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A Message From Bill

Posted on Feb.17, 2012 under Bill Ward, Black Sabbath

Dear Sabbath Fans,

I wanted to let you know where things are at, from my point of view, as of today, February 17, 2012.

As my statement of February 2, 2012 indicated, I have not declined to participate in the Sabbath album and tour. At the earliest opportunity, I am prepared to go to the U.K. and record, and later tour with the band.

Last week, we sent further communication to the attorney handling the negotiations to try to reach an agreement. At this time we are waiting to hear back. I remain hopeful for a “signable” contract and a positive outcome.

I want to thank everyone who has voiced and posted their opinions, thoughts, support and love through all media, including the newly constructed sites. I applaud your worldwide reaction in support of the original band. And speaking for myself, your intent and truth will always be respected.

While believing in your freedom for expression, keep in mind that Tony, Ozzy and Geezer are still my lifetime friends, and I cannot support comments with an objectifying or derogatory theme toward them or their various representatives.

Many thanks to all of you. You are truly phenomenal.

Stay safe, stay strong.

–Bill Ward

104 comments for this entry:
  1. Gerry

    Bill I think you should get Beyond Aston released!!
    I have been waiting too damn long for this!!

  2. Ashton

    I live in Australia and Black Sabbath is the band I would punch babies in the face in order to see them live. I really hope this gets sorted. Black Sabbath Forever.

  3. David Sanderson

    I’ve had a few health problems and am now back on the mend, I’ve learned to slow down and adapt to a different attitude and pace of life, I’ve also rediscovered Sabbath, still sounds good to me.

  4. Jerry

    Thank You Bill! So many great post saying what I want to say so no need to repeat. I am holding out on selling my Black Sabbath stuff in hopes the powers that be realize their mistake. I’ll never forget the concerts back when the Chicago Amphitheater existed. I won’t let Vol. 4 go. I must have 12 to 15 copies cd’s and vinyl combined.
    Thank You!

  5. acad

    mr. Ward i was so lucky to see the original sabbath in jacksonville florida never say die tour, and have said for many years black sabbath is the greatest band of all time, in my opinion, all the members are the best in the world at their chosen instruments and ozzy the greatest “metal singer” ever, and without a doubt you influenced me to play drums, and i dont pretend to know the story behind the contract issues but if all four of you are not equally mentioned it is just wrong, i dont know who would think it appropriate to do it any other way, Black Sabbath is only Ozzy Bill Geezer and Tony nothin against any other musicians or singers involved but sabbath is the original 4 no questions asked, whoever is the reason behind this contract thing please wake up, this is the most important thing in music history up to this point, can you imagine Black Sabbath live in 2012 and a new album, please work it ou

  6. Max

    Hello Bill,

    I don’t know how evolves the situation, but in all the cases, i support you. You’re an insane drummer, full of skills, and most of all, my favorite drummer. I just cannot imagine my first Black Sabbath live without you, it would be so empty. So I hope you’ll fix it soon, I love you all, Black Sabbath.

    Rocking vibes from France.

  7. Joe Korona

    Hey Bill,
    Great to hear there is a great chance Sabbath will be able to complete this album project with a following tour, hopefully in the USA too! I’ve been a loyal fan from the beginning ’70. I missed your first show here in Pittsburgh,PA only because of an emergency appendectomy, I was laid-up in the Hospital and had to give my ticket away! And… please, no more heart attacks…! Best of Luck and God Bless!


  8. Alex Frazier

    I absolutely agree with you. Your split should be equal. When mentioning to others about the reunion the question always asked is “Is Ward going to be there?”. I can’t say exactly how that would affect ticket sales exactly,but I do know it can only have a positive effect. Most older people I know that would give consideration to go would look for a slight excuse such as “It’s not a true reunion” not to go. Your presence there would lend total credence of authenticity and the extra push needed for the 50+ crowd to go. These days we need the perfect conditions to get ourselves up out of our rut. Stick to your guns,keep your dignity and for the rest of them – do what’s honorable and do yourselves a favor and SIGN WILLIAM WARD!!!!!

  9. Kieran

    You Know..I don’t wanna knock bill ward in any way but I think this whole Idea of a “Singable Contract” is a load of BULLSHIT. I’m sorry guys haven’t been together for almost 15 years and then you tease us with the story’s of a reunion then when it happens you pull this Bull. I’m sorry but as A HUGE sabbath Fan and a HUGE fan of your stuff I think this is retarded can’t you guys just put your differences aside and this whole money BS aside and just do it for the fun and for the fans? at one time you guys didn’t really care about the money and etc. but it’s quite obvious that times have changed and IMO you guys are all getting greedy and if that’s the fucking case…Well I’m sorry but I think that’s wrong.

  10. Владимир

    Уважаемый Билл ,я влююился в Вашу игру на барабанах ещё в начале 70- тых , и остаюсь ярым приверженцем Вашего таланта и манеры игры на инструменте , и именно с Вашей манеры игры я начал осваивать барабаны и играю в ней и сегодня . Я Благодарю ГОСПОДА БОГА за то, что ОН дал нам такого Великого барабанщика – Билла Уорда !!!!!!!!!! И я прошу ГОСПОДА БОГА , чтобы ОН дал Вам здоровья и ещё долгих лет жизни !!! Дорогой Билл , СПАСИБО ВАМ ЗА ВСЁ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  13. Fernando

    Hi, Bill. You are my #1 drummer ever, seriously. My fav Sabbath album is Technical Ecstasy (i was born in 1976). I truly support you on this complicated Sabbath issue. I was really amazed when I discovered that the original Black Sabbath (the one and only) were playing in Spain (my country) this summer. Later I found that you were not going to play drums there, so that’s not Sabbath and I just lost the feeling. The most important reason for me to go to a Sabbath gig is to enjoy your drums, your unique way of playing drums. So I’m not disappointed, I totally support you. You can’t do any vulgar thing using the name of Black Sabbath. I’s pathetic, you should earn 25% each because Sabbath is Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill. I love your solo music (you should make a new album!!!) and, again, you are my favourite drummer ever. Peace.

  14. Gerry

    No news lately??

  15. Herman

    Hi Bill, Just to let you know that you can count on us. We love your music. Your drumming parts on Sabbath songs are fantastic! Thanks god for listening Black Sabbath since I was a kid. Thank you! Respect from Brazil. Stay strong.

  16. Flávio Bello

    I fully suport you to decline this, you are and allways be the drummer of black sabbath, you not a musician for black sabbath, as gezzer are not, not iommi or ozzy, you guys are the true black sabbath we love, you are a part of it, and not a replacement as many others in 80’s and so, god bless you and thank ou for be such an important part of my life.
    cheers from Brazil, hope to see you guys here in my land and my life will be complete.

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  18. Patrick O'Toole

    Bill!!!! I’m listening to you pound the drums and thinking about my 11 year old son…..i started playing Sabbath to him when he was 4 and got his first drum kit. He was the one who got me to listen to the drums on rock music, and you have and always be the greatest inspiration to me and Ryan. As a sober person I have appreciated your openness about your struggles and your sobriety. I played some of the DVD’s to Ryan where you talk openly about it, and it has been a great tool for him to understand how amazing people and musicians can ruin things. So thanks for that too……please play the new tour. there will never be another band like Sabbath. Fuck Ozzy and whatever other BS may be in the way….jam for the millions of us who love you and your music.

  19. Alan McNamara

    As has been stated directly/bluntly/truthfully here by so many, “Black Sabbath Without Bill Ward Is Not Black Sabbath” ! ! ! It is immensely silly for all of you to let money (yuck pooey gag & spit) come between all of you and the reunion album/tour. As someone said, (and i paraphrase)”Damn the lawyers, and work it out between the four of you !” Friends/brothers/soulmates/karmic companions are more important/essential than fucking money and lawyers. You four have the intelligence and heart necessary to be decent to each other – SO DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t be assholes and disappoint the millions (yea billions) of Sabbath fans in this here cosmos. Humanoids from every sphere in the infinite expanse of the universe want to hear you create something new and play together again. Money is bullshit and you can’t feed your soul with money. Have i articulated yet the intensity of this feeling/loathing/disgust i feel for this monetary thing? It is the sound, your combined sound, all four of you together that is the core of this reality we call Black Sabbath. Just *%*%*#%(*@#%(*@#$*@#$*@#(*$(#$ #$ &!$&!@#&!@$&!@#&!@#&!@#&!@$&!@&$^!@&$&!@$&!@$&!@$&!@&$&!@$&!@$&$&!@&$!@$&!@$&$!#@&%*%(%*#%*!#@$*!@)#@#(@$# )!@$)(&@$*!@(*$!@(*(!&*@%$ ING DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  20. Stephen Shackleston

    Iam discusted at the idiots who want you to play only three songs then expect you to hand over to someone else while you sit on the side line are they F***IN stupid .No one can expect you to do this .

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  23. Mike Cima

    Bill, no matter what any contract states, and no matter what happens in the future, we, as fans of Black Sabbath, and music in general, know of your contribution to the genre. Countless musicians have cited you as in influence, not only on their drumming, but on how to conduct themselves as a grateful gentleman. Rest assured that your contribution to music will be heard and felt long after all of us are gone. As long as we are permitted as a society to listen to recorded music, there will forever be kids in their bedrooms discovering Bill Ward for the first time. You will continue to influence and inspire until the end of time. God bless you Bill Ward. You are truly the greatest and most influential drummer in the history of recorded music.

  24. Robert Habkirk

    Firstly I would like to thank you for your informative and heart felt note. Black Sabbath from day one is the greatest Heavy Metal Band. You defined the genre and carried it to where no band since has gone. I have worked in Recording Studios all over the world. I had the pleasure of doing set up for Sabbath at the Record Plant in early 70’s. The thing that struck me the most sitting in the control room was the solid timing and beat of both you and Geezer.
    The only thing that is sad is that a generation of young musicians in North America will not get to be influenced by your skill. They will be able to hear it on albums but they can not see you play which is a very important education to all drummers. You are a true gentleman and always always be the core of Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath has 4 founding members and five members tat took the to greatness. Ozzy, Toni, Geezer the second sing Ronnie and of course Bill. I do not think that Black Sabbath would be as big to day if they had a different drum at the start you invented a hole raft of playing styles that then created a signature for Sabbath. Thank You Bill for your craft your honesty and your person. With all of my heart thank you!!

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