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November Rock 50 Preview

Posted on Nov.06, 2011 under Rock 50

H! Everyone,

On Saturday, November 12, 2011 at 11:00 AM Pacific, we’ll be playing our Armistice Show, as we do each year. I’ll try to bring you songs that will help to further heal; songs to meditate upon; and songs to cry over.

With the show, we honor the different branches of the US Armed Forces and her allies, past, present and future. For those who have died in war, we honor you all, friend or foe. For the countless wounded, and the casualties of war, we respect you; and for the helpless who suffered and died, we bow with deep regret.

Tune in if you can. I think it will be good show.

9 comments for this entry:
  1. Monte

    I am looking forward to this one !! Keep Rockin Bill !

  2. Kevin Bryant

    Black Sabbath in my mind will always be Bill,Ozzy,Tony and Geezer!!!!

  3. status quo

    thanks for all the great yesrs you gave me in
    black sabbath,hope your keeping well bill.
    best of luck in the future,what ever your up to.
    maybe some day soon,we”ll see the original classic sabbath,taking to the stage again…cheers

    we sold our soul
    for rock n roll!!!!

  4. keep rockk **

    ..rock fr christ

  5. Michele Dawn Saint Thomas

    “Black Sabbath. It’s their first American tour!”

    The lights had dimmed. I squinted in an attempt to see the band members taking the stage, but it was so dark I could barely make out their silhouettes. A strange and eery quiet now filled the theater. Suddenly, a hypnotic force began vibrating outward….

    The first notes of “Black Sabbath” filled the air. Again and again this theme oscillated, increasingly louder and louder, drowning out the sounds of the crowd. This vicious onslaught of mighty sound was the prelude for a solitary figure that appeared center stage and was hit with a small spot of deep-red light. His name was Ozzy, and when he sang out, it all inter-meshed as an almighty unit; the music became an exhilarating attack on both my physical and mental senses.

    Such a glorious attack it was, from “War Pigs” and “Paranoid” to the screaming sounds of “Electric Funeral” and “Hand of Doom.” The guitars of “Wicked World” gave me such a buzz that its slow gyrations seemed to spin like a tornado above my hashed out head, as I was drowned in a neon whirlpool of a grand and terrifying sound.

    The lights never seemed to increase in any greater intensity than to just outline the shadowy figures of this band. In contrast however, their crosses and ankhs were effortlessly shimmering with minor glimmers of light, casting their shine like beacons of heavenly flashes in a voluble sea of despair. It went forever on, our minds spun to higher and higher levels of our hash induce high. We were symbiotic with the sounds emanating from the band until their set ended. They returned for one encore and then departed like banshees in the night.

    ~Michele – Eastown Theater Detroit, November 25, 1970

  6. Poul Thaarup

    Hi Bill!!!

    Look forward to hear you all in the cold north …… Denmark, as back in 1969/70 as both Earth/ & Sabbath!!!

    Together with Cozy, Kirke & Bonham you are one of the HEAVY bangers on drums!!

  7. Monte

    Was a great show, and again I am last to here the news it seems, but it was GREAT news and I’m still in disbelief that it happened even after you told me it was true, 11-11-11 will bring a great era back to the SABS fans, I like many others will be on the edge of our ears to hear the next album from the original masters of metal performing their magical music. JUST STAY HEALTHY I wanna see you all rocking till your 99 AT LEAST !

  8. Steve

    Hi Bill, Great news about the reunion cant wait for you to come to Manchester. First saw Sabbath at the Free Trade Hall and you just blew me away. Last saw you at the NEC in 99 and thought like many people that would be the last time but thankfully i was wrong. Just read Tony,s book, its superb especially the stories about yourself!!!.Hope you all stay well and make sure all matches and lighters are kept away from Tony.
    Good luck with the album and tour

  9. Jeffrey John Mickelson

    Damnit Bill! What the hell is going on over there?
    It is NOT a TRUE/FULL original Sabbath reunion without
    YOU! No disrespect to Vinny Appice, But YOU WERE 1st!
    I have been playing drums for 35 years.I saw Never Say
    Die live in Chicago with Van Halen as opener.
    Your playing on Vol.4,Master of Reality, and Sabotage is phenomanal!
    I was inspired to become a drummer myself from your playing.To hell with intermediaries, middlemen,attorneys,and representatives!YOU GUYS ARE THE BAND! “F” the Bullocks and get on with it.Good Luck Bill! I still remember you wearing braids with a beard and pounding the crap out of a huge white drumset that shook the walls and the roof of the entire amphithater.Metal as it SHOULD be.POWERFUL!

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