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May Rock 50 Preview

Posted on May.03, 2013 under Rock 50

H! Everyone,

Our Rock 50 show airs on Saturday, May 4th.  It’ll be a slightly different show, in as much as it won’t be hardcore throughout.  I turn 65 years old on May 5th, so I’m going to play some of my favourite songs I’ve loved throughout the years.  It’ll be a variety of music, and I hope it’ll be a great show.

What to expect?  Type O Negative, the “bus song” (Stargazer), Mountain, Traffic, Mastodon, Rob Zombie, etc, etc.

Check us out if you can.

Stay safe,
Bill Ward


28 comments for this entry:
  1. gerry

    Bill I would much rather hear your music my friend.

  2. Darrin

    I listen to Ward One all the time, wish i could be there. You are the Man !

  3. robson othero

    Bill happy birthday my hero. We expect the launch of Beyond Aston. Life londa my master.

  4. Steve Cross

    Bill it’s great to hear you are enjoying life. Just picked up some Sabbath tickets today to see the Greatest band in the history of Metal. I will love every minute but still won’t be the same without you brother. Every one of those records you did in the 70s holds up today including Technical Ecstacy which i though was way ahead of its time. You guys are truly amazing.

  5. 'Seaton'

    Happy 65th, Bill!

  6. Alex

    I’m with you gerry,

    Beyond Aston was supposed to see the light of day years ago. I have appreciated the first two albums and really hoped to hear new music from bill. For some reasons the sabbath thing didn’t worked (and Ozzy talking shit about Bill’s conditions a couple of days ago it’s really sad) but why not publish new music or at least the songs that were already recorded for the Beyond Aston album?

    Love and respect to you Bill,

  7. ren squires

    Great show. A nice treat to hear your faves.
    Happy Birthday!

  8. Teijo

    Happy Birthday Bill!

  9. dje


  10. DANIEL

    happy birthday Bill
    all the best!

  11. Joe Bongiorno

    Happy Birthday Bill! Agree with the others in that I’m looking forward to hearing your new albums!

  12. gerry

    Alex very good post. Bill supposedly had 3 albums 3 years ago he was going to release. He could at least post them on this website and sell MP3’s of them. I would buy them.

  13. Cray

    Bill, it seems you are doing okay to be playing behind a kit and rolling through a set-list containing songs from the bands like the ones you mention above. What is this deal with Ozzy and you not being able to remember songs and needing post-it notes? I don’t buy it, but you haven’t responded yet. Just Curious, but Happy Birthday anyhow.

  14. SLOSH

    Happy Birthday BILL! ….Just got shut down playing drums for 5 hours straight…was (re)-learning WIZARD and DIRTY WOMEN. Apparently my electronic drumset is still audible even with the headphones..My roomate shut me down at 4am. YOUR THE BEST!!!!

  15. Steve

    Hi Bill,

    The trouble is that Sabbath can get away with accussing you of being unable to handle it anymore as you have output so little musically in recent times and no one has seen you play live for many years 🙁

    I’d love you to do a few live shows yourself with, maybe, Tony Martin on vocals and give the fans a taste of what Sabbath should be all about – without the big contracts and the big problems… Many of us would love to see you play again and it might leave a more fitting legacy than letting your involvement with Sabbath end like this…

  16. Cal

    Bill when are you going to start posting some new music on here? a lot of artists are selling Mp3’s on there websites now and selling them individually. Post it and we will buy it my friend.

  17. William

    I would love to see Mr.Ward and tony martin do a project along with Bob Daisley.

  18. erik

    Hi Bill!

    Just want to say I love you. Sabbath is not without you.

  19. Cal


    No Bill Ward, no Black Sabbath.

    I have said it a thousand times, and will say it a thousand times more.

    But a faux Black Sabbath will nevertheless release a new album June 11 called 13, and from what I’ve heard of the record thus far, it’s not good.

    Ozzy Osbourne recently spoke to U.K.’s Metal Hammer magazine and addressed Bill Ward’s absence. Believe it or not, the Ozzman claimeth Black Sabbath continued without Bill…for the fans.

    “It would have been great to have Bill — all of us said that,” says Ozzy.

    “But you can’t expect someone of Bill’s age to be as agile as he used to be. He’s had heart attacks. If he’d turned up and played like he used to, or nearly as well, maybe we’d have worked something out… But we decided that if we were ever going to do this fucking album, you’ve got to be on the case,” says Ozzy.

    It got to the point where we said, ‘Are we just going to sit and wait for him to get off his fucking arse or what?’ We had to decide — we couldn’t just keep the fans waiting any fucking longer.”

    Black Sabbath will be touring this summer, without Bill Ward.

    By the way, I don’t buy for a second Bill’s drumming ability has waned, as Ozzy suggests. I think that’s Sharon’s spin.

  20. Mike


    You are a legend. No one can take that away from you ever. No matter what anyone says about you, you will always be an influence on all of us collectively (the drumming community). I have played drums all my life. I have seen the best of the best and clearly without you an entire genre of drumming would not exist. You incorporated jazz into what would become heavy metal ! So forget what the others say, the drummers of the world bow to you, one of the most influential drummers in the world.


  21. gerry

    gotta admit,just listened to the new Black sabbath album. It is awesome!!!

  22. Paulie

    Hi Bill,
    I For one am not buying Ozzy’s claims,and the reason I won’t be going to the Sabbath Glasgow gig is because you won’t be there.I still seethe when I think of the treatment you have received,and have no regrets about not going to the gig.
    Much love,respect and loyalty always.Sabbath aren’t Sabbath without you.

  23. DJE

    i missed youre last show on rock 50
    but it was not on the site
    when is the next?

  24. gerry

    Bill I know you don’t respond to questions on youre website,but would you ever tour with the Bill ward band. I think it would be pretty awesome to play rare Sabbath songs like Hand of doom,It’s alright,juniors eyes and youre solo stuff in youre set.

  25. Steve

    Is this web site not being updated anymore?

    There has been another Rock 50 show that wasn’t listed…. I think?

    Like many other fans probably do, I drop in here occassionally for news…
    But there in’t any 🙁

    Please Bill, chuck us a crumb!

  26. gerry

    Steve I think your right, Bill is my favorite drummer of all time but his website is weak. No new music to buy and no merchandise you can purchase and Bill never posts anything on here,WTF?

  27. robson othero

    Bill where have you been my hero? Your page goes without updates since your birthday. Return to communicate with us, we need you.

  28. Patrick Renau


    Happy belated birthday. I wonder if you would remember me. I was a great friend of Mark Forster from 1975 until his death in 1992. I was the bloke who got in the car crash in Florida after following you guys around for a few shows. I would really like to wish you the best and if you ever had a chance to write, I would desperately love to know the situation around Mark’s passing – I never found out. Please help for ole times sake. Hopefully my manuscript will be published one year, Sabbath will have an entire chapter. It is called “Stand Out From The Herd” and you guys certainly did that!

    Peace, Patrick Renau

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