the power, the sound and fury that is Black Sabbath is all about Tony Iommi. He is the only one to have held the flame and never let it go out. He is the only one who never sold out, or became complacent. Tony has gone thru more hardships and pain in his 63 years then you could in a thousand lifetimes. yet you will never hear Tony complain. He is too strong, he is too powerful, he doesnt cry or weak like you. On your greatest day, you dont deserve to stand in Tony’s shadow…

    Mr Ward, I have always loved you for what you brought to Sabbath. I always felt that you were as solid a man as you were a drummer, but now after seeing your disrespect for the band, your brothers, the fans and Tony’s fight for his life,
    I have lost all respect for you, as a man, a musician and a human being… You no longer exist in my world

  31. James

    We love you to bill. Never settle for something you know isn’t right! True fans of Sabbath will see your argument. We know about the early years of Sabbath and you guys getting screwed!

  32. Scott

    Thank you Bill for all the wonderful music! I grew up on your music and you are one of my favorite drummers of all time. I look forward to your future projects!

  33. AG

    More power to you, Bill. Stand your ground. You know what you are worth and you are a founding member of one of rock’s finest bands and, above all, a highly influential drummer. You are certainly my greatest influence on the kit. I’m a multi-instrumentalist and I make my living on the road as a pedal steel guitarist. My bandmates and I are encouraged by your conviction. In my mind it will never be Sabbath without your inclusion.

    Greetings from Minneapolis (though I’m a Torontonian)!

  34. craig

    Mr. Ward. I am, as in all that are in full support of you and the reason’s you choose to not be with the remaining members. On the grounds that you stand behind in what you believe is only fair to you as a equal member of Black Sabbath is the only reason you are NOT with the rest of the band at this time. I will NOT see this up and coming tour unless you are with them….PERIOD!

  35. Daniel Mogo

    We love you Bill. no matter what some suit says we fans know and appreciate how vital you were to sabbath and music itself.

  36. Syph

    Stand your ground. Do whats best you you. Everyone wants Black Sabbath together. But not at any expense or insult to you. You have already shown 1000 times more merit and respect for the fans in your actions and words than $harozz and her leashed pets have shown. The true fans are on your side Bill… Good bless!

  37. Randy Michaud

    We love you Bill! Thank you for standing up for your principles! I sincerely hope I get the chance to meet you someday and thank you in person for all of the musical joy you have provided!

  38. Manuel Alvarado

    Mr. Bill espero que pueda encontrar una solucion al problema que tiene en estos momentos, solo esperamos que sea lo mejor para cada uno deustedes, esperando una buena solucion se despide un humilde fan de Black Sabbath

  39. Manuel García-Bayer

    I understand you and I want to give you all my support, Bill. You deserve so much more than they give you. I left a band ’cause they treated me almost like they treat you.

    Cheers, mate.

  40. Richard

    Never compromise you’re principals…

    You deserve more credit,respect,& money than i’m sure you’ve ever been offered,stay strong.rock & shine,the world knows you are the only black sabbath drummer!


    Dear Bill hoping that you can work it out and get the respect that you as a founding member deserve!! We are your fans from the past and the future your legacy continues you know you are loved by all of us around the world!! Long live Bill Ward

  42. John Siaggas

    Bill….you have support, I hope they give you a proper contract…love you man.

  43. Keith

    The whole of black sabbath have been an inspiration along with led zeppelin, the Beatles, the stones and the doors to a shit load of people over the years and u are a a huge part of sabbath equally as important as ozzy Tony and geezer never ever forget that ! No sabbath without u !

  44. Raffael Manfrere

    Sabbath is not Sabbath without you Bill. All we hope you resolve this problem. Be wise. We love you.

  45. Soggy Bob

    Stick to your guns Bill!

  46. Henke

    Sending you a late night “best wishes”, and a prayer that we’ll get to see you behind the drums in may! Hold your head up high Bill, and stand tall for whats rightfully yours! Your the essence of Sabbath in my eyes! //Henke, Sweden \^^/

  47. overmatik

    The response to the possibility of you not being part of the reunion has been massively negative. There is no way in hell that people will buy this fake reunion. Either is 100% Sabbath or no Sabbath for me.

  48. AZDarkblade

    WOW Bill – your playing IS Black Sabbath. I am so DEEPLY UPSET to hear this news I can’t even say. Your switches and rhythms ARE THE SOUND and YOU ARE THE MAN!

    =0(. What is wrong with Ozzy. He needs to take a long, hard look at where his head is allowing this to even get to the point of going public.

    This sounds like 1978 all over again! Except you’re “the outsider.” FUCK!!!!!

  49. Eric

    Hope all goes well it is not Black Sabbath without all 4 it was tried before ( Heaven & Hell ) there is only one Black Sabbath. I wish you all the luck in the world & I hope it’s resolved very quickly. GOD bless you Bill

  50. Kali

    I really hope it all works out for the best, Black Sabbath without you is not Black Sabbath. Seeing the original line-up is very high up on my bucket list, your music has brought me much joy over the years. :-)

    Kali (NZ)

  51. tristan

    i dont believe i would be able to listen to that new sabbath record the same way knowing your not on it, the anticipation and excitment kind of gets lost if your not there, i truly hope this situation gets resolved with an agreement everyone would be happy with. we are counting on YOU Bill to really give that sabbath record its strenght.

  52. Val


  53. AlO

    Jeez Bill ! can’t you just do the reunion tour and sell hot dogs before and after the show to make upthe difference ?

  54. john mccullagh

    have tickets for download i live in melbourne and was flying over with my son..but feel so strongly about this i will not do it now,,,, legend bill sabbatage drumming is this best on any album by anyone……take care……….

  55. A Fan

    I think its pretty clear how the sentiment is playing out there.

    None of us, except for yourself, knows what is going on right now with all this.

    But I will say if the other 3 decide to go on, more power to them, but if they’re calling it Black Sabbath, with a paid employee on drums, the fans will know.

    I know it will kill their merchandise sales, but if they do continue on without you, they should call the project something else, because thats exactly what it is, something else.

  56. stepen knowles


  57. Dieter

    While it is sad for us fans, I fully understand and support you, Bill. I pray that whoever is responsible for this mess will come to his/her/their senses and get this straightened out.

    No disrespect to other musicians, but I will never buy a Black Sabbath album without Bill doing what he does best – providing the foundation for this beauty- and powerful music and with his distinct and refreshing drumming. As a matter of fact, I don’t care about any other formations other than the Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill. This has nothing to do with nostalgia or trying to be a hardliner, but the fact of the matter is: there is only one Black Sabbath and this is with the four of you. Period.

    I hope and pray that there’s a little bit of honesty and integrity left and whoever fucked this up in the first place will realize that their making a cardinal mistake here.

    Bill, we all love you, and God I do hope I once more get the privilege to enjoy another Sabbath album and see my favorite band on tour.


  58. Hold Steady

    Bill, your situation reminds me a lot of the late Rick Wright’s and how he was treated at the time of The Wall. Stay strong, and take Rick’s song, and his last vocal ever on a Pink Floyd album, to heart, mate.

    “Wearing The Inside Out”

    From morning to night I stayed out of sight
    Didn’t recognize I’d become
    No more than alive I’d barely survive
    In a word…overrun

    Won’t hear a sound
    From my mouth
    I’ve spent too long
    On the inside out
    My skin is cold
    To the human touch
    This bleeding heart’s
    Not beating much

    I murmured a vow of silence and now
    I don’t even hear when I think aloud
    Extinguished by light I turn on the night
    Wear its darkness with an empty smile

    I’m creeping back to life
    My nervous system all awry
    I’m wearing the inside out

    Look at him now
    He’s paler somehow
    But he’s coming round
    He’s starting to choke
    It’s been so long since he spoke
    Well he can have the words right from my mouth

    And with these words I can see
    Clear through the clouds that covered me
    Just give it time then speak my name
    Now we can hear ourselves again

    I’m holding out
    For the day
    When all the clouds
    Have blown away
    I’m with you now
    Can speak your name
    Now we can hear
    Ourselves again

  59. David Camalieri

    Just came to this after watching Lee Kerslake on YouTube on a recent gig he was doing.I remember how Ozzy ripped him off from his contributions on the albums he had done for Ozzy.

    Don’t get played like he had. The drummer is the backbone and rhythm section of any band. Just as important as the melody.

    Sometimes in life.We have to say.Enough is Enough!
    All for one and one for all or forget it!

    Just like that British TV show that was on sometime back. Weakest Link.
    Any other Drummer besides Bill Ward is and will be the Weakest Link.

    So don’t fret. You have the right to reject the cards they have dealt you. Cheers and best wishes.

  60. Dr. Dave

    You know after Ronnie passing, that’s a huge loss. And to hear about a new album from the original after 34 years, and then add Tony’s health; there is never a more important time for Black Sabbath since the start. Ozzy (Sharon) sued Tony for the rights to the name. In his statement he said ” BS is four guys and all four guys should own the name…” Wow! Lets be real, come on everyone, is this a Yoko Ono thing or what? I think Tony and Geezer should not play as Black Sabbath in due respect to Bill if he’s not there. Just like they did to Ozzy, and named the band Heaven and Hell. Four guys from Birmingham making music!!!!!

  61. Eric L

    Bill – you are totally in the right. You’re not just a hired session guy. I saw you on that episode of metal evolution where you said you incorporated big band, swing and blues elements into the first sabbath album, especially with your drumming, and people do not realize how innovative that was (and still is), and how vital it was to sabbath establishing a sound and style. Please continue to keep your standards and morals high.

  62. Doctor Nerve

    Straighten it out and make it happen. Life’s too short.

  63. Blake D

    I can’t believe that your brothers would betray you like that Bill. I grew up listening to Black Sabbath and I looked at you all as heroes. Your music got me into music as a whole. I picked up the bass because of Geezer – but now I have lost quite a deal of respect for both him and Iommi (although I could see Ozzy & $haron pulling this stunt) because of the way they are treating you. If the say they are getting the original line-up together, they should actually be able to back it up with the four original members. I hope you guys can possibly work out some sort of deal, but if you can’t you can’t – and that is their loss. I don’t know about others, but I will not be attending this reunion tour as I had planned on earlier this year. No Ward – No Sabbath, period.

  64. Alex


  65. Eric

    If nothing happens with Sabbath please release ‘Beyond Aston’! Your solo albums have always struck a note that no other member has been able to do. And/or jump on the autobiography book train! I would love to read your insight. Thanks for the music.

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  67. jack

    @robsmith stfu you crying bitch, coming here to air your dirty nappies go somewhere else and cry , im sure Black Sabbath and Mr Ward really care about your ” opinion”

  68. Frederik Olsen

    As a fan of Black Sabbath, I stand firmly on your side, Bill. I’ve just about lost all interest in this purported reunion now. I really hoped it wouldn’t come to this, but it honestly doesn’t surprise me that the antics from 1997 and 2004 have re-emerged. You really do deserve better.

  69. TheDoomRider

    Please work it out !!

  70. Simon

    Long live Bill Ward!

  71. Marty

    Sabbath with out Bill, its not Sabbath then as far as the sabbath fans are concerned, stick to your guns Bill, any sabbath fan worth his or her salt will ignore any Sabbath projects if you arent there cos as before it isnt Sabbath, stay well and strong Bill from all your fans in England

  72. Michael Häller

    I’m a huge Black Sabbath fan and I’ve seen the band several times from 1975-2009. For me there’s only one REAL BLACK SABBATH and that’s Iommi-Ward-Butler-Osbourne. The forthcoming reunion will not be a reunion if you’re not in the band. I’m very disappointed to hear that you’re not treated with respect. In my opinion Black Sabbath consists of 4 quarters. No one is worth less or more than any other. Black Sabbath without you Bill is only 3/4 as well as if Tony, Geezer or Ozzy is missing. All the best wishes and I hope to see you in Stockholm 5/25, Oslo 5/31 and Malmö 6/2.

  73. carl

    Rob Smith,

    1. Shut the F**k up.
    2. Shut the F**k up.
    3. Shut the F**k up.

    God bless you Bill I bought my download ticket on the strength that the original lineup would play, “its now or never” was the phrase used in the press conference… well I guess It’s never because of a small amount of greedy individuals.

    I started playing the guitar many many years ago after hearing war pigs, I worship Black Sabbath you are my heroes, but if when that first power chord rings out you are not behind the kit I will turn my back on those I love.

    Like any real fan (not you Rob Smith) should do.

    If they can’t appreciate and respect you as equal then they don’t deserve you anyway.

    You have my support and respect Bill.

  74. carl

    God bless you Bill I bought my download ticket on the strength that the original lineup would play, “its now or never” was the phrase used in the press conference… well I guess It’s never because of a small amount of greedy individuals.

    I started playing the guitar many many years ago after hearing war pigs, I worship Black Sabbath you are my heroes, but if when that first power chord rings out you are not behind the kit I will turn my back on those I love.

    Like any real fan should do.

    If they can’t appreciate and respect you as equal then they don’t deserve you anyway.

    You have my support and respect Bill.

  75. Doug Stock

    Thank you Bill!! Your remarkable contribution to Sabbath has changed our lives. Be proud of your decision to not be pushed around by Sharon Osborne… She should be ashamed of herself for not showing you the respect you deserve for being 25% of one of the greatest rock bands ever. “To Thine Own Self Be True.”

  76. Laurence Kitsch

    We’re with you Bill. But PLEASE work it out with your mates. We want and need the new Sabbath album!!!

  77. black sabbath greece

    MR Ward.. although you are 100% correct and you MUST get wha
    t you deserve there must be found a positive solution for the thousands of fans who are waiting for original sabbath

  78. Erkan Kuneri

    Bill Ward = Sabbath! Do it for us Bill! :) You are Sabbath, and we want you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \m/ You are not less than the other original members, but maybe even more with your unique playing style! However, it is your soul that matters the most! Through time it hasn’t lost anything from its sheer amateur desire, and that’s the thing that matters most for the fans! Do you think it would be the same without you, with a drummer who just backs up the sound, rather than you building the sound itself, leading it!? We all sense the difference, we are the fans, and we know who does what, we just feel it!

  79. Jeremy

    Dear Bill,

    Stay strong sir! Stick to your guns and don’t let them treat you like a second rate, session musician. You’re one of the greatest drummers of all time and a vital, key componant to the Sabbath sound. You deserve your respect and a fair share of the royalties for the new album and ticket sales. The other guys stand to lose a LOT of money if they proceed without you and they know it. So stay strong and ill keep praying every day that whatever needs to happen to get you back in happens so I can get my one and only oppertunity to see Black Sabbath as Black Sabbath was meant to be seen. The ORIGINAL line up together as one cohesive unit. The one true Black Sabbath.

    Now I’m off to go listen to one of my all time favorite Sabbath tunes “Every Day Comes and Goes”(mostly for the killer drumming on that track).

    Much love and much respect


  80. Frode

    Having not read the contract, I obviously have no way of knowing what the unfair elements are, but the position your rejection of it puts you in makes me assume there’s something fishy going on. I support you, and whether or not you are right, I won’t be spending any time or money on a “reunion” album and tour if you are not involved.
    Take care mate, really hope this can be fixed.

  81. Dillon

    Bill, you HAVE to play on this tour……..sharon (assuming she’s the problem) can go fuck herself

  82. Dan

    Black Sabbath ain’t Black Sabbath without you Bill. Tell Sharon to quit being a money leech and split the $$$ 4 equal ways. Problem solved! Haha if only things were that simple, right? Regardless your the man, and it ain’t a sabbath reunion without you

  83. Looy

    I`m hoping to see and hear you at the Graspop Metal Meeting Festival in Belgium this summer. If it doesn`t work out well and you won`t be able to play it will be a lost chance for all the heavy music fans to relive the legend that Black Sabbath is. But if so I will respect your decision.

  84. Len Day

    Don’t be put off by any detractors Bill – you do what you feel is right, and stick to your principles!

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  86. Marco

    Hi Bill,

    when I read the news that you are no longer a part of the band, I started to get angry. Angy about the greedy other bandmembers and in first row about the most-greedy-person, the wife and manager of a certain singer.

    Why has it to be so complicated to work together again? It was easy in the beginning and now on every corner there are crooks and vultures.

    If the singer, guitarrist and bassist of BS continue working without you on the new record, I can promise you, they will never get my money for the big fuck up. They destroyed forever their reputation and the mark of betrayal will be forever on them. I will never buy and listen anything of Black Sabbath or Ozzy again, this I can promise you, and I was a huge fan, but this ends now and today.

    Shame on them and the managers (in first row this certain woman) which let a big chance pass by because of money and greed. They had the chance to make history and in my worl BS are only the 4 founding members, nothing else.

    Stay true to yourself, let them be rich and famous and don´t be sad, they are not worth to call them friends. I thought that after Ronnie´s death everybody woke up about the last chance but greed destroyed it all.

    Best regards from Hamburg


  87. mapatnv

    Wanna see you in Moscow.
    No Ward – no Sabbath.

  88. murphy

    Bill God Bless you..Keep up the Good Fight…You Deserve 25%..Sabbath is not Sabbath with out You…

  89. anthony

    i wish you all the best. you are doing the right thing. it’s unfortunate, and i will never understand how or why your bandmates would do this (and i happen to respect all of you). i hope this works out for you. there is no BLACK SABBATH without you.

  90. Wayne

    Wanted to lend my support Bill, no Bill Ward, no Black Sabbath reunion. I for one will be boycotting all things related to this reunion if you are not given the respect and fair shake that you deserve. Dear God, how much money do these fucking people need?

  91. Glowacki

    I have tickets to go from Brazil to St. Petersburg, just to see Black Sabbath…..
    But this band is not Black Sabbath without you, so, for while, I’m out too. :(

  92. TVuglyBand

    Bill, no matter what happens you are still my favorite drummer and Sabbath will always be my favorite band!

  93. Graham

    Mr. Bill Ward,

    I am not sure what the contract dispute is about, however, I will say this: If it is about money, you deserve the same share as the rest of the ORIGINAL members of Black Sabbath.

    I’m sure that in the early days of Black Sabbath, everything was split equally, so why have things suddenly changed now?

    I really hope that the others recognize what a valuable asset to the band you are and make the necessary amendments to your contract ASAP.

    This is an extremely rare opportunity for a whole new generation of metal fans to see the INNOVATORS OF HEAVY METAL and as such, they deserve to see the ORIGINAL line-up perform.

    This is also an opportunity for Black Sabbath to end their legendary career on a high note, going out on top of the world to their fans across the world and you rightfully deserve to be a part of that.

    But instead, currently, it is beginning on a sour note and that is just wrong.

    Black Sabbath NEEDS Bill Ward.

    I wish you all the best, Mr. Ward.

  94. Black Sabbath Drummer Bill Ward Thanks Fans For Support

    […] took to his official website yesterday (Feb. 4), releasing a statement to fans thanking them for their support. He said: Dear […]

  95. Cray

    I don’t know, in all honesty, if you had contractual issues you should have taken them up with an attorney. The path you took of holding off on going to UK and speaking “globally” (internet) about problems probably rattled the cages of a lot of people, but mostly your band-mates. Your letter to the band, that was posted on the internet, did not actually say what was unfair about the contract, and that leads people to wonder, is it money? is it something else?
    But I can see how the letter itself probably stoked the fires within the band. Maybe you have tried to make your appeals to the band already, but I would appealed to them personally, then got a lawyer to deal with the contractual stuff.

    Personally I am sick of any band changes will still be sold as a “reunion”. And your drumming, was entirely unique, as it involved jazz and some swing elements. John Paul Jones said most drummers lacked dynamics and it was “boom” “bash” “boom” “bash”, so while I was pleased with Vinnie Appice on Mob Rules he was not so great on Heaven And Hell’s The Devil You Know. A Black Sabbath “Reunion” should be Ward, Butler, Osbourne, Iommi and fans ought not to settle. So I hope you guys work it out.

    Again, if you’d gone to the U.K. and kept up with the reunion and pulled the guys aside and said what you said in the letter, instead of going public, you might have gotten a different answer. “Guys, it would be weird if I have to pull an attorney in to get a contract I can sign, I need to know what we can do, if anything, to solve this __________-problem”

    The internet letter would have ticked me off I think.

    If it’s Sharon, you are as good as f*cked and wish you luck, but I hope you don’t sit this out, I want to hear “band” Black Sabbath with you on the drummer’s throne. No-one else plays Sabbath like you

  96. ROCKTAMBULOS » Baterista de BLACK SABBATH espera que los problemas entre él y la banda “se resuelvan positivamente”

    […] reunida banda BLACK SABBATH, acaba de establecer un nuevo (y breve) comunicado a través de su página web, dirigido a sus fans y la comunidad en general comentado acerca de la disputa existente entre él y […]

  97. Steve

    stand your ground, buddy!

    considering the loss of Ronnie Dio last year and the fact that Tony is ill, one would think that those involved would take stock of what’s really important in life and realise that this reunion should be fun and done in a spirit of goodwill and equanimity.

    if the conditions are not right and you’re not going to be treated equally and fairly from a contractual standpoint (regardless of who OWNS Black Sabbath) then don’t bother…i wouldn’t. stand your ground!!

  98. Jamie Oliver

    If you are willing to involve the public with an outcry then why not leak the contract out to the net? I am sure we’d love the facts to truly rally to the cause.

    Good luck with getting your dues Bill but nobody truly has a clue why you really won’t sign a contract so all the rants and well wishes being recieved are a little pointless as this is all based on conjecture and not the facts.

    What a shame legal squabbles stop what could be magical experience from happening. If anyone is hurting here it is us the fans. Still hoping you guys can mediate an amicable resolution as a tour would be unbelievable! Anyway peace and love man.

  99. charles

    Black Sabbath was and is the sum of all the parts, without Bill Ward this is not a Black Sabbath reunion. I can’t believe that Tony and Geezer are onboard with what’s going on. I won’t pay to see any version of Sabbath that does not include you Bill!

  100. Arvido

    Hello! ofcourse the deal should be 1/4 to all members, If not, Im out to//Arvido

  101. Andy Jones

    Just read what Rob Smith wrote. So tell me WHO is putting the knife in and twisting it!

    If we are being HONEST EVERY original member of Black Sabbath HAS left the band voluntary or being sacked like Ozzy was.

    EACH of the Original members played their own respected place with in the band. SO YOU did not write much. BIG DEAL you were there just like Ozzy. Without Ozzy’s Voice and your input on Drums where would Sabbath have been! Another medioker, possible one hit wonders short lived band.

    I can see that the four of you guys love one another as you have done right back year dot. Time for equal billing and merchandizing split. Royalities as usual unless you have them as a joint signing.

    IF I can get a day ticket to DOWNLOAD and you are there, I guess, I will be with the rest of the crowd chantting “WHERE IS BILL WARD”!

    Forgive me for being cynical, but did the reunion come about with the very sad demise of RJD, and Tony and geezer needed Ozzy’ s flourishing carear to pick them up, and back into the lime light?

    To conclude I just hope that the other three see sense, and a HAPPY Compromise is struck with Equal BILLING and the rest.

    Long Live Rock and Roll

    Long Live Heavy metal


  102. Wayne Leonardi

    Bill, When I heard you guys were back at it, I was filled with J J Joy… The band with out you, isn’t Black Sabbath!! I can understand your dispute, however so them up and get on Stage and Take Over! You are loved and respected by us, your Fans. Your contract is with us, we will belay you and let the others have it! Please, we will fing miss you man!

  103. Ronaldo Padavona

    We are kindly greatful for all you have done for the Sabbath fans. Let’s really pray they won’t trow away this chance for you all to make history once more! We, brazilian fans are just waiting to buy an airplane ticket to see you on tour wherever it is, but only with you!!
    Thank you very much!

  104. KoreanDisciple666


    Hails and supports to you Mr. WARD !

  105. biff bubba

    Hang in there Bill!

  106. Hernan From Argentina

    Bill, Black sabbath without one of it’s memberrs isn’t black sabbath. So this mustn’t be called a black sabbath reunion!

  107. Bill Ward espera un resultado positivo entre Black Sabbath y él | Maracaibo Alterno

    […] las palabras que Bill Ward, baterista de Black Sabbath, expresa a través de su sitio web referente a las recientes ‘disputas’ entre él y la banda respecto a la reunión de la […]

  108. Bruno

    Black Sabbath without Bill Ward is not Black Sabbath, it is just ozzy, tony, gezzer jamming. Without Bill, there is no reunion. We don’t want a partial reunion. We want the reunion with the most important thig: Bill’s drum sound. We are wit you Bill.

  109. steph


    YOU are and WILL BE the drummer of Black Sabbath , I sincerely hope everyone will think about the music and fans
    before the fair amount of $ that each parties can put in their pocket
    I have Faith that a solution will be find in order to celebrate THE MIGHTY BLACK SABBATH !!!

  110. Roger Haworth

    I would suggest the arrogant crap from the likes of Rob Smith above are in the minority. Bill Ward, you are 25% of the original Black Sabbath. No Bill (on the right terms) – no reunion.


    Roger Haworth

  111. SheilaC

    Wow, that dude Dave above who wrote his long-winded diatribe needs to flush the toilet, the air stinks from his crap. My butt you contribute nothing. WHAT is he going on about. Sure, Tony is Sabbath. That’s why they remained popular after Ozzy, then you left. Um. Yea.

    Bill, your signature on the songs is what I totally love and miss beyond words. It will never be Black Sabbath without you. I am ashamed of Ozzy and Geezer and Tony all for letting things get to this point.

    I know your heart Bill, and know that it would only be if things were THAT insulting that you’d say “bull.”

    I stand with you and will be completely offended if they even begin to think to call the band Sabbath without you. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM?!

  112. John Newman

    Black Sabbath without Bill Ward is NOT Black Sabbath – and as fans, it is essential to us to know when we watch the shows that there is harmony within the band and that everyone is there for the right reasons. Don’t sacrifice your self-respect Bill. I really hope the whole thing can be resolved amicably and to everyone’s satisfaction. Long live Black Sabbath!!!

  113. Oscar O

    Hey Bill!

    Just felt like you should know, your early work has really changed my life! You hit drums like every beat MATTERS. Every beat does matter!

    Hope to see you in Stockholm. I would remember it the rest of my life.

  114. Andre Margoto

    Two simple things:

    No Bill Ward = No Sabbath reunion
    25% x 4 = 100%

  115. Black Sabbath Drummer Bill Ward Thanks Fans For Support | THE ROCK OF EAST TEXAS

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  116. Black Sabbath Drummer Bill Ward Thanks Fans For Support - ABSOLUTE ROCK 94.5

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  117. Erick

    Bill Ward saludos desde Ciudad Azteca Mexico… Sin Ti La Reunion Black Sabbath no tiene mucho poder… Eres El Bateria Original Del Heavy Metal Yeah!!!
    Queremos Verte Con Sabbath En Mexico Porfavor…

  118. annavette

    keep on keepin on my friend

  119. martin

    no Bill, no sabs…no bill no SABS, if mr. ward does not attend the reunion I’m not going to see the SABS on tour. I am ready to sell the ticket for the concert in Milan in Italy.
    (excuse me for my english). Bill, I’m with you.

  120. Dann

    Over 5000 negative comments X maybe $50.00 plus a concert ticket = over $250,000 lost over night…hmmmmm…is that good biz?…..thats not counting the album sales….did they say they r in the biz of losing money…..Hey! some1 better rethink this b4 its a total loss….I`m with ya Bill from 1 drummer to another…good luck…..Dann

  121. Daniel

    Sending support and I hope you stick to your guns on this one. Do not settle as you’re one equally as important quarter as the rest of the bunch!

  122. mike

    You’ve got to fight for what you want

    For all that you believe

    It’s right to fight for what we want

    To live the way we please

  123. Markus Horn

    Hi Bill,
    we all know that sharon joko ono osbourne needs Money !
    I am a grat fan of Black sabbath but i will get my Tickets back if you are not involved and treated with respect !
    Greeting from f……cold Germany !

  124. Johan Krulos

    Sabbath will not be the same without you.. Hope I and the rest of the world will be fortunate to see the 4 original members once again. NO band in the world can beat the 4 original sabbath members on stage. You fxxking rule, it is a divine feeling :)

  125. Peter

    Hope you make it to Donington it wouldn’t be the same without you.

  126. Lifer.

    I have got the ticket for show in Moscow. I from Omsk (Siberia) also am 2700 km. I there will be! I very much would like you to see there! We trust!
    Forgive for my English!))

  127. Ron from Den Haag

    It seems that the one who has contributed the least to the band has got the most to say …
    And his wife of course …

  128. Black Sabbath Continue Without Bill Ward - Easy Songs to Play on Guitar

    […] the band won’t be touring or recording in its full original lineup.The following day, Bill responded with a post thanking fans for their support following his difficult negotiations, while still hinting that he hopes for a […]

  129. Jorgen1992

    Greatest drummer ever! We do love you Bill. Hope that I get the chance to see you perform live!

  130. john

    hi just want to say that you are 110% right to stand up for yourself when it comes to the contract of the black sabbath reunion, i can´t understand how somebody can be so fucking ignorant that they can´t give you a good honest contract. black sabbath is the absolute most important band in the history of heavy metal. just as fucking important as beatles is for pop! and sabbath is not sabbath without you!

  131. James

    Just wanted to say that I support your decision on the latest contract issue with the up coming Black Sabbath Tour. Without the original members intact, the tour will be little more than a tribute. It is chemistry that made Black Sabbath, and it is chemistry that inspries fans and musicians alike. No matter the outcome, the fans will always know the tremdous contribution you have made ot the many phases of Black Sabbath. We hope that in the future, everything will be resolved fairly and equally so the young fans have an opportunity to enjoy Black Sabbath as I have.
    Rock on!

  132. ulf sveden

    Nothing can never replace the original line up of black sabbath! I think that the original line up = Big money!

  133. Dee Zed

    Dear Bill,

    to me, an Italian guy born in the late 80s,
    Black Sabbath means everything.
    I listen to your LPs constantly and I’ve learnt by heart all your live performances from that one in Paris back in the days (’70) to the last one in Donington in ’05..

    You guys need to be back together, an angry, mad bunch of guys from birmingham who, one more, have to show the world what means to play music.

    I need to see you, all of you.
    Bill, Tony, Geezer and Ozzy

    Ready to leave everything and follow you as a roadie,
    Dee Zed

  134. Freddie

    Is this a joke? Sabbath without Bill is not Sabbath. I have a ticket for the Stockholm show in may, gonna sell it in a near future if they don’t give Mr Bill Ward a fair deal asap.

    Long live Bill Ward.

  135. Dan Moore

    BILL!!! You are the only proper drummer for Sabbath !!! hopefully this mess gets sorted and Sabbath will come full circle!!!! If your not included… I’m not buying.

  136. Jack

    Please sort this mess out , who ever is holding out . the only ones to loose out are the fans , look at Tony’S SITUATION .LIFE IS TOO SHORT BOYS .It can only be the orignal four , nothing else will do

  137. Cesar

    No Bill = No Sabbath

  138. Kim-Chee

    Seeing Black Sabbath together (Ward, Iommi, Butler Ousborne) once again at Azkena Rock Festival, Spain is a dream for me, and for thousand of your spanish fans. It wouldn’t be the same with the wonderful sound of your drums. I still hope the dream will come true!


    I have been a fan of Black Sabbath since 1970. Any reunion album without you is incomplete. Perhaps you should write your own book to tell your side of the Black Sabbath story. You should never sign any contract that you don’t agree with. You have a right to be respected as you see fit. You have my support as one of your fans.

  140. Black Sabbath Drummer Bill Ward Thanks Fans For Support | Rock 108 Real Rock Radio

    […] took to his official website yesterday (Feb. 4), releasing a statement to fans thanking them for their support. He said: Dear […]

  141. Luiz Francisco Guariniello

    Bill, We are waiting for one solution good enough for all, I still believe in reunion with Bill, Tony, Ozzy and Geezer, the real Black Sabbath.
    Faith and hope, dont give up.
    No Bill Ward, no Sabbath.
    Greetings from Brasil, we are with you.
    God bless you.

  142. Jeff

    Bill: I was hugely disappointed when you were not a part of the Ronnie version/reunion, and I’m just as disappointed about this. No other band I like has a drummer who plays like you and your sound is integral and essential to every Sabbath song. This is saddening.

  143. Black Sabbath Continue Without Bill Ward [News] | The SuperSlinger Site

    […] following day, Bill responded with a post thanking fans for their support following his difficult negotiations, while still hinting that he hopes for a […]

  144. Doug Nicko

    Man if Bill plays at the upcoming shows there will be a great spontaneous roar with tears of happiness from the crowd when Ozzy says MR BILL WARD.If Bill does not play they will have a small ,small weak boo from the small crowd of the poor people who had bought tickets & cannot get refunds.Thats when they would anounce the poor drummer to try fill Bills shoes.
    PS Hoping for a Giant Roar

  145. Black Sabbath to continue reunion without Bill Ward | Totally Endor

    […] the world has given me further strength and hope for a positive resolve,” Ward wrote on Saturday . “I have been moved and overwhelmed by the thousands of messages. I love you […]

  146. dm

    we love you bill, please make it work and rejoin your bandmates! ive never seen sabbath and am so excited for the world tour

  147. Terry

    Bill I was thinking about you the morning before you made your announcement. I was thinking about Ward One oddly enough the album cover to the single for Paranoid from Reunion (where all your faced are pieced together). Its strange I was thinking about all that, must be that Sabbath fans are linked in a magical way somehow. I am not religeous or anything but I am sending positive thoughts your way for a swift resolution to this. I know how much you mean to the band and how much it means to you.

    All the best from Canada.

    Rock and shine

  148. Black Sabbath Continue Without Bill Ward

    […] following day, Bill responded with a post thanking fans for their support following his difficult negotiations, while still hinting that he hopes for a […]

  149. Dani

    Bill please find a way. The whole thing that made me so happy, new Album, new Tour… it’s all screwed if you’re not on board. The album’s not gonna sound like Sabbath, but more like another Ozzy or Iommi solo thing. The tour’s gonna be a half-assed thing too. I don’t want this. This was supposed to be sacred and huge. Now it’s another bad joke… :-(

  150. johan

    Well,seems like its time to sell my tickets for the stockholm show. I thought it was the original Sab performing,,,,

  151. Mike Plowman

    Hey Bill

    I truly hope you can resolve this and I hope Tommy, Ozzy and Geezer read this at some point, or someone who knows them does.

    Brian May said, when Queen finally decided to credit all material to all four members, regardless of who had written a song, that it stopped a great deal of arguments and bad feeling and that he wished they had done it years before.

    John Lydon, way back in 1977, when asked about who wrote the songs said that it was usually him and Glem Matlock but songs were always credited to all four members because ‘by the time you’ve played them and knocked them into shape everybody’s put something in.’

    I hope you can all stop playing at rock stars and remember that you were just four lads from The Midlands who got together to play music. At this stage in your lives, try and make it about that.

    If not, it’s a shame. The money generated by this tour is undoubtedly more than fans will see in a lifetime. Surely it can’t be that hard to say let’s just split it four ways for goodness sake.

    Keep well Bill.

  152. Pelle (Sweden)

    In the early seventhies Sabbath was the only band for me.
    Love your music to my death. I lock forward to the Malmö gig – please be there all four……see and hear ya….go for it Bill, Tony, Geezer and Ozzy = Black Sabbath – nothing else

  153. Baterista do Black Sabbath aguarda final feliz » Tenho Mais Discos Que Amigos! | Sua fonte diária de discos, música e vinil!

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  154. Christer "Chris The Riff" Cuñat - DOOMDOGS

    Dear Bill……

    I just wanna share my thoughts (regarding “Black Sabbath-without-Bill Ward) that I posted at the Black Sabbath Facebook wall today…..

    GOD DAMN IT….Mr Iommi, Mr Osbourne and Mr Butler….with all due respect….please don’t try to sell us this “Black Sabbath-without Bill Ward-bullshit” and then still expect us to come to your conserts and to buy the upcoming “Black Sabbath” album……just wanna inform you guys that – without Bill Ward, it’s NOT Black Sabbath !!!…at least not for us hardcore “original Black Sabbath lineup” fans….It was that awesome musical magic you “FOUR” guys together made happen that we sooo much looooove and admire………and as I said…”with all due respect” !!! (Christer “Chris The Riff” Cuñat – DOOMDOGS)……………

    ‎”In the beginning you guys set the standard for heavy music…… you really should use, what could be your last opportunity to go out the way you came in.
    Sabbath without Bill is not Sabbath. So whatever it takes to settle this, DO IT. If not for yourselves, for us your fans”….
    “Tommy ( Foundry of Doom Radio )”

  155. Bill Ward missing Black Sabbath Re-Union? | Chainsaw Guitar Tuition

    […] more recently, Bill Ward had this to say on this Official Website: “I just wanted to humbly thank you all. Your support from across the world has given me […]

  156. Terry

    Bill strangely enough on the morning that you made your announcement before I knew anything about it, I was thinking about your album Ward One and i had a passing thought of the album cover for the Reunion single for Paranoid (where ypur four faces are spliced together). I was gutted when I read your words but right is right.

    Im hoping you can find common ground with your bandmates, that band needs you.

    All the best

  157. Viktor

    Respect to you Bill, keep communicating with tony, ozzy and geezer! Hope you work this out! I will have Black Sabbath in my heart to the day i die.

  158. Black Sabbath Drummer Bill Ward Thanks Fans For Support - Classic Rock & The Best New Rock

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  159. Fritiof

    I bought a ticket to see the original Black Sabbath line-up, but without Bill Ward they should call themselves Lack Abba not to confuse people, we’re not getting the real Sabbath.

    Stand your ground Bill!

  160. Cunhambebe

    Bill, the best!!!

  161. Dan Rosen


    Sabbath’s not Sabbath without you. Hope you get a fair deal.

    May I suggest you go to Birmingham anyway. Not for the music, but to support Tony at this difficult time. I’m pretty sure he would love seeing you. I’m certain it would really lift his spirits. You guys are all brothers, and always will be. There’s precious little on this earth worthwhile, but friendship is one of those things. You Sabbath guys have an enviable special bond; never lose sight of that.


  162. LSD

    If Sharon Osbourne wasn’t such a money grubbing gold digger, Bill would be offered an equitable and fair contract. Ozzy, Geezer and Tony should not be able to bill themselves as the original Black Sabbath without the inclusion of Mr. Bill Ward.

  163. Jes

    I really REALLY hope we can get things worked out. Black Sabbath is my all-time favorite band, and I’d love to be able to see them again. But it’s just not the same without you, brother. Black Sabbath needs their drummer! I don’t mean some lousy stand-in, I mean the man, Bill Ward! If we’re gonna do it, lets do it right.

  164. Thiago Salay

    Hey Bill…

    I dont know if you are aware of this, but now the black sabbath page on facebook started to delete every single comment which supported you. Not this being enough, as I repeatedly tried to post something there, I was expelled and cannot post anything else. This became such a mess….how would you feel if you were a die hard fan for SO MANY years and now you are disrespected like this? Of course you arent guilty…but I am just texting this here because I think here I may still have freedom of speech. Fans deserved more, you know…
    We are still supporting you Bill…it would be really nice to give us more details about what is going on. I just wonder if Ozzy, Tony and Geezer know about this themselves? That their “managements” so to say are screwing the bands name? Does anyone cares?

  165. Bob M

    Bill, I fully support you in your decision, although without knowing WHY its kinda hard to accept all this. If its money, there is no doubt you deserve 25%, even 24% would be an insult. If its something else (the music biz is complicated) that makes you feel “less than equal”, its hard to argue without knowing the facts. Maybe (hopefully this will be resolved) one day we will know WHY, but until then the real losers here are us, the fans.

    I cant put into words the influence that Sabbath has had on me. There are no words to describe how I’ve been effected by Sabbath. Everyone who has posted above feels the same. When I heard about the reunion, it was like finally, I get my wish. I have never seen the four of you together as I just missed seeing your last tour when I was a young teenager.I have seen every combo of Sabbath since but was always praying for the real thing.

    I truly hope for ALL our sakes you get what you want( and deserve) so we can move past this and get to what is most important, the music and the chance to see the living legends once more…

    Best of luck in whatever you do…

  166. Mike

    Sabbath is not Sabbath without all of the original members and that includes Bill Ward why cant you sort it out

  167. Black Sabbath Drummer Bill Ward Thanks Fans For Support - THE Q ROCKS

    […] took to his official website yesterday (Feb. 4), releasing a statement to fans thanking them for their support. He said: Dear […]

  168. Thiago Salay

    Hey Bill…me again. It looks like your own son tried to post something at the black sabbath page but it didnt take long before it was deleted. Shortly after, the fans kept trying to keep the message online, but it is not there anymore. I think they cannot post anymore in sabbaths page, just like what happened to me. Anyway, of course I am not sure if this was Aron’s, but it said the following, and i quote:
    ‘ the press is spinning this shit storm to read as if my dad has quit. this is not true. the guys know that. that’s why they said the door is ALWAYS open.
    my dad hasn’t “declined” playing with black sabbath or “threatened” to pull out of this reunion.
    as he stated his bags are packed and he’s ready to go. he say’s it loud and clear, he definitely wants to play on the album and he definitely wants to tour.
    i know he’s been committed to this project from the beginning all the way to the point everyone else flew off to the uk.
    when i saw him over the summer he had this little cd case with him that had all the rehearsals and song ideas.
    each cd was sharpie scrawled with rough titles and ideas they had been working on.
    about a month ago my dad called me to let me know that Tony had been diagnosed with cancer. he said they were all flying over in the next couple of weeks to continue recording the album in the uk and begin rehearsals for the summer tours. he’d been rehearsing more than i’ve ever known him to. up till about 3 weeks ago he was working extremely hard and close with the other 3 on this album/reunion tour. he was in very good spirits and sounded excited to be writing with Tony, Geezer and Ozzy again.
    i know if they sort this shit out you guys won’t be disappointed.

    i’ve always stayed out of my dad’s business and would like nothing more than for everything to be worked out swiftly between the guys.
    unfortunately it’s become personal with all these idiots slagging off my dad so this is for the fucking morons saying

    “get over it Bill” : my dad has “gotten over it” again and again. he’s risen above this bullshit thing called showbiz for the last 30 years. he’s respected because he’s real and honest not just because he’s a complete bad ass on the drums. he’s been there for other musicians. in all kinds of circles – punk rock, hardcore, metal whatever. he was one of the first to get his head screwed back on after the 70’s and get cleaned up. he’s given so much support to so many people trying to pull themselves out of the hell called addiction. he tries so hard to stay in touch with the fans. he’ll talk your ear off if you get a chance. he is humbled by your support and loves you.

    “can’t believe he needs to make this public” or “it’s not the first time” : you’re an idiot and have no idea what the hell’s really going on. just shut the fuck up and keep the speculation and lies to yourself. what my dad posted was from his heart, on the level and as usual completely honest. he wants you to know what’s really going on. that he has been given a contract that he can’t sign. nothing more to it. no hidden agenda. disappointingly someone else is trying to shroud everything in some kind of x factor “yeah it’s full steam ahead – we have no choice” bullshit. of course they have a choice.

    “don’t be so greedy” : he is by no means greedy man. if he was he would of settled with whatever contract given him. it’s kind of obvious someone else is greedy. wake up. he lives in a modest home in southern california. pays rent like the rest of uz. in case your still blind look at it this way – sadly the current “sabbath” statement reads as if someone would rather see the remaining members play in front of thousands of disappointed, confused and resentful fans then give my dad a dignified agreement. additionally the record sales will be severely affected because it isn’t the promised original line up. all this because of someone’s inability to respect him as the committed founding member he is. this has derailed the fan’s hopes of seeing the original line up and strongly divided the fans. what a way to fuck up such a powerful, influential and inspirational legacy for the rest of time.

    “who cares, it’s just a bunch pensioners” : i’m just as cynical about old rock legends getting back on the road “one more time” as anyone but this is BLACK SABBATH. they’ve never been a conventional band. thing is i know these guys have been rehearsing loads. over the last couple months. when i’ve caught up with my dad he’s been talking about how heavy the jams have been and how hard he’s been playing. do you think people were looking at miles davis, ornette coleman or max roach going “man these guys are boring and old” no! it’s the music that’s important, played by the masters themselves. thats what we want. they’re here to teach us, inspire us and make us flip out. i saw the (captain beefhearts) magic band recently on tour and they were clearly the definite article. legends. completely schooled any new hip shiny processed hyped out mush you’ve been exposed to in the last couple years. there’s no doubt that there are loads of new heavy as fuck bands out there but to me Black Sabbath are still totally relevant. it’s pointless to bitch about their age. they will kick serious fucking ass. trust.

    to Terry (my godfather) , Ozzy (my friend when i was little) and Tony (towering hero) i hope that you will listen to your fans. they want all of you together. as YOU are black sabbath so is my Dad. i hope you guys can work it out.

    People didnt change their mind, this is just the facebook administrator deleting all the messages supporting you.



  169. mikesline

    im so sad bill,3/4 black sabbath lp sounds sick to me,no more words needed, im gonna go cry. love you bill best wishes too you and family. mike

  170. canadaspaceman

    First off,
    to Rob Smith –
    from what I have read,
    1980 tour: Ronnie Dio was being an egomaniac yelling at everybody, Tony was on coke, and Bill was on a drinking binge
    = trouble.

    1983 tour: there were strange things happening during the recording of the Born Again LP which is barely mentioned anywhere, so that combined with Bill’s hard drinking at the time
    = trouble.

    stick to your guns and do what is right.
    They promised it as a reunion of the original band.
    I am guessing they promised before the conference that there would not be problems?

    If they do not resolve whatever the dispute is about, could you please post the contract offered?


  171. DRCHUD

    I’m at bat for ya bill!! DRCHUD (MISFITS,JOEY RAMONE,ect)

  172. james gilbert

    I will not support a Black Sabbath without Mr. Ward. Do what you need to do and know that real fans of Sabbath support your decision.

  173. jackson douglas

    Bill we all love you brother you inspire alot of us and without black sabbath the world won’t be the same.
    I remember listening to black sabbath when i was only 14 and it blow my mind and from that day forward when i practice guitar i play sweet leaf and other sabbath songs. Please bill we need you to make this tour work.

  174. jackson douglas

    Bill tell sharon to sort this shit out now or face a world full of very angry sabaath fans. This is bull shit without you in the band then there can’t be a reunion tour let alone a band. Its not just the fans sharon will lose alot of respect from friends and celebs if this isn’t sortted out soon.

  175. Bob Dodge

    I won’t buy a Black Sabbath CD if all members are not on it if Bill is not playing then it’s not Black Sabbath. No Bill = No Sabbath

  176. Banzai

    Facebook is blowing up with support for you Bill.
    I can speak for Many,Many of my friends who also support you.


    It’s sad that it has to come to this but you do what’s right for you.
    We’re here for you.

  177. TuomasParka

    No Bill…No Black Sabbath. I really hope that everything goes well after all and we finally get new (real) Sabbath album and tour.

  178. jay

    Give Bill what he feels he deserves,should not be questioned.

  179. Myk 5e

    Stick to your guns Bill, this is supposed to be about the music not bureaucracy. We want you there and it won’t be Sabbath without you, can’t believe the other 3 aren’t backing you…especially with Tony’s condition.
    Respect to you sir!!

  180. Carlos

    Bill, we support you and wish that Black Sabbath will offer a fair contract, not go to see Black Sabbath to Azkena Festival if you’re not in the group. A hug, I hope everything is resolved …. A faithful fan from Spain ….


  181. AZDarkblade

    READ what people think of this!

    < <>>>

  182. Jon

    Just want to say yesterday was a sad day. Can not believe the profit is not equally shared between all members.

    My ticket for your gig in Norway will be sold and i am thankful i was able to see the original (and best line-up) last time you visited Norway.

    Wish you the best and good luck on your next project.

  183. Laurent

    Looks like Sharon strikes again! What an unbearable fat ugly silicon-filled woman….

    Regardless of what happened in the past, a reunion is supposed to be about making amends and learning from the mistakes made. In this situation, and although the press will probably consider that the important factor is Ozzy being part of it (which in terms of marketing is probably true, as Ward/Iommi/Butler and another singer would have less commercial appeal), the truth is that real metal fans will want to see the FOUR of you. We all had the chance to see you in different line-ups but now this will be a piece of history repeating.
    I commend you for sticking to your guns. In the days when Sharon was bullied by her daddy, you were creating history. When all is said and done, your name will be in the Pantheon of Rock Music whereas Sharon’s will not. You deserve a fair contract. I am not saying all must be equal as I am not privvy to the business dealings behind the scene. But you must receive a decent, fair and generous deal. This whole thing is about the reunion of the original line-up, not 3 + 1 drummer (guess Vinny is already warming up LOL). As such, you are an integral, vital and important part of this group. I hope you will find a way to sort this out to your advantage. Unfortunately, I have no doubt that this “reunion” will go ahead with or without you. This is a business, and ruthless managers will not miss the chance to cash in big time. I am sure that even if Geezer was not part of it, a lot of people would not really mind. Still, some of us like to think that some values are worth fighting for. All the best.

  184. Timth

    Of course, you deserve your part of the cake. 1/4th of it, if you ask me. However, I urge you to think things through, Bill…as this might be your last chance to ever record with Tony and your other bandmates again.

    Of course, we all hope he recovers but life is fragile and we all witnessed the tragic passing of Ronnie James Dio. You suffered a heartattack as well, last time around. Don’t take this opportunity for granted. We waited 33 years for this. And so did you. Do you really feel a piece of paper and some cash (which none of you guys really need, let’s be honest) is worth more than writing the final chapter of one of the most influential bands in history? In my humble opinion? No. I want your name on that record sleeve. And so do Tony, Geezer and Ozzy… I’m sure. Their lawyers and managers? Probably not. These people have constantly dictated the way you pursued your career with Sabbath. Don’t let them ruin this.

    You ARE a part of Black Sabbath and you ARE recognized. By us, the fans. As you can tell right now, by reading these reactions. You don’t need a contract. The bond you share can’t be put into words and figures. So please reconsider and join the other guys…

  185. Mikey G

    I am simply saddened that you Bill have decided to ‘hold-out’ for reasons only you can truly know.
    Your published message leaves much to the imagination as to the real reason you are choosing to not join Ozzy, Geezer and Tony. Get yer ass over to the UK and get on with the recording and tour!! Support your brothers!! If for no other reason, support Tony!! You already have the love, admiration and respect of the entire Black Sabbath universe…Ten fold!!!! We hold you upon high with the other three. However, this recoiling has put all that in a questionable shadow. What a shame. You are choosing to miss-out on what is most likely your last opportunity to again, be in the Sabbath spot-light. Without true specifics, we cannot comment on your reasoning but I will not sit back and say ‘all the power to you’ and ‘hold your ground’ like some of these comments state. Sometimes, the good of one must be set aside for the good of all. This is not the time for BS but the time for action. You state you feel as though you have been ostrisized but your actions seem to put you right in that patch without much help from others. I only wish for you to put your questionable reasons aside and get down to making some new Sabbath music with your mates. No disrespect intended, but frustration caused by your recent decisions has me miffed. What a shame indeed.

  186. Marina Ribas

    Oh, no! I don’t believe!
    Black Sabbath is not Black Sabbath without you.

  187. wickedwatson

    Your contribution to Black Sabbath is significant to say the least! The blood, sweat & tears you’ve put into Sabbath throughout the years makes you more than deserving of a fair shake. We are behind you. Thank you so much.

  188. Sylvio Homero Lisboa Arruda

    Congratulations Bill, his many fans in Brazil are sympathetic to their cause and now pray for Tony.

  189. Steve in V.B.

    I got to see the original Sabbath in 1999 after being a fan since the late 70’s and that was an awesome show and would not have been the same without you Bill. No Bill = No Sabbath, I will noy support the remaining 3 unless they override Sharon(my guess) and give you an equal share and put you behind the kit where you belong!!

  190. Terry

    Hello Bill and true Sabbath fans! I support the band since 1983, and since 2008 with a fans blog. But now, with this BAD news, I think this is really the end of Black Sabbath, and especially with using the word’ Original’. Dear Bill Ward, I hope Tony & Geezer will stop now this joke. Thanks.
    Bill Ward Rules!
    French fans!!!

  191. Marcelo Gomes

    Hi Bill, i´m Marcelo from Brazil , i hope you get back together.
    We understand your position and we support you.We are together!!!

    All the best

  192. Dewayne Chase

    Bill, your playing is just as much a part of the classic Sabbath sound as anything else. Without you on board, I have no desire to buy a new CD or see the band!

  193. Butch

    B. Smith had the perfect analogy.

  194. koutchyh

    Hi Bill!
    All i can say is that i am 100000000% with you! I have my ticket for Paris, but happiness turn into sadness… Really hope that all will turn much more better now. Hope to see you on tour with or without Sabbath!
    Keep the faith!

  195. Miles Wilt

    I support you sticking to your guns Bill! What’s right is right…never back down.

  196. john

    i hope that the idiot that are responsible for the crapy contract realize that you can´t be replaced as a drummer for sabbath, you are one of the 4 most important musicians in the history of heavy metal anybody who knows anything knows that!

  197. Andrea Blasio

    In our hearts as well as in the band, you, Bill, are irreplaceable.

  198. Chris Pratl

    Mr. Ward,

    I am so sorry you have been disrespected this way. I have been a fan of your and Sabbath since 1976 when I was but five years old and I am the reviewer, fan, and musician I am today because of your contribution to my favorite band on the planet. No matter what or who is beyond this egregious crap, we love you, sir! We here behind our screens, monitors and Ipads have your back!

    Chris Pratl

  199. JP

    Stand tall and Strong Big Ward!!! I still regret a contract I “didn’t” sign twenty years ago… They signed it for me!? There are alot of shifty devils out there… beware of even the unthinkable. :O

  200. Dave

    Bill, you are the reason I began playing drums in 1975. After hearing you play I switched from guitar and I am still playing today! Thank you and keep the faith!

  201. Willy jak

    Thank you for the amazing music. I also have grown up in a band and can honestly say i could not have become the person i am with out Black Sabbath. Bill : you should be revered for keeping jazz alive in rock music. Yoir contribution to sabbath should not be down-played or minimized. As a life-long Black Sabbath fan it feels like a great injustice has occured. Rock history is being writen before our eyes and i hope it all works out.
    Long live metal
    Willy Jak

  202. Peter

    Good luck Bill well done for standing up for yourself!

  203. Lucas ALves

    It’s as simple as it gets: No Bill equals no Black Sabbath.

  204. Leonardo Cararo

    All the 4 guys or nobody!!! Better leave that way… no concerts, no album…nothing!

  205. Rob 2e

    blasphemy…no bill…no SABBATH

  206. Phil Murphy

    I’m disgusted with the way they’ve treated u on this one dude u got my full support no bill no reunion hope it gets sorted out for u mate all the best.

  207. Marcelo

    Sir, without you there is no longer Black Sabbath. I’m not buying the album or going to the show if you’re not part of the reunion. PERU FANS SUPPORTS YOU!

  208. JC Morales

    Hang in there Bill! As a fan I refuse to remain silent. Im certainly hoping that you,Tony,Ozzy and Geezer find a workable and somewhat amicable resolution to this conflict,if I may.
    Thousands upon thousands of Black Ssbbath fans like myself are really looking forward to seeing YOU and NO ONE ELSE beating on those skins! Goodluck Bill!!



  210. Tim Braovac

    I’m sorry that you received an “unsignable contract”. I was looking forward to the new material from the original Black Sabbath lineup, but I can understand your reluctance to participate, given the current circumstances and your desire to stand up for your principles. Although I’m no drum connoisseur, I enjoyed your work on the 3 Black Sabbath albums that I’m most familiar with: Paranoid, Master of Reality and Heaven & Hell. Originally when Heaven & Hell reunited, a few years ago, you were part of that lineup too. Although various reasons were given for why you did not take part in the Heaven & Hell reunion, I hope the current situation is not just a continuation of the circumstances that prevented you from being part of the Heaven & Hell reunion too.

  211. Rod Squad

    Black Sabbath Forever!!! But if this current issue is not resolved, I will boycott the album and the tour out of support for the mighty Bill Ward. I still have Ward One Along the Way original CD in my car.

    True Sabbath fans know that this will not stand.
    1,000,000 fans say yes!

  212. terho pakkaslahti

    we want bill.we want bill.we want bill.

  213. paul k

    Good on you for sticking to your guns, it isn’t a ‘Black Sabbath reunion’ without you. I was talking to a mate about it last night and we said you are as influential as anyone in the history of rock/metal today. I would put you, Bonham & Baker as the most important drummers in the birth of heavy rock. I would love nothing more than to see an original Sabbath back on the road, but only if you are given the respect you deserve. Rock on.

  214. Davide

    We love you Bill…you know! If Sabbath recording a new album e start the tour without you, they break my dream and the dream of all Black Sabbath’ s fans. They will be only the new Heaven and Hell line-up nothing else and I will trash the ticket for the 24 may show in Italy, I promise you…all this story is so sad and full of shame.

  215. Graham Pritchard

    Just have to say this. I have listened to metal/rock since 1977 I was 12. Black Sabbath are just as relevant today as they where then, if a reunion must happen(I hope so) then it has to be all 4 original guys.Bill is a huge part of this band and without him they can not call it Sabbath.
    Bill is one of if not the most influential Drumers in history,And I find it quite offensive that someone out there thinks they can do a Sabbs reunion without Bill.It’s an insult not just to me but to all Sabbs and rock/metal fans around the globe.
    We should all get together and let the person responsible know that unless Bill is involved and gets the respect and kudos as well as the contract he deserves we wont buy the record or go to the shows.

  216. Mike

    Bill, as one of the thousands of drummers that took up the instrument because of you, Bonham and other greats it’s seems absurd that you still have to fight for a piece of the pie. I suspect that there’s a perception that drumming isn’t musical that goes back to a European classical mindset that music is melody and drums are not. This is rock and roll which in the African tradition drums ARE musical. That classical mindset served very nicely the egos and greed of guitarists and singers for many years. Regardless of Tommy’s reported health situation which I hope isn’t as bad as it sounds, you shouldn’t be put in this position by anyone, let alone at this stage of the game. Hope it works out for all four of you.

  217. Mike

    I meant Tony’s obviously

  218. tony

    Best Wishes to you Bill and I hope they see sense.

  219. Nathan

    Hi Bill,
    I’m going to Download this year, it’ll be my first time there, and I hope to see you there too. We all hope a resolution will come, but no matter what happens, you will ALWAYS be Black Sabbath, and no piece of paper can change that. You have left a rock n’ roll legacy that will never be taken away from you.
    Stay strong.

  220. Tolga Otabatmaz

    Hi Bill we love you. I do not want a Black Sabbath reunion without you. Without you there is no Black Sabbath for me.

  221. Joel

    Black Sabbath is not just any four guys. It’s Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Ozzy Osbourne and Bill Ward. Stay strong Bill, because we will and we will not tolerate anything but The Real Black Sabbath. Esspecially not after all the hussle about the name of Heaven and Hell. To me you are a member of Black Sabbath as much as anyone else of the four guys I just mentioned.
    Lots of love an strength from the cold north in Finland!

  222. Rich, fellow Brummie


    Whoever is holding out on you, and it isnt Sharon Osbourne according to her Twitter today, then get on the blower to them and thrash out some kinda resolution!!

    Black Sabbath made an album in 2007 as far as im concerned with Ronnie, Sabbath can release albums all the time with 1 line up or another, but to be a propper Sabbath album it needs you!!

    When thinking of your contract think of me, on £5.95 an hour working 50 hours a week, having to fork out the best part of 300 notes for a ticket at Donington. Thats more than a weeks wages Bill!

    I paid to see the original 4 members of Sabbath, screw Metallica or whoever else are there, my festival wont start til Sunday night and if you aint there then im gonna be so pist off.

    I need Bill in that line up!

    Rant Over!

    Rich in Rubery

  223. chownyk

    having discovering sabbath through ‘speak of the devil’ when it came out when I was 12yrs old, and then diving into all the earlier stuff through my “hippie years (90’s)” and having recently read ozzy’s and tony’s biographies ,,, its obvious that without Bill , there would be no sabbath ,as Bill stopped tony from walking away from ozzy’s front door, and told him to give him a go !,
    and having just sampled ‘heaven & hell ‘( the band) for as much as I could tolerate it . they seriously lack Bill’s swing ( even though I love vinny),that tony and the guys need if this is going to be called a ‘reunion’.
    and… having seen ozzy 5 times in toronto and geezer 3 times (twice with ozzy , once with the first reunion) I can say I love them all.(back when regular people could still afford concerts )
    I can still say I love the album Heaven and Hell(1980)!!!!—-why??? ….. Bill Ward played on that!!!
    Someone please give their head a shake, and we might just give a few days pay to see the reunion.

  224. Chris

    Bill, without you involved, this so-called “reunion” is NOTHING to us true fans! I hope that your place at the drums will not be taken by anyone else but you. Thank you for being a true gentleman as well as a rock god! Much love and respect from Chicago!


  225. Billy Dundee Scotland

    I was so excited about this reunion and a chance to see the real Sabbath together live.If Bill Ward isn`t there then its nothing more than a money making exercise for those that go ahead with it.I really hope you all can resolve this,otherwise i`ll be giving it a miss,best wishes,life`s too short .

  226. anthony

    just read your son’s comments at
    please send this message to your son- dude, i couldn’t agree with you more. i have deep respect for your dad, and f* everyone who has not supported him on his blog, etc.
    you are so right. some people are total assholes, and your dad DESERVES so much better. i loved reading your comments at ( props to you “son”. your dad is a legend.
    there’s only ONE black sabbath. and there is no black sabbath without your dad. disappointment to the fans… is an UNDERSTATEMENT.
    bill- stick to your guns, brother.

  227. Mark in Shanghai

    don’t take no shit, bill.

    i remember the first time i flipped through my dad’s vinyl and saw the cover of paranoid. i was awestruck. and there it was: Bill Ward – Drums

    i put it on and thought to myself: is this the loudest this fucking stereo can play?

    that had to be more than 30 years ago. dad’s gone now, but bill’s still tearin’ up the skins.

    no bill = no sabbath.

  228. Chris

    Your the best Bill!
    Black Sabbath will not be the same without you!
    Best Regards

  229. Sergio

    No Bill Ward playing drums, simply no Black Sabbath reunion!

  230. Davide

    Hello Bill, I’m your biggest fan!
    I understand your situation and support your ideas, but I think that Black Sabbath are nothing without you!
    Please try to find a fair agreement with the other members of the band, so the reunion is complete with the original lineup: Tony Iommi Geezer Butler Bill Ward and Ozzy Osbourne!
    Thank You!

  231. Anders

    Love you, Bill! Continue at Black Sabbath!

  232. Scott Wilson

    Two of the greatest moments of my life were my first concert on September 10th 1978 in New Haven seeing Sabbath for the first time, and standing in line for hours for an autograph from all four original members in Boston. A new Album and tour without you would leave a hollow and bitter legacy that is simply unforgivable.

  233. Mark

    NO Ward
    NO Sabbath
    NO $$$ from me for tour or album

  234. Dave n Gola

    There is really only one Black Sabbath and that includes Bill Ward. I hold out hope that all will be resolved and the fans will be enjoying the real Black Sabbath later this year!

  235. Balbosj

    You have my full respect and admiration. Stay strong.

  236. Rodrigo Tomé

    Hello, Bill…

    I’ve got a Black Sabbath tribute band called Hand Of Doom. We’re from Brazil. We’ve been doing this since 1998! I have already played all over the world, with many different people, such as Richie Faulkner and Les Binks, for instance…
    I would humbly like to show you our tribute to you. You, Mr. Bill Ward, have influenced many drummers for so many years!!! Without you, there’s no reunion! Please, think fondly of your fans!!!

    God Bless you, your family and the Sabs… :)

    Rodrigo Tomé

  237. Daniel

    I dont know what the contract is about but this is bullshit.You deserve 1/4 -you’re an original member and make the sound of Sabbath. Without you it’s not a reunion. Someone is greedy and it isn’t you because I’m sure you’re not asking for more than 1/4.
    Hope it gets resolved and I see you behind the drums on tour
    All the best from Toronto-Canada

  238. John

    When the boys go out on tour we say
    We hope our Bill is there to play
    For if our Bill is not there
    Our arses will not be on the chair.

    Long live Bill

  239. len

    we all know whos behind this, its the greedy bitch sharon osborne.poor ozzy hasnt had any dignity in the last 20 years, cause of her greed.she is the force that runs ozzys life and screws good friends of ozzy in the process, over the all mighty dollar. bill you are as much black sabbath as the other 3 and stand up for what you belive.

  240. Pieterjan Meganck

    I truly hope that you guy’s talk to each other,
    with the same attitude as in 1969 and as in 2011,
    with the vision of 4 of the best musicians in 1 band
    making timeless music.

    Because from the moment that I’ve heard Black Sabbath,
    I hoped to see you guy’s, it would be a dream come true.

    Pieterjan Meganck
    A fan from Belgium

    PS: If Belgium can form a government, than reuniting
    Black Sabbath is a piece of cake.

  241. Martin

    Hi Bill,

    Just want you to know that;

    No Bill Ward on drums, no Black Sabbath.

    Your’e the drummerman!!!

  242. Shane Lockhead

    Good luck Bill. It cannot be Sabbath without you. I will not be buying anything a “Grey” Sabbath put out! God bless!

  243. Petes Pulsating Pistol

    Whats happening? Ive been really looking forward to this. I hope you get involved Bill. This will probably be the last chance on this, AND IT WILL BE FU**ING SUPERB. I hope you boys get it sorted. Dont forget. YOUR ALONG TIME DEAD.

  244. Alejandro

    Dear Bill Ward: you got my support. It’s quite sad that all that nonsense that surround the “act and creation of music” make you to leave the band you love so much.

    Without musicians, there would not be music, concerts, and money for the corporations… That’s why musicians should be threated with respect. you deserve that.

    A few days back i was listening to Vol 4, especially “Supernaut” took my attention… Those amazing cymbals ARE the song!! Just amazing…

  245. Michael

    Regardless of what happens, they can never take away the fact that you are a founding member of Black Sabbath. That is an honor in itself. Founding Members are Legends, your Music Resume speaks for itself. Any Band would profit from your knowledge and expertise. You can not be replaced in the History Books. The fans want the orginal Black Sabbath. The fans want you.

  246. Esben

    Hi, Bill!
    You probably know this, but your fans stand behind you! We can’t see ourselves in your situation, we can only support and respect. However, the ones who doesn’t, I just think they’re a little shocked and afraid that they will not see Sabbath’s full setting, so please don’t listen to them.

    I see that you have gotten further strength for a positive resolve, and I really hope so because it would be the time of my life if I got to see you all live.

    God bless and may the end be good.

  247. Mike

    I don’t know the deal, or pretend to – but a 1/4 split sounds about right to me. I saw you guys on your 1st reunion. Even have a 2 second “cameo” in the croud on the Last Supper DVD. I love Sabbath, the real Sabbath all 4 originals – I don’t even want to hear an album from 3 and “some other guy” – no disrepect to Vinnie or anyone else. I won’t buy it. This is a sad day. Everything Sabbath fought against by being outsiders, against the system – they have now become. I’m starting to wish they would have never announced anything and just left the legacy alone. I’m with you BILL. You deserve just as much as the rest. Hope it works out, for fans like me who have a hard time understanding how OUR SABBATH could act like this.

  248. Jorge R. Neto (Sao Paolo, Brasil)

    BILL, we are with you!! No Bill Ward, no Sabbath reunion!! More respect, Mr(s). Ozzy, Tony & Geezer!! And Mrs. Sharon, STAY OUT…!

  249. Dave Nash

    Saw a great quote in a journalists story last week that read ‘If John Bonham was still alive, do you think Led Zeppelin would be trying to cut him out of his fair share?’ For me its the same. No Bill = No Sabbath !!!

  250. Nacho

    I won’t go to see “*lack Sa**ath”

  251. Mike Frontado

    Hi Bill, Black Sabbath reunion is nothing without you. Hope this gets to a good end. Love to watch War Pigs in Paris, you were awsome there!!!!!!!!

  252. Monte

    Something to ponder
    Compare ourselves with others
    And cover them in sin
    Oh, God what a terrible
    A terrible state we’re in
    There must be some way out of here
    A compromise that’s right
    If we cannot work it out
    We’re gonna have to fight

  253. Tom T.

    Please visit and like :1000000-Black-Sabbath-fans-sa­y-yes-to-Bill-Ward on Facebook!

  254. DaVe

    Stick to your guns Bill. You deserve to be treated with the respect you are looking and those that are holding out on you know that. I`ve been a Sabbath fan for longer than I care to remember and as someone who you have give great help and support as well as pleasure through your music please know that I in return support you at this time.

  255. jim

    would it be it be so bad, for the sake of the fans and the music , for Bill and Vinny to write , record ,and tour on the stage at the same time ,something like the grateful dead, weather report or something?

  256. chownyk

    Having giving the band ‘HEAVEN AND HELL’s music more of a listen , I do appreciate some of the awesome sounds , which harp back with a throwback to the good old days , and where Vinny kind of trys to replicate and gives TRIBUTE TO BILL it seems with some of his beats,anyway.

  257. Chris F.

    No Bill Ward, no Black Sabbath!

  258. Johnny

    There should be 1000’s of Sabbath fans supporting Bill here – anyways will always know its not Sabbath without Bill Ward, its just not. I remember the 1st Ozzfest reunion when Mike Borden was doing it, and everywhere I looked in Boston that day was signs saying “wheres Bill?”

    I guess we will be seeing those again.

  259. Psychotron

    For all your original Brummie fans from places like Henry’s Blues House / Bogarts / Mothers, Odeon etc, we saw the only true band and will be such a shame if we don’t get one more chance. Stick to your guns mate and truth will prevail. Peace

  260. Andrew

    Zep can’t tour with out Rob Plant as frustrating as this is for Page,Jones and Jason Bonham. A stand in singer wont cut it and could be reflective of their early music, possibly in a bad light! Vinny is a great drummer but he aint no Bill Ward,the complexity of your work speaks for its self.You deserve a fair cut,ya need the four elements to be the real Black Sabbath.Good luck and peace be with you.

  261. Kyle G

    It won’t be Sabbath without you Bill! We love you man!

  262. Jonte

    Bill it’s very unlikely that the problem is coming from either Tony or Geezer. Not even Ozzy. We all know Sharon’s opinion of what she calls sessional musicians and what she thinks they are worth.

    Stand fast. It’s a reunion. People will go to see all four of the band not 3.2 per cent of it.

    At least you’ll be on stage. in 20 years Geoff hasn’t got that far yet.

  263. Black Sabbath Drummer Bill Ward Thanks Fans For Support | Art Soul | The Latest News about Art, Music, Design and World!

    […] took to his official website yesterday (Feb. 4), releasing a statement to fans thanking them for their support. He said: Dear […]

  264. Kat

    I wish EVERYONE would stop blaming Sharon. She manages her husband and has nothing to do with the rest of them. And really people come on, WIVES TAKE CARE OF THEIR HUSBANDS. ok? Now with that said, Black Sabbath without Bill is not a reunion it’s a joke. Just like it was when they were STILL calling themselves Sabbath…WITHOUT OZZY. Much love and respect to you BILL, no one I know will be attending without you…AND WE ARE ALL DIE HARD BLACK SABBATH FANS AND WE ARE GREAT IN NUMBERS. I wouldn’t take their shit either. GOOD FOR YOU!

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