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Bill talks about early days of Black Sabbath

Posted on Jun.09, 2010 under Black Sabbath

Bill recently spoke to the New York Daily News regarding the early days in Black Sabbath.   Check out a few samples of what Bill had to say:

Forty years later, I remember very well when [guitarist] Tony Iommi, [singer] Ozzy Osbourne, [bassist] Geezer Butler and I first arrived in the United States. We were on a TWA jet and we flew to New York at night. I will always remember seeing the Manhattan skyline and I was absolutely in awe.

I knew that we were into something different, and I really loved what we were into, the sound and the religious and political imagery, but I didn’t speculate much about it at the time. I just thought, “Wow, whatever this is, I love it, I want to be into it for the rest of my life.” We came up with an aggressive message. It wasn’t necessarily a new message, but it was a new aggressive message.

Quite honestly, I thought I would be dead by 25. You can’t even imagine being 62, which is what I am now. Sadly, those days have been over for us for a long, long time. And so, the best I can do after a gig is usually get in my bus and try to have a sandwich or a cup of tea. That’s pretty much the heaviest partying I do now.

Check out more by reading the entire interview at this link.

6 comments for this entry:
  1. James Canzoneri

    Absolutely nothing wrong with slowing down; I usually ditch my bandmates after a gig so I can chill in peace and quiet! LOL!

  2. Drew Lyttle

    If they ever make a movie on Ozzys life….I’m sure they will include several of Bill’s stories like coming from England in 1970 to the weird and wild U.S.A.It must have been so weird for you Bill????Who is gonna play the Bill Ward character in Ozzy Movie???Any ideas Bill?Someone who looks cool with a beard and a beer?haha.Peace Bill.

  3. chris matthews

    bill, you have been a solid person in all your statements and have remained a true friend to ozzy over the years, and you are sabbath and sabbaths drummer.
    i loved heaven and hell with dio, and have listened to sabbath for 30 years
    i have seen you play in birmingham and nothing beats that night.the only thing that matters is your health and your familys health.
    god bless wendy for her loss.
    god bless ronnie james as we have all suffered losses in our lives.

  4. Yanick


    Saw Sabbath twice in Pittsburg and Boston in 2004 and 2005 as I drove from Quebec City to see the original line-up and to this day it’s one of the best things I’ve done, will never forget. Lot of respect for Sabbath and lot of respect for you, you’re an amazing drummer and your playing in the whole Sabbath Bloody Sabbath album is awesomefor instance. Long live to you and hopefully I’ll see you again on stage!

  5. Henrik Jørgensen

    i,am a great fan of B/S,i tray to play drums/guitar.
    your way damit.i will like to sendt a gift from my
    home contry denmark,to you or oz ,it is a very fynny
    and srange figure bord in a spirituel shop.
    but how can i get in tutch ??
    last consert i wissit was moter-head at Christania grey-hall and i think.A set with You- Tony-lemmy .ozzy
    + lita ford or doro plesch. when rock band some times
    do ballads it wins big time.

  6. Diogo Sperb

    Hi, Bill.

    I often watch some video footage of your arrival in the U.S. and though I’m much younger than you guys and living in a completely different country, I can almost feel like being there with you when I watch those. I think part of that sentiment was captured by the camera.

    Sabbath has a very strong and profound message, indeed. And the message remains as true today as it was fourty years ago, though most people are still unable to get it. A message that has always helped me through the good and the bad times. If I had to translate that message into a single statement, it would probably be something like: Life’s hard, but it’s worth living it.

    I have always felt privileged for having such gifted ears. I’m utterly frustrated by the way those last four Sabbath albums as well as your drumming style as a whole are underestimated. Not diminishing the first four albums, if I had to pick a single album it would probably be Vol. 4, but let’s face it, Never Say Die! and Technical Ecstasy are so rich, musical and elaborated. Sabbath got sophisticated and the world wasn’t mature enough to cope with the music. Still isn’t and sadly never will be as far as I know.

    Live long and rest assured that you are one of the guys that helped building the apotheosis of music. It’s not your fault that not everyone is literate enough to realize that.


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