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New Bill Ward Interview Online

Posted on Jul.20, 2005 under Bill Ward

The website Sin’s Metal News (SMN) has a new interview with Bill Ward online. It’s a wide ranging interview, and was done when Bill was in Stockolm on the recent European Black Sabbath tour. Check out a few quotes from it:

Q: it’s been a pretty repetitive Sabbath set-list for the past few Ozzfest’s. Back in 2001 you lads spiced it up a bit with ‘The Wizard’ and the likes of ‘Scary Dreams’ – so, what are you envisioning your upcoming set-list to look like?

A: From a drummer’s point of view, I have to move for the first 7 songs. Everything’s up on the kit so there’s no break. So, physically for the first 7 songs, it’s a lot of work from a drummer’s point of view. When you play shows, you have to learn to adjust how much energy is required for the first bit of the set; I’m saying that because after the 7th or the 8th song, we play ‘Into the Void’ which is nice for me to just lay back on and take a bit of a break. So for me it’s pretty exciting, constantly playing up the entire time. We do a medley of different songs I’m sure everyone will recognize. We’re doing ‘Dirty Women’, which is – well, let me tell you. Tony’s been absolutely blistering on ‘Dirty Women’! Some nights the solo gets cut short, or sometimes it’s extend, but last night at the festival in Denmark, in Copenhagen, the solo was extended and he kicked ass man, the solo was incredible! It varies on the night; things may be cut 24 bars short or so, or are a bit longer, but last night was amazing. It’d be nice if we can play some new music, but we have no new music unfortunately, but you know we’ve done really well – the set’s really ‘up’, we don’t take a break, but we lay back when we do ‘Black Sabbath’ and ‘Into the Void’, and overall it’s a fantastic 90 minute show.

Q: It seems like Tony’s pretty busy, he’s been bashing out a new album, re-recording ‘Trashed’ with Ian Gillan, and he’s set to hit the road at the end of Sabbath’s touring schedule – would you ever consider heading out on the road and continuing to tour in 2005 in support of your solo material and releases?

A: Definitely. I got to get my album out first! Everyone else has something out. Mine’s still back there somewhere gathering dust! If I had some…if I was able to get out there, get backing from a record company, and just tour, I got no problem at all with doing that. I would look forward to that actually. The first thing is to finish 1 more song from the album, and then it’ll all be good to go. Get this album done and out, it’s been about 5-6 years in progress, I feel as though I’m ready to move onto the next album.

Bill talks about a lot of other subjects, including his audio diary series, the status of his long delayed solo album “Beyond Aston”, to Straws, his performance at Live Aid 20 years ago, and of course a new Black Sabbath album.

Make sure and check out the full interview here. It’s a very good read.

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