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A Thank You From Bill

Posted on Feb.04, 2012 under Bill Ward, Black Sabbath

Dear Sabbath Fans,

This is Bill. I just wanted to humbly thank you all. Your support from across the world has given me further strength and hope for a positive resolve. I have been moved and overwhelmed by the thousands of messages. I love you all.

Rock forever,

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  1. Daniel

    I dont know what the contract is about but this is bullshit.You deserve 1/4 -you’re an original member and make the sound of Sabbath. Without you it’s not a reunion. Someone is greedy and it isn’t you because I’m sure you’re not asking for more than 1/4.
    Hope it gets resolved and I see you behind the drums on tour
    All the best from Toronto-Canada

  2. John

    When the boys go out on tour we say
    We hope our Bill is there to play
    For if our Bill is not there
    Our arses will not be on the chair.

    Long live Bill

  3. len

    we all know whos behind this, its the greedy bitch sharon osborne.poor ozzy hasnt had any dignity in the last 20 years, cause of her greed.she is the force that runs ozzys life and screws good friends of ozzy in the process, over the all mighty dollar. bill you are as much black sabbath as the other 3 and stand up for what you belive.

  4. Pieterjan Meganck

    I truly hope that you guy’s talk to each other,
    with the same attitude as in 1969 and as in 2011,
    with the vision of 4 of the best musicians in 1 band
    making timeless music.

    Because from the moment that I’ve heard Black Sabbath,
    I hoped to see you guy’s, it would be a dream come true.

    Pieterjan Meganck
    A fan from Belgium

    PS: If Belgium can form a government, than reuniting
    Black Sabbath is a piece of cake.

  5. Martin

    Hi Bill,

    Just want you to know that;

    No Bill Ward on drums, no Black Sabbath.

    Your’e the drummerman!!!

  6. Shane Lockhead

    Good luck Bill. It cannot be Sabbath without you. I will not be buying anything a “Grey” Sabbath put out! God bless!

  7. Petes Pulsating Pistol

    Whats happening? Ive been really looking forward to this. I hope you get involved Bill. This will probably be the last chance on this, AND IT WILL BE FU**ING SUPERB. I hope you boys get it sorted. Dont forget. YOUR ALONG TIME DEAD.

  8. Alejandro

    Dear Bill Ward: you got my support. It’s quite sad that all that nonsense that surround the “act and creation of music” make you to leave the band you love so much.

    Without musicians, there would not be music, concerts, and money for the corporations… That’s why musicians should be threated with respect. you deserve that.

    A few days back i was listening to Vol 4, especially “Supernaut” took my attention… Those amazing cymbals ARE the song!! Just amazing…

  9. Michael

    Regardless of what happens, they can never take away the fact that you are a founding member of Black Sabbath. That is an honor in itself. Founding Members are Legends, your Music Resume speaks for itself. Any Band would profit from your knowledge and expertise. You can not be replaced in the History Books. The fans want the orginal Black Sabbath. The fans want you.

  10. Esben

    Hi, Bill!
    You probably know this, but your fans stand behind you! We can’t see ourselves in your situation, we can only support and respect. However, the ones who doesn’t, I just think they’re a little shocked and afraid that they will not see Sabbath’s full setting, so please don’t listen to them.

    I see that you have gotten further strength for a positive resolve, and I really hope so because it would be the time of my life if I got to see you all live.

    God bless and may the end be good.

  11. Mike

    I don’t know the deal, or pretend to – but a 1/4 split sounds about right to me. I saw you guys on your 1st reunion. Even have a 2 second “cameo” in the croud on the Last Supper DVD. I love Sabbath, the real Sabbath all 4 originals – I don’t even want to hear an album from 3 and “some other guy” – no disrepect to Vinnie or anyone else. I won’t buy it. This is a sad day. Everything Sabbath fought against by being outsiders, against the system – they have now become. I’m starting to wish they would have never announced anything and just left the legacy alone. I’m with you BILL. You deserve just as much as the rest. Hope it works out, for fans like me who have a hard time understanding how OUR SABBATH could act like this.

  12. Jorge R. Neto (Sao Paolo, Brasil)

    BILL, we are with you!! No Bill Ward, no Sabbath reunion!! More respect, Mr(s). Ozzy, Tony & Geezer!! And Mrs. Sharon, STAY OUT…!

  13. Dave Nash

    Saw a great quote in a journalists story last week that read ‘If John Bonham was still alive, do you think Led Zeppelin would be trying to cut him out of his fair share?’ For me its the same. No Bill = No Sabbath !!!

  14. Nacho

    I won’t go to see “*lack Sa**ath”

  15. Mike Frontado

    Hi Bill, Black Sabbath reunion is nothing without you. Hope this gets to a good end. Love to watch War Pigs in Paris, you were awsome there!!!!!!!!

  16. Monte

    Something to ponder
    Compare ourselves with others
    And cover them in sin
    Oh, God what a terrible
    A terrible state we’re in
    There must be some way out of here
    A compromise that’s right
    If we cannot work it out
    We’re gonna have to fight

  17. Tom T.

    Please visit and like :1000000-Black-Sabbath-fans-sa­y-yes-to-Bill-Ward on Facebook!

  18. DaVe

    Stick to your guns Bill. You deserve to be treated with the respect you are looking and those that are holding out on you know that. I`ve been a Sabbath fan for longer than I care to remember and as someone who you have give great help and support as well as pleasure through your music please know that I in return support you at this time.

  19. jim

    would it be it be so bad, for the sake of the fans and the music , for Bill and Vinny to write , record ,and tour on the stage at the same time ,something like the grateful dead, weather report or something?

  20. chownyk

    Having giving the band ‘HEAVEN AND HELL’s music more of a listen , I do appreciate some of the awesome sounds , which harp back with a throwback to the good old days , and where Vinny kind of trys to replicate and gives TRIBUTE TO BILL it seems with some of his beats,anyway.

  21. Chris F.

    No Bill Ward, no Black Sabbath!

  22. Johnny

    There should be 1000’s of Sabbath fans supporting Bill here – anyways will always know its not Sabbath without Bill Ward, its just not. I remember the 1st Ozzfest reunion when Mike Borden was doing it, and everywhere I looked in Boston that day was signs saying “wheres Bill?”

    I guess we will be seeing those again.

  23. Psychotron

    For all your original Brummie fans from places like Henry’s Blues House / Bogarts / Mothers, Odeon etc, we saw the only true band and will be such a shame if we don’t get one more chance. Stick to your guns mate and truth will prevail. Peace

  24. Andrew

    Zep can’t tour with out Rob Plant as frustrating as this is for Page,Jones and Jason Bonham. A stand in singer wont cut it and could be reflective of their early music, possibly in a bad light! Vinny is a great drummer but he aint no Bill Ward,the complexity of your work speaks for its self.You deserve a fair cut,ya need the four elements to be the real Black Sabbath.Good luck and peace be with you.

  25. Kyle G

    It won’t be Sabbath without you Bill! We love you man!

  26. Jonte

    Bill it’s very unlikely that the problem is coming from either Tony or Geezer. Not even Ozzy. We all know Sharon’s opinion of what she calls sessional musicians and what she thinks they are worth.

    Stand fast. It’s a reunion. People will go to see all four of the band not 3.2 per cent of it.

    At least you’ll be on stage. in 20 years Geoff hasn’t got that far yet.

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  28. Kat

    I wish EVERYONE would stop blaming Sharon. She manages her husband and has nothing to do with the rest of them. And really people come on, WIVES TAKE CARE OF THEIR HUSBANDS. ok? Now with that said, Black Sabbath without Bill is not a reunion it’s a joke. Just like it was when they were STILL calling themselves Sabbath…WITHOUT OZZY. Much love and respect to you BILL, no one I know will be attending without you…AND WE ARE ALL DIE HARD BLACK SABBATH FANS AND WE ARE GREAT IN NUMBERS. I wouldn’t take their shit either. GOOD FOR YOU!

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