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Rock 50 Preview

Posted on Feb.28, 2011 under Rock 50

H! Everyone.

Our next radio show airs Saturday, March 5,2011.  We play the very best of today’s Metal Hardcore bands.  This month, we’ll be playing Exodus, Heaven Shall Burn, Arch Enemy, Slipknot, The Dream Is Dead and Hatebreed, as well as many more bands.

In the second hour of the show, in our segment “Great Hard Rock and Metal Bands and Artists,” The Who will be featured.  “Baba O’Riley,”  “My Generation” and more will prevail.

If you like Metal and Hard Rock, check this show out.

Stay strong,
Bill Ward

2 comments for this entry:
  1. Marc Debiase

    Love ya Bill! Joe Morello passed away the other day … Saturday March 12, 2011. I know he was an influence of yours, and definitely one of mine. God Bless Him!

    I have started studying your methods under the microscope for some time now. Phenomenal! Your era, what you did, is such a piece of gold in rock music history. Thank you!

    I’ve learned from lots of artists over the years …. but I gotta say you are the most dynamic. The old recordings are difficult to deconstruct, but I do my best from experience. I wish more people could hear the percussive nuances you accomplish. For example, the original version of The Wizard … I have played it about 500 times in the last few months, dialing it in. You are a blast man!

    I am hoping to form a tribute someday that does your style purist justice. There are bands out there covering Black Sabbath and they groove, but I got to amp it up proper if I get it together. You guys – Black Sabbath – grew up listening to blues and jazz and it shines like a star in your methods. I pick it dry like a soup bone, to find every click, every flam, every everything you’ve done on recordings. The intricacies are so over the top …. I don’t think modern drummers hear it, let alone take it to another evolving level as an integration of their own style. Maybe I am wrong there. IN any case, you are great man!

    I really been working on it! Really!

    Peace Bill! Please live a long long long time man! We love ya!


  2. Doreen Keller

    Hello Bill~I just got a computer, about a yr. ago, and got on Myspace, FB, BON, so I wasn’t Tweeting…I got on tonight, and wanted to Rock out! What a coincidence…T-Bone Terry, (Back Sabbath Tribute) is kick ass too! I miss the good ole’ days! I love your music..Ttys..;D

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