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London Times Article Disclaimer

Posted on Mar.03, 2010 under Black Sabbath

London Times – Black Sabbath 40th Anniversary Article Disclaimer

I’ve just finishing reading the London Times article for Sabbath’s 40th Anniversary of the album Black Sabbath, dated Saturday, February 13, 2010.  The interview I did for this piece was with journalist Will Pavia, and at the time, I felt it was a good interview.  My interview with Will was then added to the broader article written by journalist, Chris Ayers.

The headline of the article reads (partially) “their seminal album began as a gimmick, and they would rather be remembered as a hard rock band.”

Besides this unflattering headline, I’m particularly pissed off about the following, and I quote: “…Bill Ward ….told the Times.  Although it started as a gimmick, he said, ‘it matured into something that was almost waiting to arrive.’”

The way these sentences are constructed gives the impression that I called Sabbath a “gimmick,” or that I agree with the statement “it started out as a gimmick.”

I want to make it very clear to my fellow band members, musicians and our beloved Sabbath listeners worldwide, the word “gimmick” NEVER came out of my mouth.  I don’t own it – I’m not the source of the word “gimmick.”  There isn’t anything ‘gimmicky” about Sabbath as far as I’m concerned.

I consider the article roughshod at best.  It’s sad that on our 40th Anniversary a more supportive and heralding composition could not have been written.  There IS a nice picture of the band and a nice picture of Oz with Sharon and Kelly.

I thought the light-hearted, or sarcastic look (depends on your point of view) at how to headbang, titled “Headbanging for Beginners,” was more slagging than anything else.  I’d like to remind whoever put that segment together that headbanging was a true phenomenon that began during the 60s and was a fulfilling form of expression and reaction to the music playing.  “Unison” headbanging mushroomed in 1969 and has remained intact up until today.  For me, it is a personal communion with every single fan. It’s positive energy; it’s healthy; it’s true love, even if, as the writer quirked in “Position 4,” I quote, “Keep body bent over after song to adjust balance and avoid collapse.  Experience sore neck and two-day headache.”

Even if the writer’s being “ha ha” about the segment, he or she is ever so slightly making a derogatory statement, in my opinion, about what most in Metal consider “sacred ground” and/or “sacred personal identity.”

Come on London Times.  Sabbath is homegrown British – one of Britain’s great bands, loved all over the world.  Perhaps if you can’t meet the occasion with a more positive headline, at least get this right:  Tommy Iommi (sidebar insert) is not Sabbath’s guitar player.  However, TONY Iommi is… 40 years, guys, and counting.

Bill Ward

10 comments for this entry:
  1. Who The Fuck Is Tommy Iommi?

    […] stage name would so be TOMMY FUCKING IOMMI!!! Read The London Times Interview and then read Bill Wards word on […]

  2. Sweetleaf 71

    bill i grew up with your music, i have vivid memories of lovin gettin my hands on my brothers vinyl sabbath whenever he bought a new 1 (only when hed gone out a bit weird for a six yr old girl from chelmsley wood) I still love your music and so do my lads. i just wanna say im proud as a fellow brummie of you all and your work is pure art which is why it still sounds class today cheers mate xx Lindsey J Vaughan

  3. Terry

    I’m a Black Sabbath fan since 1983, and I run a french Black Sabbath fanzine between 1991 to 2001. And one of my best day, was the audio tape Bill Ward sent me in 1994 for answering ! No really web in 1994, I saw Sabbath a couple of time on stage, but the only show with Bill was in Nijmegem in 2005, and I don’t why, during this show, I was sure it was the last time I can see the band with Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill…and it was the case. Everybody knows how is important for a true fan to see one day on stage the original line-up…and now, that’s just past memories for all the fans. But I would like to thanks Bill for all the good times, and his great music during all these years. Thank you very much!

    So for all the Sabbath members memories, I still run a french blog for the glory of all Sabbath members…

    Thanks Terry

  4. pete burns

    You are still the best bill,heres to another 40

  5. Ray mew

    It just goes to prove how narrow minded “music journalists” are doesnt it. Rock music has been ridiculed by this country [ both radio & tv]for so long that it is about time they changed the record[pardon the pun] I mean Black Sabbath can hold their heads up high because they are the forefathers of the best music on this planet. I have been listening to Black Sabbath since 1976/7 when i first heard “SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH” and i have not looked back. That journalist wants to research his subjecta bit better first instead of trying to go with a crowd or better still dont write anything at all until he can write something complimentary about what is now seen as a LEGEND.

  6. SVB

    I’ve seen so many journalists and some of those bootleg albums mess up Tony’s name. Tommy Iommi, Tommy Lommi, Toni Iommi, Tommy Ionni. You’d never see them mess up Eric Clapton’s or Jimmy Page’s name. Music journalists are all frustrated musicians and college egg heads who couldn’t get a girl because the rockers always stole them. All well, Bill, you’re still great. Great program. Also, it’s funny that you’re fellow Brummie and one-time Sabbath drummer (you’re replacement on the Born Again Tour) Bev Bevan has his own show back in the Midlands on BBC WM.

  7. SVB

    Bill, nobody could ever replace you. Bev was just a stand-in. Great drummer, one of my favorite’s, thought he did a great job at one the shows on the tour, but he’s no Bill Ward. I stand corrected.

  8. Joliet Dave

    Bill, it just reflects back on to the so-called journalist and the obviously blind editor when they can’t even get the name correct of one of four subjects of their own article. They have to inject false quotes (basically lie) in order to enhance their poor writing with sensationalism. It’s frustrating with the Worlds economy being as it is, millions of people out of work, that these morons have a job. BTW, you and I (along with Gopher) used to correspond in the early 90’s when Ward One was released. I still have the letters, posters and Christmas cards you sent. You are an inspiration not only as a musician but as a human being that overcame so much…Thank you Bill.

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  10. Rich (big fan)

    I have a poster featuring a whole load of famous guitars owened by rock stars and it has the same stupid mistake on it: “Tommy Iommi”. He’s my favourite guitarist but I still didn’t notice this until I’d got it home and put it up. It makes me so angry, both at whoever wrote it and myself for not spotting it.

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