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Absence of Corners Debuts August 1st

Posted on Jul.16, 2013 under Drum Art

A Collection That Brings Rhythm to Canvas, “Absence of Corners” debuts August 1st


He’s arguably one of the most discussed drummers in rock today.  His presence behind the kit for over 45 years has inspired countless imitators.  And for many, he’s considered the most influential drummer in heavy metal history.  But as summer peaks, Bill Ward will make his first foray into the world of fine art with a debut collection, “Absence of Corners.” Set for release on August 1, 2013 at, all of the pieces in Ward’s collection are created from rhythm and limited in availability.

An extensive process from start to finish, “Absence of Corners” took nearly a year to complete.  Working with Los Angeles art team SceneFour, Ward utilized a sophisticated formula to create the collection’s visuals, using an array of drumsticks and rhythmic accessories that produce light, much like a painter utilizing brushes and oils.  The movements featured within the captured rhythms are then studied and developed into abstract artwork that showcases a dimension not normally seen by the human eye.  Each piece in this limited-edition collection is then numbered.  All are signed by Ward.

Ward on the project:

“When I’m working on new ideas, musically much of what’s played is guided by a visual appearance or shape.  Since my early childhood, I’ve played drums in visuals as well as sound.  When I write, there’s always an image, sometimes a color attached to what’s being created. 

“I’ve never ‘listened’ to bass notes; I ‘feel’ them.  The keyboard’s black notes are dark to me and represent many sad emotions.  These examples are simple, natural, childlike applications that have stayed with me.

“When SceneFour approached me about doing this project, it sounded like an adventurous progression.  I am delighted with the captured expressions from my head and my heart.  Their arrival onto canvas is beautiful.” 

To develop the art collection, Ward utilized the expertise of art team SceneFour. Based in Los Angeles, SceneFour specializes in working with music visionaries on the creation of fine artwork.  SceneFour’s previous art collaborations have included releases with Chuck D, Bootsy Collins, Page Hamilton, and The RZA.  Over the last several years, SceneFour’s focus has been on the development and publishing of rhythm on canvas collections, with Ward’s collection being the largest release to date with a total of 18 different pieces featured and ranging in size (30″ x 18″ to the epic 85″ x 30″).

“Absence of Corners” debuts on August 1, 2013 at  Those interested in learning more and seeing the artwork before the release are encouraged to join the interest list at

5 comments for this entry:
  1. dje

    i am sure that will be geat!
    mister Ward is back for us!!!
    be strong be safe!

  2. Monte Self

    the wait is not much longer, I’m hoping that I might get a piece of this work !

  3. Daniel

    Bill, Keep up the great work!! Love your drumming and attitude.
    I know this Sabbath issue has been beaten to death but i want to make a comment then put it behind me.

    Anyways, I just read a comment Sharon O. made on her returning to the X-facotr. She said :

    “I’m obviously still relevant because I work with Black Sabbath and they’ve just had a Number One album worldwide in 14 countries. So I know what I’m doing.”

    Enough said-Don’t think we even have to read between the lines. When all this contract issues came out didn’t she say she had nothing to do with Sabbath because they have their own managers?
    Lies always come out in the end

    Keep strong Bill!!!!

  4. gerry

    Very good comment daniel. Bill is better off doing his own thing and releasing his own music and getting a strong band together. It would be cool to see him with Bob daisley and jake E lee. the people sharon has pissed off.

  5. Jim.orzechowski

    I had the chance to meet Bill.Ward an talk to him what an honor and just a nice person. I support Bill all the way. If I would have known he was not playing with Sabbath I would not have bought tickets don`t want to see a replacement.

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