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A Fantastic First Day

Posted on May.10, 2014 under Drum Art

A fantastic first day – Bill Ward is exhibiting and discussing his art debut collection “Absence of Corners” this weekend at The Annapolis Collection Gallery in Annapolis, Maryland.  Thank you to all of the great people who attended the exhibit on Day 1.  To attend day 2 (May 10), you can RSVP to and visit for more information.


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  1. Paulie (and Christine)

    Thank you SO MUCH Bill for the time and attention you gave to *everyone* so selflessly this weekend. I have a much greater understanding of the pieces that make up “Absence Of Corners” after hearing you talk about them individually, even moreso than the videos could convey, as your animated, gestural style helped illustrate your words about these images.

    One thing I had hoped to discuss with you (but didn’t want to monopolize your time) was regarding the extensive use of negative space in these images – Just as the lights convey where you made the sticks travel, the black conveys where you didn’t. Likewise, your drumming style is reactive and expressive, and is characteristic not only for where, what and when you HIT, but also for when you don’t. This translated very effectively in the images. I know this sounds like I’m stating the obvious, but seeing all these images and hearing you speak about them was vastly different than simply perusing them online, and the point was not specifically stated but I felt it needed to be said.

    I’d also like to reiterate, please, my urgency to hear your as-yet unreleased albums! I don’t mean to be impatient, but in light of recent events, I can only encourage you in the strongest terms possible to please let us hear what you’ve been writing over the past several years!

    It was an immense honor to get to meet you, and we’ll treasure our memories always. Katherine, Corey and Walter all deserve a huge tip of the hat as well.

    God bless Bill Ward!

    With great respect, love and admiration,
    PAULIE (and Christine too!)

    PS Check out that Hounds of Hasselvander CD! 🙂

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