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Bill Ward Update

Posted on Jun.05, 2002 under Bill Ward

Not much going on since the last update, that’s the main reason why there hasn’t been much in the way of news here. Once there’s something to report, believe me – it will get reported. 🙂

However, there was a new interview posted with Bill Ward over on the Classic Rock Revisited site. It’s a great interview, talking about topics ranging from Bill’s solo career, his exclusion in the Ozzfest Sabbath 1997 shows, Ozzy’s The Osbournes TV show, and a whole lot of things. Here’s a few clips from the full interview.

Jeb: Who would have thought that Black Sabbath would have a happy ending?

Bill: I know. I hope that things will carry on. The only thing that I wish is for everybody to have good health. I am 54 coming on 55 and it is that time when it all becomes about good heath and staying sane. I can’t do that fucking crazy shit anymore. One of the beautiful things about Black Sabbath is that when we are backstage or in the studio or in rehearsals we will have a cup of tea at about 4:00 in the afternoon and we all sit down and we talk about what is wrong with us. We will talk about needing a new pair of glasses or we will ask “How’s your stomach?” or “How’s your shoulder? Did somebody fix it?” We talk about things like that. When we were 17 years old we would never think about things like that. The first thing on our mind was shagging somebody! Now it is about “How’s the dog? How are the kids?” and stuff like that. That is what Black Sabbath is like. That is what Black Sabbath does when they get together. We still kick-ass.

Jeb: What is Bill Ward currently doing?

Bill: I just came back from my drummer’s studio — I have a drummer in my band and we were recording some new songs for a new album, which I want to release in the future. I don’t have a title yet but it is going to be a Ward II album. We did Ward I back in the 1980’s and we want to do another. There were a lot of guests on the Ward I album and some were well known and others were not. I have been writing some songs for it today. The major thing that is going on right now is that we are mixing a brand new album that we are trying to get out this year called Beyond Aston. All of the guys in Sabbath — we were all born in Aston. It is basically a reflection of looking back on my life in Aston and the kind of energy that came from there and where we are now. It is kind of a retro thing.

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