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Black Sabbath

Ozzy era Sabbath Interview with Bill Ward

by on Jul.04, 2009, under Black Sabbath

There’s a recent audio interview with Bill Ward out and about. If you missed it when it was first published a few weeks back, you should give it a listen. It’s Episode 24 of “Shockwaves Skull Sessions”. The specific episode title is “Ozzy & Black Sabbath”. You can check it out here:

Here’s a description of the episode from their site:

This episode features a 4-way discussion with legendary Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward, Roadrunner Records VP of A&R Monte Conner, and metal enthusiast David Tedds as they join Skull Sessions host Bob Nalbandian in this mesmerizing and historic exploration into the first decade of Black Sabbath, commonly referred to as the “Ozzy-era.” The four discuss the entire catalog, from Sabbath’s groundbreaking 1970 debut leading up to 1978’s Never Say Die release. This is perhaps the most compelling Skull Sessions discussion yet. A MUST LISTEN for any Sabbath fan!

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Bill on the Radio1 Rock Show

by on Apr.08, 2009, under Black Sabbath

This Monday, 13th April, you can hear Bill talk about the recording and re-release of Paranoid, what the album means to him and the history, and possible future of the mighty Black Sabbath. That’s the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show with Daniel P Carter on Monday 13th April at midnight to 2am.

You can listen live in the UK on 97-99FM and online worldwide at

And listen back from Tuesday AM, all week, on the link on the Rock Show homepage;

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Bill Ward Interviewed about Paranoid

by on Apr.07, 2009, under Black Sabbath

There’s another cool audio interview with Bill online now. This one comes from 106.1 Rock Radio in Manchester. You’ll want to check it out and give it a listen to hear what Bill has to say.

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Bill Ward on the Kerrang! Video Podcast

by on Apr.02, 2009, under Black Sabbath

Bill Ward made an appearance on the Kerrang! Video Podcast where he mostly talks about the re-releases of the first three Black Sabbath albums as enhanced versions. But more importantly he talks about those red tights on the Sabotage album cover! 🙂

Check it out…

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Rumors, Lies, and Nasty Letters

by on Dec.05, 2006, under Bill Ward, Black Sabbath

It’s Bill.

I have been expecting negative letters, rumors, and general gossip mongering over my not participating in the “Heaven & Hell” project. It’s not unusual, as yet I’ve made only one brief statement to confirm that I would not be involved.

It has been brought to our attention that there is a posting on a few web sites which discloses a supposed statement I made to a Clear Channel personnel. THIS IS COMPLETELY FALSE. Every piece of verbiage therein that posting – supposedly quoting me – is FALSE also.

OK. I’m off to get on with my life. Hopefully there won’t be too many shite letters floating around, as I don’t think anyone out there – myself included – wants to waste anymore time on complete falsehoods.

Bill Ward

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Bill Ward not participating in Heaven & Hell

by on Nov.26, 2006, under Black Sabbath

Bill Ward today announced that he will not be recording new tracks for the “Black Sabbath: The Dio Years” CD or playing drums on the “Heaven & Hell” tour.

“I realize there has been some speculation as to whether or not I am participating in the Heaven & Hell project,” said Ward. “I want to confirm that I will not be involved in either the recordings for the upcoming CD or the subsequent tour. I want to wish the guys ­ Tony, Geezer, Ronnie, and Vinny – much success for the coming year.”

No further statements are available at this time.

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“And I’d like to thank the band.”

by on Apr.17, 2006, under Black Sabbath

Something I didn’t say on the night of March 13, 2006 at the Waldorf Astoria, New York, NY. Better late than never. I’d planned to put up a Thank You to the band on my web site the week of the Hall of Fame. Finally, several weeks later, here’s the Thank You.

I’d like to thank Tony, Geezer and Ozzy for a lifetime of fun, achievements, musical satisfaction, musical progress, unity, love, laughter, wonderful memories, strength to accomplish, and valuable life lessons. I could probably add an infinite list of gifts I’ve received from them, however, I’ll share the March 13th accolades with a short story instead.

On the morning of March 13, 2006, Walter and I were finishing our walk through Central Park. Heading out of the park near Columbus Circle to go toward 5th Avenue, we walked past several construction workers sitting on benches against the wall of the park. I guess it was around lunch time, and these ruddy-faced workers were on chow break. My eyes met one of the workers, and I half acknowledged a nod to him. After walking past the guy, I sensed someone had gotten up and was coming towards my back.

“Yo, Bill Ward, Bill Ward!”

Walter and I stopped, and a bulky guy with a grin from ear to ear asked,
“Bill Ward, right? What the fuck you’s doing here?”

“Hall of Fame,” says I.

His New York/New Jersey accent bowling me over somewhat, “Hall of Fame! Congratulations! Sabbath deserves it! I’m with the Iron Workers Union, New York.” He said it with such pride. He deserved immediate respect. “We love Sabbath… all my life…Sabbath.”

Then he pointed to a building across the street under construction. “We’re on the 7th floor right now, going to 38 stories [I think he said 38].” I glanced at the iron framework, solid and echoing New York’s greatness.

“Bill, so’s you know, we play Sabbath everyday in our building,” I felt completely honoured as he continued talking, “everyday, man, Sabbath on every floor. ‘Iron Man,’ ‘War Pigs,’ all the way to the top.”

I felt truly moved by the sincerity of this larger-than-life man. We shook hands, and I thanked him. I couldn’t have received a nicer compliment or gift that day, even with the Awards still ahead. I felt my day had already been made, and I mentioned as much to Walter as we walked away. I regretted Tony (Tony Iommi) wasn’t with us. Tony and I walk regularly in Central Park when we’re in New York. I think he (Tony) would have gotten a huge kick out of this New York encounter.

A new reality awoke inside me, and I saw with much insight the rippling effect of Sabbath’s reach – the iron worker playing Sabbath on every floor, to the top of “his” building in the heart of New York, New York. Again, I want to thank that iron worker and send all my best regards to all the iron workers in that great city and across America.

This short story I dedicate to Tony, Geezer and Ozzy, who got the most sincere accolades from a Sabbath fan, who builds high. In their absence on that Monday, March 13th morning, I guess I did the Thank You’s on the band’s behalf.

In summary, these are things you keep close to the heart. These memories and these precious moments somehow make the world go around more easily.

My sincere thanks to Tony, Geezer and Oz. Without them, there would be no story, and our world surely would be less without them.

Sabbath Forever.

–Bill Ward

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Speech

by on Mar.15, 2006, under Black Sabbath

Here is the complete text of Bill’s speech onstage at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremony on Monday night.

Thank you to Sabbath fans everywhere. Congratulations to all those being inducted this evening. Extra-special greetings to Metallica.

Hopefully, our induction tonight will add further validation, as other bands already inducted in the past years have begun to establish, which is that hard rock and heavy metal have an endearing and forever lasting place in Rock history.

In the US, the ceremony will be on TV on VH1 on Tuesday March 21st at 9PM EST. Click here for further details.

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UK Hall of Fame Ceremony to be on VH1

by on Nov.22, 2005, under Black Sabbath

Bill Ward will be on VH1 in the US this coming Saturday with Black Sabbath as part of VH1’s coverage of the UK Hall of Fame.

The ceremony will air on VH1 this Saturday, November 26th at 10/9C PM with an immediate rerun right after the first showing. Further repeat showings will be on VH1 Classic starting on November 27th at 8/7C PM as well as on VH1 itself. Please check your local listings to confirm the date/times from your provider.

If you want to see more information from VH1 about this program, check out their page for the program.

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Bill Ward on UK Hall of Fame Induction

by on Nov.11, 2005, under Black Sabbath

Bill has sent along a few words about next week’s induction of Black Sabbath into the UK Music Hall of Fame..

‘Wow, I¹m shocked,’ was my first reaction. Then, ‘This feels pretty good. What a nice surprise, Black Sabbath being honoured in the U.K.’

Yes, I think that¹s a really cool thing to happen for us. Thanks U.K. Hall of Fame. –Bill Ward/Black Sabbath

Bill has more online to say about the Hall of Fame next week in his latest edition of his online diary. Make sure to check that out.

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