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Interview with

by on Apr.20, 2014, under Bill Ward, Black Sabbath, Drum Art, Rock 50

There is an excellent new interview with Bill by Chris over at  It is a wide ranging new interview, touching on many subjects such as new music from Bill (Accountable Beasts), the Absence of Corners project, the 13 album and Black Sabbath, other metal drummers, and the Rock 50 show.  Amongst others.   Check out the full interview here where you can both read a text version, and listen to an audio version.

Bill Ward

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Rock 50 April Preview

by on Apr.18, 2014, under Rock 50

H! Everyone,

Our Rock 50 show featuring hard rock and very heavy metal will air this Saturday, April 19th.

For our focus on drummers/percussionists segment, this month we’ll focus on Johnny Kelly. Johnny has played in a number of bands, the most well known would probably be Type O Negative. Recently Johnny joined “Kill Devil Hill,” and I had an opportunity to see him play and meet with him. I’ll talk more about our get together on the show.

Also we’ll be playing some of the greatest metal bands on earth. Check us out if you like metal and great drummers.

Stay safe, stay strong.


You can listen here.

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March Rock 50 Playlist Online

by on Mar.27, 2014, under Rock 50

The playlist for last weekend’s Rock 50 episode is now online.  The show featured songs from DevilDriver, Motorhead, Skeletonwitch, Harsh Toke, Caliban, Metallica, Disfear, Traffic, and more.   You can check out the playlist in full on the playlist archive page, or you can listen to a full episode replay at this link.

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Rock 50 March Preview

by on Mar.11, 2014, under Rock 50

H! Everyone,

In preparing the radio show for Saturday March 22, 2014, I had an uplifting time putting together the “new” focus on drummers segment. Dave Lombardo with Philm were February’s featured artist/artists, and I thought it went rather well.

This month, I’m going to play some great work from two legendary drummers, Jim Capaldi and Mitch Mitchell. Their legacies will live in rock history forever.

Also being played: CalibanSkeletonwitchDevilDriver, possibly some more Harsh Toke. Lots of Metal guys, lots of Metal.

Stay safe, stay strong,
Bill Ward

UPDATE: The March radio show has been moved to Saturday March 22. Tune in then to hear Bill and loads of Metal!

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Various Updates – Feb 2014

by on Feb.11, 2014, under Bill Ward, Rock 50

H! Everyone,

I hope you’re well.  I’m re-starting the radio show on Saturday, February, 15, 2014.  As many of you know, I’ve been in hospital for a while (our last radio show was in August 2013).  I had a final operation on January 7, 2014, and I’m very pleased to say that a positive outcome has prevailed.  I’m healing slowly and surely.  On September 18, 2013, I thought I’d take advantage of the down time and have a right shoulder repair surgery.  Four days after that surgery, I had the perforated diverticulitis.  I’m mentioning the shoulder surgery because approximately two weeks ago, we finally started the shoulder rehab.  It’ll be about six weeks before the frozen joints can be workable again.  I’m hoping to be playing drums by mid-March 2014.  I want to start back in with jam sessions with a jazz quartet, something softer before I start slamming again.

On January 23, 2014, I received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the NAMM Bonzo Bash.  Again, multiple thanks to everyone who made that award happen for me. Special thanks to all the drummers at the bash, and it was great to be among the families and fans, and so many kick-ass drummers.  My heart is with the students and the old-timers.

This year on our radio show I intend to feature some of my favorite drummers.  We’ll have our very best of Metal, but we’ll also focus on hopefully surprising the listener with recordings from drummers, well-known and lesser-known.  I’m trying to find rare jams, drum solos – it’ll be about drummers all year long.

Our first drummer to be featured will be the amazing Dave Lombardo.  Dave is quite brilliant, and his music will be worth listening to.  I also hope to feature a couple of tracks from the early Zeppelin era with the one and only John Bonham.  Metallica, Motorhead and Phil Anselmo will be played on the show, and I just picked up Light Up and Live by Harsh Toke, hoping to find something nice to play.  Further, we’ll be playing our Buddy, Ritchie and Big Bopper memorial.  Happy 50th Birthday, Beatles.

It’s exhilarating to be back with the living!  Check out the show if you can.

Stay safe.  Stay Strong.


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September Rock 50 Episode Canceled

by on Sep.16, 2013, under Rock 50

Hey Everyone,

Our September 9/11 show will not be aired this month.  My apologies, especially to our regular listeners for any disappointment or inconvenience.  At this time, Rock 50 wishes to send its condolences to the families and friends of all those who perished on 9/11/01.  We send our ongoing respect to New York’s Finest as they continue to be the best emergency services in the world, and in loving memory, we bow our heads to those who courageously fell doing their duty.  Never to be forgotten, and always in our hearts.

–Bill Ward

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Aug 2013 Rock 50 Preview

by on Aug.07, 2013, under Rock 50

H! Everyone,

This Saturday, August 10 will be our last hardcore rock show for 2013.  We play hardcore and other music in September, October, November and December on the 9/11 show, the Halloween show, the Armistice/Veterans Day show and the Christmas show.  I’ll do my best to get as much ass-kicking metal on this Saturday’s show.  Check us out if you like metal.

Stay safe,


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Rock 50 July 2013 Preview

by on Jul.10, 2013, under Rock 50

H! Everybody,

Our live Rock 50 show airs this Saturday, July 13 at 11:00 AM Pacific Time.  I have a couple of classic cuts lined up:  “Children of The Revolution” by T-Rex  and “Man of The World”  by Peter Green/Fleetwood Mac.  Other than those two tracks, I have absolutely no idea what I’ll be playing – it will be a surprise for us all!  Tune in if you can.  I will do my best to make it rock.

Stay strong.  Stay safe.


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May Rock 50 Preview

by on May.03, 2013, under Rock 50

H! Everyone,

Our Rock 50 show airs on Saturday, May 4th.  It’ll be a slightly different show, in as much as it won’t be hardcore throughout.  I turn 65 years old on May 5th, so I’m going to play some of my favourite songs I’ve loved throughout the years.  It’ll be a variety of music, and I hope it’ll be a great show.

What to expect?  Type O Negative, the “bus song” (Stargazer), Mountain, Traffic, Mastodon, Rob Zombie, etc, etc.

Check us out if you can.

Stay safe,
Bill Ward


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April 2013 Rock 50 Preview

by on Apr.18, 2013, under Rock 50

H! Everyone,

We air at 11:00AM on Saturday, April 20th.  We have great bands from start to end, including Spineshank, Marilyn Manson, Motorhead, Anthrax, The Resistance and many more.  We have new stuff also.  Check us out if you can, and if you like Metal.

Stay safe,
Bill Ward

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