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Response To Geezer’s Statement

Posted on May.20, 2012 under Black Sabbath

Dear Sabbath Fans and Musicians,

I have read Geezer’s statement of May 19, 2012 titled “Heavy Heart.”  Out of respect for the Birmingham gig, I wanted to wait 24 hours before releasing this statement.  There are some points he brought up which I want to respond to.

1)  I had indeed notified Ozzy, Tony and Geezer, well before my first public statement, that I was having contractual difficulties.

2)  I came out into a public forum to be accountable to the fans primarily, and to say at a public level there’s a problem.  The band members stopped talking and corresponding with me some time ago, with the exception of a nice letter from Tony on my birthday.  Prior to that, Geezer and I were corresponding, but that stopped abruptly in late February after I emailed a specific question to him.

3)  In my statement of May 15, I clearly stated I would play Birmingham for free.  That was not a problem – charity or otherwise.

4)  My Download fee was not an extravagant amount.  Originally, when Download was part of a full tour, I had asked for a decent fee.  More recently, as we were negotiating just Download/Birmingham and Lollapalooza, I told my attorney that I would accept the proposed small Download fee, but there were other parts of the offer that were unsatisfactory.

I will continue to be honest and respectful towards the band and our fans.  I will also confront any untruths about me, and any fault finding missions aimed at me that come to my attention.

I hope the band and the fans had a good gig in Brum.

Stay safe/stay strong.
Bill Ward

71 comments for this entry:
  1. Gerry

    When it is time to move on,it is time to move on. Certainly Bill should be in Black Sabbath but apparaently Tony,Geez and OZ don’t think so. Bill has not played a gig since 2005 and has been promising his loyal fans like myself Beyond Aston for over 10 years. Mr. Ward I absolutely love you but when the hell are you going to release it? I am surprised you got so many responces on this site to this contract issue . You are giving your fans absolutely nothing to support you!!!

  2. steve

    Bill. You really missed some great shows. The drummer that replaced you was awesome. By the end of the third song everyone was like wow. Bill who? Who cares is what.
    Stay home and do what you do, nothing, notta, squaduche.
    Tony was spot on, you would never know he was sick. Geezer and the new and I hope permanent drummer, were grooving like no other rhythm section could do. Ozzy was Ozzy and you missed it all. Tuff luck for you then.
    See ya. You may as well burns the shite Ashton tapes.
    Thanks for nothing.

  3. Mike Smedley

    If the other 3 Black Sabbath members wanted you to play a “trial” show in Birmingham, there must be a reason for that. I mean, Tony and Geezer didn’t have to play “trial” show before being allowed to play the whole tour. I can’t help but think it is because your playing has not been up to par, or your personality clashes very badly with the other 3 members. This is about you, not them. You should have played that Birmingham gig, Bill.



  5. tony l


  6. gerry

    Sabbath has moved on,I truly believe their is no going back. They seem very happy with their new drummer. Bill have you ever thought about playing in a jazz band? Ginger baker is still playing. Beyond Aston will never be released I assume? Well stop making promises you can’t keep.

  7. Craig

    There has got to be a way to work this out. I can’t bear the idea of a Black Sabbath album being recorded without you.

  8. John

    To quote Geezer from 19th May 2012: “frankly those things are worked out between our representatives, and never between the four of us…”
    Well… Geezer is officially represented by his wife, Gloria Butler. As for Ozzy, wouldn’t that be his missus Sharon?
    So, four friends from Birmingham no longer have power or control over their own lives, what with all the success and money they’ve made granting them freedom undreamt of by most of us mere mortals. Plus, we’re supposed to believe they are unaware of the business deals their “own wives” are working on, and that they have no influence in the decision making process.
    Come on, please…

  9. mr. roa

    i rarely write comments but i will say after 32+ years in retail record store & rock n roll business sabbath remains a vital part of my music interest. from the times as a high school kid in radio class listening to this song called iron man and years later showing off my new album called volume 4 or being the first to flash the sabotage album to my friends. there was nothing like it in the world. here i am selling those same albums to the next generation. at least i did get to see the great bill ward tearing it up at cobo for the sabotage tour! i wish you the best mr. ward.

  10. Cray

    Bill, it would appear your band is reaching out to you. I really hope you guys can work stuff out. You see, no matter who plays these songs with Iommi and Ozzy, they never do sound the same. And as a fellow musician, we all know the drummer matters. There is no Doors without Densmore, Zeppelin without Bonham, etc. I am sure you are hearing it from all sides. One of the tactical challenges you have all had to face I am sure is that this is not Birmingham, it isn’t 1966-1968, you guys aren’t just meeting for the first time, you have a history and a legacy that you can all wear and shrug off time to time. You would all do well to approach this reunion like it is all brand new and fresh and forget the lawyers and the middlemen when dealing with each other. Bill, I don’t know you from Adam, but I’d rather see you in that band than not. But if I was you, 60+ years and you know you might be gone in a few, and since most of your fans are slaving away at meaningless jobs and leading unhappy, unfulfilled lives, I’d jump on that kit in a heartbeat to stave of any other of life’s options….lol….if you ain’t in it, there is nothing but the gnashing of teeth, so I hope you work out your things with the contract and the band, but do your thing with the band and worry about the contract later. The privilege to play goes to so few, and well, your the lucky one’s, all of you. I hope you understand my meaning…remember when you would have done it for nothing, and just go to it.

  11. Steve


    If Ozzy, Geezer or Tony were to pass away tomorrow, would you be prepared to reunite with the surviving members at the funeral and mourne your departed friend without any contractual dispute?


  12. BigBadGuitarMan

    I am behind you 100% both as a musician and as a huge fan! I’m a guitarist who started out as a drummer and you were one of if not the most important reason I became a musician. I will not buy tickets to a Sabbath show unless you are there period! I refused free tickets to see Priest because there was no Downing because it’s just not JP without him and the same goes here! It’s just not Sabbath without you! One of my biggest dreams for almost over 25 years has been to see the original line up and it’s upsetting to be so close then have the bottom drop out! God bless. BBGM

  13. JD

    Your staement tries to seem like you are being the victim, but it shows you are not. You said you were willing to do download for the same “decent” fee as before when it was part of a tour.

    However, you demanding the same share for a more expensive one-off show means you are not looking for the same piece of the pie, you want more, or simply don’t care if others get less.

    Additionally, you were only willing to play the charity show for free if you got what you wanted for the other shows.

    It is sad. Change your name to Peter Criss and join the ranks of those who hurt the fans at the expense of some perceived leverage that does not exist.

    I saw you twice at the Sabbath Ozzfest shows, it is a shame you are denying the fans the chance to see the original line up. It was an experience I will not forget and one you are trying to exploit.

    Two sides to every story, but you are simply not telling the whole truth with your version.

  14. Matthew


    Keep the lines of communication open with the other members of the band. None of you guys are getting any younger, and time is running out to reunite and give the fans what they want: the original Black Sabbath both live and in the studio. I hope that there will be some reasonable common ground that can be reached at some point.

    The early Black Sabbath albums are the soundtracks to the lives of many fans, and they occupy a special place in our hearts. They bring strength and joy.
    After all of the hype surrounding a reunion and new album, the developments this year leave me and other fans feeling, well, empty.

  15. andrew

    those 3 tight ass’s ..tony ,ozzy ,geezer , think they should get more money cause they’ve been in the spotlight forever ,where as you bill remain true to your roots and only jam where and when your heart tells you,”i should do this gig”,…those guys got more money than they could ever spend , as i pressume you do as well? so whats with all this ,”i want more coin” from all you guys??this is the most important heavy metal of all time we are talking about. it shouldnt be about the dollar, as we all know you said “you’d play for free” at brum,but for some reason ,you still didnt make the grade. fuck those 3 ego maniac”s they give me the fuckin shits. carn’t stand any of those 3 guys anymore unless they,as well as yourself are all together under the black sabbath banner….it hurt’s me to say that , as you 3 guys have always been my idols. there must be one more round for sabbath , befor you are all dead and buried. .this wasnt meant to be an insult, and hope its not takin as such

  16. chad hallman

    Bill, Long time fan here ! I wish that everyone would get it right in their heads. The Reunion is not a reunion without all 4 original members . It’s like having a Beatle’s reunion without John Lennon. You 4 started this and it’s the way it should be.
    Come on Tony & Ozzy & Geezer , let’s cut the crap and get Bill back to where he belongs. Thank you!

    Peace & Love ,

  17. daniel kubasek


    Please reunite with your mates. The paychecks
    will follow, because you guys put out a good product,
    and will be in demand.



  18. daniel kubasek


    The way you beat those skins should not be done by anyone else but you. Go and play with your lifelong mates and have fun and be one again.

    nothing else matters

    peace and love Dan

  19. Spacehog

    We need you man. I’ve been looking fwd to seeing all 4 of you since last November. Why was it all too good to be true? Slow unraveling of my happy anticipation in buying tickets to see you guys again as I read the news & kept up every day & every week with how this & that & everything else wasn’t working out. I’m so disappointed (not in you obviously but rather the situation).
    We need you man! Check it out at the 2:24 mark:

    That’s the guy we need back!

  20. Bill Jarboe

    Bill you pulled the same shit prior to Sabbath playing an Ozzfest tour. You are a real jerk for being so petty. you will be dead sooner than later what will the money do for you then?

    Do it for the many fans who have never seen the original Sabbath.

    WTF, get your head out of your ass and go play on the new album and tour with your mates. Quit being so selfish.

  21. Greg Thomas

    Sabbath fan since 15 when I found an 8-track tape of Masters of Reality in the garbage. Instantly changed my life. I don’t know if for better or worse. Played Sabbath for my kids while still in the womb. I am now 50 yrs old. When my kids heard you guys were going to play, they cried from joy. I have told them of seeing Sabbath in 1978 at the Garden and they wish they could have that experience too. Please. Thank you.

  22. Wadson Xavier

    I do not understand how contractual disagreements may prevent the four original band members get together and make the fans happy. I sincerely hope you solve it. I hope the album can be with you on drums. It’s sad that you can not reach an agreement. We were hopeful that the guy who plays drums on the Sabbath is Bill Ward. Hugs from a Brazilian fan.

  23. Chad Hallman

    Bill long time fan of you and the whole ORIGINAL band! Bottom line is that not only myself wishes you were a part of the New Reunion, but WE / ALL the fans want you and need you where you belong. It’s not the same without you my friend. I say daily prayers and send constit requests to every place I can in hopes that they can help put you back where you belong. And that’s behind that kit & drumming for Black Sabbath. Take care my friend and I / WE will be pulling for you!

  24. rag

    Bill, Stuff the legal people. Can’t you 4 guys just bang your heads together in a pub somewhere and iron (man) out your differences. I’m sure that’s what would have happened in the early days. None of you are getting any younger, this could be your last chance to play and record together as a unit. In another decade you won’t be able to even hold drum sticks, let alone play. Don’t you all owe it to us the fans, most of whom have been with you since the beginning! Cutting you off the photos on the Official Black Sabbath website, erasing you from their history is pathetic. We all know you were there so why take your image off the pictures, was that the legal people in suits advising you. It sucks. get a grip people. Should heavy metal end, Simon Cowell wins, and none of us want that do we?

  25. jabeth

    Bill this may come as a surprise to you and your band mates but none of us, including you, are getting any younger. Could the the four of you for the benifit of your fans “GROW UP” and not let the current trend of greed overtake your decision process!! I am by no means saying that you all should perform for nothing but please put some common sense into your decisions and give us fans of the last 35 years one last show!!! After all because of us “The Fans” we have given the four of you a very comfortable lifestyle so Reward Us with one final tour with the original band!! Signed “Master of Reality”

  26. Scott

    Of course anyone will take your place in Sabbath. I’d do it for free Bill. They can get away with paying you guys nothing if they want to

    But the fact of the matter is, (at least for the fans, and I hope the band) we want YOU guys to play. Differences be damned. We all know about Iommi’s health issues. I’ll be sorely dissappointed if we don’t get another Bill Ward/Sabbath album.

    I don’t care who’s at fault here, I just wanna see you guys play. I’m dissappointed.

  27. Scott

    Then again, I’m happy with what we have. But you gotta remember, it’s the only shit in the universe like this. It only happens one way and it only happens one time. then it’s cememted in the sands of time.

    If we don’t get another one, I just want to thank you for all the work Bill! I’ve loved it. I’ve lived it, it’s that good. I’m happy to have had Sabbath with all four members when we did.

  28. Leonardo

    Hi i am from Brazil, i am 31 years old, my father was of syrian origins, i say that, black sabbath could be your friends, could be your family, have only 2 options, or they are friends of you, or are not, maybe the fans never understand that the Bill Ward of the first album image, is not the same today, people does not understands what is a band comes back after 35 years !!!!!!, as a fan, i don’t think with dio, with gillan, and anothers, the band was not more the same, so if you likes the band and the band wants you, you can’t left them back, it is time to decide, what you will left in the heavy metal, I THINK VERY MUCH THAT YOU ALL CAN DO A ALBUM MUCH MORE GOOD THAN 13, I LIKED 13, so is the begin to left something better, i guess you can do !!

  29. rodolfo vicenzi

    Im going in a black sab gig on oct 9 … i wish seing you there

    Brasil loves you
    Best regards

  30. פיטר תומס - peter thomas

    You already know therefore considerably relating to this topic, produced me in my view believe it from so many varied angles. Its like men and women don’t seem to be interested except it is one thing to do with Lady gaga! Your individual stuffs nice. At all times deal with it up!

  31. holly wilson

    We think youre the greatest Bill Ward!!!

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