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Rock 50 June Preview

Posted on Jun.09, 2012 under Rock 50

H! Everyone,

Our summer Classic Metal/Classic Rock show airs June 16, 2012. Lots of great bands including Opeth, Machine Head, In Flames and Disfear. Black Sabbath have the entire second hour with classics like “Wicked World,” “Lord of This World” and “Hand of Doom” – lots of god stuff.

I hope you’ll like the show.

Stay strong. Stay safe.

Rock forever,

14 comments for this entry:
  1. Gerry

    Bill you belong behind the drums again,it’s great your into todays metal scene. But I want to see you behind the kit again,either in sabbath or your own band.

  2. Jak Ford

    Having been a fan for years I was devastated of the news of you not playing with the band. To me its not sabbath and never will be without all four members. BUT Having gone to Download festival I see that this problem will never be fixed. Ozzys drummer is now the new Sabbath drummer. It was so obvious the way they presented him. He got a drum solo, he was in the band introduction. It breaks my heart that Sabbath has done this. Whatever the reasons. Whether it is Bills fault or the others fault. I cant believe the others have gone around being Sabbath without all the members. The Sabbath name is now tainted. I will ALWAYS love the music but I now have little or no respect for the band. This was a slap in the face to the fans. The real fans. Im sure people are loving it and saying get over it or whatever. Tommy’s drumming was incredible but it wasnt sabbath. It was some metal drummer in bills place. Not sabbath drumming. It didnt sit right with me. A shame but for me its over now. Bill wont be on the album or tour with them. I think if you saw them you would agree. What a complete shambles and shame…

  3. Donald

    Bill, I’ve enjoyed your work with Black Sabbath and also your solo material as well. Whatever you do, Bill, you’ll find that you are supported through and through.

    “It’s alright..”

  4. Joe

    Hello Bill,

    The June preview is attractive and interesting.

    But to change the subject, in reference to this supposed contractual drumming situation.

    This situation in a sense in some ways seems reminiscent to a Twilight Zone episode.

    As I think you are aware of, who ever is at fault for causing this situation has no reverence on how the situation should be handled by you Mr. Ward, Ozzy, Tony and Geezer.

    With that said, you Bill for the most part have been the only member of Black Sabbath to take responsibility, show compassion and show a conscience, regard and respect for the fans in regards to this drumming situation.

    The four (4) of you guys a long with Rick Rubin on 11/11/11 made a significant announcement. Basically, stating, informing, and promising the fans, the media and the music world that the four (4)original members of Black Sabbath will be putting out a New Album and doing an extensive World Tour in 2012.

    At the Very Least, Ozzy, Tony and Geezer should make a significant public announcement/statement on a National level that properly addresses at the very least part of this situation.

    For example, “without going into much detail” We realize and understand how the fans feel and think about this unfortunate and lousy situation. We do understand there are a lot of fans that are very disappointed, frustrated, disgusted, pissed off and turned off about these unfortunate circumstances.

    But without going into much detail and saying who is or who is not at fault, we just want to let the fans know that we are all very disappointed and very sorry about this situation and we will try to have this situation properly resolved as soon as possible, thank you.

    This would be Proper!

    The Rational,Responsible,Respectful,Polite and Decent thing to do.

    But so far, Nothing like this from Ozzy, Tony and Geezer.

    Although I will always be a Black Sabbath Fan.

    It’s not Right the way Ozzy, Tony and Geezer are handling part of this situation.

    This is Very Disappointing.

    But anyway, Good Luck to you guys, and hopefully this situation will be properly resolved and soon. Once the four of you guys get together and properly address this situation, then this situation will definitely be properly resolved.

    Take care,



  5. Joe

    Hello Bill,

    To elaborate a little on the financial aspects of the supposed contractual situation and etc.

    It seems naive for the people that state each member should receive 25 percent of the purse.

    Obviously, the four (4) of you gentleman are all intricate parts of the band that make up that special chemistry, sound, music, songs, etc.

    But on the business side, a lot of these people do not know, realize or consider certain other facts.

    Ozzy and Tony are Super Stars, with Ozzy being the main Star. Ozzy is the biggest draw out of all four members, this equals a lot of money $$$$$$.

    Supposedly the world tour could bring in 150 to 200 million dollars plus.

    Obviously as you know, the whole purse does not go to the Black Sabbath band members.

    Hypothetically speaking, lets say after everybody and all other expenses are paid excluding Black Sabbath there is 100 million dollars left for the band.

    Four (4) rational examples, that are reasonable, responsible, fair and respectful below,

    1) Ozzy 35 percent, Tony 30 percent, Bill 15 percent, Geezer 15 percent, Adam 5 percent.

    Note at 5 percent of 100 million dollars Adam Wakeman would Gross 5 million dollars.

    2) Ozzy 30 percent, Tony 25 percent, Bill 20 percent, Geezer 20 percent, Adam 5 percent.

    3) Ozzy 30 percent, Tony 25 percent, Bill 19 percent, Geezer 19 percent, Adam 7 percent.

    4)Ozzy 29 percent, Tony 24 percent, Bill 19 percent, Geezer 19 percent, Adam 9 percent.

    Bill to note, you obviously have the position in the band that is the most physically demanding. The last time that you were seen on a National Public level you appeared to be a little heavy.

    Hope you have trimmed down and toned up and are in the best shape/condition possible and for many reasons. For yourself, health and well being, your family, friends, fans, anybody that cares about you and then for the drumming.

    I wonder when was the last time that you listen to the Black Sabbath albums/songs and drummed along with your original drumming?

    Anyway to change the subject, I do not know if you bothered to view any of the concert footage from May 19, 2012 or June 10, 2012. The band looks fairly tight and Tommy Clufetos an admirer and Fan of yours and of Black Sabbath overall did somewhat of a good to very good job.

    But even with that said, we a long with many other people wish you were there, and want you there.

    Hope to hear and see you on the New Album and World Tour scheduled for 2013.

    Take care,



  6. Monte

    Show was great Bill… I am hoping it was a recorded session for a good reason ( like maybe your in the UK getting down to business !) I can only hope and pray, so many broken hearts over the whole ordeal we can only imagine how you feel about it, nothing would make us all feel better than to see you back in that throne where you belong even if we don’t get to see you play live. Rock’n’Shine Bill, I miss you greatly !

  7. Sean

    Certainly glad there is substantial support toward Mr. Bill Ward surrounding these issues. What an amazing drummer and person. Explore what mystery veils beyond unknown, yet to come..

    I imagine there will be reckoning in a good way.
    How that will look, I cannot say..
    Possibilities exist, though unpredicted..
    Designation of change for the further man becoming.


  8. Léo Danna

    Dear Bill!

    I’m very upset with the events ho occurred with the Sabbath. I have to say, without you is not the same band, is not the same sound, it’s not the same feeling. I hope see all the original band together one time in my life…I have 25 years and live in Brazil ( sorry my bad English), here wee hope see one tour of Black Sabbath ore one visit of you ore vacations!

    Léo Danna

  9. steve

    Wouldn’t it be wonderfull if all diferences could be set aside, if only for a mere 2 hours or so. Imagine how much joy and pleasure would be brought to so many people. Guys, would it really be so difficult? Do you understand just how much the four of you mean to all of your fans? And tragically, one member may be running out of time.

  10. gerry

    I was watching the the classic albums dvd on paranoid. Bill was showing how he plays certain songs off it. To the people who doubt his drumming abilitys need to keep quiet. Bill is like a mad scientist behind the kit,he is meticulous and thinks of drumming in a whole different way.

  11. gerry

    Black Sabbath wants Bill Ward to return

    Ozzy Osbourne (Tim Whitby/Getty)
    Ozzy Osbourne is adamant he wants departed drummer Bill Ward to rejoin the Black Sabbath reunion, insisting the rockers would welcome their bandmate back into the fold.

    Ward walked out of the group just four days before its comeback show in its native Birmingham, England in May over an ongoing contract dispute.

    The Paranoid hitmakers had to recruit a replacement percussionist for their reunion shows, sparking rumors Osbourne, guitarist Tony Iommi and bassist Geezer Butler have fallen out with Ward – but they’re adamant he’s welcome back any time.

    Osbourne tells The Times Magazine, “There was no row, there was no argument. The door ain’t closed, whether we work something out up the road, I don’t know.”

    Iommi adds, “It’s not a personal thing. If he phoned us up tomorrow, which he hasn’t, but if he did…”

  12. gerry

    come on bill! please make the call,I know you have your pride and you probably think they should be calling you but sometimes you have to eat crow.

  13. StevenR

    Bill, I was fortunate to see both shows. The guy who replaced you was awesome. It was like you were there, but not. The show will go on. So what have you been up to as I would think you have lots of free time?

  14. Seb

    Typical of the way people go. I’m reading Ozzy’s autobiography, and he rants how much of a brother Bill is, yet stabs him in the back along with Iomi and Butler – obviously over MONEY. There is no Black Sabbath reunion without Bill, just a burned out has-been singer and 2 backing musicians who used to be in Black Sabbath with him. If Sabbath were playing down the road from me, for free, I’d tell them to f**k off. I’m disgusted how they treated Bill, and Bill kept his dignity, while Ozzy, Tony and Geezer sold their souls and their mate/brother, not for rock and roll, for MONEY.

    PS: Bill, if you ever read this, you have my thanks for the awesome music I grew up on, and still listen to, to this day. Black Sabbath shaped my musical journey. Rock on BILL WARD, drummer, gentleman, rocker.

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