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Ronnie James Dio

Posted on May.20, 2010 under Black Sabbath

My wife and I have sent our condolences and have felt very sad with the news of Ronnie’s passing.

We wish to extend our positive thoughts and love to all those who loved Ronnie, and we salute him as a singer, performer, songwriter and arranger.

We plan to make no further statements and prefer to remain private at this time.

–Bill Ward

8 comments for this entry:
  1. Aron Sändh

    I am sad I never got the chance to see you play with Dio. I have been watching the video to ‘Die young’ many times since Dio’s death and it shows both you and Dio on top of your game. Brilliant video and beautiful song. I have been headbanging and crying at the same time listening to it this week.

  2. Steve

    “… salute him … as an … arranger”? Why did Bill make a public statement at all? I have always been such a big Bill Ward/Sabbath fan, but this empty statement just deeply dissapoints me …

    Long live Black Sabbath, long live Ronnie James Dio!

  3. ian armistead

    hi bill, i never saw ronnie with sabbath but listened to everything you did & loved his writing/imagination aswell as his powerful voice. i did see him perform with rainbow at preston guild hall so i experienced the magic he had over the audience, nothing pretentious just a down to earth great guy who loved his music, long live rock n roll!

  4. Ed

    Very well said, Mr. Ward. I greatly loved Ronnie and all the music he has done. I’ve been a fan of him for over 25 years and also Black Sabbath in it’s many incarnations. Too bad you were not able to play more with Ronnie. I think you are THE Sabbath drummer! When I think of my favorite drummer for Sabbath, it’s you. The original band stands alone. Even apart from the Dio era which also was one of a kind. In my eyes, there used to be 2 Black Sabbaths’. And now…there is only one.

  5. David


    Well said. i’m sure that those who are on the journey will appreciate your comments. I understand your creative experiences with Ronnie were not what you would have wished, but I can say quite honestly, I have loved Heaven and Hell from the moment I heard it in late ’79. Its only in recent years, with internet access, that I’ve been able to understand that this period was very difficult for you. For me, it was finding a beat and bass on H&H that stretched my understanding of music. I return to H&H so often and your drumming, its pace and its deep, late swing is a foundation of that sound.

  6. Greg Boycott

    I can’t speak for Mr. Ward but I believe that when Dio came to Sabbath he already had Vinny Appice in mind. Dio has a reputation for being the nicest, sweetest saint of a man this world has ever seen but I think that’s only due to years of maturing and self-reflection because by all old accounts, Dio was an ego-maniac in the 70’s and early 80’s. It is quite possible that Mr. Ward was not too impressed with RJD and never had a chance to get to know the great man he came to be later in life. How much can you say about a guy you didn’t care for that you knew 30 years ago? Any grandiose text would probably just come off as insincere.

  7. zepac64

    A Dieux mon ami Ronnie !!
    Vive le Sabbath !!!!!

  8. Steven J

    TO Greg Boycott: Have now idea how Ronnie Dio had Appice in mind when he was invited to join Sabbath? That is just flat wrong. You can believe it, but it makes no logical sense.

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