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Rock 50 Behind the Scenes

Posted on Apr.09, 2010 under Rock 50

If you’ve ever wanted to get a glimpse of what goes on when Bill does his monthly Rock 50 show, today’s your day! We have for you a clip filmed during a recent episode showing Bill doing his thing. You can view it below.

If you’ve never checked out Bill’s Rock 50 show, you should check it out! The schedule of upcoming episodes is available at our Rock 50 page here.

Thanks to Matt Hughes for the clip.

9 comments for this entry:
  1. PTC

    You’re looking well Bill, good to see.

  2. Monte Self

    COOL !, Mike your the best for having Bill there !!
    I’m just waiting for when he gets his own spot there to hear his show weekly 🙂 , I’m probably just a DREAMER but I can daydream The MENTAL WARD SHOW !!. good to see ya Bill !

  3. Teodor

    Hello Bill, I’m big fan of Your music, and Your drumming. I can’t wait when Beyond Aston and other stuff You’re working on will be released! I discovered Judas Priest year ago, and somehow their music became close to me in simillar way Sabbath music always was. It’s nice to know You feel the same 🙂 Best wishes! ~T.

  4. Mauricio Chaves

    Bill is God!!!
    Salutes from Brasil, sir!!!!
    I’m waiting for your next solo album!!!

  5. Dean Snaith

    Hi Bill just been listening to it’s alright off the Technical ecstacy album. Your a canny chanter. Brought back loads of memories. Hope your doing well. 32 years on and I’m still listening to you guys doin your thing. keep well
    Best regards Deano

  6. john diggs

    Hey when I here Bill I wonder what others saw in other drummers Bill makes heavy metal swing like Miles made jazz rock!

  7. john diggs

    With out a doubt the most underrated rock drummer of all time. E-mail me anytime with Sabbath news.

  8. MTR

    Hi Bill, we’re waiting for the new music! Thanks!

  9. Willie Vega

    Hi Bill. I’ve a fan of your powerful and creative drumming for a long time.
    Sabbath is why I began to play my instrument (I don’t know if I should thank you or hate you!)
    All kidding aside, I’m proud that you’ve decided to walk away from a belittling contract.
    People like those (or should I say ‘her’or ‘she’) who offered you this deal are the reason that things are so wrong in music and the rest of the world.
    Right now people in Syria are being shot and blown up by the thousands for standing up to tyranny.
    By your actions you’ve proven that the spirit of Black Sabbath is in you. The songs of BS were always energizers for me and millions of other’s who never flinched in the face of lies and tyranny.
    I hope that the people who today are fighting for their personal liberties have a chance to be inspired by Sabbath and the example you are making.
    Regards and all the best.

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